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Klipsch Groove PM20 2.0 Speaker System (Black)
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Product Description

Small speakers with big sound, the Groove PM20 lets you easily and affordably enjoy music, movies, and games on your laptop or PC. Thanks to an auxiliary input, it even delivers dynamic performances from most any audio source, including TV's, iPods, and DVD players. This model includes a full-range driver and a braced, tuned port enclosure with system-specific loudness contour for rich, balanced, and dynamic listening at all output levels, and the bass level feature adjusts for user preference and listening environment. Plus, the Groove PM20 is more than just a great entertainer; it looks as good as it sounds. Its streamlined, space-saving design will transform any desktop into a stylish entertainment center. 1/8 stereo input and output. Auxiliary input.

The Klipsch Groove PM20 2.0 computer speaker system combines great sound and visual appeal to bring a high-performance splash of sophistication to laptops and PCs. Its streamlined, space-saving design will transform any desktop into a stylish entertainment center. The Groove PM20 lets you easily and affordably enjoy music, movies, and games on your laptop or PC. Thanks to an auxiliary input, it delivers dynamic performances from most any audio source, including TVs, iPods, and DVD players. It is more than just a great entertainer¡ªit looks as good as it sounds. Small speakers, big sound. That perfectly describes the Groove PM-20. And the Groove PM20 is more than just a great entertainer; it looks as good as it sounds. Its streamlined, space-saving design will transform any desktop into a stylish entertainment center.

  • Simple two-speaker setup
  • Amazing performance and value
  • Clean, modern style perfect for flat-panel monitors
  • Convenient, compact design great for travel
  • Auxiliary input

Customer Reviews:

  • great p.c. speakers
    if you like bass response, you can dial these right in. you don't need a sub-woofer.
    people who know about Klipsch will sware by them....more info
  • Great option
    O.K. at first my impression was disappointing. My expectations were high and I'm using them for a bit more sound then they are intended for. I then remembered what one reciewer said. Great, if they're set up right. Made a few adjustments and now very impressed. I have the Harmon Kardon Soundsticks at home and they beat the heck out of anything I've owned even my Bose Wave that I love. I was looking for that kind of sound at our cottage but wanted to save a little $$$$. We have Klipsch outdorr speakers at home and the cottage and they are killer. So, I was interested in hearing these. In my excitement to set them up I didnt pay attention to location. Putting them up higher made a huge difference and making sure all settings were right on my Mac helped a lot too. The distinction between highs and lows is great. Bass is suprisingly good with no sub and the small size. No it is not good with thumping rap. But blues, funk and acid jazz sound great and volume to spare.

    Bottom line: I would rather have the soundsticks at $100 (killer deal on Amazon) but they take up more room.
    At $65 and their comnpact size and great sound they are staying.

    Peace...more info
  • very nice for the price, but not amazing
    These speakers are a definite improvement over the little ones that came with my computer. They do produce a clean, distinct sound and some decent bass volume without the bulk of a subwoofer. Just don't expect them to sound like expensive stereo speakers....more info
  • Small & Rich
    I ordered these speakers to replace my inexpensive computer speakers. They are smaller and pack a very rich sound. They sound better than my stereo speakers!...more info
  • Good Sound, but Quirky
    I was looking for a smaller (and fairly cheap), but good quality, set of speakers that were easily portable. I found the Klipsch PM20 2.0 set on Amazon for around $66 after reading great reviews.

    The good: very clear and high-fidelity mid and high range, with bass much better than most 2.0 speakers. These are good quality.

    The bad: the bass is OK, but no where near my old set of Altec Lansing ACS340 2.1 speakers. But the PM20 set probably is not meant to compete against a subwoofer system.

    The quirky: these are strange speakers, in that the volume control never stops either direction. The same knob, when pushed in, controls the bass/treble (never stops), but I really cannot perceive any difference when adjusting bass/treble. Finally, there is always a light on whether the speakers are on (blue) or off (red).

    The PM20 are acceptable and a big cut above cheapie 2.0s, but shop around, and don't pay too much for them....more info
    In regard to some folks having problems with the mid-range sound, that could be due to adjusting the bass setting too high which would effect the sound of the mid-range. Some folks try to put extra bass where it doesn't belong. I left the setting at the factory default which gives very satisfying bass. There is ample cords supplied, so you can place the speakers anywhere. I put mine on a lower shelf of my computer desk. They sound fine in that location, you can still reach the on/off volume control and that indicator light that bothered some people is out of your line of direct sight. Very nice speakers, good sound, simple controls and a reasonable cost....more info
  • Great sound from these little guys
    Purchased on Amazon. Was quite surprised by the quality of sound from these little speakers. Nice full range. I don't understand the comments of weak bass, I found it clean and strong, punchy without being boomy. Great value.
    ...more info
  • Phenomenal
    As a previous reviewer said, putting subwoofers in the back was really an excellent idea. They definitely have some kick to them and are comparable to many 2.1 sets. I actually had to turn the bass down quite a bit because it was too strong for me. However, if I'm ever in the mood for some intense bass, I'll know I have that option.

