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SO JEALOUS is the follow up to Tegan and Sara's critically acclaimed 2002 release IF IT WAS YOU. The band toured with Ryan Adams, Ben Folds, and Hot Hot Heat, were featured on MTV's YOU HEAR IT FIRST and hosted 120 Minutes and generated a huge press buzz.

SO JEALOUS is the next musical evolution for Tegan and Sara and finds them delving into new musical territory. Tracks such as "Walking With A Ghost," "I Bet It Stung," "We Didn't Do It," and "Speak Slow" find the girls hitting a new level of maturity in their songwriting. A special enhanced portion features a behind-the-scenes documentary.

Three albums into Tegan & Sara's career, it's still somehow necessary to get a couple of facts about them out of the way before diving into their latest offering. They are, yes, identical twin lesbians, and they do occupy the space--more like a vacuum, really--between the riot-grrl menace of Sleater-Kinney and the un-fun folk of Indigo Girls. That out of the way, So Jealous is the duo's best disc yet, meriting more than the mainstream notice that has so far evaded it. All the components are in place: a beyond synthy, full-throttle band, including John Collins and David Carswell of New Pornographers, and songwriting so honest as to make a person--any person--check to make sure no one has been snooping in her diary ("I won't mistake you for problems with me/I won't let my moods ruin this you'll see," from "I Won't Be Left"). The vibe is early-80s pop-punky (Tegan & Sara's singing can sound like Missing Persons' minus the squeals) spiked with a rock'n'roll edge--if the title track were noisier, it might sound at home on a Yeah Yeah Yeahs disc. Destined for hugeness, if only in indie circles for now, Tegan & Sara provide something crucial for pop princesses to be So Jealous of, and that's genuine talent. --Tammy La Gorce

Customer Reviews:

  • great cd!
    I saw their video "speak slow" on the mtv2 show 'Subterranean' and was immediately drawn to their music. The album is pretty good. My favorite songs are "You wouldn't like Me" "I Know I know I know" "I Won't be Left" "Speak Slow" "I Can't Take It" and my favorite "Walking With A Ghost"....more info
  • Upbeat!
    I bought this CD because one of the songs was in the show Grey's Anatomy and caught my attention. Not normally something I would buy, but I LOVE it!...more info
  • Awesome!
    The first time I heard them was in "Grey's Anatomy". I knew I had to find out who they were, and when I heard their songs (about 4 of them were played in Grey's A) -- just amazing! I'm buying their CD asap....more info
  • A Fabulous Listen from Start to Finish!
    Like most other people, I'm sure you're frustrated with all these new albums that have been coming out that are 35% great songs with the remaining 65% being duds. This is not the case with Tegan and Sara. Each song is catchy and wonderfully showcases their talented vocals and harmonies. All the songs are strong enough to individualize themselves, instead of melting into one big sounds-the-same mush. Their radio hit "Walking with a Ghost" may be slightly redundant, and many have complained of their somewhat "whiny" vocals. However, I find this album to be an amazing indie pop endeavor. ...more info
  • its rare for me to give out this many stars,
    but I feel justified in doing so. I adore these two women, but I do not condone lesbianism. Hence, the 4 stars....more info
  • An excellent album
    This is probably my favorite CD by Tegan & Sara -- possibly because it was the first one I listened to, but also because it is a very strong album from start to finish.

    The songs that first come to mind as really great are probably "Walking With A Ghost," "So Jealous," and "You Wouldn't Like Me," but the whole album is full of top-notch songwriting and vocals. It comes across as more polished than their earlier albums, but they haven't sacrificed their classic Tegan & Sara sound.

    The songs also seem to fit together as a whole more nicely than on their earlier albums, which felt to me more just like collections of songs. (Though of course I love those CDs as well.)

    If you're buying a Tegan & Sara CD for the first time, this is a good one to get, because it's very easy to fall in love with it immediately....more info
    I first heard walking with a ghost on Yahoo Launch's Whos next and i have been in love with their music ever since, it is truly amazing.. Speak Slow is such an amazing song i love the part "when your love lets you go you only want love more even when love wasnt what you were looking for"....THEY ARE AMAZING I CANT WAIT FOR THEIR NEXT SHOW IN VANCOUVER!!!!!!!!!1...more info
  • A brilliant album !
    After hearing "walking with a ghost" on local radio in Seattle, WA I couldn't help but get this album from these two talented sisters.

