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AT&T Tilt Phone, Silver (AT&T)
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Product Description

The slim, pocket-sized AT&T Tilt smartphone is bursting at the seams with a full-menu of wireless capabilities to keep you connected wherever you roam on this globe--quad-band GSM for global roaming, Wi-Fi, EDGE, and 3G data connectivity via AT&T's UMTS/HSDPA-based BroadbandConnect network. Practical and versatile, the phone's face slides open to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard while the screen tilts for optimal viewing of email, spreadsheets, and web videos. It also adds the power of the Windows Mobile 6 operating system (Professional Edition), which provides push email for immediate send and receive as well as editing of Microsoft Office documents. (See more details about Windows Mobile 6 below.)

With its high-speed 3G network capability, you'll be able to access AT&T's Mobile Music and Cellular Video services, and the phone includes the latest version of Telenav GPS Navigator for turn-by-turn directions while on the go. One of the most powerful, feature-packed smartphones on the market, the AT&T Tilt also includes a 3-megapixel camera (with video capabilities), Bluetooth connectivity with stereo music streaming and multiple connection capability, MicroSD memory card expansion up to 4 GB, and a variety of games for when you need a break (including Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 and Ms. Pac-Man).

The AT&T Tilt is a veritable wireless Swiss Army Knife, with quad-band GSM, tri-band 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity as well as a GPS receiver.
AT&T Service
The AT&T Tilt can handle high-speed data connectivity via AT&T's 3G mobile broadband data network, which is available in most major metropolitan areas. The AT&T 3G network uses the UMTS 850/1900/2100 network (also known as WCDMA), making it possible to enjoy a variety of feature-rich wireless multimedia services with speeds up to 3.6 Mbps. It also gives AT&T the advantage of offering simultaneous voice and data services. You'll also enjoy 3G broadband speed connectivity across the globe with tri-band UMTS/HSDPA capabilities, which allows the Tilt to operate in Japan and Korea, in addition to the more than 135 countries in which AT&T offers international data roaming.

In areas where the 3G network is not available, you'll continue to receive service on the AT&T EDGE network, which offers availability in more than 13,000 US cities and along some 40,000 miles of major highways. Providing average data speeds between 75-135Kbps, it's fast enough to support a wide range of advanced data services, including video and music clips, full picture and video messaging, high-speed color Internet access, and email on the go.

With 3G connectivity, you'll be able to access AT&T's Cellular Video (CV) service and the Internet while on the go. Cellular Video features content from CNN, The Weather Channel, iFilm, Comedy Central and exclusive premium content from HBO and much more. It also features AT&T Mobile Music, which provides access to Napster and eMusic subscription services as well as Music ID song-recognition software, music videos and The Buzz music news portal. The handset is XM Radio Mobile-capable, so you can enjoy streaming live digital radio as well. (An AT&T MEdia Max subscription bundle is recommended for accessing AT&T's Internet, video, and music services.)

Like a micro laptop, the AT&T Tilt features a full QWERTY keyboard and a face/touchscreen that tilts up to 40 degrees.
Phone Features
Akin to a micro laptop, the AT&T Tilt's face/touchscreen tilts up to a maximum of 40 degrees, and the variable screen angle can be positioned to suit your needs, whether you're catching up on email, browsing the Web, or playing a game. The QWERTY keypad offers roomy, rectangular buttons that are tactile and backlit, making it easy to type with both thumbs while on the go. The large 2.8-inch touchscreen has a 240 x 320-pixel resolution and support for up to 65K colors. It sports a 256 MB memory (not all user available) and a MicroSD memory card slot, which is compatible with the latest 4 GB capacity.

This smartphone has an integrated Wi-Fi LAN (802.11b/g), enabling seamless connectivity with wireless networks at work, at home, and on the roam via Wi-Fi hotspots at airports and coffee shops. For an additional charge, you can connect to any of the 10,000 AT&T hotspot locations in the U.S. and tens of thousands more abroad. The AT&T Tilt supports Bluetooth 2.0, which allows up to six Bluetooth devices to be wirelessly connected simultaneously to the device--one of which can be a Bluetooth stereo headset for listening to music.

Featuring the latest version of Telenav GPS Navigator, you'll enjoyGPS-enabled turn-by-turn voice and on-screen driving direction, colorful 3D moving maps and traffic delay alerts with re-routing for use in vehicles or while walking. New features debuting on the Tilt include address sharing--allowing you to share your location with friends and associates--and reading, rating and sharing business listings like restaurants and more. Business users also can utilize TeleNav Track a fully hosted, on-demand and comprehensive GPS-based workforce-management solution.

