Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60 Minutes (Pink)
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Product Description

The FVULT60MINB 60-Minute Flip Video Ultra Camcorder lets you capture the everyday moments that happen anywhere and share them with friends and family everywhere. It's simple, portable, and amazingly affordable. Simple editing tools let you make custom-edited movie mixes with music Create and organize your personal video library 1.5 diagonal color anti-glare playback screen for instant viewing and deleting, 528 x 132 pixels screen resolution Video Resolution - 640 x 480 at 30 frames per second Video Bitrate - 4.5Mbps (average - auto adaptive algorithm) Video Format - Advanced Profile MPEG4 Lens Type - Fixed Focus (0.8m to infinity) Aperture - f/2.4 (fast lens for great results in low-light environments) Fast lens for great results in low and bright light, smooth multi-step 2x digital zoom Interface - 8 Buttons (Power, Play, Delete, Record and 4 way navigation) PC Connection - Built-in flip-out USB arm (up to USB 2.0 speed) NTSC TV Out with included cable Battery Life - Up to 2.5 hours with 2x AA Alkaline batteries, Up to 6.5 hours with 2x AA Energizer e2 batteries System Requirements - Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista, SVGA display monitor (1024x768) and video card, Windows Media Player 9.0, Microsoft DirectX 9.0, PowerPC G4 1.0 GHz, 512 MB RAM, Mac OS X 10.3.9, SVGA display (1024 x 768) monitor and video card, QuickTime 7 or later Dimensions - Height 4.17 x Width 2.16 x Depth 1.25

  • Simple to use, pocket-sized camcorder with one-touch recording and digital zoom
  • Holds 60 minutes of full VGA-quality video on 2GB of built-in memory; no tapes or additional memory cards required
  • Convenient USB arm plugs directly into your computer for easy viewing and sharing
  • Built-in software lets you easily e-mail videos, upload to YouTube and AOL, and capture still photos from video
  • Watch videos instantly on TV with included cable

Customer Reviews:

  • 2nd one works great
    First one didn't work properly. Kept turning off or re-booting every 10-20 seconds. However, after a smooth return process with Amazon, the second one arrived in a couple of days (before I had even shipped the first back) and it works great. Easy/simple video. The software inclued on the flip auto-installed on my Dell Inspiron, then updated via the web, but the video editing doesn't work quite right (i.e. I get an error when I try to put a title at the start of the video). Haven't had time to mess with fixing it or trying another computer... wish it just worked on my machine out of the box....more info
  • Great deal
    Great value for a small digital camcorder with good video quality. I blew it up on a 62" DLP and the picture was surprisingly good....more info
  • Very Good Product
    I bought this camcorder before going on a roadtrip. It is incredibly light and easy to carry around. One touch recording and usb already attached make it very efficient. The picture and sound quality are excellent. Very easy to operate and a pleasure to use....more info
  • Take everywhere with you

    1- Came with 2 AA duracells.
    2- You turn it on with the push of a recessed button on the right side of the unit. The button is cool because it does'nt stick out at all so you do not have to worry about the FLIP turning on while its in your pocket.
    3- Captures 30 minutes of full-VGA-quality video on 1GB of built-in memory. For some people VGA quality is more useful than HG. Reason-being is that HG quality video will not play smoothly on older computers. And VGA videos use less space so it will be faster to download them into emails, youtube, and such.
    4- Very lightweight.
    5- The flip-out USB arm plugs directly into your PC or Mac. There you upload all your videos and empty the FLIP so you can go back out there and take more videos. Oh, and you can also take sills from video with the included software.
    6- A very nice 2" color LCD screen. This is a very sharp anti-glare screen. I was suprised by the clarity of it.
    7- There is a connector cable included so you can watch the videos on your TV. But I wont be using that alot as all my videos go into my hard drive after I shoot and review them right on the FLIP itself.
    8- Push up or down on control pad for volume recording control. Playback audio is superb as well. Great sound from the built-in speaker. Am not kidding.
    9- Video capability is also pretty good in low light.

