Garmin 010-00679-05 Forerunner 50 Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor and USB ANT Stick
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Product Description

Jump-start your training with the Garmin Forerunner 50. This sleek sports watch is ideal for running, cycling, and other fitness activities, and it includes a wireless heart rate monitor. Plus, it automatically transmits workouts to your computer so you can analyze, store, and share data using Garmin's online community, Garmin Connect. Add Garmin's Foot Pod (not included) to track your speed, distance, and calories burned while running, or add a Speed/Cadence bike sensor (not included) for tracking your cycling workouts.

Jump-start your training with the Forerunner 50. Click to enlarge.

With ANT+ wireless technology, your workout data is automatically transferred to your PC when your device is within range--no cables, no hookups. Click to enlarge.

Continuously track your heart beats per minute and wirelessly transmit the data to the Forerunner 50. Click to enlarge.

Add the Garmin wireless Foot Pod (not included) to track your running speed, distance, and calories burned while on the treadmill or pavement. Click to enlarge.

Get the Data You Need
Train inside or outdoors. The Forerunner 50 provides you with instant workout data, including training time, pace, distance, lap pace, lap time, lap distance, average and best pace, calories, and maximum and average heart rate. It also records both lap and detailed data. Available in three different versions, the Forerunner 50 comes bundled with different accessories (also available separately) to help you track your progress for whatever moves you.

Listen to Your Heart
Forerunner 50 with wireless heart rate effectively tracks and records your heart rate while you work out, providing instant feedback about how hard your heart is working. The included digital heart rate monitor continuously tracks heart beats per minute, which is wirelessly transmitted to the Forerunner 50. Even train in a certain heart rate zone to improve your fitness level. And well after your workout is done, Forerunner 50 is still working, wirelessly transmitting your training data to your PC.

Measure Speed and Distance
Garmin's wireless Foot Pod (sold separately) lets you track your running speed, distance, and calories burned while on the treadmill or pavement. Just snap the Foot Pod into a clip on your shoelaces, and it's ready to send data to Forerunner 50 as soon as you start moving. After your workout, Forerunner 50 automatically transfers the data to your computer when within range.

Track Your Ride
When paired with an optional speed/cadence sensor (sold separately), Forerunner 50 tracks the speed and distance of your cycling workouts. The wireless speed/cadence sensor attaches securely to your bike and measures your pedaling cadence and wheel speed as you ride. You can even use it to train indoors because the sensor attaches to your rear wheel.

Run, Sync, Store, and Share
You've logged the miles, and now you want to store them. With Garmin's innovative ANT+ wireless technology, your workouts are automatically transferred to your computer when your device is within range. No cables, no hookups. The data's just there, ready for you to analyze, categorize, and share through Garmin's online community, Garmin Connect, or the Garmin Training Center software.

What's in the Box
Forerunner 50 watch, USB ANT Stick, Heart rate monitor, Owner's Manual

  • An ideal sports watch for fitness activities--transmit workout data to your computer so you can analyze, store, and share
  • Included digital heart rate monitor continuously tracks heart beats per minute and wirelessly transmits to the Forerunner 50
  • Workouts are automatically transferred to your computer when your device is within range of the included USB ANT Stick
  • Analyze, categorize, and share through Garmin's online community, Garmin Connect, or the Garmin Training Center software
  • Add Garmin's foot pod (not included) to track your speed, distance, and calories burned

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for Running
    I already own the Forerunner 305 and love it except for the large size of the watch when I am running. I considered getting the new 405, but since I already owned the foot pod and I actually like the larger unit (read as "larger screen")of the 305 while on the bike, I decided to just add to my current system with the Garmin 50. The GPS function of the 305 is nice, but while I tend to explore on the road bike I also tend to travel the same routes over and over while running, so the GPS functions are not really necessary. The Garmin 50 is super light and perfect for running. Via the ANT stick it will update Garmin Connect (the on-line training record) and Garmin Training Center automatically, so they are always synched. The display is small and only displays two pieces of info at on time, such as heart rate and distance or distance and pace, but I find that's all I usually need and I can check the rest of the info at the end of the workout. I tested the foot pod distance readings against a known distance and the 305's GPS reading, and it was accurate out of the box and did not require calibration.

    The only problems I have had are that the date that the watch records for workouts is 7 days off and, according to Garmin, cannot be corrected. The date on the Time Display is correct, though, so it's still accurate as a watch, and the date shows up correctly when you upload the workout to Garmin Training Center. I'm sure they will fix this glitch in the future, but it's a minor irritation. This is a great unit. ...more info
  • Decent Heart Rate Monitor with some flaws
    I've used cheaper Heart Rate monitors (mostly from Polar) and despite some of my complaints below, I'm pleased with the Garmin Forerunner 50 after using it over the past 3 months.

