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Canon PowerShot A720IS 8MP Digital Camera with 6x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom
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Product Description

6x Optical/4x Digital Zoom / 2.5-inch LCD screen / 16:9 Widescreen / ISO 1600 / Optical Image Stabilizer / Face Detection / SD/MMC Card Slot / P Exposure Controls - Program AE, Manual; AE Lock ISO Sensitivity - Auto, High ISO Auto, ISO 80/100/200/400/800/1600 Shoot pictures in the Widescreen Resolution Option (3264x1832) to view them full screen on your widescreen TV or Computer monitor! Built-in flash controls - Auto, Auto w/ Red-eye Reduction, Flash On, Flash On w/ Red-eye Reduction, Flash Off; FE lock, Safety FE, Slow Synchro, Second-curtain synchro Shooting Modes - Auto, P, Av, Tv, M, Portrait, Landscape, Special Scene (Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, Night Scene, Aquarium, Underwater), Indoor, Kids & Pets, Night Snapshot, Stitch Assist, and Movie Self-Timer - 2-sec./10-sec., Custom Up to 1.3fps Continuous Shooting SD/SDHC, MultiMediaCard (MMC), MMC Plus, HC MMC Plus Card Slot A 16MB SD Card is included, however we suggest purchasing an Optional 1GB Memory card. It will allow you to store a lot more Video and images, as well as take advantage of the camera's high Resolution abilities. Interfaces - USB2.0, A/V out (NTSC/PAL) Print directly to Canon CP/SELPHY Compact and PIXMA Photo Printers or any PictBridge compatible printer via included USB cable without a computer! Powered by 2x AA Alkaline or Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries (Up to 3x more shots with optional Ni-MH batteries) Approximate Unit Dimensions - (WxHxD) 3.83 x 2.64 x 1.65; Unit Weight - 7.05 oz (Body only without memory card and batteries)

  • 8-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 16 x 22-inch prints
  • 6x image-stabilized optical zoom; 2.5-inch wide-viewing-angle LCD display
  • Face Detection technology and in-camera red-eye fix
  • 19 shooting modes, including 7 special scene modes; Print/Share button
  • Powered by 2 AA-size batteries (2 alkaline batteries included); stores images on SD memory cards (16MB memory card included)

Customer Reviews:

  • love my Canon
    The camera is super! Its light weight and take-it-anywhere-you-go thing. Im taking it with me every weekend when I go out and the pictures it creates are cool and satisfying. Has quite many functions that lets you make a lot of fun. Strongly recommend if you want a camera to take high quality pictures with reasonable price (when on sale) and comfortable to use. Love my Canon....more info
  • Outstanding Camera for its Price
    I just received this camera about a week ago. Took it to Muir Woods and took outstanding pictures. Still learning all of the different manual options this camera offers which are many.

    Outstanding Pictures
    Great Price
    Good Zoom

    Batteries Die fast
    Picture taking a bit slow especially when using Flash

    One other very small gripe is the ability to "preview" the last picture taken is not possible unless you slide the lever down. Wish it were possible to have a one button click to view the last picture taken. Other than these very small gripes this camera is excellent.