    All this in a sturdy non-slip textured body.
    It's the size of a compact camera but not half as delicate. So you can take it along everywhere you go, cause you never know when you might need it. I carry it daily, ie: wallet, keys, cellphone, FLIP. ...more info
  • A very good v-cam that's the cost and live up to the design
    this v-cam is very handy and easy to use. Also I got pretty good deal with Amazon, making the cam very very cheap....more info
  • Not good for far away
    A guest speaker spoke at the college I go to. I filmed it at 3 rows back, and the audio is barely audible (if he was speaking in a mic, then the audio may have been better), and a tripod is definitely recommended!...more info
  • useful 4 me
    I needed a video cam for the occasional documentation of evidence, something that was small and could be carried in a pocket or briefcase. I took a chance on this and could not have been more pleased. It is simple to use out of the box, and the detail is remarkable for the still photos captured from the video stream.
    It does not have all the controls that we expect from a more pricy unit, but for most of what I needed this suited my requirements just fine.
    My very first use of it was during a helicopter ride to a job site. I was partially looking for ground features, chatting with the pilot and checking the camera. When I got back to the office I was not expecting the quality of the video I was seeing on the computer monitor. For the price of the unit, it is simply amazing.
    ...more info
  • great product for a great price
    $60 was a stellar price. Works without a hitch on my Linux desktop, MacBook and XP laptop. ...more info
  • Seems like a good little camera, but hard to use with a Mac
    I bought this digital camcorder in part based on some reviews talking about how easy it is to use with a Mac and how you simply plug the camera right in and IPhoto knows what to do. If it only it were so easy! I was able to upload my videos easily, but I can't play them back. I have been through 3 calls with Apple support, all giving me conflicting advice. The last tech said that in order to make the Flip Ultra compatible with my 6 month old Mac Mini, that I would need to contact Flip directly and get a plug in from them. I did that. They have an e-mail only based customer support department. After three e-mails from Flip, I finally learned that I need to download a plug in, purchase Imovie for Mac, and upgrade my Quick Time player. Had I known all this would have ben necessary, I likely would not have purchased the Flip in the first place.

    However, I don't think that this is necessarily a fault with this camera. It seems to be relatively high quality, particularly for the price. It is very easy to operate and the picture quality (I can only view it on the camcorder itself at the moment) seems pretty good.

    If you have a PC, you may have better luck with the Flip Ultra, but like most all non-Apple devices that I buy to use with my Mac Mini, it seems to be a huge pain to actually get it up and running....more info
  • Flip Video
    This item was received in a timely manner and I have been extremely satisfied with it's ease of use and the quality of the product....more info
  • fantastic!
    I love this product. I have been able to do video shots and email them to families of patients in hospice, who couldn't otherwise attend from out of state. Fantastic....more info
  • Flip Video
    An amazing tiny video camcorder that captures sharp vivid images. Very very handy, needs a little adjustment yourself on how to record with steady hands. Best thing also is that you can choose to take still photos out of your recorded video just with this little device. Downloading also isn't hard at all....more info
  • Flip Video Camera
    We love the flip. it's super easy, with great quality picture and audio....perfect for youtube and facebook video blurbs....more info
  • Flip Ultra Series Camcorder
    Another Made in China piece of junk!! Tried to download our video onto 8 computers, Mac/XP/Vista.. Nothing--squat. Tech help was worthless. Now have to send the camera back at MY EXPENSE!!!

    Stay away from this dreck/drek....more info
  • Great Product
    Excellent product, especially for the reduced price I got it for. It arrived on time and in great condition, and takes fantastic videos. The only thing I didn't like is the video editing software that comes with it. However I downloaded a different program and use that, and otherwise and completely satisfied with my Flip. It's so much easier than trying to take video with my digital camera!...more info
  • flip video camera- good buy for a starter
    this camera is a 30 minute version of the popular flip camera and a good buy for a starter, easy to use and upload digital video; i find that most of my videos don't require more than 30 minutes and i was using the one time video cameras from CVS to use on trips, send to my grandchilren to use then send back to me,etc, so this is a cheaper alternative, and a reusable resource. ...more info
  • Great picture
    I use this for pictures of the grandkids playing, and they can't get enough of seeing themselves...guess they take after their Grandmother. Only problem I had was self-inflicted. You can't turn the camera sideways, because that's the way the pictures come out....and I couldn't find any way to rotate them in the software. Really useful gadget....more info
  • Cool camera, horrible software
    Fun little video camera. Horrible software.
    The "flashplayer" lock-up error with Vista? The one the FAQ tells you nothing useful to fix? I barely got that far. This cute camera totally locked up three (3) Vista PC's. Total lock-up, no three-finger salute, hard reboot. Ouch. I hate having to do that.
    Product support non-existent. Wrote snotty email, got automated reply. FAQ utterly devoid of useful info.
    Finally downloaded the "new" flipshare app from the product website AND loaded new onboard firmware. All told, between dowloads/uploads/firmware and basic on-my-own troubleshooting (no product support, right?): about three hours. Not cool.
    Yeah, it works now. But my initial "Wow, very simple, I like this thing" reaction I got from shooting quick videos with the kids has now soured to evil. Pure evil.
    You'd think the hardware would be the challenge with designing this thing, but the hardware works pretty darned well. It shoots decent video with minimal fiddling, even in low light. But the software is like a bad joke written by talented eighth graders (no offense to the eighth graders out there reading this).
    The real pity is that this camera is marketed toward people who want SIMPLE. But you might have to pull off some pretty serious geek skills to get it to work. Shooting video? Simple. Doing anything with it? Wicked complicated.
    Beware, ya'll....more info
  • I Flipped over it
    I love, love, love this thing. It is one of the best $60.00 I have ever spent. To me it is not for taking serious videos.