    * User replaceable heart rate monitor strap battery
    * Heart Rate Graphs that can be analyzed (the .tcx format is in XML)
    * Wireless transfer to the PC with a supplied USB stick (I couldn't find other units that could do this at this price point)
    * Heart rate picks up pretty quickly if the strap is a little wet, except on the first time I used the device
    * Customizable displays for Heart Rate and split or overall time data
    * Can share data with friends using Garmin Connect (so your exercise buddies know you worked out - good for accountability)

    * Wristwatch software menus are somewhat unintuitive, others are a bit cumbersome. For example, why would you want to have two separate times with different a different date, hours, minutes, or seconds? I can see having different time zones, but the rest doesn't make sense.
    * Some customizable displays are useless. Why would I want to display Heart Rate on top (as the large easy to read number) and Heart rate on the bottom (smaller to read number)? The split data also displays this way.
    * Wish there was an autosave feature. You have to press the "stop/start" button to stop the workout, then hold the "view" button to save, then press the "view" button again to confirm the save. I lost a two hour workout once, but now I remember the key sequence.
    * Cannot easily determine calories burned. Even the online app (Garmin Connect) didn't calculate this information for me, because the XML file just stores a zero instead of taking the information from the average and the weight that you input into the device. It's possible to manually calculate this from the data, but it may be annoying to users that use the default software.
    * USB stick has a key ring area which is flimsy. I had it attached to a metal keyring and it broke in two weeks.

    Some other things worth mentioning:
    * I had to return one unit to Garmin since the Heart Rate Alarms would not work, but it was covered under warranty. I had to pay for return shipping and the new unit works just fine. Tech support was decent and prompt - I didn't experience the hold music that other reviewers had reported.
    * I'm using Garmin Training Center v3.4.3 and wrist watch software 1.1d which appears to be the latest at the time of this writing. While the wrist watch software cannot be updated by the end user, I hope that Garmin Training Center and/or the Garmin Connect (the online equivalent) will improve and perhaps one of these programs

    ...more info
  • Fossil
    Great product except software is not Apple friendly. No mention of this on the product...more info
  • great replacement for my old Polar heart rate monitor
    I bought this to replace an old heart rate monitor. I love the wealth of features in the watch, compared to my old watch that just displayed my heart rate. The only downside I've discovered so far is that the heart rate doesn't seem to be picked up by cardio equipment at the gym like with my old monitor. Not a biggie, but nice to see it on the display instead of having to glance at my watch all the time....more info
  • Very good experience
    I have been using this Garmin 50 for about a year. I really like the wireless transfer of information plus how the Garmin calendar highlights dates of activity. I have no problems with contact for the chest strap. I just wet my chest with a little water and fasten the strap. I am purchasing another one for a friend to use because of my good overall experience. ...more info
  • Dynamite Garmin
    If you have any of the Garmin GPS products, this is a great compliment to those devices, especially for bikers who like to have additional feedback on their wrist.

    A negative is in the operation, not the simplest to get to all the options when you are in a hurry, running, or biking, it must be set up before you start up. (i.e, you want to see your heart rate and time, it's easy to get to, but when you are running, not as easy to change as a pulsar watch).

    Good device, syncs up well with other Garmin devices, but you do have to read the manual....more info
  • Beware: Does not have GPS!
    While, as others say, this item is pretty easy to use right out of the box, buyers should know that it is not GPS equipped. Therefore, you cannot map your routes, upload them to routiki, etc. The documentation is poor, the controls are not terribly intuitive, and the calibration was off by more than 10%. I was able to manually calibrate it but was hoping for something better....more info
  • Great product, with a few short comings
    This is a great product. Fits nicely on the wrist (male, average, 180cm, 80kg).

    * Data transfers easily to the PC (a little testy at times, but the job gets done).

    * You don't even know you have the footpod on. It covers about 3 - 4 lace overlaps on my shoe, and incredibly light. Footpod was out 4 metres on a measured 878 metre track.

    * HRM takes a little getting used to because the front part (the sensor) is plastic (though fairly bendy).

    The bad:
    * Absolutely terrible user manual. What were they thinking? Slightly better than no user manual at all. Would have been just as useful written in Russian.

    * Difficult (at least for me) to tell the difference between the various alerts (am I running too slow, too fast, heart rate is too low or too high, did I just complete a lap?).
    ...more info
  • Great!!
    Just an excellent product, very easy to use. Highly recomended for an inexpensive, portable, fully fuction keeper. ...more info
  • Garmin Forerunner 50
    For the most part the Garmin Forerunner 50 does what its suppose to do. I had a couple of faulty reads but it was probably because I set it up incorrectly. Overall it does what its suppose to do: read your heart rate. If you want a more advanced heart rate monitor that creates a workout and so on go with a better Garmin model. I actually purchased a Garmin Forerunner 301 at about the same prize I paid for the Forerunner 50....more info
  • poor product
    The monitor did not read my heart rate. I tried all the suggested solutions except electrode gel. When I emailed the support address, I was told to call. When I called, there was a message saying that I would have to listen to elevator music for 45 minutes before anyone could help me. I emailed that this was not acceptable. They ignored me.

