Kinamax SC-NVA5 Wired Color CCTV Security Spy Camera with AC Adapter
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Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:All purpose cam at your finger tip;Stainless steel metal body;World's true smallest Spy Camera (similar to a penny);Low power consumption and High sensitivity;Easy Installation. DO-it-yourself to build your own Baby / Nanny monitor, R/C Helicopter, Airplane, Walking Robot, Home and office Security Cameras;As a must for private investigators and law enforcement agencies for surveillance and video monitoring;Recording of indoor and outdoor activities where is allowed by law;Keep an eye on valuables and loved ones with this tiny;Suitable for use at homes, workshops, warehouses, schools, offices, stores, gas stations;Great for portable video surveillance or for hobbies;Hide it easily in any objects such as box, book, toy, flower, plant, clock, or radio, anywhere you can think of;Record the motion video to a VCR or/and watch the video on TV without a computer;Easy to keep track of anything.

Customer Reviews:

  • Extremely Dissappointed
    Even though the picture shows an audio cable this camera DOES NOT come with audio capability. The "Dark" functionality of this camera is nonexistent. Just a black screen for us. Like the Infrared LED's are not working. Took a gamble on the cheap price on this one and lost. Not even worth the hassle to return to amazon. VERY Disappointing....more info
  • wonderful
    great quality/sharpness/color, can easily see individual leaves blowing in yard from 20-30 feet. latest version of camera doesn't have a microphone and IR leds have been replaced with black plastic pieces.

    make sure to focus camera (twist lens) for best picture....more info
  • too bad
    i buy this camera days ago.
    this item is not the same that i bougth , i receive a camera only with video, not audio.

    when you se the picture you see that the camera come with audio an video....more info
  • Great little camera
    This small camera worked great out of the box. I set it up in our vacation cabin and it gives a nice view of the whole room. I connected it to an inexpensive video capture card and will be able to access it via [...] via the internet (we have Hughes Satellite internet). I will be able to check the cabin from home to make sure that everything is alright. I may purchase more of these to put at the front door and other locations. For the money you can't beat this camera. I'm not sure how well it will work out for an outdoor location, but I am pleased with the indoor picture-it looks much like a picture that you see from security cameras, certainly not high resolution, but for money I don't think you will find a better bargain....more info
  • Not as small as led to believe No Tech Details Yet
    I received this 6/3/2008. It was $16.99. The weight is about 2x as a
    normal plastic camera. The stainless steel might have some advantage.
    It's more durable do a hard knock but while plastic might bend and come
    back this would dent. I can't see an advantage to stainless case.

    The lens was so very tight when I got it. It appeared to be cross
    threaded. I could not turn it by hand being a strong man it worried me.
    Using a thick soft cloth between a pair of slip joint water pliers it
    was easy to turn and then was loose. It was simply stuck. It turns
    fine now. A sping keeps tension on the lens so it stays where you setit.

    I have no info yet. Will update you if I can.

    This came with a 9 volt adapter plug and a power supply of 12 volts at 100ma. The unit has 6 IR leds. The fact that they don't have an off
    switch nor do I think they shut off in daylight since I see no sensor
    makes me think they waste power if you're running from a 9v battery.

    9v battery is about 300mah. So this means it will run 3 hours before you
    can't use it. The leds probably add 30ma or more to the power
    draw. More would be my guess otherwise they would not be useful past a
    few inches.

    If you want to take apart the camera there are 2 Phillips screws in the
    back to facilitate this. While the LEDS would be on the other side of
    any circuit board there might be a wire or other easy method to turn them
    off to save power when on battery.

    If you do open it as I might let's put up the video or images. I can make
    an animated gif if you like.

    Figure out for ajajaj at rediff to contact

    ...more info
  • AC Power Adapter Included Battery Power Adapter Included High sensitivity (0.5 Lux) Easily Build your own Security System
  • Connect the pinhole to any standard television or VCR with the RCA cable (cable not included) Plug the AC-DC +8V 200mA Power Adapter into the power jack of the camera Adjust the lens of the camera to its best position Change your TV set into AV model
  • Dimensions: 0.875 oz. (Net Weight) 1.125 oz. (Gross Weight) 0.725 inches x 0.875 inches x 0.875 inches (W x L x H) Retail Package Content: Color Camera Battery Power Adapter AC Power Adapter
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