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Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Collector's Edition

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Product Description

Based on the events and characters of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Cimmerian stories, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is a fantasy themed massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that immerses players in a dark, expansive universe filled with ground-breaking brutal combat, dangerously intoxicating magical abilities, and the social and cooperative game features that MMORPG players crave.

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The MMORPG finally matures
A troubled King Conan on his throne
A troubled King Conan on his throne.
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Test your metal in close combat
Test your metal in close combat.
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The War Mammoth & Killer Rhino
Straddle War Mammoths & Killer Rhinos.
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Lead your guild in massive player vs. player battles
Lead your guild in player vs. player battles.
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Explore the pleasures & pitfalls of the Hyborian Age
Explore the pleasures & pitfalls of the Hyborian Age.
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Set in the later years of Conan's life, after he has famously become king by his own hand, the game centers around the fragile state of Conan's rule in Aquilonia. Surrounded by enemies and hostile nations, Conan's rule hangs by a thread and in the end, it's up to players, either singly or backed by their guilds to turn the tide for or against the embattled king.

Massively Multiplayer Gaming for the Adult Player
One of the most highly anticipated MMORPGs in recent years due to the strength and familiarity of the Conan franchise across a variety of major media, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is the first of several releases planned for the franchise, all of which are aimed at an adult audience. Firmly rooted in the savage, bloody, violent and sexy Hyborian universe, players can expect a graphically beautiful game blended with gritty gameplay that is true to both the barbarian hero from Howard's writings and the Schwarzenegger influenced version from books, movies and comics.

Available Cultures and Classes
Although Age of Conan contains a wide range of peoples, its playable cultures are currently limited to Aquilonians, Cimmerians, and Stygians. Within each of these players can choose from a selection of archetypal character classes, although available classes and subsequent subclasses are not necessarily the same within each culture. For example, archetypal classes for Aquilonians and Cimmerians are Rogue, Priest and Soldier, while Stygians are represented by Rogue, Priest and Mage. Further differences exist within subclasses for each. See the basic breakdown of all three cultures below:

Aquilonians: Internally divided, but united against their barbarian neighbors, the Aquilonians live lives on the edge. Their kingdom, with its prosperous cities, enlightened culture and religious freedom, is known as the "Flower of the West." Yet for all this and despite the power of King, Conan I, it is a land where culture clashes and unrest are always a threat.

Cimmerians: As the Hyborian Age comes to an end the northern barbarian clans of the Cimmerians know that the end of their time is drawing near too. King Conan I of Aquilonia is himself a Cimmerian, though not typical of his people. Although his life has been filled with wanderlust, his Kin care nothing for what occurs outside their clan territories.

Stygians: Masters of the magical arts and ruled by their consuming worship of the serpent-god Set, the Stygians excel at occult and diabolic lore. They learned long ago that true power lies in knowledge and in pacts with dark powers. This single-mindedness has allowed them become the only culture to harness the secrets of the Mage class and power that comes with it.

Modes Singleplayer as well as Multiplayer
Unlike most MMORPGs, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures includes a significant singleplayer experience as well as deep overarching multiplayer gameplay. This is an atypical MMORPG feature, but one that has a purpose. Players enter the game as a lowly galley slave with no memory of his/her past, and over the first five to 20 levels of singleplayer action build the skills necessary to survive in the game's multiplayer levels. During this time you will traverse a variety of rich environments including jungles, deserts, mountains, valleys, dungeons and cities packed with NPCs, beasts and monsters, before eventually leveling up and moving back to your chosen culture's homeland. Because the only character-related choices that players have to make at the game's opening are their looks, clothing and culture, this singleplayer mode is important in deciding what class and subclass to pursue and thus the level of impact your character will have in greater multiplayer portions of the game.

In-game levels 20 and above are strictly multiplayer. 20-40 introduce players to guilds. 40-60 deal with large scale combat. 60-80 have the player interacting with King Conan and levels 80 and up represent end-game play. Here gameplay changes as social aspects of MMORPG gameplay take over on a large scale.

Real-time Combat That Takes Queues from the FPS
Traditionally MMORPGs have utilized a mix of auto and turn-based functionality in their combat systems, but Age of Conan dispenses with that, instead drawing inspiration from FPS/action games. Firmly rooted in the brutality of the Hyborian universe, game developer Funcom has devised an action-based system that not only provides the sense of actually being in the fight, but also requires the player to participate in it. That means no simple targeted attacks. Players can attack and defend from nearly any position in real-time, whether on the ground or atop a mount, while standing still or on the move. It's a recipe for carnage and one that fits right into the world of Conan.

The combat system in Age of Conan comes in three forms: drunken brawling, mini games like CTF and massive Player vs. Player battles, which lets you engage in siege combat to defend or attack a city. All are easy to learn, but difficult to master, providing hours worth of play and replay value and are the core of this new cutting edge MMORPG.