    I like what they do - it's aggressive, yet feminine, creative and innovative and yet "catchy". This is young music that older people can listen to and enjoy as well.

    The sound of the production is somewhat gritty and "post-digital" as most current young rebellious musicians enjoy sounding like these days and at times I wished I could listed to a more "produced" version of some of the songs - still it is among my favorite albums....more info
  • So Jealous - so good
    I'm a new T & S fan after hearing "So Jealous" and "Love Type Thing" on the L Word. It took me a minute to get used to their unique voices but now I'm loving this album. It's mellow but not boring and all of the songs flow. Great music and lyrics too....more info
  • Amazing CD...AMAZING!
    Honestly you will be singing almost every song on this CD driving to work, taking a shower, or cooking a meal. This CD is a great CD, every track is not only listenable, but very enjoyable. The title track "so jealous" might take an extra one or two listens to enjoy, but every other song is a flawless transfer into the other. You listen to the whole CD, and when its over, you just hit play again. Pop the CD in your computer, and watch a video of tegan and sara in the studio making the the CD. Sit back, relax, and listen to two canadian twin sisters making amazing catchy songs. Noted Tracks "Wake Up Exhausted" "Take me Anywhere" "I know I know I know" "I Bet it Stung" "Downtown" "Speak Slow" "Walking With the Ghost"...more info
  • The maturation of Tegan and Sara
    This album grew on me, as it got more "air time" on my iPod. At first I was disappointed that this album was so much shorter than "So Jealous", but after digesting the lyrics with several listens, I understand that this album is like well crafted poetry that needs to be explicated, as opposed to a cheap dime store novel that relies on exposition. The sound on this album is much more polished and less raw, which may detract a bit from their earlier work, but I think I like the direction T&S are heading in with their music, since it reflects their maturation as both songwriters and performers....more info
  • The maturation of Tegan and Sara
    This album grew on me, as it got more "air time" on my iPod. At first I was disappointed that this album was so much shorter than "So Jealous", but after digesting the lyrics with several listens, I understand that this album is like well crafted poetry that needs to be explicated, as opposed to a cheap dime store novel that relies on exposition. The sound on this album is much more polished and less raw, which may detract a bit from their earlier work, but I think I like the direction T&S are heading in with their music, since it reflects their maturation as both songwriters and performers....more info
  • Best impulse buy I've done!!
    This CD is great!! All it takes is one listen. The whole record is awesome, but "Walking with the Ghost", "I Know, I know, I know", and he title track are definitely the highlights. Give Tegan and Sara a chance...You'll like them....more info
  • Amazing LP
    I saw them live when they opened for the Killers in April and was very impressed. I was expecting another horrible opening act, but that they weren't. Thinkig that I'd never heard anything by them before, I found a lot of their material familiar. Where Does the Good Go? from some movie or tv show, and Walking with a Ghost on MTV late one night. And recently two of their songs have been featured on the tv show Grey's Anatomy- Downtown and Fix You Up. All songs mentioned are favorites along with I Bet it Stung.
    Bottom line, their fresh talent and sound (both women have very unique and distinctive voices- think Nelly Furtado fused with Ashlee Simpson, in a good way) is a much needed change in the music world today and I hope they stick around for a very long time....more info
  • My Favorite CD of 2004
    This is an astonishingly good album, resembling a greatest hits package more than a general release. Tegan has one of the most original-sounding voices.

    "You Wouldn't Like Me" really blows me away: beginning with some six-string strumming and just a single voice, the song builds up until in the end it resembles a pop triumph.

    The great thing about Tegan & Sara is that they come up with great melodies and then stay on melody. No extra trills or frills.

    The contributions from New Pornographers' members just make this disc all the more interesting.

