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Logitech AudioHub Notebook Speakers
List Price: $114.00

Our Price: $79.99

You Save: $34.01 (30%)


Product Description

The Logitech AudioHub delivers full sized sound for your notebook though the use of high excursion drivers and an innovative 3 chamber design with integrated subwoofer. Get organized! Use this premium one piece speaker system for quick & easy connections to your favorite USB devices thru a built-in, 3 port USB hub. The sleek, space saving design incorporates a unique cable management feature allowing you to connect or disconnect your speaker and accessories with a single cable. AudioHub adjusts to your notebooks screen width and/or fits under your LCD monitor. The removable stand conveniently holds your webcam in the optimum position leaving it ready to use at Hi-Speed USB ports. And when people want to take their notebooks with them, the AudioHub makes it easy to disconnect their setup by simply unplugging the USB cord attached to the computer.On the base of the AudioHub, a convenient cable management system allows people to easily pass cables from their devices to a USB port. Along the back of the AudioHub, a cable hook efficiently manages cable clutter.At just three and a half inches in height, the AudioHub presents a sleek, low profile design that fits almost anywhere in the home - even in the living room. And the AudioHub speaker system's unique adjustable-width speakers effectively position the satellites around most notebooks.

  • Product Type - Speaker
  • System Components - 1 Piece System
  • Connectivity Technology - Wired
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Performance -- Total RMS power: 15 watts RMS

Customer Reviews:

  • AudioHub Notebook Speakers good choice for the money
    Nice sound, light weight (relatively speaking) and portability from room to room as I move my laptop....more info
  • Perfect
    This is possibly one of the best add-ons i can think of for a laptop. The speakers on my Inspiron 1525 were poor at best and were just barely good enough for Youtube videos. So today i said enough was enough and what i find but the Audiohub. At this price I didn't expect much but WOW, these babies can blow. Highs and mids are perfect, bass could be a bit louder if you ask me but you can expect much from a 3" driver. By all means these are no Studio Monitors but for a semi-portable system the peaker system with comparable sound is the Bose? SoundDock? Series II digital music system for iPod? - Black and we can all see the price difference, not to mention the fact that it's not for laptops. All in all if you're disappointed in your laptop speakers output you shouldn't be reading this review you should be checking out already. However one word of caution before buying, Logitech advertises this as being able to expand outwards to accommodate screen sizes up to and including 17". If you have a widescreen laptop, which means any AR past 4:3 you may be S.O.L. My 15" Inspiron 1525 fits by a margin of about 1/4 of an inch per side. So if you have a larger screen it may block the speakers. Other than that I cant say much else negative about this product....more info
  • Does Two Things Quite Well
    Considering the discount (slashed?) price I didn't know what to expect. Since I needed more USB ports I decided to order one just to check it out. It arrived in good order, in fact, it was considerably overpackaged by both Logitech and the seller. When I plugged it into my laptop it hooked itself up, added itself to a few places and shut the headphone jack on my computer down. Then I pulled up my media player and was pleasantly surprised. Yes, I did have to tweak the equalizer a bit (high end response is really there; I also massaged the bass a little), but that was all. If you travel, you will love this. The USB port function works perfectly. It even comes with a camera mount and something I did not expect (and found out I needed): a USB extension cable. Aside from the USB and the power cord, that's all there is to it. I guess, and you could say it's me being old school, I expected the sound quality to be nowhere near as good as it is, but it is. Highs are clear and not strident, mids impressive, lows rumble just enough. I like this little outfit. ...more info
  • Logitech AudioHub Notebook Speakers
    Purchased these for my husband to use with his laptop computer. Very impressed with the sound quality that these speakers produced. ...more info
  • Great sound.
    I bought this speaker for my wife after having bought her a new laptop whose only limitation was a very week internal speaker. I found this one at Amazon for $20 on sale. The only comments that were negative seemed to be from people expecting a $100 speaker. But, for a $20 speaker, it's all she wanted and more. It's got good bass and a clear sound. It fits easily behind her 15" laptop screen.

    As others have said, this speaker is not the most easily portable, but, paraphrasing Barack Obama at an early primary debate with Hillary Clinton, "You're portable enough." She can take it in her bag to school, where she teaches, and take it home with little difficulty.

    It makes her happy and does all she wants with all the quality her ears need to hear.

    Marc...more info
  • Nice design and sleek look
    In a first look I'd decided to buy it for my laptop and for travelling purposes. It has great sound quality and clarity. Add-on feature for webcam is awasome. Ease of operation for volume control style is also very well designed. Overall, it's good product to have in your home....more info
  • Best Travel Speakers for the price
    Being a sound guy, I'm pretty picky about sound, but am willing to not have extremely high expectations for anything under $100 that doesn't fit in the palm of your hand.