Additional items included in the Collector's Edition

    • Hand-finished, metal-embossed oversized collector's box with inlay page and individually numbered holographic sticker
    • Leather map of Hyboria (faux) 14" x 20"
    • The Ring of Acheronia (exclusive in-game item)
    • Unique Bonus DVD featuring trailers, behind the scenes, developer diaries, and rich artwork
    • Official Age of Conan soundtrack CD
    • Art Book (128 pages)
    • Five free guest passes giving friends online access to the game for a limited time
    • The Drinking Cape (bonus in-game item)

    System Requirements:

    Minimum Specifications:Recommended Specifications:
    OS:Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista
    Processor:Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz or equivalentIntel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz or equivalent
    RAM:1GB2048MB Dual Channel DDR2
    Video Card:NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or betterNVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX or equivalent
    Video Memory:128MB512MB
    DVD-ROM:Quad-speed (4x) DVD-ROM drive
    Hard Drive Space:30GB of Free Space
    Other:Broadband connection required for online gameplay
  • Features:
    • First Mature rated MMORPG: Savage, bloody, violent and sexy; delivering the true essence of Robert E. Howard’s original vision. Real Combat System: Fight mounted or on the ground. Team up in battle formations
    • Diverse Gameplay: Build cities, craft unique artifacts, explore a fantastic world, befriend others and master the use of magic, steel or bows. True Conan Experience: Explore King Conan's amazing universe.
    • Conan’s World: Enter a gigantic and savage world spread across the three nations of Aquilonia, Cimmeria and Stygia. Explore jungles, deserts, mountains, valleys, dungeons and cities all depicted in rich, realistic detail.
    • Form guilds and lay siege to hostile castles in massive PvP battles. Team up with other players in clans or face the Hyborian dangers all by yourself. Let your imagination run wild with thousands of options.

    Customer Reviews:

    • The Age of Conan has not yet Arrived!
      Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Collector's Edition

      Don't waste your time or money! I expected somes bugs and glitches but this is downright UNPLAYABLE! The bugs - nonfunctional trading posts make an economy impossible. The glitches - constant gray outs on the minimaps and incredible lags on every server I tried (4 - both PVE and PVP)make gameplay difficult!

      What really finished it for me was the crashes! Everytime I changed from night to day/ day to night - CRASH! Almost everytime I sold items to a vendor - CRASH! And even sitting there waiting for the lag to catch up so I could continue - CRASH! Not just a simple crash either - 50% of the time I had to reboot my computer!...more info
    • Amazon preorder worthless
      I will not be pre-ordering from Amazon again. I don't usually purchase games through Amazon, (they're great for lots of other things), but I decided to grab Conan CE since I do a lot of other business with them. The whole point of pre-ordering this sort of game is to insure you get to be one of the first people playing. Instead all my friends who ran out to Best Buy, Gamestop, whatever are playing and I'm not. Current delay has been bumped up to 6/6 -6/13. The game came out 5/20. I'll stick with the people that know how to sell games next time....more info
    • A New Age MMO
      EDIT: I'm editing my review after over a month of playing AoC. This is mainly because the higher in level I get and the more "content" I've explored, my opinion of the game has dropped.

      After reading and waiting for months for Age of Conan (AoC), I finally was able to get into Early Access (EA) on Saturday, May 17th.

      On Saturday morning, imagine my disappointment when Funcom delays opening the servers by 3 hours! 3 hours?? What am I supposed to do now? Well, I got over my delay disappointment and on the specified hour, I promptly logged in, chose my server (Set) and started creating my character. I had no idea what I should choose so I went with a Stygian Ranger. The character customization is OK in AoC. I spent about 15 minutes constructing facial features, tattoos, scars, hair, and body type. Unfortunately there is a limit to the body and hair styles and there are some of the ugliest facial defaults I've ever seen in my life with one good looking one. Guess which one most people will be choosing? There is a lack of a color palette to choose from as well.

      As the intro played, my poor Ranger washes up on the beach of Tortage and is greeted by a creepy old man. Here is where I learned the basics of fighting and interacting with the environment. While combat is tricky at first, I eventually got the hang of it. The main thing I like about combat are the fatalities. I've already had the pleasure of gutting and cutting off the heads of my opponents. I've also gotten some sweet fatality deaths from my bow and arrow. It does my heart good to see enemies fall with an arrow in their throat and blood spewing from their mouths!

      This leads me to the "mature" content. Granted, by the end of the weekend I was just level 21 but the mature content is really negligible. The most risque stuff I witnessed was in general world chat (or OOC). Sure, the blood and decapitations are cool and the half-naked women rock, but AoC would get a PG-13 rating instead of an R if it were a movie. EDIT: After a month of playing, there are some topless women and toons which would earn this game an R-rating.

      Back to my first day, it was tough. While I had no problems with lag, fps, or any of that stuff (I have a relatively top shelf computer), dealing with so many people scrambling for slow spawning mobs became a chore. Imagine trying to gather 40 hides of crocodile leather and you are competing with twenty other players in one small section of an island where maybe 15 crocs spawn. Remember when I wrote "slow spawning" well, yeah, there you go. I eventually completed these tasks as well as my destiny quests and moved on to my homeland starting area.

