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The action franchise that started it all is celebrating its 20th anniversary with an all-new adventure on Nintendo DS. Set after the events of Contra III: Alien Wars, the game follows mercenaries Bill Rizer and Lance Bean as they battle to save the world from a new extraterrestrial threat. Contra 4 takes advantage of the dual screens of the Nintendo DS to deliver larger than life action, with massive enemies, detailed platforming and mind-blowing set pieces. Across a variety of game modes, including full cooperative play through the main story mode, two players can take the fight to the alien army of the Black Viper and reclaim Earth for mankind.

  • Fast paced 2D side-scrolling action from the franchise that defined the genre
  • Collect multiple power-ups to create new and explosive weapon combinations
  • Unique dual-screen presentation allows for frantic action and massive boss encounters
  • New grappling hook accessory lets you access hard to reach areas and dodge enemies
  • 2-player cooperative action lets you take on the enemy with twice the firepower

Customer Reviews:

  • Classic game, dressed up...a little
    Contra stuck pretty close to early games. If you can remember play the old nintendo games you will know that they are not "easy" like many of the games today. For instance, get hit once or touched once in this game, you die. I thought the dual screen might help expand the game, but found is was more distracting than helpful. If you risk a glance up at the top screen looking for the weapon upgrades flying by, something will pop out from somewhere and kill you. It does have some neat extras and bonuses and If you are not looking for some long involved adventure quest; then this is a great game to have in your library. ...more info
  • Old School
    Reminds me of the good old Contra on the NES. Just as hard and decent visuals. Highly recommended if you liked the original and are into action/shooters but not if you give up easily as it's relatively difficult even on 'easy'. However, I bet there's a code to give you more lives (up, up, down, down, left, right...etc.) Give it a go!...more info
  • Punishing 2-d action...just how I like it!
    This is your typical Contra game albeit witha much harder difficulty! I played this for numerous hours and I have to say....Konami has truely stayed faithful to the tried and true formula of run and gun. Be warned weary "save" gamers: This game is total old school and you only get continues..and not many at that.

    Thank you amazon!...more info
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This game was awesome. I am a huge fan of the contra titles on the nes and the snes. When I heard this game was going to be released for the DS I made a reservation and I bought a DS just so I could play this game and be ready. This game brought back so many memories as I played it. The game has so many refrences from its predacessors which gives you the awesome contra feeling a lot of classic gamers know. I hear too many poeple complaining that this game is too hard, I actually found it suitable because it was difficult like all the others. My best streak on this game was not losing a single life until the last level on the normal difficulty, things start to get a little crazy in the last level. The last boss(Black Viper) at the end of the harvest yard was awesome, especially the music! I recomend this game for people who love challenging games that require lots of quick actions. Once you start getting the hang of this game you will get that Contra feeling I'm talking about. I am going for hard mode right now, so far I made it to the 5th level, its a great challenge, and you get to play with the classic contra soundtrack. Its a great buy also because you can unlock Contra and Super C for the nes, I finally get to play those great classics on the bus to school. I hope that Konami thinks about making another contra game like this one for the DS because I am very satisfied=D Oh, one more thing, you can unlock the PROBOTECTOR from the European version of contra and play as him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • contra 4 is unstopable
    Contra 4 is cool because it's new but it plays like the old school way. The guns are pretty sick to, and the bosses are unbelievable great. You can work you way to unlock really nice stuff like classic contra and super c, and really nice artwork. I really like the history thing they have where they show you all the contra games they have made in the past and tells you about them....more info
  • Classic Contra gameplay
    Instead of trying to experiment with new gameplay mechanics, WayForward decided to just use the old mechanics and update the presentation. So basically you have the "feel" of the old games, but with more frames of animation, better graphics with great colors, and so on.

    The best thing about this game is how they managed to capture the "feel" of the old Contra. They made certain things right, like the arc of the jumps, the travel speed of the bullets, the way they blink that certain way, the noise that your character makes when he lands on a platform, or the particular noise that a bullet makes when it hits a target. They also kept a lot of the enemies in the same poses and gave them similar animations to the ones in the older games. It's the subtle details like this that let you know that this is a genuine Contra game and not some experimental project that they just slapped the Contra name on.