    As far as aesthetics go, I bought these speakers because they look a lot more professional than the Creative ones. I was definitely not disappointed--they are an excellent complement on the sides of my laptop....more info
  • Excellent speakers of slim size
    Pros: 1. Small size for limited space and travel. 2. Excellent wire design, short signal wire to reduce damp; thick electricity wire to reduce noise. 3. Very nice adjustable bass, in small size, better compare with those same level speakers with a small woofer. 4. Aux in to let you use MP3 players without unplug the line in. Extra mini cable needed.

    Cons: 1. Somehow expensive. 2. The mid-high range is not well toned.

    Other Thoughts: It would be greater if they could make the signal wires (line in and to left speaker) a little longer for more flexibility in arrangement. It will deserve 5 star if sold at 60 bucks....more info
  • Desktop Speakers for the Office - A Sound Bargain
    If you want a pair of compact speakers for your desk that won't demand a subwoofer, do yourself a favor and buy these while you can still get them at the incredible current Amazon bargain price under $60.

    Make sure you don't overdo the bass setting to the point of booming distortion. Once I set them up correctly for bass and set them on either side of my monitor, I was blown away by the clear sound. Everything from classical, to jazz, to rock sounds incredibly accurate and detailed when played at civilized office volume levels. On the weekend I can crank them up a bit higher.

    I own Bose and Logitech computer speakers. They are both very good and accurate. These Klipsch units beat them hands down for music that sounds like music....more info
  • Good clarity, but boxy sound
    Bought these speakers after the high recommendation on this site, but unfortunately I'm somewhat disappointed of the speaker's slight boxy sound. The cabinet resonates slightly and gives the feeling that the sound is trapped inside. It's a shame because the clarity in most of the sound spectrum is good, eg. for voices. I would be similar to a Lotus equipped with a slush box tranny and it just ruins an otherwise great product....more info
  • Great computer speakers for people not in need of surround sound
    After reconfiguring my home-office lay-out three months ago, I have gone through three sets of Logitech speakers. They are now either returned to the store or relegated to the basement storage bins. These disappointments were a surprise to me, since I had fairly low expectation on my computer speakers. They don't have to be pin-drop sharp. They don't have to have mega base. They don't have to be a surround sound system. But the latest Logitech products are so cheaply made that even I cannot tolerate the hissing and distortion in the sound.