In addition to Microsoft Direct Push, the AT&T Tilt will be the first Windows Mobile device in North America to include the Blackberry Connect email service, which also enables familiar wireless synchronization of calendar, contacts and tasks for users. BlackBerry Connect 4.0 supports push email for Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Notes/Domino and Novell Groupwise through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and personal email through the BlackBerry Internet Service. You can also use the AT&T Tilt to access your personal email through AT&T's Xpress Mail service, enabling you to receive email from most major POP3/IMAP personal email services pushed to the AT&T Tilt at pre-set intervals. AT&T Xpress Mail can perform two-way wireless synchronization of their calendars, access contact lists and view attachments.

Beyond business functionality, the AT&T Tilt is made for fun and games as well. The device is preloaded with free and premium games and applications including Ms. PAC-MAN, Brain Challenge, Bubble breaker, Midnight Pool, Solitaire, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, MobiTV, and MyCast. Other features include:

  • Instant messaging via AOL, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Live
  • Music format support: AAC, AAC+, eAAC, MP3, WMA, WAV, MPEG4, AMR
  • Record videos and voice memos as long as you have available space on an optional memory card
  • Full duplex speakerphone
  • Flight mode turns off cellular network and Wi-Fi for enjoying stored music and video
  • USB 2.0 wired connectivity
  • Push-to-talk capability

Vital Statistics
The AT&T Tilt weighs 6.7 ounces and measures 4.41 x 2.32 x 0.75 inches. Its 1350 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 4 hours of talk time, and up to 10 days of digital standby time. It runs on the 850/900/1800/1900 GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequencies, as well as the 850/1900/2100 UMTS/HSDPA 3G frequencies.

Powered by Windows Mobile 6

Windows Mobile 6 adds power to your mobile office with up-to-date e-mail delivery and automatic synchronization of Outlook calendars.

Edit Word documents and Excel spreadsheets on your phone, just as you would on your desktop/laptop PC.
Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6 updates the Windows Mobile 5 platform with a number of handy features that make searching through email, editing Microsoft Office documents, and staying on top of your most important communications even easier. Emails can now be viewed in their original rich HTML format and now offer the ability to visit embedded links. It also includes Windows Live for Windows Mobile, which provides a full set of Windows Live services, such as the Windows Live Messenger IM application, which now enables you to chat with more than one person at one time or send a file.

With Windows Mobile 6, your phone will finally be able to emulate the power and features of your PC's Microsoft Office suite. You'll be able to neatly view, navigate and edit Word documents and Excel spreadsheets in their original formatting--without affecting tables, images or text--as well as view PowerPoint presentations.

  • Microsoft Office Word Mobile features include spell-check, Find and Replace commands, bulleted lists, text formatting, and support for tables for the first time.
  • With Excel Mobile, you're not just confined to editing charts: with the new Chart Wizard you can create charts quickly and easily.
  • PowerPoint Mobile allows you to view the full presentation, rehearse timings, check the order and any live links you may have in your presentation. You can then email comments back to the team or communicate via MSN Messenger for an immediate response.
  • After creating or editing a Word document or Excel spreadsheet, you can synchronize it with your PC and it will automatically be converted to the PC version.

All Windows Mobile 6 powered devices include Direct Push Technology for up-to-date e-mail delivery and automatic synchronization of Outlook calendars, tasks and contacts through Microsoft Exchange Server. It also offers a set of important device security and management features that include the capability to remotely wipe all data from a device should it be lost or stolen, helping ensure that confidential information remains that way.

  • Quad-band Windows Mobile 6 smartphone with integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS
  • 3G data speeds from AT&T's UMTS/HSDPA-based BroadbandConnect network
  • Full QWERTY keypad, touchscreen can tilt up to 40 degrees for optimal viewing in any situation
  • Up to 4 hours of talk time, up to 10 days of standby time
  • Includes: Li-Ion Battery, AC Wall Charger, Mini USB Sync Cable, Stylus and an Extra Stylus

Customer Reviews:

  • Let me break it down for you.......
    Ive had this phone for almost one it when it first came out in Oct 2007.

    -Nice bright display
    -Slide out keyboard, with nice sized buttons
    -Ability to display either portrait or landscape
    -Runs on Windows software, so its pretty intuitive for most people. Also allows me to get my emails and sync contacts and other things with my Outlook at work.
    -Lots of neat options, such as Transcriber (you can write on the screen and it will turn your written words into text)

    -Very thick (almost 3/4 of an inch)
    -Very heavy
    -Not real good battery life
    -The internet speed (although this is supposed to be 3G) is horribly slow
    -People who call me have complained that the call quality is bad. They say they can hear background noises clearer than they can hear me.

    And my biggest complaint...the touch screen is not very responsive. In other words, you really have to press hard to get them to respond. It is especially bad when I use my finger. The phone does come with a sylus which helps somewhat.