    You see many other franchises lose sight of the little things that made a particular game stand out. They may have similar characters and other qualities that justify it as a franchise game, but the qualities that made the original special are not there. Many of the later Sonic games have been accused of this, as well as the 3D Castlevania titles, and of course the 3D Contra titles as well. Contra: Shattered Soldier, while a decent game, suffered from this as well. In contrast, Contra 4 really is a true franchise title.

    Overall, the game plays like a mix of Contra for the NES and Contra III: the Alien Wars for the SNES. If you liked those games, you will enjoy Contra 4....more info
  • Comes in second to Contra Hard Corps
    I was introduced to Contra when my friend recommended me to play Contra Hard Corps on the Sega Genesis almost 6 years ago. I still play that game alot because I still haven't beat it yet. I tried Contra EX Advance, and it was dull and not the same as CHC. I tried Contra III, but mehh I didn't like it as much. Contra Hard Corps was incredible. Not only did it have 4 different playable characters that had a different set of weapons each, or have 5000 robots moving at high speeds at you along with the screen shaking, cars exploding, millions of bullets being fired at you along with HUGE bosses that threw cars at you, fired lasers, transformed, and caused huge amounts of havoc on screen at once. That was pure bliss. It was the best game to ever grace a Sega console.

    Then I found this game and decided to check it out. It was pretty damn hard. It also paid a lot of homage to previous Contra titles. The jetski part in Ocean, climbing a missile, running through a all is reminiscent of the past Contra games on the Genesis and the (S)NES and it is very nice to see some of that stuff given new life. However a few things feel weird.

    The grappling hook thing I dont like. It just isn't fun, its irritating looking for bars to latch onto while enemies are firing at you/swarming around you, and it is very irritating alot of the time.

    There is no sliding (removes a lot of the challenge/skill from the boss fights).

    The huge bosses don't feel the same either, they are kind of boring and not as crazy and exciting as they were in Contra III or Hard Corps.

    The gap between the screens leads to some very irritating deaths, and you cant shoot things in between the two screens either. Therefor it makes getting powerups on the waterfall level irritating along with other levels as well where you climb.

    The unlockable classics (Super C, Contra (NES)) are not the best ones from the series. I would have LOVED to see Contra Hard Corps or Contra III unlockable from challenges. Other than that though, the game is very fun and I like it. These are just minor gripes with the game, otherwise I enjoy it altogether. Recommended to fans of the classic games. This game has a fairly high skill level, and if you aren't patient or you get aggravated easily, you will HATE this game....more info
  • A classic Game
    Contra... Ahh who doesen't remeber that game for the Nintendo 8 bit??

    I remeber playing that game every so often, but only as a rental, since I could never seem to find the game in any shelves at the time. I remeber playing it with my brothers, and was having a great time..

    Now Contra 4 is here, and boy does it bring back old memories. I still remeber how hard Contra was for the NES, and I think that Contra 4 lives up to that, if not even surpassing it.

    Having come straight from playing the excellent Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on PS 3, it was a real kick to the groin when I died in one hit in this game, no Force powers to save my behind here. Contra 4 is hard as nails, even in easy mode, but that's the way Contra games are..

    Now for the short review:

    Graphics: 7/10 It's not the best looking DS game ever, but it's more than good enough, seeing this game is a side-scroller, just like the Super Mario games of old are.

    Sound/music: 8/10 Good sound effects, and a nice soundtrack that does this game justice.

    Gameplay: 7/10 The game is fun to play, but I do think it's to hard, even on easy mode, so they should have been a bit more easy going on that mode.

    Overall: 7/10 This game is a classic, and deserves to be in any serious DS game owners library. The only downside with this game is that there's no option to save you progress, wich I think they could have added, since the game is so hard, and it's no fun starting from level 1 every time you want to play...

    Other than that, I would really recommend this game, and it's a must have I any serious gamers library....more info
  • I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!
    I love this game! A great game for teen to adult! But it is not good for children under 10 it would be 2 hard....more info
  • Konami creates another classic
    Just like everyone else has said, this game IS hard, but NOT impossible. I have completed the game on Hard difficulty setting and nearly all of the challenges. In my opinion, the level of difficulty is the best part of the game. It is very challenging, but rest assured that with persistence and some skill, you can beat this game and the challenges. However, I would not recommend this game for the novice gamer.