    If you like more obscure folk pop, the kind you just might not hear while shopping at your favorite natural health foods store, you owe it to yourself to search this out....more info
  • It's Addictive
    I bought this Cd after hearing only two songs.I have to say its just an all around great Cd. The whole package...My favorite song is "Take Me Anywhere"...but I love all of them. It could not get any better....more info
  • I Can't Put This Album Away!!!
    I decided to buy this album one day and I will admit it I saw the You Hear It First special sneak peek on Tegan & Sara a couple of months ago. From the first listen, I immediately fell in love with the songs. My first favorite was of course "Walking With The Ghost," but after repeated listens all of the songs grew on me. This album can be played from start to finish. There are so many catchy hooks especially "Speak Slow" and "Take Me Anywhere." Tegan & Sara's voices blend well together with Sara sounding like the more gentler kind and Tegan as the raspy one. As if that couldn't get any better the closing track "I Can't Take It" is a relaxing but a bit upbeat finish to a perfect album....more info
  • Really So Jealous
    Tegan and Sara's humble beginnings may have started in local garage bands in Calgary, but has been able to touch millions of hearts with thir new album, "So Jealous". The cd starts out with "You Wouldn't Like Me", with almost self-hating lyrics, and a happy melody. "Take ME Anywhere" is one of my all time favorite songs on this cd. It's a burst of guitar and vocals that pleasently clash. "I Bet It Stung" is a great one too, it starts with loud power chords, then progresses into the plastic-like voices Tee & Ess are known for. "I Know, I Know, I Know" a post-prolific track that sounds like it belongs with the '80's, but somehow fits in to todays music. With it's simple beginning, "Where Does The Good Go?" is a fun song because itcombines Sara's high vocals with Tegans alto voice into harmony. "Downtown" is also one of my favorites because it has that quality of Tegan and Sara that they actually write their lyrics as opposed by other artists. "I Won't Be Left" is an awesome song. It starts off with a monotonous plucking of a bass, then it gradually crescendos for the chorus, then goes back to being a simple song, then repeats itself, and then ends with the duo singing acapella. "Walking With A Ghost" is a classic reletionship withdrawl song. Strong beats and guitars in it too. "So Jealous" starts with an easy start, but then takes in some drums, then kindly accepts the guitars. "Speak Slow" is a nice pop/rock song with unique add-on vocals. "Wake Up Exhausted" has a quaint start, but then it turns up the volume and "lets it rip". "We Didn't Do It" is almost like a protest against the music company and it's twists and turns. "Fix You Up" is a cute song. It's an easy song to listen to and it would be better performed live. "I Can't Take It" is a great song with slow and steady vocals and harmonies that move the song along until the end of the album. Tegan and Sara have dones it again. This is only the 4th album and with a long history of hits, Tegan and Sara will be doing what they were born to do for a long time....more info
  • Interesting contrasts
    So Jealous is my first Tegan and Sara album, their songs "Where does the good go" and "Walking with a ghost" were getting some radio airplay on the Alt Rock Indie station in LA, I really liked them and so bought the album. I was pleasantly surprised that those were not the only two good songs. The whole album is strong, and there isn't any one song that I don't listen to or like. There is a good diversity to the "sound" or style of each song. and I like the interesting contrast between the pretty arrangements, vocals and melodies in contrast to the often melancholy and introspective lyrics. The music is pretty and almost pop-ish if listened to superficially, yet the subjects and feelings of the songs are thought provoking. Especially songs like "You wouldn't like me" and "I know..." underscore a lot of pain and self loathing, that is an unfortunate by-product of social pressures put on young women today.

    I would have given it 5 stars if they had focused some of their in-site and perspective on a broader palette of issues than interpersonal relationships and self. ...more info
  • I heart Tegan and Sara
    I picked up this album after seeing it everywhere and I absolutely adore it. It's real and honest and just gorgeous. I'm a big music fan, constantly looking for something new and amazing...and this just hit me so hard. I can't turn it up loud enough! I want to know these girls! Some of the lyrics make me feel this music in a way I'm not able to even describe... "it's love that breaks the seal of always thinking you would be
    real, happy and healthy, strong and calm".. Is that not amazing? ...more info
  • Such a good album!!
    I had heard their "I was walking with a ghost" song and had to give their cd a's definetly a great album, it's catchy, the songs don't all sound the same, and the album doesn't get old. I can listen to this cd over and over (that's what I mean by not getting old) and it's just a very enjoyable album. I suggest giving them a spin if you already haven't....more info
  • Well there's not a lot for you to give if you're giving in
    Tegan and Sara have got to be one of those groups that when you hear them for the first time you just know that they're exactly what you were looking for all along. Much like Meg & Dia, Tegan and Sara share vocal duties throughout So Jealous with excellent results. As well, they're vocals are just unexplainably great. It's like you know there are much better singers out there but Tegan and Sara convey such a feeling of fun and emotion in each and every song that it doesn't even matter. The acoustic guitar serves as the perfect backdrop for their quirky vocal style in which most of this CD is driven by that one instrument.

