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SanDisk SDSDB-4096-A11 4GB SDHC Memory Card (Blue)
List Price: $35.99

Our Price: $4.99

You Save: $31.00 (86%)


Product Description

SanDisk is proud to announce the newest format and capacity to the SD card family: Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) 4GB flash card, tested and rated Class 2, for speed and performance. The SD Card is a highly secure stamp-sized flash memory card, which can be used in a variety of digital products; digital music players, cellular phones, handheld PCs, digital cameras, digital video camcorders, smart phones, car navigation systems and electronic books. Non-volatile solid-state; no moving parts maximizes battery power. Data is not lost when power is turned off User selectable mechanical write protect switch on the exterior card casing

  • Speed performance rating: Class 2 (based on SD 2.00 Specification)
  • Cards include security feature for protection of copyrighted data
  • SDHC cards (4GB and 8GB) supports SDHC compatible host devices
  • Supports SDHC compatible host devices only.

Customer Reviews:

  • Exchanged Item for correct device
    This item was exchanged for the proper device. I'm quite satisfied with the merchant's timely response....more info
  • More Pics mean More Fun
    I think Scandisk is just fine and it's usually less expensive than some of the other brands. I do have 3 (1gb) PNY chips I got with a special deal when I bought the camera (all 3 were $12), a Kodak (4gb) that works fine, and now a Scandisk (4gb). The price on Amazon is what made me get the Scandisk this time. ...more info
  • Great product / super price
    Not too much to say other than this SD card was exactly what I needed. Purchase was easy, shipping faster than I expected and before Christmas no less....more info
  • 4G disk - used for camera
    I bought this for a Nikon camera. Works great. Lots of storage. Same quality as you would buy in an electronics store, but for much less....more info
  • SDHC 4GB Memory Card
    The 4GB SDHC card works very well in my canon 450D camera, I have taken about 500 pictures since receiving the card. ...more info
  • Didn't work for me
    The shipping and service were great, but the disk would not work with my hp cameras [2] or my hp printer, all items are new. I've never had one that didn't work, so I can't say what is wrong. I've read the other reviews, and will learn at some point why this disc doesn't work.
    Again, seller is fine....more info
  • good
    Good but the seller charged me for shipping twice, since I ordered 2 items (2GB SD card and 4 GB SD card). And both came in same envelope, still I was charged twice for shipping....more info
  • Works for Kindle
    Memory card is a commodity and there is no big difference in itself other than specified performance spec. This card has been performing fine so far and I use this for my Kindle. I put MP3 files to listen to music while reading books or browsing the internet.
    This one is SDHC format and if you think about using this for your DSC, remember to check its compatibility. Old digital cameras cannot read/write SDHC card. It might be better to buy a new DSC first though.
    ...more info
  • Solid, no complaints, plenty of space
    I admit that I'm not a professional photography with heavy needs. I just wanted a card that had enough space to hold all the pictures I'd ever want for my 7MP camera at full resolution. The card has never failed me and the data transfer speed to the computer is fine. Very happy....more info
  • 4gb Sandisk memory card
    i have not had any problem with the card so far
    thanks a bunch!...more info
  • Tried four devices - none recognize these cards
    Purchased two 4GB SanDisk SDHC cards. They did not work in any of my devices: PC card reader, digital camera, GPS, Pocket PC. I couldn't even format. Maybe there is a compatibility issue; but on all four devices? There is no indication in any of the manuals about compatibility. I'm returning these and going back to good old 2GB SD's....more info
  • Go Big or Go Home
    Works fine, but for not much more you can buy an 8GB card that's much faster.
    This one was pretty slow, and I ended up buying a new 8GB card that's 3x's as fast for not much more money than I originally spent. Go for a larger, faster card, you'll be glad you did....more info
  • 3 Day shipping is not essentially 3days
    When one does the checkout, amazon would give you shipping options, with last 3 options being 3 days, 2 days (air) and 1 day (air). If one chooses 3 day shipping and expect the delivery in 3 days, one might be wrong. It can vary anywhere between 5 and 10 working days. Once you choose the shipment option and place the order, there is no way to upgrade or change it (even in the next 15 minutes). Everytime yoju click the update on your order, even without changing any of the shipping parameters, estimated delivery date bumps up by 3 more days. Would be just stuck! The only world around left it to deny the order at the time of delivery.

    ...more info
  • I am happy with this product
    I purchased this at the same time as my new Cannon Power Shot A2000 IS digital camera. It works just fine!...more info
  • Not comparable
    Card that arrived was high capacity, not standard as advertised. It will not work in my car stereo at all because of this. It is just sitting on my desk now doing nothing. If it weren't so cheap I would have returned it. ...more info
  • not satisfactory
    The product sent was not forrmatted and unusable. I have not heard from the sender on how to correct this situation since my camera was unable to format the product. Very poor response....more info
  • Great product for the price
    After having bought a new camera for a friend i had to find a suitable memory card. This friend indicated that she would need 3 2GB modules along with the new camera. After searching the web i came a cross this item that was price/performance wise a better deal then the 2GB offerings....more info