    The game has 3 difficulty settings, easy/normal/hard. The first of which leaves out the last 2 levels. Playing on easy is still difficult but you get the advantage of fully upgraded weapons with just one weapon pickup. It requires 2 pickups on normal and hard. Beating the game on any difficulty setting unlocks the challenges. Beating the challenges unlocks additional content which includes the first 2 contra games (Contra on NES and Super C) as well as different characters to play as and misc. other things such as a contra museum and comics.

    - The level design is very good with full utilization of the 2 screens.
    - Bosses are quite impressive and span both screens.
    - Good graffics (for the DS, we aren't talkin HD here)
    - Excellent gameplay.
    - Very challenging.
    - The grappling hook adds alot to the game play.
    - Cool weapons and upgrades.

    - Lags slightly in multiplayer which can lead to deaths
    - Very hard, not for the novice gamer

    I put the difficulty as both a pro and con since it could be either depending on what you seek in a game. All things considered, I enjoy this game more than Contra and Super C. But since both those games are unlockable, you get to enjoy them all in one package!

    ...more info
  • Have Tylenol ready for this one!
    This game is hard. Of course what Contra isn't. Its what we buy these games for. The blistering difficulty, tight controls and multi-player matches. This game took every Contra game out there and perfected it. New additions in-game are the ability to upgrade weapons on the fly and a cool new grapple that has you shooting up the two DS screens on the fly. The grapple gun takes some getting used to for old school Contra fans along with the duel screens but once you get used to it, it becomes second nature. The difficulty is ramped WAY up. Even on Easy mode it took me a couple of times to beat it to unlock the new Challenge mode. This is a series of 40 test your skills games to unlock classic Contra games and characters. Ive really enjoyed these alot and the two classic Contra games on the cartridge is just awesome. This game will test your skills to the limit. Its great to see developers starting to cater to us hardcore audience. For any fans of the Conta series or anyone just wanting to see what games were like back in the day this is a MUST BUY. ...more info
  • So difficult, it washes away my gamer rage.
    Let's see, how can I make myself feel old... hmmm... ah yes, by simply saying "boy does this take me back."

    When it comes to throwback videogames, Contra 4 nails it. It takes everything that made the original NES game great and throws in a little extra to make the perfect portable platformer (say THAT ten times fast.)

    Two weapons slots, a grappling gun, and upgradeable weapons added an amazing amount of depth. Both screens are used well, I'd say it even trumps the two Sonic games, to the point where I didn't ever think "oh, I'm playing on two screens."

    This game is not for the faint of heart. Contra 4, like the original, is hard. Mind bogglingly hard. Luckily, the folks over at Konami give you three difficulty settings, allowing you to have fun in a way that doesn't involve laughing as you burn through another continue on Level 1.
    That's really a credit to the designers of this game - in any other game, I would have tossed the controller down, rambling off a series of my favorite swear words, until I couldn't take it any more and had to find something else to occupy my time. The game is so challenging, yet so fun, I can't help but just smile, shake my head, and dive right back in.

    If you consider yourself a "hardcore gamer," you need to buy this game.
    ...more info
  • Contra 4
    This is a fun game - I bought my copy at Toys R Us for $5!...more info
  • Near Perfect.....
    The Contra you know and love! Worth it alone for the playable complete versions of Contra and Super C!

    I give Contra 4 my highest recommendation!!

    A must have!...more info
  • So much promise, so much disappointment
    To sum it up... way too hard!

    I loved the original Contra, Super C, and Contra III. I have played through Contra III on Hard difficulty and still had fun.

    Contra 4 is painfully, punishingly hard. The difficulty is at the point of making the game a chore to grind through. Weapons matter a huge amount as they make the level much easier to get through. If you die then you lose one and it makes an already difficult level 10 times harder to get through.

    I beat the game on Easy, but was shocked to learn that 2 of the levels are not accessible except on Normal or Hard. That is just lame. It is acceptable to have different endings or even a single extra boss on harder difficulties, but two freakin' levels!!! I found it all but impossible to get through to those levels on Normal.

    I even discovered a bug in the game that gave me 99 lives at the end of level 5, and I was still not able to beat the game on Normal!

    I am for challenging game play, but that should not detract from the rest of the game. It should still be enjoyable to play. The difficulty should not jump exponentially from Easy to Normal.
    ...more info
  • This game is harder than Ghosts n Goblins
    I really wanted to like this game because I LOVED the first Contra games for the NES. The Alien Wars for SNES was great too. This game is flat out TOO HARD though. I read several positive reviews online and in magazines which I honestly cannot believe were written by honest magazine writers because this game is literally impossible.