    For me, the enjoying of Tegan and Sara's music was immediate. Now for you it may be different. They're soft vocal delivery in songs like You Wouldn't Like Me, Where Does The Good Go, Walking With A Ghost, and Fix You Up struck a chord with me that hadn't been struck in a long time. However, these girls aren't afraid to get a bit rowdy, as seen in songs like Take Me Anywhere, I Bet It Stung, Speak Slow, and We Didn't Do It. Past that, songs like I Know I Know I Know, Downtown, So Jealous, and I Can't Take It just completely fail to disapoint. On So Jealous no one song feels unwanted. Each one fits with the next just like it should with absolutely no filler included. This is how CDs should be. I'm not sure if that's how it is with all of T&S's CDs but I definitely look forward to finding out.

    My favorite songs are I Know I Know I Know, Walking With A Ghost, We Didn't Do It, and Fix You Up. I've found myself smitten with T&S and that doesn't seem to be subsiding anytime soon. They have a sound that is all theirs and it doesn't seem like they're going to compromise their style in the least so they just found a new fan in me. So Jealous is highly recommended....more info
  • Great band
    This CD is great, if you like this album get their other ones they are just as good....more info
    It is VERY rare to find an album where each song is fantastic. They're rare gems, and this one glitters quite brightly in that aspect.

    Tegan and Sara are a singing female duo who happen to be twin sisters. The honesty in their music is startling on this album, starting with the very first track, 'You Wouldn't Like Me,' a nod to any time you feel like you're a worse person than you actually are: "do i cause new heartbreak to write a new broken song/do i push it down or let it run me right in to the ground/i feel like i wouldnt like me if i met me." Extremely catchy and easy to sing to, hook-filled fun with an interesting message.

    Following 'You Wouldn't Like Me' is 'Take Me Anywhere' which is quick to jump into a catchy main chorus that builds up in the song everytime it presents itself. A bit more gritty is 'I Bet it Stung' and a different change of pace welcomes meloncholy 'I Know I Know I Know.' Again the honesty in their lyrics is reflected in a song of a relationship. 'Where Does the Good Go' and 'Downtown' is a nice follow-up, and were also featured on the popular show 'Grey's Anatomy.' 'I Won't Be Left' is the return of the extremely catchy songs followed by the equally catchy 'Walking With a Ghost' which I have caught on several TV shows and commercials. 'So Jealous,' the title track, is up next and it's not disappointing in the least. Again, a seemingly slower track for a different change of pace but the song has a more alt-rock core to it. Again to the catchy; 'Speak Slow' that will have you singing with it before you even know what words come next. 'Wake Up Exhausted' to me feels like classic Tegan and Sara with a mass appeal to it and is quite easy to swallow with its mellow guitar and drums keeping beat. 'We Didn't Do It' is next and I have also seen this song featured in many places. The album ends with 'Fix You Up' and 'I Can't Take It', both amply suited for a perfect finish with ease of listening.

    Altogether a fantastic album, it blew me away from the first chorus. If you're looking for fantastic music to hear before all your friends, this is it. I got this album over a year ago and it's still in my main disc rotation. I keep hearing it in more and more places, and it makes me quite happy that they're becoming appreciated. Amazon offers samples of all the songs, so there's really no excuse. If you're not hooked after the first song or two, I'd be very surprised. ...more info
  • I am so jealous!
    They deliver! I bought this cd after a month that I purchased the con and boy, did they amazed me. I really love the con, and I love love love so jealous. If you like Tegan and Sara's the con, you'll love so jealous!...more info
  • Stuck In My Head
    Since buying "So Jealous" two months ago I haven't gone more than two days without listening to it. It is the only music I have in my car(besides the radio). I play it every time I go anywhere. I crank the volume to let everyone hear it!!! Needless to say, the songs are stuck in my head. Eight hours at work goes a lot smoother with Tegan and Sara in my brain singing "Take Me Anywhere", "I Know I Know I Know", and "Where Does The Good Go". The energy I get from "Speak Slow" is better than caffeine anyday. Tegan and Sara are amazingly talented and I hope there are many more albums to come....more info
  • Excellant CD
    I bought this CD after hearing the group on Grey's Anatomy and could not get enough of it....more info
  • Highest Marks
    This album is different from prior albums and no less accomplished or pleasing for old fans to behold. New fans seem to continue to join the T&S ranks, finding reasons to love this superbly crafted album. Touring for So Jealous is still going on throughout 2005 - seeing them live is a must.

