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HP 6988 Deskjet Printer (CB055A#B1H)
List Price: $135.00

Our Price: $68.87

You Save: $66.13 (49%)


Product Description

The Deskjet 6980 series printers allow wired and wireless network printing with breakthrough speeds up to 36 ppm black, up to 27 ppm color. Laser-quality black and professional photo quality color. Also you can print photos from PictBridge-enabled cameras.

  • Sleek and Compact Deskjet Printer
  • 36 ppm Black and White and Up to 27 ppm Color
  • 50 Sheet Output Tray w/Extender/150 Sheet MultipurposeInput Tray
  • Built In Wi Fi 802.11g/b, Wireless and Wired (Ethernet) Networking
  • 16.5 Lbs (WxLxH) 5.7" x 17.7" x 14.5"

Customer Reviews:

  • Very disappointed
    I have an HP Deskjet D4260 that I have been very happy with, and decided to buy this printer because it is wireless. I planned to use it primarily to print out emails and attachments, web pages, and miscellaneous documents in grayscale since I don't need color. I was attracted by its supposed ability to print grayscale documents very quickly. Unfortunately the printer has turned out to be a major disappointment.

    My wireless network uses 802.11n. But this printer will work wirelessly only on 802.11 b or g. However I was still able to use it by connecting it with a USB cable to the USB port on my Apple Airport Extreme router. But of course I could have done this with any printer.

    My main complaint is that this printer is very slow compared to my HP D4260 even when set to Fast Draft grayscale regardless of whether I am printing emails, web pages or text documents.

    I decided to keep it nonetheless because I don't do a lot of printing on this particular printer, and it is relatively quiet (a consideration since it is located in a room that is next to a bedroom).

    The following section is for Mac users only. Here is how to change the printer settings. In the example below, the settings will be for Fast Draft, grayscale, plain paper:

    1. Under the Orientation box there is a box that may have your browser name in it. Click on the arrows on the right, which opens a drop down menu. Click on Paper Type, which opens further drop down menus.

    2. Choose plain paper in the Paper Type box, fast draft in the Quality Box, and grayscale in the Color box.

    3. To save these settings as a preset, click on the arrows next to the box Presets, then choose Save As from the drop down menu, and in the popup box name your preset (such as Fast Draft Grayscale in this example).

    4. You can set up different presets for different kinds of printing jobs.

    The printer does look nice, is relatively quiet, and the print quality is very good. However the slow printing speed even in black and white, plus the inability to use the printer wirelessly on an 802.11n network, made me give this only 3 stars. ...more info
  • Great printer...
    I am beyond pleased with this printer. I purchased it as a back up printer. It has become my primary printer I use....more info
  • HP Deskjet 6988 review
    I just set up the printer a week ago. The instructions were simple but for some reason, the CD to download with the driver would not complete the process. It would go so far then state installation unsuccessful. I finally had to go the the HP website to download a driver. I do have Windows XP and a 2 year old computer so that should not have been the problem. The printer works very well and the colors are pristine. It does shake the desk it sits on while printing though. I have not tried any other functions yet. I would recommend it but make sure you know how to find a driver, just in case. I did not buy it for the wireless properties, just wanted a really good printer for my cards that I make. I am sure it would work well for wireless, also. I am ready for wireless if I ever need it....more info
  • Disappointed!!
    We still have not been able to get the printer to adapt to wireless. We spent 4 HOURS on the phone with a technician and they were not able to help us through. We have to keep it connected to our main source and therefore we have to climb the stairs in order to get our printed material. Not happy with my purchase at this point in time....more info
  • Initially Very Good - But Blindsided By Unrepairable, Fragile Part
    We bought this printer (in its initial iteration as a 6980) almost two years ago and it worked fine for a while - wireless was nice and overall quality seemed good.

    As noted in another review, it plays well with Linux and MacOS; we use Mac, Linux in a couple of flavors, as well as Windows at home and had no problems using the printer with any of them. It was not necessary to install the bloated client software in Windows to make the printer work properly.

    Recently we began to get an error on the black ink cartridge; I also noticed that it seemed to feel different going in. Changing the cartridge for a new one did not make the error go away. In spite of the error it appeared to print black just fine, so I continued to use it while researching the problem.

    I now believe that although it printed black, it was using the color cartridge to mix black and using ink at a great rate. Very expensive!

    HP tells me that the black cartridge cradle is defective (a tiny plastic tab that holds the spring has broken and will not allow proper seating of the cartridge) and further says that this is not a repairable item! The only recourse offered was a replacement printer at a $79.95 price. This amounts to selling us a new printer at about Amazon retail price - not an ideal solution.

    This printer did not experience heavy use, and cartridges were always changed carefully. It has not been abused. I have examined the plastic tab in question and it looks very fragile to me - a design flaw? Perhaps it should have been made of stronger material or designed to be more substantial.

    I would not have purchased the printer had I known of this weakness in the design and the impossibility of repair. Have replaced this printer with another type.