    All in all its a pretty good phone, but I wouldnt buy it again. Id go with an iphone. I bought an ipod touch a few months ago, and it is far superior in regards to look, weight, thickness, and screen responsiveness....more info
  • Great phone!
    I LOVE this phone! It is so much better than the iPhone! First of all, I can replace the battery with a fully charged battery whenever it gets low. (And I use my phone quite a bit!) I also love that I can link it to my satelite dish at home to watch HBO, Disney channel, along with all of the standard channels. Of course, that's one of the reasons I go through so much battery power! The full Office Suite also comes in handy. My laptop fried and all I had to work with was this phone. I was able to write, save and print out recipies, take pictures, surf the net, bid and pay on ebay, etc. I don't have to settle for a limited internet experience. I could do the regular text thing, but why when I can do my regular e-mail thing? I also really like that I can expand my memory with a memory chip. I save everything to the chip and then transfer the chip. It makes back-ups a breeze! And while others are having their cars broken into for their GPS units, my phone uses Google Maps and its internal GPS and it is always on me. No need to worry for my car! What a great device! As far as the bloatware installed by AT&T, there are people who can take care of that for you. I found a person on ebay who "pimped" my phone for a very reasonable fee and now everyone who sees it wants one!...more info
  • Horrorible Phone...Don't Buy!
    This phone's motto should be, "Promise them everything, give them nothing!"

    First, I got the phone for several reasons:

    1) CELL PHONE. Okay, it's a good cell phone. It's loud and can be switched to vibrate.

    2) SPEAKERPHONE. And the speakerphone is fine. No complaints, but it sucks batteries dry.

    3) WI-FI. Forget it! This thing doesn't work. It's supposed to work without AT&T's MediaNET service, but some AT&T tech people say the Wi-Fi won't work without the monthly MediaNET service. This is untrue according to the manufacturer. With or without the MediaNET, Wi-Fi just doesn't work with this phone. I can get maybe one or two screens, then it craps out. Same with my sister's phone. I've had two phones myself. I don't know of any phone that works.

    4) CAMERA. As a photographer, I wanted a backup. Alas, this is one of the worst in-phone cameras I've ever seen. Even in bright sunlight, pictures are muddy and indistinct. Unbelievably bad. My wife's Nokia is far, far better.

    5) MULTI-MEDIA. A total waste. Volume is terrible and picture quality of movies is only so-so. No standard headphone jack.

    6) E-BOOK. Not bad, not great. Eats up a lot of resources and takes forever to come up if you have a sizable library. Has to be shut down before using other resource hungry aps.

    This is the kind of phone you can't wait to break or lose so you can buy another. It has so many problems one could write a small book. I got it primarily for Wi-Fi and it's been a miserable failure. I even upgraded it to the latest Windows.

    The screen does switch from portrait to landscape, and the keyboard is fairly decent, though no "$" sign is provided, so you have to go to the characters key and then select the dollar sign from a bunch of other symbols. How can ATT do this when it's primarily a business phone?

    In short, avoid. I'm so mad at AT&T over this that I'm probably going to switch companies. Oh, and if you use MediaNET, it's slow, like using a 9600 baud telephone modem.

    ...more info
  • Good phone, but.....
    I just got this about two weeks, is pretty good actually.
    The only complaint is the battery little bit suck!!! Really-really take long to charge it, about 3 hours and last maybe one hour if you use it a lot like I do use intenet or game for my daughter.
    If the battery last longer, I could give 5 star. Sorry!
    But the phone is good....more info
  • Best phone I've ever had!!!!!
    The Tilt is the best phone I have ever had. Calls are clear and the data ability on the device is awesome. I cannot believe that HTC replaced it with the Fuse. My husband has the Fuse and it's a cool phone too, but I prefer the Tilt. The rounded corners and tilt of the screen are much more what I prefer. I love all the cool things I can do with it and the Windows operating system on it. I have completely replaced my Palm Pilot and hope this phone lasts me the rest of my life!!!...more info
  • Good Phone needs a lot of work on the Firmware front
    This very capable piece of Hardware is supported by a crippled Operating System. It does not represent Windows Mobile in all its glory. At&t is to be held responsible for having shipped this device with its own Custom Firmware that slows down the performance.

    There seem to be many Bugs with the Keylock feature where the screen doesn't do what it is supposed too.

    I will write another review after I upgrade the Firmware to the one originally supplied by HTC...more info
  • Better than iPhone for business
    This is a great phone for business users who want to combine a calendar, phone, and Windows applications on one device without all the costs of the iPhone.

    Forget the data package. Just get the standard phone service and use the wifi when you want to connect to the internet.

    GPS works great as well....more info
  • Try B4 You Buy
    This is a decent phone for the right person. I owned one for about 6 months and that was all I could stand. I sold it and bought a BB Bold (best phone for me).

    The Tilt is somewhat slow, bulky and cumbersome. On the plus side, it does do dang near everything and there is a lot of Windows software out there.