      As for the environments of Tortage, they are rich and detailed. There is a lot of eye candy and you can move around fairly easily in it though you are limited to specific zones. More on that below. Cons movement wise can be filtered down to a "climbing" skill. I'm not particularly sure why this is here and why it's not user friendly. I have to hit "U" or right click on a ladder or vine to scramble up it. If I don't keep my eye on the chat window and catch the alarm "YOU CAN CLIMB HERE!!" I would have missed climbing opportunities.

      Zones. The bane of my existence! AoC is instance/zone heavy. This is a bit disappointing especially since you may find yourself repeatedly going back and forth between them which eats up real time of watching a loading screen. What I would do was gather all the quests I could find and just head to a specific zone (White Sands for example) and stay there until all my quests were complete. I'm sure this is what most people did. EDIT: The more I play this, the more I hate instance/zones. Sometimes they load fast but more often than not lately, they load extremely slow which makes me a frustrated panda and more disheartened.

      Anyhoo, toons don't just walk through each other like ghosts but can actually block you. This may prove to be very cool when higher level PVP kicks in as formations would actually mean something. Imagine a bunch of conquerors forming up a shield wall to prepare and defend their battlekeep. God that's awesome. Not to mention that line of sight issues appear to be right on track so far. I can get on high ground and fire down into my enemies without LOS errors or those annoying "evades" you'd always see in WoW. This would make for excellent ambush opps in PVP play as well as full scale battles. I'm really looking forward to it! EDIT: The latest is that full on battlekeep PVP is still borked limiting organized PVP engagements. Another disappointing item that makes it seem that Funcom really did rush this out without completing the Beta.

      So far from what I've seen, despite some of the cons I pointed out from my own perspective, this is a fun game. I look forward to discovering more features of AoC as I progress because I know I'm just at the tip of the iceberg! EDIT: As of this date (July 2, 2008), the playability and fun of the game is decreasing for me. Big patches are now being released once a week but some of the updates I've seen, seem irrelevant to the big picture. Fixing the look on an NPC's face over fixing the obvious memory leaks which causes crashing even on high end computers makes me scratch my head in puzzlement.

      I'm going to continue to play, but come September, if nothing has significantly changed, I will probably be quitting AoC and moving on to Warhammer Online. If Warhammer turns out to be a stinker as well, I guess I'll head back to WoW and wait for the expansion....more info
    • The game has aged well
      I've been playing AoC since release, but I've noticed all the reviews are outdated and so I figured it was time to get a fresh perspective. Many of the reviews were based on people who raced to get to the highest levels without enjoying the immersion of the detailed world and the quests, or who stopped playing before most of the current fixes were put in place.

      When the game came out, there were huge issues with memory leaks, crashes, etc. Those are 99% fixed now and the game is maturing quite well, especially under the leadership of the new game director. There have also been vast improvements to the combat - much more interactive than other games - and balancing the playable classes. New content has been added for some of the slow points while leveling, and existing content has been tuned and enhanced.

      Additionally, the PvP system has been reworked to include a criminal system with consequences. People who enjoy killing characters of lower level will find they cannot receive most quests, can only resurrect at criminal camps, and must pay black marketers and smugglers for services that other characters get for free; they can perform redeemer quests to lose criminal status, but until they do they will be attacked by guards stationed near rez points and quest givers. Ganking isn't dead, but it's a lot less common now.

      If you're cautious about trying a new game, try looking around gaming forums for people with buddy keys; you'll get a 7-day trial (or if you use a digital download of the game for $3, you get a 10-day trial). Entering a registration key at the end of your trial period keeps your characters intact....more info
    • Do not order from Amazon
      DO NOT ORDER FROM AMAZON IF YOU'RE GOING TO GET THIS GAME. I pre-ordered this game March 13th, 2+ months before its expected release from Amazon and today is the 22nd of May and they still have not shipped it. They still do not have an ETA on when the game will be shipped.

      Now, on to the game.

      Sure- this game has amazing graphics, but its a waste of time and money. The current state of the game is more like a beta testing then it is an actual release. There is no player economy as of yet because they have had the 'trader' NPC disabled for quite some time now, and have not given an ETA on when it will be enabled. Many quests are bugged and cannot be completed, and one of the zones, Field of the Dead, has a stability issue which causes users to crash every 5-10 minutes. I've been unable to log into my character for more then half the day now because every time I try to load in, the game crashes. My computer exceeds the minimum requirements sevenfold, and even with my settings set to low, the game still crashes. The user interface is a joke, players are unable to see where their group members are on the mini-map unless they are within ~50m of eachother- even then it is still a hard task because group members show up with a minuscule dot.
      All in all, this game was released waaaaaay too prematurely. I don't know what the heck Funcom was doing during their 'beta testing'... I could only guess they were too busy focusing on what in-game items players would receive from buying the game from different locations. This game gets a C+ at best.