    I don't recommend this printer, in spite of an otherwise apparently good design and good print performance. Look elsewhere!...more info
  • Tip on Wireless Setup
    If you are having a hard time getting the printer to work on a wireless network - maybe I can save you some time. It took me a long time to figure this out, but all is working well, now.

    You have to plug in an ethernet cable to configure the printer. The computer adds the port according to the IP address that the router assigns to the printer. However, when I unplugged the ethernet cable and tried to use the wireless network for printing, it showed that the printer was connected to the network - but all I got was a printing error.

    It seems that when I changed from an ethernet connection to a wireless connection, the router changed the IP address of the printer, so the computer was sending the printing to the wrong IP address. I just got an "Access Denied" message when I tried to change the name of the port for the printer.

    Uninstalling the printer, and then reinstalling it was very quick (when I finally thought of it) and resulted in the use of the correct IP address. Now it all works well....more info
  • Great Printer
    Great wireless printer for the money purchased directly from HP. Install CD did not auto start with my system, however insert addresses this quirk. No vibration and no sticker. Very fast printing in draft mode and quite legible. Printer does not power on automatically when a job is sent to it like my old 5650. Energy Star complient. Disconnect from the internet then disable anti virus software and firewall for a smooth install. I expect long life and good productivity from this sub $100.00 printer....more info
  • Nice for the price
    I was perfectly happy with an eight year old HP parallel printer that ran off a print server that was part of an old wireless router. It had refillable cartridges that saved a lot of money over the years and the router's print server allowed any computer in the house to print independently to the printer. But the printer finally died and parallel connections are a thing of the past, so I needed an equivalent low-cost networked printer. There is some evidence that this model's cartridges are refillable, although it's not obvious how to do so with the tri-color cartridge yet. A biggie was a CNET article that HP printers continue to print after the low ink light goes on, where other brands apparently stop, with 40% of ink left in them. So far, this model performs well, quietly and quickly. I read the reviews where people had all sorts of network problems and it's a little strange that you have to install HP's software on every Windows machine to get the network connection, but that was pretty easy, and I wanted to explore the photo bundle anyway. Actually, my HP laptop did discover the printer without the software and Linux CUPS also discovered and connected immediately on it's own. Normal printout quality is about what I had before and photo printing is surprisingly good even with the standard (non-photo) included ink cartridges. The cartridges seem tiny compared to my old printer, but time will tell how much printing I get from them and what that cost will be....more info
  • I love the wireless feature of this printer.
    Since I often got tips from Amazon reviewers, I decided to write about my experience regarding the installation of the wireless connection and the software installation. Hopefully, some people with similar computer configuration as mine will find useful.

    I have a 2wire Gateway connected to my main computer which using Windows XP.

    The first step is to make your network to see the printer wirelessly. "A2: The Wireless: Connect Now" method on the Setup guide works wonderfully for me. On step 2, since my security setting is still using WEP, I selected the manual option. The only information I need to enter was my SSID and WEP key. The rest of the steps till step 6 on the same page went through smoothly as described. At this point your printer is placed on your network wirelessly. The whole process has completed without physical connection of any kind between your printer and your computer. My printer is located at a different floor.

    The second step is to install the driver and the software on each computer that you want to use this printer to print wirelessly. The supplied CD would not start. I went to the HP support site, and downloaded the full feature version for both my Windows XP and Vista machines. Both version installed easily and printed great from my three different computers. I selected custom install to eliminate the junks which came with the software. So far I have not noticed any slow down in any of my systems.

    I only had this printer since yesterday. So far I really love it. It is really neat that I can share one printer with many of my computers, and also be able to print anywhere in the house. The print quality is very good for my purpose. I have tried a Lexmark wireless printer several months ago, and it was a nightmare. I almost did not buy this printer because of that experience.
    ...more info
  • Nice wireless printer
    Very good wireless printer. It has both wired and wireless network connections. It's easy to set up using the wired network connection. Then once the router knows the address of the printer you can continue to used the wired connection if you want to keep the printer near the router. Or simply unplug it from the router and move the printer anywhere, it's wireless!

    Setup was simple:
    -plugged it in to a port on the back of wireless router
    -ran set up program on PC
    -disconnected it from router
    -put it in it's permanent location

    Now I can print wirelessly from anywhere in the house. The print quality and speed are typical of any newer HP inkjet. The printer is slightly wider than most other inkjets. But the flexibility of connecting to it directly via a USB cable or wired or wireless network make it hard to beat. Not to mention if you use wireless connection, you have the flexibility to but it anywhere. Nice....more info
  • HP Deskjet Printer 6988
    Another fine HP printer. I have used a series of these over the years. The 6988 has the wireless function and it is very nice. My son did the set-up on the IBM machines in our house (somewhat more difficult). I did the set-up for my MacBook Pro without even using the CD that is supplied with the printer. This is a quality HP printer and functions quite well on both typewritten and photo pages. My wife and I are quite pleased with it!...more info
  • Worst. Printer. Ever
    Please let me save you the countless hours I've spent in trying to get this printer to work. I can't even get it to work by directly connecting to the network - never mind the wireless features.