    I gave up on it because of the slowness and touch screen. Whipping out the pen every time you need to do something is a pain in the azz. If you don't have tiny lady fingers, pass on this one....more info
  • 10 months later!
    10 months later, my tilt is slow, bogging down, delaying, freezing. this experience is common with my htc phones from att. I had an 8525. it did the same thing. unfortunately i had to do a warranty claim which gave me 3 of the worst quality refurbished 8525. I finally talked to a high up supervisor at the att customer care center. They sent me a brand new tilt. unfortunately my warranty did not get updated. So just after my warranty for my tilt goes up, my phone starts acting up again!!! blah. this phone has some of the best features on the market, don't get me wrong but it just doesn't last. I do electrical contracting and need a phone with data voice and gps plus a high quality camera for my line of work and this phone put up with the violent abuse of dust, dropping, scratching and everything else you can find on a jobsite but it did not last the test of time. i am not satisfied with htc's products and i will not buy another one of their products again....more info
  • Love it!
    This is my first window's mobile phone and I'm hooked! I've had it for about one month. I love how the screen tilts. This phone is probably considered older model now but it is simple and easy to use, especially for first time users like me!...more info
  • Very Disappointing
    I spent a tremendous amount of time shopping for a "smart phone" - looking at reviews on, cnet, consumer reports, etc...I had previously used a Blackberry 8600 series, which I loved, but was excited at the prospect of using the office mobile products, having the touch screen and the camera. I am not a genius, but I consider myself fairly tech savy.

    Despite all of the research and trying out different phones in stores, I now find myself exactly where I did not want to be - tied into a two year contract and an expensive phone that is of very limited use.

    Some of my problems with this phone, off the top of my head:

    1. It moves really slow. I suspect that this is because it is bogged down with so much software (which i remember professional reviews mentioning too, but I ignored).
    2. Everything seems to take at least four "clicks" on four different screens. For instance, if I want to get my email, even though I have it set to remember my passwords and log on every few minutes to check for updates and download all messages and attachments, I have to often first log on, wait for it to log in, wait for it to get headers, and then either tell it to get full message or sometimes it will get all the messages on its own. If one is reading an email it does not download internet pictures on its own. In order to get internet pictures you have to click on the button that says internet pics were not downloaded and then click on the next link that comes up that asks if you want to download the pictures now.

    No, I just clicked on the first link for the heck of it, because I have nothing better to do than to validate the shortcomings of this electronic gizmo.

    3. It is very hard to get a signal - the phone is so-so but for the internet (including getting email) 1/2 the time it is stalled out and I have to shut the thing off before I can start it again.

    On the plus side, this phone got me so fed up with windows-based products that I bought a MacBook Pro last week. It is GREAT! Now I am just saving my pennies for when the new iPhone comes out....more info
    This phone is cumbersome and tedious, the touch screen has a way of being too sensitive at times and I drop a lot of calls this way. At other times some interfaces become a total burden such as setting the alarm clock when tired and trying to hit the snooze button. Do yourself a favor and don't buy this....more info
  • Awesome piece of equipment
    I have had this phone for a couple of months now, and I have to admit that I am very impressed with it. It does everything I need, and is very convenient. It usually replaces my laptop for day to day activities. If it had an X-Jack and a better processor, then it would completely replace it. Don't get me wrong, this device has plenty of processing power for being a PDA. The only time I have an issue is when trying to view full clips of Youtube, instead of the mobile versions, which take less processor to decode. It is simply that close to being a laptop replacement. Yes, it runs Windows, so it has some quirks like needing to be reset, but that takes all of 30 seconds to accomplish and fixes just about anything. Mine came with 5.0, but I upgraded to 6.1 the first thing, and that has made quite a difference. I think the problems that most people experience are due to Windows Mobile (again, it is Windows), or factors like Pocket IE not supporting full javascript or frame specifications, and not problems with the phone itself. This can usually be circumvented by using Opera Mobile or other browsers. Even then, there are some limitations to what it can do on the web, but when I remind myself that it is a phone and not a full computer, the shortcomings are dwarfed by convenience. The tilt keyboard takes some getting used to, but it does make life easier, or there is the on screen keyboard that will pop up if you prefer.
    The hardware GPS coupled with the power of Windows and Outlook (or better yet, Exchange) makes for an outstanding navigation tool. Since it is a hardware item, and not antenna assisted, you can use Google Maps or download Windows Live and use the GPS for free. Plenty of on-board memory to customize this to be anything you want it to be, and a memory expansion slot to boot.
    The data plan may be something that most people say is a waste of money, but I use the data features every single day, and so the price of the plan is cheap. Additionally, factor in the savings of getting a $600+ phone for free with the rebate, and what more could one ask for?
    The network data speeds are very decent. When I checked my Edge speed, it was good at over 400k. When my neighborhood got upgraded to HSDPA, my download speed shot up to over 1mb.
    The only weak spot I have noticed is in the camera. It has impressive specs for a US PDA, but they are not the whole story. The camera does not have a flash, and the zoom is digital. Any pictures I have taken come out with blur or white balance problems unless the shot is very well lit. That being said, it is still a very nice camera to have on hand for moments you need a shot but don't have your standard camera available. The camera is the reason why I give the product only 4 stars.
    I was planning to pay AT&T's plan price of a couple hundred dollars for this, and it would have been completely worth it at that. With the discount and the rebate, it's a no-brainer....more info
  • Fully featured. Rugged design. Plagued by reliability problems.
    I purchased the AT&T Tilt as a replacement for my Cingular 8125. Two generations later, HTC has managed to get a few of the design details nailed down.