      Thinking about buying this for somebody? Do yourself a favor and save the money, and do them a favor by saving them the frustration and wasted time....more info
    • What a disappointment
      I'm editing this after having "finished" the game. First off I'm more PvE than PvP so if PvP is still where it's at then go for it.

      Hands down funcom had a good idea but never fulfilled their commitment to improving the game. End game content was nothing more than tank and spank, grinding at certain levels was horrible, hours of just killing things around your level to get to the next level only to be disappointed by finding out there is nothing at the end other than some raid bosses that were nothing more than tank and spank. In game exploits to create unlimited gems never got fixed, FUncom nerfed the gems to "fix" the problem. FUncom would put in patches without testing only to find the system became more unstable. Zone crashes would happen 3-5 times a night, not just my computer, since our guild is on Vent, during raids we'd all get kicked only to be relogged in a zone with repopulated mobs and half the time the party would end up in different instances and couldn't get back together, calling a GM would take an hour or 3 days, if you que'd a petition, you'd get deleted if you didn't update it.
      Guild Cities never worked, maybe they do now but it's too late for me, all that time and resources to build a tier 3 city only to find out buffs weren't working, Keep battles were a joke, walls that couldn't be destroyed, or holes in them so the attackers could just walk through.
      Male/Female toons not attacking at the same speed so they nerfed male toon attack speed instead of fixing female toon speed but not adjusting mob attack speed, nerfing every class, necro for example 50% decrease to spell damage across the board, but didn't adjust the amount of aggro. Also when attacking with pet, you can have them attacke a mob, hide, go into another room and as soon as your pet attacked the mob knew exactly where you were and would make a bee line for you ignoring the attacks of the pets
      More gold spammers than I've ever seen. Come on, when you search for people and there are 150 on the server and 60 of them are lvl 1 guardians with names like Assdssdfg and Assdssfgh? Grouping? never found an easy way to do that in PvE, if you were more than 5-7 levels differnent you'd lose XP and trying to find a group in your level range for a given quest was near impossible, even in a guild of over 75 active players we mostly ended up solo'ing all the PvE content to the end and tried the raids. Started beating the bosses but quickly realized that all the bugs in the game were ruining our game experience, we all left for previous MMO's or moving to Warhammer.

      Travel was never fixed or sped up. Yeah wonderful graphics but having to spend 45 minutes to run from one side of the realm to the other for a raid or party quest is annoying, so if there was a party you could find, they'd have to wait for your to run from zone to zone to zone and run through each zone. If you do play the game, get a game card, enjoy it till you cap a toon, try a raid and then get rid of it. FUncom is coming out with an expansion already and they haven't even fixed the first release.
      ...more info
    • Aoc has realy impressed me!!!!
      Played the game durring launch , but left to wait until they patched the game. Came back to AOC last week, and i have to say im really impressed with the game so far. The community in AOC is really helpful if you want a group for PVE, or go out and kill other's in PVP. The atmoshere of the game really brings you in with well written stories , and beautiful evnioroments that I keep catching myself wanting to explore more of the area from every propective. Music and sound is awesome to say the least. I have my speakers boming all the time. All the classes i have played so far have been fullfiling and interseting to play. I have only tried 3 classes so far Sin, ranger, and a Tempest Of Set. I have to say as a sin it is sooo fun to come out of nowhere and backstab other player's or NPC's with such high burst DPS. Fatalities if you get them off is so rewarding to watch. lol somthing about planting your blade in the back of someones head to end the fight is fun to watch. Again this is a very mature MMO. Im going to end this review with these remarks AOC is fun and you need to give it a try. If you played it before durring launch and left due to the quest killing bug's. Give it a try again everything i can think of that was broken is fixed now. Content has been added for T8. Pvp ruleset has change to make sure ganker's dont wait at spawn points. Community is strong....more info
    • Bugs, lack of content, and missing key features bring this game down
      Great graphics and atmosphere along with some interesting game play don't make up for the bugs, lack of content, and missing features....more info
    • Over hyped and over rated.
      I have been playing the early access for about 3 days now and I have already decided to cancel my subscription and return my pre-order on Age of Conana as soon as it is delivered. Why... you may ask? Here are a few specific things which I really dislike:

      - horrible combat system, (I know it is supposed to be so ground breaking but I personally hate it).

      - boring and long winded speeches form quest givers, (not to mention the "choose your own answer" aproach which I find really iritating and time consuming).

      - completely average graphics, (nothing better than maybe Two Worlds).

      - boring and uninspired character classes.

      - too much ganking, (yes I know there is a PVE option, but it is already happening in the early access game where gankers will just camp out at resurection sites and whack you as soon as you respawn).