    Because of its size I keep it in my purse and catch random moments of life, come home and then share them with the flip software. ...more info
  • So easy, anyone can use it. So small & cheap, take it anywhere
    I've owned this since January 2008, and have found it invaluable - it's so easy to use & so portable & cheap that I can take it anywhere and put it anyone's hands and they can use it. I have used it mostly for capturing dog-training classes -- Agility and Herding. I can hand it off to a fellow class-member, give them 10 seconds of instructions ("Turn it on there, and stop/start the video with the big red button") and I end up with hours of very useful videos of me & my dogs that I can watch later to review what we did right or wrong, and to listen again to my trainers' comments.

    If you don't use the zoom, the picture is fantastic. I can hook it up directly to a standard 37-inch TV and the video is terrific. Sound is amazing, considering the basic microphone.

    But the zoom is awful. It's digital, not optical, so that means the picture gets fuzzy, like blowing up a lo-res .jpg picture. I just don't even use the zoom anymore.

    It creates huge .wav files. E.g. 13 minutes of video = 260 MB. But you can use Windows Movie Maker (or Adobe Premiere or whatever) to reduce file size without markedly compromising visual quality.

    Battery life is so-so. Always need to have an extra set on hand.

    I've connected it to 2 different laptops running XP and to one running Vista, and in all cases, the software installed and runs seamlessly.

    I bought it at $149, and now that it's just $100, it's easily worth the money, if you want a camcorder that's cheap & small enough to always have on hand to capture those candid moments. Definitely not a good substitute for capturing those Big Life Moments like a wedding, but well worth the pennies if you want a cheap, easy-to-use way to snag the many smaller moments in life....more info
  • Flip Video Ultra Camcorder - Fun & Easy to Use
    Pros - Easy to use right out of the box. Lets you capture those special moments quickly and easily. 30 minutes is more than enough so you don't get too many different videos you have to sort through.

    Cons - None
    ...more info
  • Very quick and easy to use
    Great product for quick videos on the go and having fun with friends. Out the box, it's up and running in just minutes and very easy to download. Just be careful the video sizes are a bit large so if you want to upload to the web, be prepared to wait. Overall great purchase....more info
  • Pleasantly surprised
    I purchased this Flip video camera about 6 weeks ago. The software would not install on my computer at first but suddenly on the 10-11 time it went smooth as a whistle. I still haven't been able to play a video on a TV. I haven't done any editing. The videos download easily and the file set up is simple. I am really pleased and surprised at the quality of the video and sound. I have taken about 90 minutes of video most of it close up such as in a restaurant or in a conversational group. The video is very sharp and the audio is clear. Given the low price I am quite pleased with this camera -- the quality of the video and the ease of use....more info
  • What a great value !
    The neatest little video recorder in the world, runs forever on two AA batteries, takes great video that is simple to upload on my computer. Speaking of simple this recorder is sooooooo easy to run. I love it and probably will buy a second soon....more info
  • So much fun!
    I really like playing with this camera. It's small enough to carry everywhere so it's easy to make little videos anytime. The buttons are easy to use. The pictures are sharp. Audio could be better....more info
  • Nice for the $$$
    Great little camera for the money. Make sure you have plenty of batteries. We have used it for action at the rodeos and it looks good if you get pretty close and then view it on the TV or Computer. Also really like the ability to create photos by going frame by frame. This is better than a digital camera for me to get great pics of my family and friends in our activities....more info
  • Oh, my !
    I`mm a low tech old guy and am floored by this thing. It`s tiny and it works....more info
    Product came in good shape and quick delivery.
    Very satisfied with the product and seller....more info
  • Great little camcorder
    Still exploring this little camcorder but so far I love it. Nice to carry around in your purse or pocket. Leaving on vacation this weekend. It will be nice to have to make video....more info
  • User-friendly
    I've had my Flip video for a couple of months. I've made a few videos adding personalized music which was fairly easy to do. I even had to email customer service for a little help and was extremely satisfied with the care I received. I have not had any trouble with the video being grainy or anything when I have played it full screen on my PC. I have taken videos indoors and out without any quality issues. This is the perfect video camera to leave in your purse or diaper bag. It also makes a fantastic gift for a new mom, and the price makes it reasonable.

    If I were buying one for myself today (because I know that it works and is extremely easy to use), I would buy one with at least a one hour video...probably the newer one that takes two hours of video. Also, I do think that the screen is a bit small compared to most camcorders and digital cameras today. I give it 4 stars because of the screen size and short recording time only. ...more info