    The GOOD:

    -The Tilt is an incredibly powerful device. A solid processor and a fair amount of internal storage are more than sufficient, and will feel downright speedy if you're upgrading from a cheaper handset. It's got pretty much every connectivity option you would want: 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, not to mention a built-in GPS radio. These combine to give you the power to do nearly anything you want to with your Tilt.

    -From a design standpoint, the keyboard still sports only 4 rows of keys, but the numbers have been rearranged. Rather than lining the top row, the numbers are arranged in a number-pad arrangement similar to what you'll find on your computer keyboard (the silver keys, if you look at the picture of the device). This makes it much easier to dial the phone 1-handed. Second, a scroll wheel has been added to the left side of the phone, making it much easierr to flip through menus and text/email messages. Third, and most obvious, the screen now tilts up at an angle. This does make it easier to type, or to watch video with the phone sitting on a table, however the two soft buttons are somewhat obstructed when the screen is tilted up. Not a big deal compared to the novelty of having a screen that tilts.

    The BAD:

    -Mediocre battery life. This is particularly true if you use 3G for data. You'll be lucky to make it through a day and still have a reasonable charge left. If you don't use data, switch off 3G entirely. If you do use data, download and install Bandswitch to terminate idle data connections to conserve battery life. This might get you two or three days of battery life. If you need more than that, you shouldn't be using a smartphone.

    -AT&T Bloatware. I don't know why cell phone companies insist on bogging down powerful devices with useless apps. (Okay, I guess I do know why, but I would at least like to be given the option to add/remove the programs as I need them.) You can get around the bloatware by soft-resetting the device right after you set it up, before the AT&T customization software kicks in.

    -Windows Mobile interface is garbage, and so is the HTC Homeplug. Try out SPB Mobile Shell. You'll never want to use another interface again.

    -Preconfigured to use MediaNet to access the internet. It's not exactly easy to figure out how to disable the Tilt from going out onto the internet either, and this could mean some surprise pay-per-use data charges ($0.01/kb if you don't subscribe to a data plan - that's about $40 to download a regular length MP3 file).

    The UGLY:

    -Reception bugs. If you spend an extended period of time in an area with no reception, such as a building with thick walls, your phone will not reconnect to the network even after it gets reception back. This annoyed me because I spend a few hours a day in a building with no reception, and even hours after I had left that building, my phone would show "No Signal". You have to manually switch off the phone radio and turn it back on to get a signal. Do a Google search for 'AT&T Tilt no signal' and you will find a thread on the AT&T Wireless forums about this issue. AT&T's solution is just to reset the phone every time. I feel that's an inappropriate solution to a widespread problem on a $500 handset.

    -Handset quality. Though the phone seems rugged and well-built (it probably could survive a reasonable drop), I've had to have mine replaced three times in 8 months. First time was for the signal problems, as I mentioned above. Second time was because my microphone kept cutting out during calls and the person on the other end would miss entire sentences, even though we were both in areas with full signal strength. The third time was because the warranty replacement they gave me lasted only two days before refusing to charge or power on at all. If you have to get the phone replaced 2 or 3 times, AT&T does have the ability to switch you to a different model. My phone broke several days ago and had the option of moving to the Samsung Epix, Blackberry Bold, or HTC Fuze. Not wanting to be stuck with a Tilt when my warranty runs out in a few months, I'm moving on to the Fuze.

    ROUNDUP: The Tilt is an incredibly powerful device that comes with an impressive feature set. However, the device is plagued with problems that can make it intolerable for some users. I wouldn't want to be stuck with one after the warranty expires....more info
    I purchased the AT&T Tilt a few months ago. It is incredibly unreliable. I paid $350 for it with a 2 year contract. Within two weeks of purchase all of the hard keys on the device stopped working. I took it back and got a replacement. Two months later the same thing happened. The main reason I got this phone was for the keyboard. None of the keys worked at all. I had to do everything through the touch screen on the device and if you know Windows Mobile you know it isn't exactly the most user (and touch) friendly. It was past the 30 day mark so I couldn't get the phone replaced or returned. How can they justify charging $350, or, in this case, $500, for a phone that only works two months? It's ridiculous.