      Well, there is probably more I could say but these are the basics. I'm sure some people will love the game, this is just one person's opinion. I'm gonna hold out for Warhammer Online and return this one while I can still get my money back.
      ...more info
    • Not your Kid's Next WoW
      First off, there are several folks upset about not getting the advertised 3 day early access but there are a few logical reasons for them not getting into the program. The biggest reason is the folks who had the ability to get into the program didn't because they waited too long to act on the offer. The second falls onto the shoulders of the online companies where the game was pre-ordered from - the companies did not provide the pre-order keys to the customers until EA was already closed out. Amazon provided the keys right away so there wasn't much worry with Amazon falling into this group.

      On to the game..

      For those used to clicking on a target and letting your avatar doing all the work, you are in for a bit of a learning curve. Age of Conan (AoC) is more action oriented. The player must click on a directional attack button for each swing of his sword. The directional attack comes into play as the opponent has directional shielding. In mini game terms, the player needs to attack the opponent where the opponent is least sheilded in order to inflict maximum damage. The player can also adjust his shielding to minimize damage from his opponent.

      Although most MMORPG players are used to eating popcorn while grinding away and such a method detracts from eating said popcorn, the whole method ties into the games ability to draw the player into the game and present the felling of making a difference in the outcome of a battle. For those interested, sword swings do cary onto opponets in the sword attack arc, two handed weapons have more reach, and yes, the rumors are true that a properly timed combo will send a head flying.

      This brings us to combo's. AoC does use a combo - most folks would call them buffs - attack system. There are the 3 non-combo attack directions complimented with various combo's that deal more damage, knock opponents back, cause bleed damage, or a mix of both. It is possible to win a battle without using combo's, but combo's do help speed them along. Unlike WoW, AoC combos seem more complimentary than required in battle.

      With 12 different classes and 3 different factions (more like origins), there should be at least one to fit the play style of any player. Be it a mage, rouge, priest, or warrior, there is a flavor for you. Of note, AoC has gone a long way in helping clothies (cloth armor wearing classes, such as mages) survive combat. Starting off, clothies usually deal more damage than melee or other ranged classes, have a good chance of not dying 10 times before making level, and are actually not a burden to play.

      Overall, the game is graphically amazing, the quests make sense, and the gameplay (including pvp) a rush. If you are tired of your bored, stale, and kiddie infested MMORPG give AoC a try. Note, there are slightly beefy system requirements to fully enjoy the game....more info
    • Haven't recieved yet
      I ordered this on April 28th and yes I was one of the stupid ones that did not register immediately (did not think I had to). So I'm sitting here on May 22nd waiting for a game that should have shipped on the 20th and it still has not shipped. Never again! I was told by customer service that they had not received enough copies......more info
    • It had so much promise then the bottom fell out
      I went into this game in May of 2008 thinking it could actually complete with warcraft. By the time I left in Jan of 2009. Funcom totally failed to live up to the hype and promises that were made. The first MMO with direct 10x was never released as of early jan of 2009. My biggest issue with it was when you got over level 70 not even 80, there wasnt really much out there to do. Oh the game itself wasnt bad if you dont mine quests up to the mid 50's after that good luck. and as Somebody already pointed out the selling price of a used one is now .58 cents? Thats bad enough-now it is possible that Funcom maybe able to turn this around, but a month back on G4 the cable channel it was reported that Funcom had problems. For all who want to try this i would see what happens by June of this year, either go back to warcraft, try Lord of the Rings or wait for the next patch of MMO's to be released Fallen Earth, Star Trek Online or Star Wars which supposely is due around 2011. ...more info
    • Great, for the first day of play...
      Yes, the opening area of Tortage is a great game - great story, great way to learn the ropes with multiple quest types which ideally suit the class you choose - full of replayability, in this first area.

      After leaving Tortage, the game degenerates into a clone of every other boring MMO on the market....more info
    • Pretty Good.
      Pretty good and the fatality moves are Awesome but think I will be sticking with LOTRO....more info
    • Age of Conan- Next Generation MMO
      (I posted this review on the regular version of the game as well, so if you are reading it and it sounds redundant, that's why... I did add the part about the Collectors Edition though!)

      This game is unbelievable. It is definitely the next generation of MMO's. Beautiful graphics (yes, an upgrade on the computer was necessary in my case) amazing storyline and game play. No lag, and the combat system is fantastic.

      The Collectors Edition is an amazing package- from the ingame items that can be given to all your characters, not limited to just the first one you have claim them to the package that you receive. The map, I have to admit, I am not certain what I will do with, but it is a nice addition. The score is beautiful and I can't wait to play the cd that they give to hear it all. The art book is also great value. If you can get your hands on one, I recommend it!

      Graphics 10/10: Though they have announced that DX10 will not be released till later on this year, I am extremely impressed with the graphics in their current state, and can not wait to see how much better they get once it is released. The scenery is beautiful, the rendering and overall detailing is amazing. You really FEEL like you are there in the jungles- and the character movement itself is smooth. In this game, you run into actual characters- not like a lot of games out there where you run through them. The collision detection enhances the overall experience, making it seem more realistic.

