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Smith & Wesson CK5TBS Bullseye Extreme Ops 4.1" 40% Serrated Black Tanto Blade
List Price: $16.76

Our Price: $8.75

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Product Description


  • 440C Teflon Coated Steel blade
  • 3.22" 1/2 serrated blade
  • 4.06" aluminum handle
  • 2.8 ounces, includes pocket clip
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Knife
    Well I received this product sooner than expected which is one star. Upon opening it I flipped open the knife with little effort, it is kind of tight when flipping it open but I believe it will become looser over a period of use. The construction is great, the blade is firmly in place and doesn't move from side to side. The blade is sharp and adequate but it could always use a good sharpening as I think all new knives should be. It is a little small for a camping knife but it is portable and functional which is all you really need anyways. The belt clip is top notch, fits great and clips on and off with very little effort. I would recommend this knife because of the price and quality....more info
  • Great quality, great price.
    Great buy for ~$10, I may get a few more for spares, and for gifts. Very high quality, nice feel, no regrets at all. I recommend this knife for sure....more info
  • Great budget knife with 440C stainless blade in tanto shape
    This is a really great knife for daily carry purposes. The workmanship is quite good for a liner lock and it even has nice touches like plastic washers between the blade and handle. Makes for very smooth and easy operation when opening and closing it.

    The blade is made of 440C stainless which is a much nicer metal than the 440A blades I've owned. The knife came out of the box ready to shave arm hair with and takes little effort to make the edge even sharper. It slices paper, cardboard, plastic wrapping, and other such items like it's nothing.

    The clip sits a bit low on the knife; below the hinge joint. So the knife sticks out of my pocket more than my Gerber Evo Jr. does. However, it's actually kind of nice. Makes the knife easier to get out of my pocket to do work with. Makes it more accessible and usable at the cost of a tad bit less discretion in public. The clip is removable as well via 3 torx screws.

    The liner lock portion locks up securely, even when creeping the blade open. So no problems there.

    Some of my old liner locks didn't hold their blades closed -- the blades would sometimes open a tad bit in my pocket. This knife has a subtle blade hold-in indention on the blade and liner lock strip. So when the blade is pushed closed, it is held in place ever so slightly. It has enough tension to prevent accidental openings but not enough to make opening it on purpose a problem.

    The knurled handle patterning combined with the drilled holes allow for a very secure grip. The knife as a whole weighs much less than I thought it would. The handle is lightweight and balanced well with the blade's weight.

    Smith and Wesson did a great job on this model by creating an inexpensive liner lock knife that feels solid, sharpens extremely well, has a solid lockup on the liner, is lightweight, and very affordable. It's a shame I saw this knife after buying a Gerber Evo Jr. They sold for roughly the same price at the stores I bought them at and the S&W CK5TBS has much better metal in the blade. I like my knives to stay sharp and so far this one excels at that job....more info
  • Great Knife
    I am very happy with this knife. I agree with the people that wrote before , its good because it is very sharp, keeps the sharp blade a long time, has a good size and the clip is good. I dont have the problem i had with other knives about the blade accidentally getting open. And the price is good too...more info
  • Solid value
    This seems like a good knife, especially at the price. I've not been pounding on it with a hammer, or using it to chisel marble, but the constrction seems sound, the blade well mounted and of high quality, the grip easy on the hand, and the mechanism locks positively and well.

    Reflecting upon another review, it is possible that a smaller hand might find the thumb-knurl on the small side and difficult to open, for lack of leverage and inadequate purchase. This is only a guess, but may be a matter of consideration for others. As already noted, I find the blade easy to open and the lock mechanism tight and solid.

    One other point of approval -- the belt-clip is very solid, tight and well-mounted. Many other manufacturers seem to go cheap on the clip, which makes carrying the knife a problem after a while. The clip loosens up and the knife will easily fall off the belt if one is in an awkward position or brushing past things. This guy looks like it will stay on the belt long after the belt itself has fallen away. This, for me, is another positive....more info
  • A hidden steal
    I've owned dozens of knives over the years, kershaw, gerber, etc. This is similar quality for a fraction of the price. I have used this knife for a few years now and I realized that at some point down the line, I may have to replace it. I'm writing this review as I'm buying another knife (or two) for later. It would be a steal at twice the price. Great combination of size and weight....more info
  • Loses edge quickly and difficult to close
    Within three days of owning this knife it lost it's edge. Within the first day i noticed that once opened, the locking mechanism goes too far over and you can't close the knife with a single hand and you might need an additional tool to close it....more info
  • Great quality knife !!!
    I had a pocket clip knife to carry while on duty, however, I began to search for a better one. I chose to purchase the Bullseye Extreme due to being associated with the Smith & Wesson name-brand. When I received my order, I was very happy with it. The quality is great and the blade is very sharp. It's a good looking knife, its rugged, and of a lighter weight that my old knife. The only modification I made was to the clip; using only my finger-strength, I slightly bent out the pocket clip so that I could retrieve it from my pocket easier. Its a great knife for the purchase price.
    Sincerely, E. Flynt of Cleveland, Ohio...more info
  • believe the hype
    Wow. Previous reviewers were correct: this is a lot of knife for the money. Out of the box, the blade was a bit dull but a few minutes with a stone sharpened it up nicely. A great utility knife....more info
  • Good Quality Knife
    The knife has proven itself as an economy priced, high-quality product. Smith & Wesson has always been known for producing top of the line products and this one doesn't fall short.