    It has a lot of features but as I said it's very unreliable. Not just as far as the hard keys are concerned, the device itself is pretty glitchy and runs rather slowly. I'm assuming a lot of the positive reviews of this device are from people who only had the phone a short period of time, as I enjoyed it when I first got it. It didn't take long for it to become a burden.

    Luckily for me the phone got stolen a few weeks after the keys stopped working the second time. No, I didn't have insurance, but it took the hassle of this piece of crap off my hands and gave me an excuse to buy an iPhone 3G. I'm certainly no Apple fanboy, that's why I bought this in the first place, but there is truly no comparison. Don't be stupid and go with this phone just because you don't like Apple. It is NOT an iPhone and is certainly NOT an iPhone killer. I'm not telling the Apple haters to go buy an iPhone, but don't expect this to be near as powerful (and you must admit, the iPhone is very powerful).

    Not recommended at all. I don't see how they can sell this thing with a straight face....more info
  • Absolutely the most buggy phone I have ever owned...
    Final Update (January 31, 2009): After several months of locking up, resetting, losing my entire contacts list on multiple occassions, etc., I am losing my sanity. Occassionally, the phone will turn off all sound. I was in the middle of a call while driving and suddenly it went silent. The other person could hear me, but I could not hear the other person. I thought it dropped, despite having a strong signal, so I ended the call. I immediately called back and could still not hear the other person. I reset the phone and it still did not work. I thought the bluetooth went dead, so I pulled over and tried a call with the phone, but it was still silent. I checked the sound settings to discover they were disabled. I re-enabled the sound settings, and it began to work again. However, this scenario has begun to repeat itself multiple times per week.

    The best advice is to avoid this phone. I am considering paying the price to switch phones. I momentarily thought about reselling my Tilt on eBay, but it would not produce a happy customer on the other end.

    Here is another update. The operating system on the phone has become corrupt. Everything quit working. I have had to do a hard reset and lost the contact numbers that I entered. I also lost all of my favorites I saved on Internet Explorer. I would recommend avoiding a Windows-based smartphone. Users I have talked to with the Palm, I-phone, and Blackberry have not had as much trouble with their phones as those with Windows-based smartphones. I am considering buying an aftermarket Blackberry or Palm phone to replace my Tilt.

    This is an update to my previous review. My initial experience with this phone was extremely negative. There were multiple updates to mobile Windows that locked up the phone. I had to do a hard reset to the phone several times before the updates were successful. On my initial sync with Outlook, it deleted all my contacts rather than downloading them to the phone.

    I continue to have problems but have discovered that other smartphones have simlar problems. Since I need to have a smartphone with email and Internet access, I decided to keep the phone. My colleagues that use Blackberries, I-phones, and Palms all have trouble with the phones locking up and need to be reset.

    In normal usage, I usually have to soft reset the phone at least twice a day. The phone application has crashed multiple times while driving on the California freeways, so I had to pull over to reset. In my business, it is very painful when the phone quits working. The bluetooth also crashes often where I have to reset.

    The main reason I chose this phone is the keyboard. It is extremely easy to use the keyboard. The keys are large enough so you do not hit the wrong keys. However, the touch screen buttons are always too small to use your fingers. I chose a phone with a touch screen so I could touch the on-screen buttons with my fingers. I have discovered there is a fix for this, but I have not yet installed it. The fix is using the HTC software rather than the ATT software. For some reason, AT&T decided to shrink the on-screen buttons....more info
  • Excellent phone with some glitches
    This is a nice evolutionary improvement in smartphones. This is my first AT&T phone, I have used mainly Verizon to date with a sampling of Nextel/Sprint. The keyboard is fairly easy to use, I can type faster on this phone than any other I have had previously. The phone dialer is not as good as the Samsung i760, mainly due to the i760 having a dedicated number pad. I have also had the Treo 700wx. I rate the Tilt better than either of those previous phones. Two problems/annoyances: the phone dialer will be sluggish at times when dialing by number of name and the data sync for email (I use a corporate Exchange 2003 server) will just not work at times requiring a reboot. Otherwise the sound quality is good, works with stereo Bluetooth, mapping software is excellent and is otherwise powerful enough to run the software on the device quickly....more info
  • AT&T Tilt Has Faulty Cheap USB Port
    I have owned several HTC phones prior to this model and they have been work horses. 8125 was one of the best.

    However my experience with the 8925 is that it is a cheap POS. It does not work nearly as well as the 8125. It has problems keeping Bluetooth conenctions and charging and syncing are problematic.

    The straw that broke my back is that the USB port on my stopped working and upon examination the connection wafer cracked because it is a cheap POS. I did not abuse my phone anymore than I abused the others that lasted years.

    I sent the phone to HTC and they are claiming that the USB port breaking is user caused damage. More over that port is attached to the mother board and they want to charge me $[...] dollars to fix it.