      Character Creation 9/10: Amazing. I can spend hours just doing this part of the game. Similar to EQ2, you are able to customize a great deal- body type and size of certain parts of your body, as well as facial reconstruction. You can even make your nose appear as if it had been broken and healed incorrectly. The only thing lacking in this department is hair styles. There aren't a great deal of them. Also, depending on the race you pick your colors are very limited i.e. Complexion, eye and hair color.

      Story Line 10/10: From the moment your slave ship crashes, and you are washed up on an island, the game takes off immersing you in the world of Conan. You have to help escort someone to the major town (a lot easier than other escort quests) and right away you feel a sense of urgency with making certain you get out of the jungle. Once you arrive in the town, you have a series of quests that you need to complete in addition to your own class questline. Once you complete this, you move on to your home area... I unfortunately have not yet gotten this far.

      Game Play 10/10: The combat system does take a little bit of figuring out, but once you do- wow. Not only does the AI (Artificial Intelligence) respond to what you do, but its amazing how you are able to effect multiple opponents with a single hit of your weapon. The spell casting graphics are quite impressive as well.

      In the game play, when you converse with the characters, you're perspective changes and the camera angle zooms into the conversation, making you feel like you are actually there. I really like this about the game as it incorporates the player right from the start. You do have to listen to the dialog and make choices which I know will not appeal to some gamers who don't really care about the lore of the game, however when I play a video game I tend to immerse myself in it... and this game definitely allows one to do that.

      Sound 10/10: The score in this game truly sets the scene. At night as you run around through the jungles outside of town, the music makes you sit on the edge of your seat in anticipation, waiting for something to jump out from around a corner and grab you. The character voice acting is wonderful- the speech inflection makes you believe that you are actually talking to a live person. You CARE about what happens to the characters, versus them just being paper dolls just standing there doing the same thing over and over again.

      So as a recap, I definitely recommend this game, however, I suggest if you don't meet the minimum system specs to a T, to upgrade your system to the maximum specs. The minimum will get you there, but if you upgrade, you may as well go for the best of the best. Gaming is my hobby and I have already realized that I have a very expensive hobby. :)

      See you all in Hyboria!
      ...more info
    • Dissapointed and Upset
      The second falls onto the shoulders of the online companies where the game was pre-ordered from - the companies did not provide the pre-order keys to the customers until EA was already closed out. Amazon provided the keys right away so there wasn't much worry with Amazon falling into this group. (This was stated by someone else)

      Yeah right, I pre-ordered back in March, never received any pre-order key. Amazon still hasn't responded to any e-mails, and I might receive something by June 9! WOW, this is horrible service. And because of this I will never order thru Amazon again.

      ...more info
    • Thanks for nothing Amazon
      As the person before me said... the game is great... Amazon is not.

      Thanks for nothing amazon. I preordered this weeks ago and now you "cant locate the item"?


      Worse still is that since the limited edition is sold out I may never be able to get my hands on it due to Amazon's incompetence...more info
    • Dont waste your money!
      If you value your money dont waste it on this product. The product deserves 0 stars out of five. Unfortunatly the lowest ranking you can give it in a review is 1....more info
    • good start
      Ok, I've been playing in the early access for 2 days now and havin a good time. Much cheer to Funcom for a really smooth start.
      It took me a day and a half to decide on what class to play, once that was done i really started to enjoy myself. I'm finding the combat system to very engaging especially once you get to level 15 or so. Combo's become more complex you start training your feats( those start at lvl 10 ). The graphics on high setting look beautiful but not everyone's system will be able to handle it. I've left mine on medium to keep my fps up.( I have a mediocre Radeon 1900XT 512mb. )
      The game play so far consists of the usual MMO fair. Collect so many of these or kill so many of these, I think thats to be expected in an MMO. But so far the combo system has made it fun for me anyway. Some people may not like it but I think that will be a minority. It's gonna take some practice to get of the right combos at the right time.
      Some of the story elements are unfolding in the early levels and you can see how this is going to work into the progress of the game, I'm sure becoming more complex as you go along.
      As for the interface, the game really shines, you can tell funcom put alot of thought and MMO experience in the Minimalist design.

      The complaints I have for the game are minimal but Ill mention them here - 1. I would have liked to see a broader set of animations for the mobs and races and such. THe difference between a Cimmerian running and a Stygian running look the same to me.( one example ) Tigers, Panthers, Croc's should have more variety to there movements. THis is a weakness that should be corrected down the line.

      thats it for now, I'll update as I get farther in the Game.

      ...more info
    • Entertaining game, unprofessional service from Amazon.
      Allow me to preface this by saying that I have been a loyal and steadfast Amazon customer for over 10 years now. Despite a few bumps in the road, they have remained as paragons of exceptional service in virtually all of my dealings.

      Until now.

      For those who are not aware, Amazon accepted pre-orders of the Collector's Edition for months. And yet, after the projected ship date of the game, I have now received an e-mail stating that they overestimated demand for the game and my order is going to be held indefinitely while they get their act together.