    However, the Logitech AudioHub speakers are a pleasant surprise. At about 16 inches wide closed, these aren't for casual carrying around in a laptop bag. BUT if you're stuck in a hotel and love your music, these are the best you're going to find short of wrapping up your messy computer speakers.

    Basically, there are two 2" tweeters and what looks like a 4" woofer which does a decent job in delivering bass. It's rare to have a set of speakers this size where playing with the iTunes EQ actually makes a difference and offers and analog to a real stereo system and sounding great and even 3x louder than laptop speakers.

    I'm taking a business trip and these will be in my bag for sure. The only real weakness aside from their awkward shape, is the thin layer fabric protecting your tweeters from getting dinged. I'll probably cut a piece of cardboard to go over it when putting into my luggage.

    ...more info
  • Total package
    I bought this item in Costa Rica, completely unfamiliar with the product. One listen and I thought it had been priced wrong. This is an INCREDIBLE value. I have a MacBook, so I'm not real audio enhanced when using the standard built-ins; normally I use headphones, which is just one more wire, cumbersome, and a bit difficult to hear the telephone. This product has been a welcome addition. The sound is surprisingly rich on the low end, and not at all tinny or hollow on the high end. Having the USB docking for accessories such as an iPod (with charging capability) makes this an absolute no-brainer purchase. It is seriously worth twice the price. The only potential issue would be the size and weight, but if you mostly use this as a fixed add-on to your laptop, you will be thrilled....more info
  • Notebook Speakers
    The speakers arrived as described. They work great with my laptop and have better sound than the several other sets in the same price range I have had in the past. The fact that they are one piece is very convenient for the laptop. Seller shipped the item quickly....more info
  • Awesome Product
    this is a really good product, logitech at its best. if you want some powerful speakers that don't take a lot of space definitely buy these. very good and clear sound, awesome bass considering the size. oh and there's also an integrated hub just to top it off....more info
  • laptop speakers
    I really like this laptop speaker system. it works in conjunction with the volume control of your laptop. this speaker system will amplify the level of volume you set your laptop. it's really clear and can really boost the volume of your laptop. the only drawback is that it's bulky. it's not for someone that's on the go.
    but I definitely recommend this speaker system for someone that wants more than what the laptop speakers can offer....more info
  • Excellent Sound Quality For This Little Piece!
    I purchased the Audiohub for a new Desktop Computer System with a LG 22" LCD Monitor that I got recently and didn't really think this thing would be a good fit for it as it is made more for a Notebook Computer but I just wanted something with decent sound for listing to Music and Videos on the PC and boy was I surprised when I hook it up to my PC running it with Windows Vista Home Premium. The Sound Quality is Excellent with Crystal Clear Highs ans Lows and believe it or not, Pretty Good Bass Too! I played back a Movie with this and it Souded Great, like a Good Expensive 2.1 Surround Sound System and for a much lower price you can't beat this thing. So anybody out there thinking about getting this nice little piece for their Desktop PC don't hesitate to do it as it's definetely worth it to hook it up to a Desktop PC so just take my word for it as you wont go wrong with the Audiohub!...more info
  • Very good speakers
    These are great sounding speakers, they replace your sound card speakers when they install and there is no headphone jack. There is extra usb ports which is very handy. A very well made product. ...more info
  • excellent
    this speaker is very goog. excellente sourround sound, good price, and size fair. I recommend...more info
  • Not too bad....
    Not bad, sound is OK, price is great, if you dont expect too much then you will be plesently suprised. I would never have paid the $99.00 asking price when this item first came out, or if I did I would have sent it back....more info
    This product is a great buy. Single piece construction, high quality sound that projects extremely well. Built in subwoofer gives these speakers great balance in overall sound.Perfect upgrade for any notebook/home use. What makes this great is the price.I paided under $37 with S/H INCLUDED! ...more info
  • Decent sound, but underpowered
    The speakers have an attractive design. I bought them so I could play tunes from my laptop in a small living room. From the size and reviews I expected clear sound without a lot of bass, which is indeed so. I did not realize, though, how underpowered they would be. If I am sitting at the computer, i.e. within a couple of feet of the speakers, the sound is fine. If I walk across the room, the music is barely audible. At maximum volume, it is about half the volume I would have expected. Now I bought them through an alternative seller [...], so this still strikes me as a reasonable deal. If I had spent the $[...] or so that they typically cost, I would have sent them back and continued looking for a better option....more info
  • Awesome!
    I was a little lost at first but once I got this baby hooked up to my macbook, oh the joy! My internal laptop speakers were weak and tinny and these were the second set of speakers I had purchased. My first purchase was from eBay for a nondescript, generic brand. I had to be refunded due to DOA status, so I was understandably skiddish and hesitant for the next time around ENTER; , LOGICTECH AUDIOHUB NOTEBOOK SPEAKERS. compact, stylish, powerful; I most likely will never use the webcam extension thingey since my notebook has one built in but, I was so pleased, I danced around in celebration to the tunes of Marilyn Manson, Trent Reznor and Stabbing Westward. The bass is powerful. One quick note: once I hooked the speakers up, I had to go to system preferences to route the sound to the AudioHub, it wasn't automatic. That took some time to figure out, (Not a Logitech issue) but once set up, very very pleased. Thanks [...] Inexpensive, efficient, simple to use, very stylish!...more info
  • To other reviews stating that this wouldn't be portable
    As others have said, this is a pretty solid speaker system. Although some reviewers have said that this piece would be heavy to carry with you, i would disagree. It fits perfectly in my Targus 15' notebook backpack (with notebook and all its components and i was also able to fit in a camera bag as well). The portability of this speaker system is not an issue to me, but then again this is just my opinion....more info
  • no better than laptop speakers
    They were no better than the speakers built into my laptop. A complete waste of time, space and money....more info
  • Excellent sound, excellent value!
    These are great speakers, and for the price, it's hard to beat. If you have a room or apartment, this is more than enough to fill the place with sound. I have this in my bedroom, and I can be two walls and about 30 feet in away in my kitchen and hear the music just fine. No distortion or buzzing at loud settings either.