    I would highly recommend this camera.
    ...more info
  • Great Camera
    This Camera is amazing. The only bug i had with it was that it took around five seconds to turn on. i fixed that by turning the start up volume off. now it takes around half a second to tun on. it is really amazing, and i love how much zoom it has. The image stabilization has really come in handy, because some times i have a shaky hand....more info
  • Excellent Service
    This is my second Canon digital camera and my 720 IS had a problem with the optical focus and lens cover. Since this occurred 10 months into the warranty year, I contacted Canon online. They asked me to return the stripped camera with the necessary paper work, which i did. After receiving the camera, Canon Factory Service Center kept me informed of the status of my camera before and after the repairs. I was told when the camera was shipped. In addition, 3 months of warranty were added for the repaired parts. All of this happened within a week's time. I don't know what more I could ask from a service repair facility.
    Of course, it would have been better if the repair had not been needed in such a short period of time but, given the need for repair, the service was excellent....more info
  • Canon Powershot A720
    I did a lot of research before buying this camera. I decided to get this particular camera because of the 6X optical zoom which has been a plus. The image is clear and it is easy to use. The camera is small and has all the basic features. I am very happy with the purchase....more info
  • Vary Happy with my Canon Camera
    This is the first top notch camera I have ever purchased. IT is easy to use and easy to read the instructions. My purchase through Amazon was very easy and quick, plus the cost was the best. It took 4 days to get my camera and then I was sooo excited. I took it to Yosemite this weekend and took over 400 pictures. I think the screen is very easy to see. And I have rechargeable batteries, which last about 100 pictures. I also purchased a SDHC 4MB memory card which will hold over 1700 pictures. I would buy this camera again. I am very happy!!! ...more info
  • Canon PowerShot A720IS 8MP Digital Camera with 6x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom
    Every time I learn more about this camera. I have several other Canon digital and regualr cameras and I'm a true fan of Canon cameras....more info
  • Canon PowerShot A720IS
    Camera takes great pictures, took several hundred pictures while on vacation in Florida without anybad shots. The battery lid is a little flimsy and should be stronger, plastic just does not cut it for this price. Flash is a little slow to recycle. Battery life with rechargable batteries has been very good. This camera is replacing another Canon and I'm very happy with it so far....more info
  • it is good!
    Bought two, one for me and one for her, we were impressed and everything was as advertised, we tried them out immediately and everything was good. ...more info
  • Corroding a reputation
    My Canon A720 IS developed the traditional A720 IS blank screen with the wavy blue lines. It is one of the thousands of Cameras that Canon has refused to fix (although it was under warranty) using the now traditional dodge that it was damaged by liquid although it was never exposed to any. The Camera was simply put back into the mail and returned to me without nofitication that there was to be no repairs. This is their standard, scripted response to customers with a damaged camera. I called to inquire about the repair and was stonewalled by the Canon personnel in the repair facility. A followup call by a "customer service rep" was nothing more than the attempt to sell me another camera. I have used Canon's various products for over 30 years but this experience was traumatic enough that I will never buy another. ...more info
  • Easy to Use!
    I can't get into any of the technical merits of this camera because I have no idea what any of it means. What i can tell you is that for an amateur to photography this camera is great! I bought it for my trip to Hawaii. It's easy to use and the pictures are amazing. You'll need to use rechargeable batteries and carry extras with you, but it's actually worth it since you can just recharge them. I really like this camera and recommend it if you just need to take pictures and are looking for something easy to use....more info
  • Great indoor and outdoor camera
    This is our second PowerShot Camera. We enjoy using both of them. This camera takes great pictures. We are not professional photographers but this camera helps make the shots look professional. The price is very reasonable and the shipping speed is very prompt....more info
  • Canon Powershot A420IS
    I have now had this camera for over 4 months. I use it primarily for nature photography. It is outstanding for so many reasons. My fellow photographers are so jealous that I can get within 1 cm for macro photography. I like that it has AA batteries; easily rechargeable. It's my first digital so I like that I can adjust the aperture and shutterspeed. I LOVE that I can underexpose and see it through the LCD. I often underexpose by a third of a stop for more contrast. For motion photography, I can see throught the view finder and accurately get the subject (Thunderbird planes!). The flash is quite weak but you can buy one as an accessory. You can also buy an accessory lens and even waterproofing to do underwater photography! I also like that with the digital and optimal zoom I can zoom in 24X Wow! That has helped a lot too! I feel I don't need to go to the DSLR because I get outstanding pictures with this. Well worth the price!...more info
  • Short and Sweet!
    There is a lot of extensive descriptive reviews about this camera. I will just say I love this camera and glad I purchased it. I was wanting a 10x optical zoom, but because of what was available locally, I chose this Power Shot A720 IS 6x optical zoom. It is a real nice camera. Outside pictures are probably better than indoors, but if you practice, you can take good inside pictures as well. Lots of settings, or just opt to set the camera for automatic exposures. I bought some Sony rechargeable batteries and they last a very long time. I have only changed the batteries once and I have had the camera since March. Amazing! ...more info
  • Canon Powershot A720IS
    Perfect pocket camera for taking on trips for someone who wants more control over their photos than the usual point and shoot. I have used it camping, boating, biking, hiking, flying, and for all sorts of other outdoor activities where a larger camera would be impractical. All controls accessible with one hand.

    The program mode allows me to permanently suppress the flash (I almost never use it) and the image stabilization allows slow shutter speeds in low light conditions. The shutter priority, aperture priority, and manual modes give me all the flexibility I could want in setting exposures.

    The combination of 6X optical zoom, 8 megapixels, image stabilization, and AA batteries cannot be found in any other camera this small and light. The optical viewfinder is great for bright conditions where the LCD screen is washed out. The viewfinder crops the actual image - you should zoom in tighter than you normally would.

    The camera has a few flaws. At the higher ISO settings (800 and 1600 but also a little at 400) the images start to go a bit grainy (but still usually yield good quality up to 8x10 enlargements). The camera does not do well with regular alkaline battteries - the low battery indicator lights up early and the camera soon rejects the batteries even though they have plenty of power for other devices. I think it has to do with the battery's voltage characteristic. Rechargeable Lithium ion batteries, however, do very well in it. Alkalines are good for backup if nothing else is available. But these problems are small compared to the utility this camera provides in a small, inexpensive package.