      Meanwhile, I'm unable to claim my special items from my Age of Conan account, because I don't have access to the code on the manual. FunCom is e-mailing me to let me know that my account will be suspended for not entering a retail code in short order. The odds that I will receive what I ordered (the CE) diminish by the day, with no follow-up other than a meekly-presented $10 gift certificate and reassurances that this does not happen very often.

      The game itself is rather fun. It lacks flavor and is overly instanced for the first 20 levels. It runs clunkily and needs more optimization for anyone not running it on a late 2007-2008 computer. But the atmosphere is great and some of the features are truly innovative.

      That, however, is not the point of this review. The point of this review is to warn anyone and everyone who is considering using Amazon as a pre-order service on any item that is either (a) time-sensitive, (b) in limited supply or (c) reliant on physical hardcopy for access to online features. As of now I will be moving all of my future business from Amazon to several of their competitors. Why? Because Amazon messed up, and they had so much information prior to this that they could have easily avoided this entire fiasco with a little more careful planning and a little less greed.

      Sadly the old Amazon where I received personalized service is dead. I'm left with a series of form-emails offering me ten bucks to shut my mouth and suck up their mistake as my own. It's beyond disappointing, it's an irrevocable and final severance between myself and a once-great company.

      Caveat emptor....more info
    • The low price says it all!
      I played this in beta and continued for three months following that hoping for improvement - I even went back a few months back hoping that it improved - I guessed wrong.

      The game became old very quickly and was released entirely too early. The graphics are pretty and the over all concept is good, but the playability for longer than a month or two is lacking. It lacks content between certain levels that leaves you scrambling for something to do to get to the next level area, also the "end game" is non-existent.

      Everyone I know quit within the first month, it becomes repetitive pretty quickly.

      The "used" prices listed are for good reason, the game lacks customer service and the players are ignored. For some reason the developers concentrate on odd fixes when there are glaring bugs that need fixed and lack of content. It is as if they concentrated on character looks i.e. "nipples" and nothing else!

      If you are looking for an online game I would look elsewhere - this coming from someone who has played Wow, DaOC, AC, ACII, Warhammer online, LoTR, AO, Ultima, CoH, CoV and numerous others that I DID enjoy. There is a reason that the player base calls Funcom "failcom!"

      If you decide to purchase this I wish you luck!...more info
    • Worth all of the Hype!
      I started playing this game the second servers opened up for Early Access, and I must say this game is simply amazing! I played WoW for 5 years, and countless MMO titles prior to Age of Conan, and this game leaves them all behind!

      While it does require an up-to-date system to run, it was worth every cent I spent upgrading my computer, and I already know that this game will keep me more than happy for years to come.

      Playing on day one of early access, May 17th, this game showed no signs of any problems at all. You'd think this title had been up and running successfully for years. No server lag, no buggy feel, no crashes, for me at least, a few have mentioned problems, but their systems met only the bare minimums to play this game.

      I have an SLI setup with two 8800gts 512s, and a quad core system with dual AMD Windsor processors, and 4gigs of ram, and am running Vista Ultimate 64bit.

      I play the game in 1920x1080 on my 40" Sony Bravia HDTV, so a system not as good as mine can play this game perfectly with high frames per second on a smaller monitor, and/or in a lower resolution than mine.

      It is without a doubt the best looking game I have ever seen in my life, and the combat is the best thing to happen to this genre since the conception of MMOs! Buy this game now! You will not regret it!!!...more info
    • Great game... don't listen to the negative reviews.
      I honestly don't get people who review MMOs this way. I guess the whole "If it's not WOW, it's crap" crowd is bigger than I thought.AOC offers many things that makes the comparison shallow at best. The graphics are astounding. The group missions are truly awe-inspiring and the guild and consequence system to deal with ganking is both elegant and fun.Don't listen to other reviewers! With a game this cheap, you should check it out. I loved it!...more info
    • Beautiful but frustrating
      I've been a Robert E. Howard fan for years having read all of his original Conan stories and many of his other works. The enjoyment of this game comes down to which class you pick. For example the Assassin class (a typical rogue class) can be fun but is very frustrating to play since its so easy to die when soloing. A Dark Templar (a dark fighter who leeches health from enemies) is much easier and thus, more enjoyable to play.

      + This game visually captures that world in all of its grim beauty. Amazing backgrounds, detailed areas, and characters that all look different and dress in appropriate clothes for their job. Level 80 characters don't 'shimmer and glow' like the 70's in WoW. In fact, unless you put your cursor over them, you can't tell.
      + Interactive combat system
      + Mature rated game giving brutal fatlities, some more adult humor, and a lot less annoying kids like the ones on WoW
      + Guilds can build cities
      + Voice acted dialog. It lessens once you leave the opening area but Funcom is putting more in over time.
      + Each archtype (warrior, rogue, mage, priest) has a slightly different destiny quest line in the opening area of Tortage
      + The collectors edition comes with a cool book of art on the game and a great soundtrack

      - Crafting and gathering are pretty much useless
      - There is no economy since quest items are far better than anything you find
      - Classes are horribly unbalanced
      - Server populations are getting low meaning it can be hard to get a group together for some of the instances
      - You travel to areas by talking to people. The world is not seemless - it is a series of instances (with several of each area running concurrently).
      - Buggy. The game has some glitches though Funcom is doing their best to patch the game to make it better
      - One one starting area meaning every character you play goes through the same area (though with the different destiny quests).