    The small frame makes less of a nuisance in pockets, yet at the same time has the same great cutting ability of larger knives. Overall a very good knife for the $10. Can't beat it!...more info
    I recieved this knife as a present last year and was immediately impressed by two things. First, the level of fit, finish, and function, and second, the ridiculously low price for such a quality knife.

    The construction is anodized, micro-grooved scales with large, appealing "lightening holes". Oversized blade pivot, and well-finished, tiny screws holding it all together. On the right side is located a strong, spring-steel pocket clip, also finished in a deep, matte black, attached by three tiny screws just behind the pivot pin.
    The blade is just shy of 3.25", a dropped, tanto style with serrations along half its lower edge. The blade is also "single sided" meaning the "front" (left) side has the contour shaping, serrations, and logo, while the "back" (right) side is flat. This is of no import on this type of knife to any degree more than holding the price down since only one side of the blade needs to be machined. The blade is a deep black matte finish of S&W's proprietary process and has proved to be quite durable over a year of less than gentle handling. The blade is activated by a large thumbstud located near the hilt along the spine...on BOTH sides of the blade for ambidexterous use.
    Blade locking is accomplished by a spring-steel liner lock affixed to the inside of the right scale (handle), and snaps in behind the blade when opened to positively lock the blade against accidental closure. I've heard of liner-locks failing, but it's hard to see how this one could.
    Overall fit is well above average. The blade operates smoothly...VERY smoothly and snaps into lock with a reassuringly audible click. Despite being light, the blade can also be snapped into lock with a quick flick of the wrist after the thumb has opened it about 20 degrees.
    Once locked open the blade is wobble, no looseness. To release the thumb (ideally the right thumb) is pressed against the inside of the liner lock, and the lock disengages smoothly without roughness, completely freeing the blade to be rotated into the handle.
    The knife is light...easily carried in a pocket without need for being clipped.
    As delivered the blade was sharp...not razor, but quite sharp, and a few strokes with an Arkansas stone quickly brought it up to RAZOR sharp and it has held that edge for a long time now.
    For the price it would be hard to beat this knife. I guess S&W is now having its knives manufactured in China, which does keep prices low, yet contrary to what some would imply, the QUALITY of S&W knives in general, and this one in particular is superb...well above what one would expect for the money paid, and quite on par with all the big-name domestically produced blades costing oodles more.
    To me a "good" knife not only fulfills a useful function, and possesses well-executed, crisp details, but DOES SO at a price that makes it practical to be USED. I don't know anyone who shells out hundreds of dollars for some faux-custom and then uses it hard. THIS knife can be used to the full extent of what it's relatively light-weight construction was meant to allow...and then some, because it didn't cost a small fortune...on top of being VERY well put-together.
    You can generally find this knife and several variations of it listed through various online sellers for around $12....TWELVE BUCKS for a knife this good? Amazing. I've seen truly CHEAP pieces of junk at swap-meets selling for more. Let me be very clear: This knife is a truly outstanding value any way you slice it (pun intended)....more info
  • Incredible knife for the price, but...
    This is a great knife for the money, but I returned it just because I didn't like it. It's a little more difficult to close than some of my other knives, and I'm finding it's difficult to buy a pocket knife on the Net. It's such a personal thing you have to hold it in your hand and see how easy it is to open and close and really feel how secure the handle feels and how much it weighs.

    If this is a gift I'm sure the recipient will love it. If it's for you, go look at some knives before you get this one. While I like the idea of a knife that locks open, I also believe it should be easy to close with one hand.

    Also, check the knife laws in your state. Most states only allow the blade of a folding carry knife to be 3.5"...more info
  • Flimsy Budget Knife
    This was my first S&W knife.
    At only ten bucks, I guess I shouldn't have expected much.
    I do like the feel of the handle, it's smooth and durable but there is some play between the blade and the handle, some wiggle.
    That's really my only complaint.
    That alone makes it feel flimsy.
    Even the belt clip is solid and tight.
    If only the blade were affixed more firmly, this would be a great deal.
    I am much happpier with the next knife I bought after this one, a Remington 'sportsman series' F.A.S.T. folder with soft rubber-coated camo handle and a black partially-serrated blade for twenty bux.
    It's MUCH more solid than than this S&W knife.
    The Remington is about an inch longer closed and 8.5 inches fully open.
    ...more info