    What are you waiting for. Go to their website. Get the keys and drive to the nearest Tegan & Sara venue....more info
  • Not Great but So Good
    I love these girls and apparantly I'm not the only one as their songs keep popping up on TV shows and commercials. That's not to say that Tegan & Sara are selling out, I just think today's television producers are a tad more hipper than they used to be. So Jealous actually came out a few years ago but it's taken me this long to decide I had to have it. The album isn't as consistently enjoyable as If It Was You, their last effort but where So Jealous is good, it's very good. The opening "You Wouldn't Like Me" with its chugging guitar and the self loathing lyrics are typical T&S. So Jealous takes all of the greatness that is the sisters and keeps the momentum going. The ambiguous misery of the lyrics is so catchy and enjoyable you can't help but sing and strut along. "Take Me Anywhere" , "Where Does The Good Go" and the single "Walking With A Ghost" are just as good as anything on If It Was You. The grinding guitars, hip drum beats and the awesome harmonies and vocals are a nice distraction from anyone's own problems. Let's hope Tegan & Sara get back to the studio very soon. And if you haven't yet discovered these girls get yourself a copy now!...more info
  • A must have!
    This cd is part of my favorite cd's collection a must have for any tegan and sara fans....more info
  • Rush out if you don't own this and get a copy
    that you can smash against a wall. If you don't have this it's probably because you're smart enough not to want one. Other than the one catchy song "Walking with a Ghost" this disc contains mostly unimpressive and uninviting songs sung by a pair of twins who really can't sing. I pulled my cat's tail the other day and was surprised how much better he sounded that these two girls. Sorry ladies but you should probably examine another line of work.

  • a very catchy cd
    Tegan and Sara's latest album "So Jealous" is such a catchy cd. I have had the cd a couple of years and it is one of the few cd's I can listen to every day.

    Tegan and Sara have a very good way of mixing great melodies with lyrics that are very hearfelt.

    I like how this album has guitar and most songs if not all have keyboard also. I watched their recent live video "It's not fun don't do it". and both girls sing and play guitar on every song as well as Tegan playing keyboard at times. After watching the DVD I was hooked on two songs from their previous album "If it was you". The songs were "Monday Monday Monday" and "I hear noises". I just went out and picked it up today and listened to it. I like it a lot too.

    Anyway back to the album "So Jealous".

    I like all of the songs very much but my favorite ones in order are:

    1. I wont be left - really cool alternating singing.

    2. Walking with a ghost - cool guitar and singing by Sara, and cool keys.

    3. speak slow - cool upbeat song with ultra catchy guitar and singing by Tegan.

    All the other songs are really great too.

    I really recommend this cd along with Blur's "Think Tank", As well as all of Rancid's albums.


    ...more info
  • One Of My Favorites-- Bravo Tegan and Sara!
    While I am a fairly new fan of T&S, having discovered this CD in 2007, it has already become one of my favorite albums. The 14 tracks here are simply perfect heartbreak pop. All the songs WILL be stuck in your head at sometime or another. Good hooks, bright guitar and the ever emotive voices of Tegan and Sara Quin make for one essential album. On tracks like the brilliant "I Won't Be Left" the sisters voices are layered perfectly in the choruses and the result is pure magic. The Quin sisters are so good at what they do that even songs that are slower and built around minor chord progressions will have you nodding your head, or tapping your foot. The disk is produced by Howard Redekopp and David Carswell(the New Pornographers) so you know there is plenty of gloss and polish on this refined piece of ear candy.

    Simply put, this is one of those records that comes around once or twice a year, if you're lucky, and stays in your CD player seemingly forever. This is the best pop music, pop with staying power, that you will keep coming back to over and over again. A must buy....more info
  • Hidden Gem...
    I came across So Jealous by luck. The artwork caught my eye, so I thought I'd give it a try. I love this album! I have never heard of them before but I'll make sure others around me do!

    You Wouldn't Like Me, Take Me Anywhere, I Bet It Stung, Walking With A Ghost, So Jealous, Speak Slow are among my favorites although I love all the songs!
    I will buy Tegan and Sara's other albums now and i can't wait to hear them. Love the enhanced feature on the disc. Very cool to get to know the band a little better. Buy this cd, you won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • Their best CD to Date
    I've heard 3 of their CDs and like this one the best by far. Most constant good sounds. A couple annoying songs. 20% bad, 50% good, 30% excellent regarding the full track list....more info