    I did get it to work once, and the printing quality looked pretty nice. Only to have everything fail the next time I wanted to print something.

    Easily the worst Amazon purchase I have ever made. I'm headed out to Office Depot to find something that works....and *not* an HP product. When I get home with my new printer, this one goes in the trash. Very, very good riddance.

    ...more info
  • Stay away from the 69xx series
    I purchased a 6980 printer about 18 months ago. I tried installing it on both a iBook and an IBM laptop. Neither worked and I had to call HP for support. Even then, it tool well over an hour to get it working. Now, it's stopped working again, and I cannot get it installed. If I want help from HP, I have to pay because the printer is out of warranty.
    The 6988 looks exactly the same, so have to wonder what they've done to improve it....more info
  • USB, ethernet and stand-alone wireless capabilities!
    Handsome solid mechanicals with a relatively large ink capacity cartridge (21ml black). The unit collects printed documents nicely if the extendable support arm is used.

    After some difficulty installing the software on my XP laptop the printer works very well connected to the ethernet port on my wireless router. Both my Macbook and PC laptops now print via the wireless router network. For some reason, the larger file on the supplied software CD would not install without first installing the smaller driver-only file. Then the larger file including ethernet and wireless stand alone capabilities installed without any difficulty. My Macbook had no problems installing the larger file, perhaps because Leopard comes with the driver pre-installed. No mention of this XP problem and solution was mentioned in the documentation.

    A great value for this price point.

    I rate this as four stars given the somewhat non-intuitive software ...more info
  • easy set up
    When i purchased this printer, i was apprehensive about how hard the networking would be to set up but it ended up being a breeze- it took me about 10 minutes to download the software from the cd and set up the networking- during the set up i hooked the printer up to my wireless router with the network cable (included in the box) so it could "find" my router, after it found it i unplugged the cable and it's worked great ever since. My daughter's laptop doesn't have a cd drive so i downloaded the printer driver software from HP and now her laptop will also print wirelessly to this printer. The printer will pick up the print signal from anywhere in my house- I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Everyone can now print
    Picked this up from the MicroCenter clearance rack, fantastic deal. I just wanted a networkable printer, without the bells and whistles of an all-in-one. Though I haven't tried the wireless, the ethernet works just great, with Windows XP, Vista, and Ubuntu Linux. In fact, I plugged a cheap bluetooth dongle (that's right, not some kind of expensive HP add-on) into the USB port on the front, and I can now wirelessly print pictures from my Razr V9. The reason I'm holding back that fifth star is because of the 3-in-one color cartridge, unlike my Canon ip4000, one of the best printers ever made....more info
  • HP wireless printer
    This printer is great! Relatively easy to set-up and smooth
    operation ever since. I love it....more info
    Best printer around. I was a little hesitant since it is wireless(however it can be used both ways) I've had this for about 2 months and it was easy to set up. Prints wonderfully and HP customer assistance is outstanding. Took about 20 minutes to install. Excellent buy for the money....more info
  • The perfect printer
    We have had this printer for a few weeks now and LOVE it! It prints borderless 4x6" photos great when you buy the photo ink. (We haven't tried printing photos without the photo ink.) I just printed a pdf document on the fast draft settings and it prints about one page every 5 seconds or so. Really fast for an inkjet! It also has wireless that we have working on our home network. All in all it gave us what we were looking for - a non-all-in-one printer that prints good photos and has wireless networking. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!...more info
  • Good printer but tricky to load in our case
    Our son has one and it loaded with no problem. Ours took a great deal of time to start working but finally did. No idea why but we are satisfied with the unit. A little slow but meets our needs anyway....more info
  • One year, no problems
    Great print output, painless software installation, works wirelessly with all my computers. Still on the ORIGINAL INK CARTRIDGES after a year of frequent printing! (We don't print photos, so can't speak to that capability). I'm buying another one to store in the closet, in case HP quits making this model....more info
  • Wireless printing, 'bout time
    The only reason I did not give this 5-stars is because it did not take me 10-minutes to install. I think the issues had more to do with Vista than the printer, but still. The first problem was because the printer thought it was one IP address while plugged via the network cable into my router (for initial configuration). Then, when I unplugged it and the wireless turned on, it picked up another IP address. The Vista drivers did not pick this change up and when I tried to manually change them Vista would not let me. I had to restart my PC to get them to take effect. The whole ordeal was closer to an hour.

    However, the device is working as intended and I did not need to call Tech Support so that's a plus. It also appears to print fine. I was somewhat disappointed to discover there was only one color cartridge rather than the typical three but whatever.

    The printer does shake when it prints. I initially put it on a poorly made bookshelf. I would advise placing this thing on something fairly sturdy. The print heads move back and forth quite vigorously. But you you should already know that about Deskjet printers, right?

    One other thing: Some other guy said he didn't have a sticker on his. Well, I did and I noticed some others said they did as well. If you have the sticker you'll probably be better off leaving it on than risking the sticky residue left-over from trying to pull it off. I still haven't figured out a good way to get this off - warm water and the dull end of a butter knife?...more info