    Someone I know told me I could use KY gel instead of electrode. This seemed to help but next time I used the watch, it gave completely inaccurate readings.

    Not Mac compatible.

    Large wrist strap. I have trouble finding large enough bands.

    Documentation so so. Not as bad as most....more info
  • Usually works but with problematic flaws
    It should work so I'll save space and not mention what works (as it all should work and Garmin doesn't get bonus points for a product doing what it is supposed to do). The start stop button is on the side (at 3 O'clock position) and frequently it gets pushed by my arm/wristband during a workout so that it stops logging data. Now I have to frequently keep an eye on it to ensure it is running which is annoying not to mention that I lose workout data that I would like to have had logged. Data transfer often doesn't work (admittedly that might have something to do with Vista as well). Stopping and starting the service, rebooting my computer and switching the usb device to different ports is standard fare if you want to get data onto your computer. It will not pick up my heart rate until I am well into the workout (ie sweaty). This is something that is easy to correct by purchasing gel or getting the chest band wet first but this is something I never had to deal with when I used my older polar monitors. I wouldn't buy one again. ...more info
  • Very Nice Heart Monitor
    I own a Forerunner 305 and I am very happy with it during my running exercise (average 40 miles a week) but I needed a nicer heart monitor during dance exercise and 305 is heavy and non-ergonomic. I use TRIMP or Zone for my training (running, cycling, dancing, and etc). I use both 305 and 50 today during running and the result was the same. If you want to buy one device for your exercise, the answer is 305....more info
  • Forerunner 50 w/ Speed and cadence sensor
    I needed a HRM and also wanted something to track my bike training. I looked at GPS units, but the ones in my price range appear bulky; the Forerunner 50 with the Speed and Cadence Sensor is a very good alternative. Monitor works great and the download to the Garmin Training Center is easy where you can review and analyze your workout. Only negative is the instructions are not easy to follow especially for some of the less used functions. Over all, this unit has exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Forerunner 50
    I purchased the 50 for my wife. I have the 305 and would have bought her the same, but she wanted something less bulky. The 50 was the right size, but no gps. ...more info
  • Changed the way I run
    I bought the garmin 50 watch with heart monitor to help with my marathon training. I quickly learned that without the foot pod my experience was limited. So I went back and purchased the foot pod to go along with it and it has changed the way I run. The watch is comfortable, the heart monitor is not bothersome, and the foot pod is not even noticable. The watch with the associated software (and I have downloaded both the internet software and the desktop software) allow me to monitor heart rate, speed, distance run and step cadance. With this information I am able to get a better workout and determine appropriate pacing, and accurate distances. It also has pace alarms that let me know when I am running too slow or too fast. It can use heart rate alarms to alert me when my heart rate is too high, but I haven't used that feature yet. I like that I can view instantaneous pace information, time distance or heart rate at the push of a button. All in all, it was a very wise investment and I am thouroughly enjoying it....more info
  • Slick, but flawed
    This is a slick device, if you don't need GPS. However, the software is flawed, and don't bother if you're using a Mac. They've been promising a Mac version of the software forever.

    Lately, my workouts have been getting lost by the software, which is pretty frustrating. Frequent backups are a good idea, I was able to restore some of my workouts from an earlier software problem where the program got stuck in a loop.

    The hrm works pretty well most of the time. I've found that it helps to put it on a bit before a workout. I've had to replace the hrm battery twice in about a year, and the watch battery once. The watch battery is a bit tricky, support suggests having a watch repair place handle it, for good reason.

    I wouldn't buy it again, in fact, I'm planning on researching to see what other brands are available. Garmin has not impressed me at all....more info
  • So so, not dependable. No GPS.
    I got this to replace an old Polar Heart rate mon.
    POLAR was much more dependable for heart rate. This thing tended to lose the signal. The heart rate would read steadily for a while and then start jumping around. Since the EMTs never had to scrape me off the ground, I'm going to say the monitor was off (by 50 bps).

    My unit came with the pedometer accessory and the battery was dead in that, so maybe it's nearly dead in the heart rate strap and that's the problem? Very frustrating to try to "mate" the watch to the sensors when the batteries are weak or dead.

    It's easy to get lost in the maze of "Views" and "Modes". Since a lot of them just display zeroes it's difficult to know what mode or view you're in just at a glance (and who wants to stop?).
    True, most of the time you will leave it on one view for one exercise, but what if you'd like to know your speed and heart rate? So far as I can tell, that doesn't show on any single screen.
    Which sucks.

    Maybe if the thing worked out of the box I would have been more tolerant of the scattershot instruction manual and not so friendly display.

    On the plus side: IF you need the multi-sport, multi-sensor features, it's cheap. If you really just want a heart monitor or a pedometer or a bicycle cadence/speed display, you can do a lot better for less money.

    ...more info