    If you have someone else using the camera who is not comfortable with all the settings available, you can simply switch it to auto mode and let them point and shoot.

    ...more info
  • Canon Powershot 720 IS
    I bought this camera for my family safari trip to Tanzania. I chose it especially because of the 6x zoom. I also like the extra weight and size that some people consider a minus.It feels good in the hand, and can be used with one hand. I was able to photograph wildlife from great distances with the zoom, and then zoom again to see the image up close. This brought hard to see cheetahs and rhinos into better view than the naked eye, and sometimes as well as binoculars. The stabilizer works well too, as I discovered taking pictures even while on bumpy unpaved roads. I made short movies, which could have been even longer, up to the amount of space left on the memory card. The LED was hard to read in the bright light outdoors, so I used the viewfinder instead. (I'm old fashioned). The low price (about $185) made it irresistible. I do only the simplest stuff, so I can't comment on all the features it has. I haven't printed anything yet. ...more info
  • Be sure to fill out your warranty information!
    I loved, loved, loved this camera. When I showed people prints they would say "wow, these are great photos, what kind of camera do you have?" BUT, after 6 months, it just stopped working. I was using it, turned it off & I wouldn't turn on again.

    I brought it into a camera shop to see if it could be repaired & they said that they had seen 3 of these 720 cameras that had exactly the same problem.

    So, don't do what I did, which is not bother to fill out the warranty information. I won't make that mistake again!
    ...more info
  • beautiful pictures!
    I have had this camera for a little over a year and a half and have never had a problem with it. It takes fabulous pictures. There are many settings which can be overwhelming, but I easily learned what was what. The battery life isn't that great, but I noticed it lasted awhile past the 'low battery' icon. Once I got rechargeable batteries I never had an issue with the battery life. The camera is a little larger, but it fit in my purse just fine. The zoom is larger on this camera than the slim cameras which is nice. Overall I am very happy with this camera....more info
  • Great camera!
    This is a great camera. It would be better if it had more than one video mode, right now you can record on high or low resolution, one is pretty good the other one is bad. It's great you can remove the lens to change it for a better one. Easy to use, not pro not simple, great balance!...more info
  • Olympus is better than Canon
    I can't help giving this camera an average review. I have done a lot of research online and the Powershots always come out best. This is the second powershot I bought and return (sorry Amazon, you are the greatest). It takes OK pictures but it just doesn't compare to the cheap Olympus Camedea that I have. My friend also has an Olympus taking GREAT pictures. According to online reviews, Olympus would be worse than Canon...Let this be a review in favor of Olympus....more info
  • Terrific!
    This camera is terrific, the picture quality is excellent and it has a lot of good functionality for taking different kinds of pictures. The face detection is very helpful for getting the correct focus. A good point and shoot camera with functionality for more advanced users as well....more info
  • Greats photos, easy funtional
    I'm very satisfacted with this camera. Is easy to use, the photos are very nive, and the resolutions photos exceptional. I'm very happy with my canon A720IS....more info
  • Great pictures, easy to use.
    This is my first digital camera, so I had no idea which of the hundreds to buy. Consumer Reports listed this model as its "Best Buy" and that's why I purchased it. I am very happy with the quality of pictures, which are much sharper than I was getting with my 35mm film camera and I find it very easy to use, even for a digital beginner. The instruction book was a pleasant surprise as it was actually written by a native English speaker and was very step by step and easy to follow.
    My computer would not accept the CD that came with the camera, and regardless of the dire warnings that you "must" download the CD before copying pictures from the camera to the computer, I took a chance and connected the camera to the computer and the pictures went to "My Pictures" in the computer without a hitch.
    I seem to be getting about 50 shots, many with flash, with 2 AA batteries....more info
  • Canon A720IS: A-Series Capability and More!!
    I upgraded to the PowerShot A720IS from my original digital camera, the Canon A75. I wanted to stay with a PowerShot A-series because I have been very happy with the optics, manual capabilities, viewfinder, size and shape but I wanted more zoom. With the A75, I was limited to 3x because I could never get a crisp shot with the digital zoom. The A720IS image stabilization allows in-focus, crisp zoom shots (6x optical/up to 24x digital) in addition to all the other good things the PowerShot A-series provides and at a good price. ...more info
  • Excellent little camera
    I bought this particular camera after Consumer Reports rated it a best buy. It is small and light, but has all the features one wants in a point & shoot, plus it is one of the few that offers better than a 3x optical zoom. (It has a 6x optical zoom.) I have been using it for a month now and have not yet found any shortcomings. ...more info
  • Firmware Flaw: Can't use cheap or rechargeable batteries, Duracell only!!!!
    This camera has a firmware flaw: The firmware that interprets the batteries voltage is preset for high quality batteries only, if you use rechargeable or cheap off brand batteries, the camera is useless. They need to fix it so you can select the type of battery you are going to use and not shut the camera down in low voltage conditions.