    My video game skills are decent, my Contra skills are decent too. This game is just ridiculous. Don't waste your money. I sold my game after a couple tries because its beyond frustrating.

    Its just like Ghosts n Goblins - beautiful to look at, but horrible to play. The only difference is that Ghosts n Goblins managed to be fun in parts. One of the biggest wastes of money in years. I will never get fooled into buying another Contra game.
    ...more info
  • What is happening to video games these days?
    I'm only 24 years old, and to the video game world I must be a senior citizen at this point. This is just a fair warning to those looking for a cool DS game...

    Now I was so happy to see a side-scrolling action game for the DS (Especially Contra!!) as 3D games tend to get me a little frustrated... But any 3D game out there has not made me NEARLY as frustrated as this game made me (with the exception of Metroid Prime for GameCube). It is unbelievably, painstakingly difficult, even on EASY. I sometimes wonder who these people are who can actually sit down and complete a game like this while having a good time. Kudos to you talented gamers, but I guess shame on me for being an average gamer... And not only is this game darn near impossible, if you want to save and play it later you end up having to use 1 of your very precious continue's... What were the developers thinking? "hmmmm, how can we seriously irritate the gamer even more so... I have an idea! Let's punish them for not sitting through the entire game from start to finish!"

    But hey... Maybe it's just me... I'm just glad they made cheat codes for this one (the same code as for the NES also!) otherwise I would have been very upset with this purchase

    Good luck with this game it's a tough one!...more info
  • it too difficult
    I've played it for 2 hours and I still can't beat the first level. The new guns are cool but spready is still the best, especailly double spready. Could someone post the code for 30 lives? That would be a big help....more info
  • Contra 4 is an excellent addition to the series
    Contra 4 is challenging, fun and contains plenty of unlockable content (including alternate characters to use). It will keep you busy for hours. If you were a fan of Contra 3 or some of the other classic titles, this release is definitely going to satisfy. The only deviations from most of the other Contra games are the grappling hook and the weapon power-ups starting off at half power. The DS has both screens being used at almost all times to show the battle. The top screen often has to be monitored for oncoming fire as you run along the bottom. The only time the top screen is a map instead of an extension of the bottom is the indoor stages....more info
  • Old School Contra
    For those who are not familiar with the Contra series, it is a platform shooter which began as an arcade series and made it's way unto the NES, SNES, Genesis, PS1, PS2, and now the DS. This is the 4th version of Contra, but it is worthy to be called the "true sequel" to Treasure's Contra III: The Alien Wars.

    The game is very similar to many of the Contra games in the past, for instance the 1st stage is almost an exact replica of the 1st stage from Contra I, and there are many other stages that are heavily borrowed from other games as well (most notably Contra I, Super C, and Contra III). This is not a bad thing at all mind you and for those who think that taking ideas from older games is a step back in development does not know about how the series took a major fall ever since Contra III.

    This game is not easy and that's how Contra games are supposed to be played. There are 3 modes of game play: Easy, Normal and Hard. On easy you get 5 continues and 10 lives, on Normal you get 3 continues and 5 lives and so on (the game is very difficult so if you never had any experience with any Contra games, be prepared to lose a lot of lives on the 1st stage). The game includes 6 power ups which are: Machine Gun, Spread Gun, C Cannon/Blast, Homing Missiles, Fire and Laser. You are allowed to have 2 different weapons (which can be switched with the 'L' button) and the weapons can be powered by twice (normal and hard mode), otherwise if you are playing on Easy, the weapon is powered to the max after getting it.

    The game play is very similar to Contra III, except for a few minor inclusions such as a grappling hook and with the DS you will utilize both screens for playing the game. You will not use the bottom touch screen as all functions are done by the button pads.

    Conclusion: If you have been waiting for a true sequel for Contra III, then get this game as it will satisfy you with the tight controls and challenging game play. For those who never tried out the series I advise you that this game is not easy at all (even on easy) so be prepared to be frustrated if you cannot pass the 1st stage. Also, this game requires 2 DS carts to play multi player mode (trust me you do not want to play solo and this game was always meant to be played together)...more info