      Overall its pretty fun. I plan to run one character to level 80 and then will probably drop the game unless there's more content to see or an expansion planned. This game won't have the staying power of WoW but is a nice adult diversion from being challenged to duels every 15 minutes on a PvE server....more info
    • The Game is great..Amazon Sucks!
      The game is aeverything it claims to be. Amazon's business practices leave a lot to be desired. First off, if you are considering preordering anything from Amazon DO NOT! Amazon does not hold up their end of the bargain and will leave you less than satisfied in the end.

    • A great game that never was...
      I really wish Funcom would have waited and added content to the game before the released it. This game has probably the best combat system ever designed for an mmorpg and that's where it stops. Quests lack depth, pvp isn't fun, end game content didn't work...I could go on and on. Give Funcom another 6 months and this could be a great game but, it is probably too late. Server populations are 1/4 of what they used to be and falling rapidly....more info
    • Age of Conan is a diamond in the rough
      I can't believe there aren't more people playing this game. It has beautiful graphics,which I can understand can create a hardship for those without a near top line PC. But I know there are many people like me that have a top line PC that want a game that gives them the performance they desire. The story flows just like a book and the controls are spot on. ...more info
    • AoC: A Refreshing Addition to the MMORPG genre
      Age of Conan is hands down the most beautiful MMORPG on the market, and most likely will be for the forseeable future. Funcom has pushed the tech envelope with this game, which will cause some people heartache because they may not be able to run it with all the bells and whistles. I am running AoC on an Intel C2Duo e6600, 8800GT with 3 GB on Vista 32 on high settings and getting 40+ FPS and no lag. Here are the features that set AoC apart from the other MMORPG leaders:
      -Incredible voice acting
      -Excellent Celtic soundtrack
      -Best visuals of any MMO, and even bests most non-MMO RPGs. Spell effects will floor you.
      -Character creation that rivals Oblivion
      -Great classes unlike you've seen in other MMORPGs. Priest classes in this game don't sit back and heal. The Priest is on the front line with the tanks basking in the glory of combat. Rangers, Assassins, Barbarians, Tempest of Set, every class unique and fun to play.
      - Mature rating makes for some great quests. The quest system is great and the quests very fun and dynamic
      - Combat system is the most involving in the genre. You can't get up to use the bathroom in the middle of a raid in this game! Fatality animations are INCREDIBLE and really make for a fun PvP experience
      -You can choose to solo (best do that on a PvE server) or run raids and PvP matches in group. Great content no matter which type of player you are
      - Creates the true feel of Robert E. Howard's world. Conan lives on in this game!

      Needs work:

      - UI a little clunky, Zboard or G15 keyboard is recommended but not necessary to enjoy the game
      - Crafting system is a little weak
      Good news is both of those issues can eaily be addressed. I have not had this much fun playing an MMORPG for many years. If you are a fan of the genre and have the PC to run it well, you don't want to pass this game up....more info
    • SCAMAZON - Beware
      This is a great game, but very unprofessional service from Amazon. They have promised to deliver the game in time for the early access registration period. Now they can't even give me a date when will my CE would ship. Since I wont have a retail key, there is a chance that my level 40 character will be deleted or frozen, ruining my gaming experience. And for all this toruble, a freaking 10 dollar gift card?

      I'm a prime member, and I think Amazon lost 1 good customer today.Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Collector's Edition...more info
    • Fool me once shame on me.....
      I guess it is a bit unfair to give the actual game 1 star but there is no where to review Amazons total blundering of thier handling of the AoC CE pre orders so Funcoms AoC review here reflects my reaction to Amazons lame attempt at being in the PC game market. I did recommend in an email to FunCom that they may want to take a closer look at who they partner with on pre order deals....more info
    • Alot of potential that just falls flat
      I was looking forward to playing this for awhile and was glad to pick it up upon release. The graphics, story, art book and combat system I thought was very good and unique but just could not get into the game. I tried to play many times but just keep getting back to it being just plain boring...

      So right now it is still on mine and my friends shelves collecting dust and cannot rightly recommend this to anyone. If things change, I may give it another try but with all the options out there, I do not think that it will happen....more info
    • Amazon sucks
      The game appears to be very nice in every way. Amazon just informed me today that "it could not find the product I ordered". So nice to inform me of this after the game has come online. The purpose of pre orders is to get the game when the game comes out (or within the 3 day early access period). Thanks for nothing. Now apparently the price is about 50 bucks more than the pre order price and I don't see any hint of the bonus stuff I was promised...... I ordered it over a month ago and they wait until today to send me an e-mail....more info