SanDisk 8GB Memory Stick Pro Duo
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Our Price: $24.85

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Product Description

High-speed data transfer rate of 15Mbps to help prevent data loss / Advanced security with Access Control Function and MagicGate technology

  • High Speed Data Transfer
  • High capacities, 128, 256MB, 512MB, 1, 2, 4 & 8 GIG
  • Embedded MagicGate Technology for Safe Transfer of Copyright Protected Content
  • Advanced security with Access Control Function and MagicGateTM technology
  • Compatible to all MS PRO Devices with the use of the Adaptor

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product
    Very great seller, shipping was very fast and it was just what I expected. Would work with again!!!!!!!...more info
  • Excellent delivery time and product is just what i expected!
    Not much to say. It's an excellent product and this provider has an excellent delivery time!...more info
  • 8 GB Memory Stick Pro
    This product is great! Holds a ton of storage. Pictures turned out nice. And it was a great price too. ...more info
  • Great Deal for a Great Price
    Great price at the time of purchase...bought two (2) and only had to use one. Shipment arrived on time....especially since it was a last minute purchase and needed it immediately....more info
  • Excellent
    Great product, I recommend it to anybody who wants to add memory to Mp3 player, camera, games.... etc......more info
  • 8Gb Memory Stick Pro Duo (Sandisk)
    Great product, works well with my PSP, great price and it was delivered on time....more info
  • I didn t use it a lot yet, for now it s good
    Good price and product!
    if i need another one, i will buy the same!...more info
  • Best value you'll find for 8GB Memory Stick
    I needed an 8GB memory stick for my PSP within 2 days of ordering, and it did show up in time! It was a great deal, even though the shipping was a tad bit much. My PSP recognized this as MagicGate at first, but now it says MagicGate Support: Unknown. Although it seems to work fine just as well. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for an 8GB stick!...more info
  • Counterfeit Memory Sticks STAY AWAY!!!
    I bought an 8 GB SanDisk or what I thought was SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo from Amazon for my psp. Turns out, it's a cheap fake that doesn't work at all in my psp. Be informed and find out how to tell the difference. Ebay has a few guides on how to spot a counterfeit memory stick. Don't get ripped off like I did. By the way, Amazon isn't the only company selling these. I've seen them at Circuit City also....more info
  • Works with W810i Great
    This memory stick is perfect for me: I can fit every CD I own on it with only about 60% memory usage. It works in my Sony Ericsson W810i with ease. The phone startup time is slightly slower, but that's about it. It should take me a while to fill this memory stick up....more info
  • Adapter? What adapter?
    This memory card works as intended. I've had no problems with it, so far, in my PSP, and the read and write speeds seem, subjectively, adequate. The only problem I have is that, despite what the item description says, it does NOT come with an adapter. Fortunately I did not need it, though I would have preferred to use it so I could use my built-in card reader instead of the PSP to write to it.


    Cheap, yet works well.


    Does NOT come with an adapter even though the product description says it does....more info
  • It's a memory card
    This 8 GB pro duo does axactly what it is supposed to do. Plenty of space and just as good if not better than the sony brand one. Cheaper too. ...more info
  • What can I say, it stores stuff
    Not much to say really, it works. I have used it for about half a year and don't have any trouble with it. A must own if you have a PSP~ ample storage and a good price. ...more info
  • Excellent Memory Stick!
    Works flawless with my new SONY PSP 2000 Slim. I have saved a ton of content from direct PSP downloads, PS3 and my computer. I have no issues whatsoever!Get this SanDisk 8 GB memory stick!

    Don't get ripped off on EBAY with sellers offering fake sticks. :-)

