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The Daring Book for Girls is the manual for everything that girls need to know -- and that doesn't mean sewing buttonholes! Whether it's female heroes in history, secret note-passing skills, science projects, friendship bracelets, double dutch, cats cradle, the perfect cartwheel or the eternal mystery of what boys are thinking, this book has it all. But it's not just a guide to giggling at sleepovers -- although that's included, of course! Whether readers consider themselves tomboys, girly-girls, or a little bit of both, this book is every girl's invitation to adventure.

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun for the whole family
    I bought this book for my wife for Mothers Day to be from our daughter (she's 4 so kinda difficult for her to do it).

    My wife has loved it and so has the rest of the family. We do family night every week and it has been a source of some great activities and fun learning times.

    I have to give the book two thumbs up....more info
  • Informative and fun.
    My daughter enjoys this book and goes back to it once in a while. She tries out some of the ideas and have fun doing them....more info
  • Adventure for tomboys and girlie-girls!
    We love this book, and "The Dangerous Book for Boys". It is full of ideas, facts, and stories that will inspire imagination and adventure. From jump-rope songs to stories about famous female spies to instructions for how to make fake blood - this book is loads of fun for any kid. I have recommended it to others and will continue to do so!...more info
  • The Daring Book for Girls
    This is by far one of the most interesting and unique books I've come across for young girls, heck even us older gals. It takes so many in depth looks at everything and anything you could want your daughter to know. My 10 year old daughter is fascinated by it. It shows you how to build a lemonade stand, play basketball, jump rope double dutch, read palms, tie knots, self defense moves, etc... There are also wonderful introductions of women of the world throughout history. Great stories about Cleopatra, Mary Queen of Scotts, and even a little folklore. It captures a bit of everything leaving you with a desire to know more. And that's exactly what I want for my girl, to want to know more... Fantastic!...more info
  • More bad than good
    I agree this book has a few good things within it's pages. It does include what some might think of as 50's mentality; in other words, innocent common sense. However, although something like changing a tire could be helpful and valuable, I was very disappointed with things like karate and palm-reading. The problem is, there are so many more important life lessons that should be presented and are not. In my opinion, the bad and frivolous in this book far outweigh the good, and isn't worth the money spent on it no matter what the price. ...more info
  • Defensive, Clever, a Head Scratcher
    This book is a mixed product. Though some may have you believe this is the most empowering thing to happen to girls since lighter fluid for their bras, others seem to think this book is of the devil and teaches girls to become witches. Others find it a feminist diatribe. Others shun the cooking and frosting sections as if such things are demeaning to women.