    The built-in sub is small, but if you're close to the speakers there is enough bass. I keep mine on my desk right behind my laptop, and it's really fantastic sound. Couple this with $19.99 from TigerDirect and this is a great deal.

    Also included are three USB ports in the back. So even though it takes up one USB port on your computer, you get two more. And it includes a USB extension cord. The price of those two extras alone would probably cost 1/2 the price of this system.

    I have two negative critiques: one minor and one probably my own fault. First, the size. Look carefully at the user-added pictures, it is a pretty bulky speaker. Although this isn't a problem for me, others may find it a bit larger than expected. Second, there is only one manual control, and that is volume. I haven't found a way to adjust the bass, but then again, it could be doable through Windows and it's my own fault for not exploring more carefully. But I haven't really had to look because the default setting sounds good enough.

    I have already recommended these speakers to others, and if you're looking for something under $40, this is the way to go!...more info
  • Perfect for your laptop's "home station"
    I must agree that with other reviewers who have said that these are NOT portable speakers. If you are looking for speakers that you can lug around with you on the road, this is not the product for you. Rather, the AudioHub is designed for your laptop's permanent "home station". I use the AudioHub on my desk at work. It fits perfectly nestled inside the Griffin Elevator that I place my 15" MacBook Pro on. The fact that it has a 3-port USB 2.0 hub built into it is brilliant. I can leave my iPhone dock, keyboard & mouse connected to the AudioHub. Every morning, I just place the MacBook Pro on the Elevator and connect 2 things: AC power and the AudioHub (via USB). That's it! I love the simplicity and elegance of this.

    Good Things:

    - Great sound for such a small device.
    - Very compact. Takes up very little space on your desk or your floor.
    - Volume dial on the side is super-convenient.
    - No additional software required. Works perfectly with the USB digital audio support built into Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Turning the volume dial even causes the on-screen display of the volume level to appear.
    - Nice, elegant design. Very austere and functional.
    - Solidly built.
    - Awesome deal at $19.99 + shipping!

    So-So Things:

    - Not very portable. Best for scenarios where the AudioHub is going to stay put.
    - No audio input jack. This would be useful if you wanted to use the speakers to occasionally play music from your iPod/iPhone.
    - Not very loud. If you want to fill a room with loud music or a movie soundtrack (e.g. for a party), then you need more powerful speakers. The maximum volume of the AudioHub works best for "near field" listening: one user at the computer.

    Bad Things:

    - Susceptible to GSM buzz. I need to keep my iPhone at least 2 feet away from these speakers to prevent GSM buzz from occurring. This is a minor annoyance and keeps me from giving the AudioHub a perfect 5 star rating. I also own Logitech Z-2300 speakers and they are completely impervious to GSM interference.
    - The speakers seem to "sleep" when no sound is played on them after a while. When this occurs, the speakers will emit an unpleasant (and almost certainly unintentional) "click". When you again send sound to the speakers, they will "click" again as they wake up....more info