    ...more info
  • very good
    the purchase for use in my psp now I have everything I never lack of memory...more info
  • great buy good product.
    I really like this product you can save more games,music, and movies in this memory card i recommend it. ...more info
  • Excellent memory
    Very good memory, which gives you plenty of room for your videorecording or making pictures...more info
  • Great Product
    The Memory stick itself is great, works fine with my psp. The description says there is an adapter included, but as with the other reviews posted, I also didn't receive any adapter, which isn't a big deal since I already have a couple, but if this is your first stick, and you need an adapter, you definitely won't get one....more info
  • Beats paying double for a Sony branded memory stick!
    I originally bought an 8gb Sony version of this, and when I wanted a spare I bought this one to save some money. Can't tell a difference! Why pay twice as much to have a Sony logo on it? Also, when buying a sony brand memory stick online, there's a large risk that it is counterfeit....more info
  • Functional memory at a great price
    I purchased this card along with a Sony DCR-DVD650 DVD Handycam. It works just fine, and at this price, it is WELL worth it. I can't see why I wouldn't recommend this product if you need Pro Duo memory....more info
  • Great Seller!
    The product arrived right on time, and the transaction was incredibly smooth. I had no problems with the seller. The memory stick is EXACTLY as advertised, and works perfectly. I would recommend this seller to anyone. The card works great with a PSP system....more info
  • very good buy
    I got this for my psp 3000 and have had no problems. beats paying around or close to $70-100. this is like half price. checked all over net and amazon is cheapest, had it too, but was a few bucks more. ordered it saturday night and got it tuesday with regular shipping. ...more info
  • Works Great
    I bought this for my Mom to use in the Sony camera I got her for Christmas. It works fine, no problems....more info
  • It works but it is somewhat slow
    It works but it is somewhat slow, it slows down the PSP a bit, when loading movies or songs. However it works. I wouldn't recommend it, even though I have it. I'm planning on selling it....more info
  • Awesome Product
    This works just as good as the Sony brand memory stick PRO duo and is about half the price. My camera would hold about 6,000 pictures if I didn't shoot video too. This card is great!...more info
  • Good but not great.
    The Sandisk did as advertised. It holds 8GB, but I found that the Sony one tends to copy and transfer data quicker. Other then that it does what it is supposed to do....more info
  • Big space, smaller price.
    This is a piece of equipment that was of astronomical cost just 2 years ago. The falling price of large memory cards is opening up the options for the psp in a big way. It can only get better.

    Works perfectly, as would be expected from a name like SanDisk.

    Good purchase....more info
  • Lots of room & lots of uses
    Memory is always a worthwhile upgrade in my opinion. Today's files and demands are increasing so it's best to stay ahead of the curve with all the room you'll need. I have a host of Sony products including a PSP, PS3 (did you forget many PS3's have digital card readers in them?), and a digital camera; all of which share this card, and I can have all the room I'll probably ever need with this one card between all my Sony devices. Naturally, I have other capacity cards, but having one larger capacity card makes it real easy to swap or share files between them all.

    SanDisk is an OEM to many products available so you're getting top quality. Again, in my opinion, superior to even the Sony "branded" cards. Don't be tricked into seeing a Mark2 or Ultra II card thinking a little more money must mean it's better; it's just a wee bit faster when writing the files and not necessarily any faster when reading them, however the device itself you're using must support that feature if applicable.

    If you're the typical digital camera or video game user, this card will be more than you'll need in terms of capacity so you won't have to worry about running to a PC and backing up the files constantly. If you're a hardcore professional camera user where milliseconds between shots matter, then you might want to look at the faster access cards instead. Otherwise, save yourself the money and grab this card (even the 2GB or 4GB are plenty sufficient too) and pile on the digital images/music/videos!...more info
  • Where is my missing 2nd memory stick?!?
    I give this product 4 stars, but I give this company, who sends it, a big fat zero! I ordered 2, yes 2 memory sticks, but I only received one in the mail. The tracking on these items really sucks and everytime I try to find out where is my 2nd memory stick on your website- I pretty much get the run around. Both these items are suppose to be here on the same day or give or take at least a day or two. If you don't mind- I would really like to know where is that 2nd memory stick that I paid for is....more info
  • It Works Great!!!
    This is a great memory stick, now i can load music, pictures and movies into my PSP with no problem
    I am very satisfied!...more info
  • Awesome!
    Well, this Sandisk 8GB memory stick pro duo its outstanding!

    It had worked just fine in my W170 Sony Digital Camera.

    It is fast and works just well!

    Enjoy....more info
  • 8 GB, not all true
    Love the product, but it's not's around 7.something. Other than that it's good product....more info
  • 8 GB Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo
    Got this about a month ago for my PSP from an amazing vendor. It came within 4 days of ordering it---which at standard shipping is impressive. The product works as advertised, and has a large amount of space for anything I might want to store on my PSP. 8 gigs is a LOT of space-- it should pretty much cover evertything you need: movies, music, photos, themes, wallpaper, downloadable games, and game saves. A great product worth buying if you want one and only one memory card. (ps-- you could get a 16 GB, but at the price, it's just not worth it...)...more info
  • holds stuff and works fast
    It holds stuff and works fast. What more does a Pro Duo stick have to do? ...more info
  • 8GB SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo
    This product arrived fast and works great in my Sony Cyber Shot 15X, 9.1 meg camera. A great deal. It holds alot of pictures and for video clips it's perfect. Other products prices which were 3 and 4 times more than I paid for this one. I would definitely order one again. Recommended....more info