    Finally, I had no choice but to pony up for another pair of new speakers, this time from a real stereo company. This Klipsch is their low-end item but still substantially more solid in both material and sound than any of the Logitech I tried. The hissing is at least 15dB lower. The high-range is a lot more crisp. The stereo definition is very clear. Overall, it is well worth the money while its cheaper Logitech competitions are not....more info
  • Decent but not great...
    I had heard good things about these speakers. Upon receiving and putting them to the test hear is how they held up. They have decent range but for the money thought they would be a little better. But I'm an audiophile and picky I guess. They aren't a bad pair of speakers but they aren't great either. I'd have to say they're just average....more info
  • Impressed!
    Nice speakers. For the price and the ease of set-up, these speakers cannot be better. I spend too much time in front of the computer and these speakers make that a much more enjoyable experience. No, they aren't as crisp and clear as my home audio system, but they are better than any portable audio system I've come across (for the price, especially)....more info
  • really, really nice sound
    really, really nice sound for the price. way better overall range than the creative brand counterpart. buy these with confidence....more info
  • balance is terrible
    These speakers (I've had for 6 months) have terrible balance and it cannot be fixed even with an equalizer (on itunes app) Parts of bass are great, other frequencies don't exist. Part of the high treble is maybe too strong and cannot be adjusted by the speaker.
    The sound is powerful and clean, but the balance is really bad. Especially various bass frequencies go from heavy punch to none at all. I recommend JBL "Duet" computer speakers for under 40 bucks on amazon. Much better. (I have both)...more info
  • Buy Something Else, or Hi Priced Paperweights
    These speakers are amongst the worst I'v ever heard in my many years of owning computers and stereos. They compare favorable with an ol GE portable transistor radio circa 1972. If you like your sound muddied and indistinct, these are just perfect! I have a set of Logitech with a sub, and they kick butt compared to these speakers. I hate having to pay for the return shipping to send these back, but no way i can listen to these any longer than the 2 days i've had them....more info
  • Good sound in a compact package.
    The first set of speakers did not work immediately out of the box. Amazon made the return very simple, and the second set worked perfectly. The sound has alot of depth to it, especially when turned up loud.
    They look nice next to the monitor, and there is no bulky bass module under the desk for me to kick. Definitely worth the price....more info
  • It's Klipsch!
    Very good value; consistent Klipsch sound. $60 Sale price through Amazon was Great. This is not a LOUD speaker, but I think it is an Accurate sound. Good separation of high, mid and bass, (especially for this price). I have other Klipsch and what I like is the real drum and cymbol sound they reproduce. Listned to several speakers at Best Buy and for this price, the grooves are much better. You do not have to play these loud to enjoy a full sound; but you can ;-)...more info
  • Excellent bang to buck ratio
    I do a lot of presentations that typically contain music and a lot of smaller rooms do not have any form of a PA/Media station to access. These are great - not overly large, plenty loud enough and excellent response. These are actually louder than my desktop system which has a seperate sub. The bass seems better defined with the Klipsch also but that may because it is in front of you and not at your feet.
    I purchased my pair for about $35 as the were refurbished; no problems at all.
    The only issue that I had was not a big deal because I have plenty of cables but the cable between the two speakers is pretty darn short. I suppose 'wireless' speakers might be an option but each of those needs to be plugged into a wall outlet via a wire, which is not too good for presentation versatility.
    Best thing is to listen to a pair and see if they are for you. I compared them to Logitech, Bose and Sony systems and preferred Klipsch even without considering the huge cost difference which was even before I found the refurb ones.
    If you are planning a purchase of a refurbished model, Klipsch does have a listing at their site of bonafide dealers so that your warrantee will be supported....more info
  • These are less than perfect
    When I bought these speakers it was in the hope that they would be able to produce a little sound. I like listening to music at a louder level while in my home, and when I try and crank them up they distort the music. Unless you listen to your music in front of your computer with your ears on the speakers stay away from this product ...more info
  • Bass You Can Feel...when used properly!
    I am totally impressed that these small speakers with just a single driver and bass port and no tweeter, can produce such full sound and truly AMAZING bass!!
    Now, do understand that these are PC speakers, and thus, they are meant to be listened to while facing you and at not much more than arms length away. I have mine on the hutch of my computer desk, just slightly above ear-level, an arms length away and they sound great, and you can actually feel the bass!!
    Being PC speakers, the bass does not carry far though- as it is not meant to. These would be great if you live in an apartment and wanted to play music at a decent volume, without the bass disturbing your neighbors. Although you can hear them just fine across the room or even a few rooms away...the bass fidelity is lost as soon as you move more than a few feet away- so you would not want to use these as party speakers, or for home theatre, etc- but for computer speakers, they rock!- literally!
    In my opinion, these are the best all around PC speakers for under $150- and a steal at $60. Now of course, for little PC speakers for $60, we are not talking audiophile perfection...but these babies are BETTER than my JVC home stereo speakers that have 6" woofers!!
    The bass is tight and accurate, even down near 30Hz at reasonable volumes. Overall, all but the very lowest bass holds together quite well even when quite loud. All frequencies are quite good, even with no equalization- but if you really want to get great sound, a little EQ will make them really sing! and just a little EQ will really bring out the treble/highs. Mids are rich and full(even competing against such full bass) and can be improved yet more with a little EQ.-Just amazing for the price and size!! (I mostly listen to classical, muzak and 70's oldies these days...but these speakers have incited me to start listening to my old funk and disco stuff again! Can you say Parlaiment and the Peter Jacques Band?)
    While these speakers will work with an MP3 player- they are not the best choice for that use, unless you have a pre-amp/amp, [as is the case with any 2.0 system]- as they will not achieve their full volume capability nor their true fidelity by just plugging them into your iPod -Although they will still sound a good deal better than most other 2.0's doing that duty.
    But for listening in front of your computer....these speakers are just unsurpassed in fidelity and great bass.
    Aesthetically, the cases are made of a very high-quality plastic, which is smooth and shiny- and looks like it will stay that way. They look great on your desk if you have any other black components.
    All connections are at the rear of the speakers.....but that is O-K, as the bass port is also facing rearward, and therefore you would not want to put these right up against anything...but you'd need to allow a few inches space, anyway.
    Some have complained about the transformer (power brick) being quite large. It is only slightly larger than the standard outlet-mounted ones...and being an inline one, with a generous cord to the outlet on one side and to the speakers on the other, it is quite easy to tuck it unobtrusively away.
    Those who say that these speakers don't have impressive bass, must be using them for purposes for which they are not intended- as I stated before....they are meant for close listening...not across a room or throughout a house- and they are quite loud when connected to a PC, for that purpose.
    I love these speakers! Evewn without any EQ they are great...and with an EQ...they are near perfect for me.(I'm not an audiophile...but I am quite fussy, and I know good sound when I hear it)- You will not find anything close to these in this price range.
    Oh, and don't forget: All new speakers need to be "burned in" (used for a while, to soften up the drivers to the point where they will acheive their full sound)- so remember..although these will sound great right out of the box...they will sound even better after you've used them for a while!
    ...more info