    My suggestion? Page through the subjects before you buy it. This book feels very defensive and yes, a little feminist, as if the authors were aghast at the idea that boys might have a little fun for themselves. That being said, there are some very clever and entertaining ideas...so do some research to see if it fits your values and interests....more info
  • This is a must have for your daughter's personal library.
    My daughter is a senior in college. I bought this for her for Christmas since she liked her brother's Dangerous Book for Boys. She commented that she wished she had this book around when she was ten to sixteen. She said it would also make an excellent book for activities with her children when she has them in the coming years. There are pratical things that everone boy or girl need to know....more info
  • Lots of interesting content.
    Although my daughter got lots of things for Christmas, she started reading this book right in the middle of opening presents and guests. She has been trying to whistle ever since and will randomly tell us some fact she learned in the book. It is quite funny. I like the topics and think they wil serve her well as she gets older. Quite informative. ...more info
  • Excellent for Lifelong Reading
    I got this book for my 13 year old girl. This book is not only fun for her to read, but for me too. She will have this book for the rest of her life. What a great read....more info
  • Terrified my niece!
    The book seems endearing at first - lots of fun, interesting things for girls to learn and do. However, my niece will no longer go upstairs by herself, or shower without having her mother right there, thanks to the section on conjuring up the spirit of "Bloody Mary". This terrified her, and quite honestly, I don't see why there needs to be sections on Conjuring up the spirit of Bloody Mary, Palm reading, Levitation, and Summoning spirits. As SaraBella said, it IS in fact Satanic garbage and this book DOES fail girls. There is nothing educational or fun about any of these things. It's a waste of money, a huge disappointment, and it breaks my heart to see how it has effected my precious niece. I wish it had shown me the pages full of garbage when I clicked on "Search Inside the Book" and I could have avoided the whole situation. Do yourself a favor, let your little girl read the book for boys - she'll be much better off....more info
  • WHat every girl should have
    I got this book for my 12 year old daughter, but her 16 year old sister and I have had just as much fun reading it.There is a ton of wonderful information in this book, intended to empower girls.Yes, it teaches "girly" things like putting your hair up with a pencil, but it also has information on the stock market, women who have made thier mark on the world, and even survival tips, like building a fire.I think every girl out there would love a copy of this book- I know my daughter does....more info
  • Christmas 2007
    bought this for my 11 yr. old niece, she's not a big reader;glad i got her a GAP card too.I found it engaging....more info
  • The Daring Book for Girls
    We like the book other than the fact that is was damaged when we received it. Unfortunatley,it has bad water damage!...more info
  • Too Daring
    The book is extremely well written. The problem is that it encourages teenagers to be too daring. ...more info
  • My Daughter Loves It
    Bought it for my 15 year old daughter. She loves it. It is full of useful and useless information. Would be a great gift for graduation....more info
  • Daring Girls Review
    I bought this for my granddaughter who is almost sixteen. She loves it and has found many ideas for fun activities this summer....more info
  • Daring Book for Girls
    I bought these books for my granddaughters. I saw this book at a baby shower and could not put it down. My only regret is that these books do not come with a jacket cover and one book was torn on the front edge of the book. ...more info
  • Not quite perfect
    My nine year old twin girls have this and the dangerous book for boys as well. Both are well-loved, but the hit fraction is perhaps a bit higher on topics in the boys' book. I say ignore the gender and let the kids have fun....more info
  • this book is for young girls and grown women!
    I LOVE THIS BOOK!! It reminds me so much of my childhood. I bought it for myself, but had a wonderful time sharing it with my Nanny (my grandmother.) Although I'm pretty yound and my Nanny is pretty old, we both had fun reading through this book and remembering the things we did when we were little! This is a great book for a mother and daughter or a grandmother and granddaughter to share, and will be charrished for years and years!...more info
  • Just What I Always Wanted
    I was buying the "Dangerous Book for Boys" for my husband's nephew when I saw this book. I ended up buying "The Daring Book for Girls" for me, and two copies of the boy book - one for my husband's nephew (aged 9) and one for him. I love this book so much I recommend it to everyone, and I'm buying a copy for sister for her 12th birthday next month. It has loads of fun information on real life princesses, how to power a clock with a lemon, how to tie knots, etc. Very useful and entertaining. ...more info
  • Excellent Service
    I was very pleased with the fast shipping and excellent condition of the book... thank you....more info
  • Must Read Book for all Girls
    "The Daring Book for Girls" by Andrea J Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz is just amazing. Girls just don't chit chat or play with dolls. Girls can perform many intelligent, creative and skillful activities like padding a canoe or changing a tire. This book was recommended by my friend. She has given it to her young daughter. This book does not ignore girly behavior like girls reading about queens or making friendship bracelets or pressing flowers. It also embodies functions like playing basketball, being a spy, and hiking. This book is multicultural as it talks about how to wear a sari (mainly women in India wear a sari), explore Africa, learning French and Spanish words. I liked how the book talks about famous historical figures who were women like Joan of Arc and their brave deeds and the women who served in war. The book appreciates a girl for her dainty qualities and need to keep her pretty, as it demonstrates how to tie up your hair with a pencil or make daisy chains. But it also requests girls to be brave and learn to defend themselves by learning yoga and karate and making their own tool kit. The topics are so diverse. They tap on the all round development of the girl. One finds activities that encourage inventiveness and creativeness like writing letters or math tricks or using impressive words; and it also talks about how to make a willow whistle, building a campfire, riding a scooter, using cart wheels and making an airplane. The book teaches girls basic activities that will help her when she grows like how to negotiate a salary or how to speak in public. I think the girl can do twice as many activities as a boy can do as she can play outdoors and do housework at home. I just find this book to be so innovative and not at all prejudiced. It's got activities that would enhance the all-round development of the girl to be sensible and independent and enjoy life. This book also explains in details and simple language the history or meaning of terms and the procedures. It motivates the girls to not give up and keep trying. I would recommend this light hearted and fun book to all girls. ...more info
  • Daring Book for Girls
    This book is in great condition. The information included is wonderful.
    It shows how to do many things that girls will find intersting. I purchased it for my 11 year old grand-daughter and will buy one for a younger grand-daughter in a few years when she is old enough to appreciate it. Included are games long forgotten and many"how tos". I plan to read through it and remember....more info
  • Excellent Book For Any Age
    Wow! What a great book for girls. I wish this book was given to me when I was growing up. It is an excellent "how to" book for anything girl or boy, and can help when they are faced with lifes little "curve balls" as they grow up. I think The Daring Book for Girls should be must read for every girl and woman.

