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Cabana Shelter Green
List Price: $110.00

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Product Description

You can't run but you can hide in the Cabana Shelter. SAVE BIG! If only Superman had a Cabana Shelter... he wouldn't have needed to track down a phone booth. It's ideal when you need privacy at the campsite. Lightweight, go-anywhere convenience constructed of durable 190-denier nylon and patented G-3 fiberglass poles. Large zippered "D"-style door, large no-see-um mesh windows and vents provide ventilation. Stake-out rings provide security in windy conditions. Mesh storage pocket. Stuff bag included. A roomy 4 x 4 x 7' (plenty of space to adjust your cape). Order ONLINE Today! Cabana Shelter, Green

Customer Reviews:

  • Cabana Shelter
    I have used this shower twice. The major problem with it is it is not sturdy enough to hold your standard camping shower. It has already collapsed on a family member showering. I wish it had a another pocket as well to hold more items. But, it will do out in the middle of the woods
    ...more info
  • Quick...VERY QUICK...Delivery
    Considering it still being winter, there has not been any use of this product. The excitement that came from the recievers of the gift was excited to use it. I was told I would not get it by Christmas, but Christmas eve, there it was on the front step. It came 5 days quicker than originally scheduled....more info
  • Great Outdoor Bathroom
    Shelter is well constructed and can be securly fixed to the ground, so you are not exposed to the world when a breeze comes along that attempts to blow it away. A folding rack placed in the interior keeps clothes off the ground. It has a small interior pocket large enough for soap and small shampoo bottles. Overall, a well designed item....more info
  • Do not purchase as shower
    Not strong enough to hold even 2 gallons of water in a shower. This is shown with a shower hanging in it but the only way it would hold it is empty. Not usable as a shower. Good if you are looking for privacy or changing room but not for a shower....more info
  • Cabana Shelter
    Worked good for a shelter to put a porta-potty for the ladies of the camp but was not strong enough to hold shower bottle. We used a 4 gallon bag for showers but tried filling 1/2 way. The shower bag was still way too heavy. We had to deal with some crazy wind and the shelter survived. It laid down a few times but stood back up when wind laid a little. I am happy with the purchase but will probably build a rack out of PVC pipe to support a shower water bag....more info
  • shoddy construction
    This was purchased to be a shower shelter for camping. If you don't want to use it as such, then feel free to buy one. The rods are sturdy and once it's up, it seems like nothing short of hurricane-strength winds could take it down.

    However, one of the tan rod-pockets tore off the first time it was set up, because of the enormous amount of pressure you need to put on it to get the rods in and connected at the top.

    Whoever designed the "shower" capability was an idiot. It has one nylon loop attached at the top, supposedly for hanging a shower bag. I doubt it could even hold one gallon, let alone a standard five-gallon bag. Said nylon loop itself is sturdy enough, but the stitching holding it only to the top of the shelter is NOT. It was only stitched to the fabric of the roof, not even using the support of the poles. You'd think if it were advertised as a shower, it would be engineered to function as one. As it was, the first time we attached a full shower bag, it held for about two seconds before snapping and dropping the 35-lb bag on the showering person's head. It's useless to us now. ...more info
  • Good produce, a little small though
    Good shelter, tried it out as a shower this weekend. Only problem was dressing after a shower, no room for keeping clothes dry. Good head room though...more info