    Sensor Quality: I found that my PowerShot S50 takes much sharper photos at the same speed, and is higher quality. I generally use the S50 for indoor pictures as the A720IS has very poor performance (lots of image noise).

    ...more info
  • A great casual camera for a pro
    I've had mine for about six months and really like it. I usually shoot with a Nikon D70 DLSR and have a bunch of lenses for that, but this little Canon is great for casual shooting. I use it for 'snap shots' of the family when it is more important to get a candid shot of the people then to have the best technical shot. It is so much smaller then a DSLR so it is much easier to travel with. The manual controls are very good, they are easy to access and cover pretty much everything you need. I often shoot in either aperture priority (Av) or shutter priority (Tv), but also sometimes shoot in either full manual or full auto.

    The eight megapixels is more then I need for this kind of camera and ends up just adding noise to the images that causes anything over ISO 400 to be unusable. I keep the ISO at or below 200 when possible and get the best results at ISO 80, but ISO 400 is still usable.

    There are other Canon cameras that are much smaller like the SD850 IS, but I prefer the A720 IS because of the manual features and it has a nice grip that makes hanging onto the camera easy. But the SD850 IS is a better camera for novice shooters where simplicity and small size are more important.

    Another important difference between the SD850 and the A720 is that the A720 uses two AA batteries, the SD850 uses a rechargeable lithium-ion. The lithium-ion battery is much better, it takes more shots on a charge and cycles the flash much faster. The AAs cause the length of time between shots with flash to be very long. Rechargeable AA batteries work better for this then non-rechargeables, but are still not as good as lithium-ion. The best way to use either camera is to have backup batteries with you so you never run out of power.

    The things that keep this camera from being five stars:
    - Noisy at ISO 400 and above (this is aggravated by the excessive 8MP count)
    - The manual focus does not work in macro mode, where you need it most
    - Uses AA instead of Lithium-Ion (for some, this is a plus)

    If you are taking snap shots and want a little extra control, this is a great camera an a better choice then a DLSR....more info
  • A great little camera and a Consumer Reports "best buy"!
    I got this camera for Christmas. It is great for most types of photos. Consumer Reports recently listed this camera as a "best buy". Its predecessor, the A710, had also been a best buy. Canon seems to update their cameras every year, so my guess is that this camera's successor is due to be released within the next few months.

    If you just want a point-and-shoot that does all the work for you, then keep this camera in "auto" mode and forget about all the other settings. If you are an experienced SLR photographer, go ahead and put it in manual mode for a near-SLR experience.

    I have noticed that the lens does tend to slightly, but noticeably, curve straight vertical lines. Also, as with most point-and-shoot cameras, while the LCD screen is WYSIWYG, the viewfinder is not--especially when zoomed in.

    Remember that for ALL auto-focus cameras, you should press the shutter button down half way so the camera can focus on the subject. Then press the shutter button down all the way to take the shot. This is no different than other point-and-shoot digital cameras.

    One reviewer complained about getting blurry photos with this camera. I have not had any problems with blurry photos. If you have a broadband Internet connection, I have posted 433 photos online that I took with this camera during a recent vacation to Japan. As you will see, there are no blurry photos. To see the quality of the pictures that this camera takes, go to

    Recommended supplies: I bought the Tamrac 5290 Camera Bag for it, which holds the camera snugly and does a good job of protecting it from rain. If you would like to improve your photography skills, I recommend the book Understanding Exposure....more info
  • excellent small camera
    Good optical quality and a small size and price make this one of the best deals in digital cameras. The image stabilization is amazing. I have taken hand held telephoto shots in low light an have been amazed at the results. Dancing on the Edge of an Endangered Planet...more info
  • Canon PowerShot A720 IS
    Recently I lost my Canon PowerShot A720 IS through sheer carelessness. I liked the Camera so well that I ordered another one. The service from Amazon and Ritz was great. Will buy from these people again....more info
  • Canon Camera
    This is one outstanding camera. Takes sharp, color-rich pictures. Delivery was on time....more info
    I always research before I buy. Suggested retail price for this cam is $199.99 according to the Canon website....more info