    For this reason I would not reccomend any HTC products to anyone ever again, and the 8925 is without a doubt a huge POS.

    UPDATE: HTC refuses to fix the USB port claiming it is not under warranty, eventhough the mother board is. The USB is permanently attached to the mother board so to fix it they want [...] bucks to replace the motherboard. They also will not provide the full warranty in writting and nothing came with the phone stating what the warranty is or is not. I stand by my review that HTC phones, in my opinion, should now be avoided at all cost due to flat out lack of serivce and poor quality....more info
  • Great Deal!!
    I made a great purchase at a great price...The phone is great and works better than I expected..Thank you Amazon!!!!!...more info
  • Worst phone ever made
    This phone is the absolute worst phone I have ever owned! I have had it for 5 months and the only thing that does work is the touch screen and it is sketchy. Do not buy this phone!...more info
  • ATT may nnot cooperate
    I tried ording this phone and signing up for two more years with ATT. Although my last contract ran out over a year ago and my account is in good standing ATT refused to grive me a new contract. Yet they said if I cane to their store I could get a new contract and phone at their price with no problem.

    What ever happened to appreciation for loyal customers?...more info
  • Look what I can do! Look what I can do!
    Let me say before getting started here, that if you really want to use and enjoy this phone to its full potential, you need to have a fully unlimited plan (minutes, txting, and data). Even if you don't think you use your phone that much, you will want to when you get the tilt!

    I'll cover just three points to keep this review reader-friendly:

    1. Use it as a modem for your laptop!

    This has easily been the Tilts most beneficial feature for me. I don't have to wander the streets looking for a hot spot. I can plug in anywhere, go online AND TALK TO MY CLIENT ON THE PHONE AT THE SAME TIME! Even my IT guy's phone couldn't do that.

    2. GPS

    I use google gps/maps and can very easily get directions from where it locates me via satellite to my desired location. Great feature when I'm lost or on the freeway.

    The reverse on this would also prove useful though I have not had occasion to use it. If your car breaks down or you are lost you can call someone to pick you up and have directions to find you easily at hand. Your enter their location as the start point and your gps located location as the the end point and Voila!

    3. But is it still a phone?

    Finally, as a phone and for everyday use it is pretty friendly. It can be a slight hassle getting used to everything, but it's worth a slightly longer learning curve. I can make calls one handed, and text.

    In conclusion,

    Whiners will always whine, but perfection doesn't exist and if you're going to rate things like it does, everything will suck.

    If you're not a whiner, this phone is for you.

    ...more info
  • Solid phone, lacking in one important aspect... a proper video driver
    I purchased this unit a couple of days ago, then upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1. An easy upgrade (even works on 64-bit Vista), WM6.1 is fairly straightforward to use, and stable overall. (I have had an applet crash, however.)

    It's a speedy performer out of the box, though sometimes screen refreshes were a little slow.

    It turns out there's a brouhaha over a lack of tightly integrated video drivers for this device, which is capable of running MUCH faster.

    Along with the crashing applet (an HTC background running utility; HTC is the company that actually makes the Tilt), I really hope they come along with a better video driver. This unit is good, and is a good Smartphone PDA, but it could do better.

    The keyboard is awesome.

    The touch screen is as sensitive as my previous PDA (iPaq 2755).

    Boots fast.

    Has a crisp, bright screen.

    And whose processor is NOT Intel ARM-based. This needn't worry you unless you're into using hacking, overclocking, or other gray-area utilities. Those apps may not work entirely on the Tilt's CPU.

    The other apps I've used, from backup to office suite to games to shell add-ons DO work nicely indeed. So don't think this device can't run. It does and nicely overall too.

    Battery life is so-so - 1300maH is not much. Larger batteries are available, but they will make this thing HUGE.

    All in all, it's a good performer, and Windows Mobile 6.1 is a treat. But the omissions on the part of the manufacturer (the aforementioned video drivers) is most confounding. HTC is known for doing better. But that gripe aside, it really is a top ranking mobile unit....more info
  • Great idea, poor implementation
    I'll be quick. Good idea here, poor engineering. When it works it's wonderful, but it hits snags way too often. I upgraded software as per customer service, it didn't help much.

    GPS is great when it works, but too often fails.

    Bluetooth stereo is great when it works, but too often it fails and devices have to be reset/repaired.

    I have to reboot an average of 4 times per week.

    One solid plus, the cell signal has been outstanding for me. I can get a connection and complete a call when my friends can't.