    Lillie Fuller
    Denver, Colorado...more info
  • Great gift
    I purchased this book for my 10 year old granddaughter who lives some distance from me so buying gifts can be challenging. I had the book sent to me to be sure it was appropriate and I was pleased with everything about it. The Daring Book is visually appealing, accessible and full of useful information. It's perfect for the kid with a short attention span or one who can explore a book for hours. You can't go wrong with this book. ...more info
  • Girls will be Girls
    And luckily in our present society, girls can do this almost any way they wish. This book, with its myriad of different activities, addresses just about every subject girls could be interested in.

    Along with traditional activities like jump rope (wich actually used to be a boys-only sport), there are essential things for girls to know, like changing tires and reading compasses. There are also history stories about strong women, instructions for slumber party games (including ghostly ones), and just about anything a girl could wish to do. Whether you (or your girl) is a tomboy or a princess, this book is a blast to have!

    I highly recommend both this book and "Dangerous book for Boys". We need to remember that "dangerous" boys and daring girls are just what we need in God's Kingdom. Both of these books are hard to put down and great fun to read and apply!...more info
  • Great book for all girls
    This book is wonderful. I got a copy for myself and now feel obligated to get one for any family member that has a young daughter. I picked up this copy for my sister-in-law and had a great time reading some of the stuff to my niece. My sister-in-law was thrilled to receive! ...more info
  • Politically Correct and Useless Recommendations
    Wow. I must be the only reviewer who sees this book for what it really is -- a politically correct tome that encourages girls to be like boys. Some of the recommendations, to wit: always bring duct tape, carry a Swiss army knife, use a compass, tie knots, learn karate, change a tire, etc. Come on.

    This book is another leftist attempt to blur the distinction between the sexes at a young age. I'm surprised that the author didn't include military ranks (in case the girl wants to become a Marine), how to dig a trench, and rules for playing poker.

    If we traditionalists take any consolation, it's that no matter how much the leftists try and push girls to become boys, it never works....more info
  • daringly boring
    this book is trying to milk the success of the dangerous book for boys with content not quite on par with what was in that book. the book for boys had interesting and slightly obscure facts and activities one would enjoy reading about, and not just for little boys but in general for adults as well as kids, its an interesting book to flip through. the book for girls on the other hand had some activities in there that were... more widely known about, or in other words, common sense. examples can be found in the video provided above on this page... like bandana tying? tree swings? what do you need to know about those things other than the fact they exist? to need an instruction manual on how to tie a bandana or paddle a canoe is kind of sad. to compare the girls book to the boys book one would think we patronize our girls (which we do unfortunately but lets hope we grow out of that). i found most of the activities to be hands on and not so much intellectual, which is not completely bad, but the funny thing about 'active' activities is you learn them best by doing them, not so much reading about them. don't get me wrong, the fact that there are more so called 'hands on' activities in the girls book is not what makes it bad, its the fact that those activities are so juvenile and uninteresting compared to the information in the boys book. there were a few interesting things in the book, but overall not worth the time. the only way in which it is as good or maybe better than the book for boys was the recommended reading list at the back. there were a few good books and it was a more extensive list than the boys list (hint hint, go read those books instead of this one).

    of course the problem with both of the books is that they attempt to make the information gender specific which just perpetuates stereotypes and closes minds, but short of writing your own book or writing letters there's not much you can do about that other than tell your child its ok to like reading the book with the name of the opposite gender on the cover.

    my advice to you, buy the dangerous book for boys and give it to your daughters. or if you are really keen on getting a reference book with the word girls in the title, go with one called: Science Book for Girls and Other Intelligent Beings by Valerie Wyatt. that is a good one that will get them doing something and teaching them at the same time....more info
  • Let your tween girl have an adventure
    My daughter is an avid reader and seeks out challenging reads. She also craves adventure and is not really a girly girl in the traditional sense. She is the middle child with two brothers and loves riding her bike and skateboard. We had so much fun with this book. Highly recommended....more info