    If the next iPhone has GPS I will probably eBay my Tilt....more info
  • worst phone ever.
    I'm writing this review from my iPhone. The phone I turned my back on for this Turd. 2 days later I returned to my iPhone and I'll will never stray again. The Tilt claims touch screen, worthless. The Tilt tilts, worthless. The Tilt freezes and crashes all the time. Do yourself a favor and get an iPhone....more info
  • Simply the best
    This is one sweet deal. I have been looking at this phone along with the Touch and Blackberry devices and after 2 months of research I finally bought my Tilt. I'm an IT admin here in Seattle and love my techy stuff. Day one I had it setup to our exchange server which was great because I have my email, contacts, and shared calendar with me at all times. I also downloaded numerous applications to help tweak the phone and make it even better. Day two I backed up all my settings and unlocked the phone and tried out the Google Bata app. called Android. Of course, unlocking your phone will void the warranty but I couldn't resist. This phone has limitless possibilities and is practically a miniature laptop. ...more info
  • Works for ME
    This is the best phone I have ever owned! Extremly efficient in all aspects. Very user friendly with no problems or worries. I use this for everything it was made for. I own pretty much all the extras on the phone plan and accessories. Also, an 8GB sd card, stereo bluetooth headset, internet tethering for my laptop ALL which work excellent with my Tilt Phone. In my opinion the tilt Looks perfect, Feels Perfect, Performs Perfect, it is Perfect! 10.0 out of 10.0 ...more info
  • Telenav is a major problem - AVOID
    The phone is acceptable as a PDA and phone. The issue I continue to have with this device is the Navigation softward continues to be problematic and I can only recommend that you donot subscribe to this service with this phone. I have an issue at least once per month. The telenav somehow becomes inactive when using during a trip. The internet data connection gets lost during a trip and it will not connect. So, I lose internet and navigation. This only seems to occur when I am travelling - when I use Telenav on trips that move from one ATT region to another.

    ATT has replaced my SIM, conducted master resets, and other machinations. ATT reps continue to say they will do something - like discuss a replacement phone - but they donot call our company account manager. It should be noted that this phone is provided by my employer. I have had monthly phone calls to ATT and Telenav, with no long-term (more than a month) solution. When I finally get back home for a day or so, the operations/settings resume to normal with the email/data function.

    ATT blames Telenav and HTC. Telenav blames ATT. There are 7-8 individuals with this phone in my company. Most are happy, but I don't believe they subscripe to the Telenav. One of our salesman had this phone and finally got fed up with his problems with it - not related to Telenav - and got a Motorola Q as a replacement.

    I am trying to get away from this product. What is very disappointing to me is that I changed to ATT from another subscriber specifically for the Telenav service. My long-time provider did not provide phone navigation.
    ...more info
  • Great all-in-one device
    (I am actually writing this review on my laptop using my Tilt connection.)

    Note: If you're looking for a phone, this is not your device. If you're looking for a PDA, GPS unit, web browser, e-mail client with a phone built-in, this is a good choice.

    This device is very feature complete. I do identify two downsides:

    - The UI is a bit slow at times (hoping for improvement with the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.1 update).

    - I really miss a "regular" phone keypad more than I thought. The touch screen phone interface works well, but sometimes, you quickly want to enter just a bit of text (SMS, contact info, etc.) and on the Tilt, you have to either slide out the keyboard (making it a two-handed device) or pull out the styles (again, needs 2 hands).

    Overall, I think this phone's design is very good. I've had it for about 1 year now, and everything on it has held up, even though the keys below the screen feel a bit flimsy.

    The camera works OK, but could have better white balance correction....more info
  • Fist time user
    Overall, this phone is good, but sometimes very hard to enter the phone number ( either you have to touch the screen or filp the phone and use the pad)...more info
  • Lots of features, but hard to use.
    This thing is essentially more of a computer than a phone. It comes with windows mobile and really is a lot like a windows interface. There's something similar to windows explorer to get around to your files, you've basically got microsoft word, power point and excel available to you and you basically just open and close windows when using the phone.

    This is not a phone you will be using your fingers with a lot. Most of the touch-activated objects on the screen are really small. So the stylus comes in handy often. It is a little hard to get to and in my opinion, is not stored in a very good corner of the phone for a right-handed person. There are ways to do a lot of things with the buttons, but often times you will run into a dead end and have to take the stylus out.

    It takes quite a while to get used to navigating around the phone and after 4 days, I'm still having a hard time and I consider myself fairly technically inclined. This is my first experience with a full QWERTY keypad and personally, I don't like it. I much prefer being able to use one hand with predictive texting. I'd recommend anyone thinking about getting a full keyboard phone to try texting with it a few times first.

    There are a wide range of features, which can be kind of hard to get to sometimes. It's not a very intuitive phone and definitely more of a work device than a fun device. If you are a technically inclined business person looking for a powerful work tool, this is it. If you're looking for something cool to impress your friends with, this isn't it.

    Great picture quality
    Lots of features
    Very customizable

    Camera take a LONG TIME to take a picture
    It's big and heavy
    Many tasks which are quick and easy on most other phones require many steps
    Get used to using the stylus A LOT...more info