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OPPO HM-31 Certified HDMI 1.3 and 1080p Switch
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Product Description

The OPPO HM-31 Advanced 3x1 HDMI Switch is able to expand a single HDMI input port on your HDTV to connect up to three HDMI sources, such as DVD, Blu-ray or HD-DVD players, cable or satellite receivers, and gaming consoles. No longer bound by the limited HDMI connectivity on most HDTVs, home theater users can expand the number of source devices thanks to the OPPO HDMI switch.

  • Expands a single HDMI or DVI input into three.? Connects up to three HDMI devices to your HDTV.
  • Maintains highest video and audio quality.? Supports all HDTV resolutions up to 1080p and 1920x1200 with Deep Color.
  • HDMI 1.3 certified with full HDCP 1.1 and DVI 1.0 compliance. ?Works with HDTV, projectors, receivers, DVD players
  • Remote control included.? External IR sensor and RS-232 remote control available for custom home theater installation.
  • Designed and manufactured by renowned HDMI DVD player expert OPPO Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews:

  • Best of the best!
    This is the best HDMI switcher out there!
    It automaticity switches video output for you or if you would prefer you can use the remote provided.
    Doesn't reduce quality of your video!
    Looking for an HDMI switcher? Well look no more; you found it!

    ...more info
  • Great product to expand the home theater
    After reading numerous HDMI switch reviews I went with the OPPO HM-31 to expand the HDMI capabilities of my Denon AVR-888 7.1-Channel/5.1+2-Channel Independent Zone Home Theater Receiver with HDMI I/O and Serial I/R Control (Black)receiver. The receiver only has 2 HDMI input ports and I quickly ran out with my Sony PlayStation 3 80 GB, TiVo TCD648250B Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder, and Sony DVP-NS700H/B 1080p Upscaling DVD Player, Blackplayer.

    The OPPO comes in a very nice package, a little overdone for my tastes, and includes a small remote. Funny thing is you really don't need the remote as the OPPO HM-31 will automatically switch between sources based on what is turned on and input port. The lower number input ports have higher priority so the DVD player that I want to always take priority when the kids are using the system is on port 1 while the PS3 is on port 2. If I forget to turn off the PS3 and the kids want to watch a movie on the DVD player it is no problem, the higher priority device will take over....more info
  • OPPO switch, very nice!!!
    Was looking at the Terk and then ran across the OPPO. Hooked up to my PS3 and Directv HD-DVR and works great. Auto switches for me with no problems. Very nice indeed, exactly what I was looking for....more info
  • Works Perfectly
    This switch really works. I tried another one which worked with one of my three HDMI sources, cut the audio on another and didn't work at all on the third. I returned that switch to Amazon (who took it back without problem) and bought this one. It just works simply and beautifully with all three of my sources. ...more info
  • As advertised
    Great product and it works great with my cable box, highly recommend it. It also arrived days earlier than the estimate....more info
  • It works!
    You plug it in, and it works flawlessly. What better accolade can you give a product? True, it only has three inputs and one output, but that was just what I needed to combine a Pioneer Blu-Ray player with two DirecTV HD DVRs. It is a tiny piece of gear that can be wall-mounted or, as I have it, sitting atop an SACD player. Four attachable rubber feet come with it to prevent sliding. The only potential gripe is that credit card-sized remote. I know that thing is going down inside my listening chair one of these days....more info
  • A Must Have product for those with limited HDMI inputs
    We have a Sony HDTV with only one HDMI input. The TV is still an excellent performer, and I was not ready to spend another $2,500 on a new TV, but I really wanted a Blu Ray player. I also felt like "why get a Blu Ray if you aren't going to get HDMI as the input."

    I looked and while there are several HDMI switches available, this one is CLEARLY head and shoulders above the rest.

    Set up was a breeze. We use Dish Network Vip 722, and a Panasonic Blu Ray player.

    There was absolutely no degredation in picture or audio quality. Using the TV is input 3 is great. You simply click the "on" button for the Blu Ray player and it switches to that input, no need to touch the Oppo remote. Once the movie is over, or you are done watching, it, click power off, and about 15 seconds later it auto switches back to TV.

    Yes there is a brief lag between sources, but that is a small price to pay for this level of quality and simplicity of use.

    This is not only highly recommended, it is a MUST HAVE for the HDMI input challenged....more info
  • Wow! It works!
    In this age of new gadgets coming out every day it's nice to find something that simply works perfectly the first time with NO hassle.

    I put my DVR on input 3, PS3 on input 1, output to TV (50" Pioneer KURO), plugged it in and VOILA! Yay! It switches automatically to PS3 whenever I turn it on, otherwise always on DVR. And most importantly, perfect HDMI 1080p signal is passing through (unlike the cheap model that I bought first that I should have known better because it was not labeled HDMI 1.3).

    Thank you OPPO!...more info
  • Works well, no change in picture quality
    I did a fair amount of research on HDMI switches before buying this one. It seems many of them are quirky, reduce picture quality, and don't work well with always-on devices such as Sat receivers/DVRs. This device works with my PlayStation 3 and DirecTV HR20 DVR. With the DVR on port 3 (as their website suggests), it auto switches between the PS3 and DVR just fine. I closely compared my video performance with and without the HM-31 installed, and could discern no difference in picture quality. I've only had it 3 days, but so far, I'm impressed....more info
  • Really does AutoSwitch
    Bought this based on reviews that said it actually does auto-switch. And I can report that with my Cable box in port 3 (and not in standby mode), blu-ray in port 2, Roku in port 1, I have no need to use remote or button on box. Turn on Blu-ray, it plays on the tv. Turn off blu-ray, turn on Roku, comes up on Tv.

    For such a simple device the packaging is top-notch: it comes with it's own cloth case.

    There is one wrikle with the Roku, since there is no "off" button, you have to wait for it to go to sleep, or hit the Oppo switch to go back to TV immediately. No fault with the switcher, but Roku could really use a way to turn it off immediately.

    However well it works and is packaged, for $100 bucks, they really should include an HDMI cable. Hell, there only $.25 for the BrillianStore version sold on amazon so there really is no reason not to.

    Note to BrilliantStore and Oppo: get together for win-win-win....more info
  • Excellent switch
    This product works according with the description.

    I needed it to connect several HDMI signals to my new Denon 7.1 receiver. It has two HDMI inlets and with Blu Ray player, a HD DVD player, satellite box, etc. I needed to expand the possibilities.

    It works in a transparent way. I only need to turn on any of the players or satellite box and the Switch recognizes it and send the signal to my receiver.

    Being HDMI 1.3 certified, none of the characteristics is lost (audio or video) and there are not handshaking problems.

    It is a bargain and a very good investment if you need to connect more HDMI equipment than the inlet connections that you have in your AV receiver or TV....more info
  • Flawless
    I have the OPPO HM-31 routing my DishNetwork feed, DVD Player and Wii.
    Works like a charm. I have it configured so the Dish Sat feed is furthest downstream. When any other component is active it overrides the Sat. I don't ever need to use the remote....more info
  • So far, so great
    I received mine just yesterday, so I will update the review if something goes wrong -
    When you open up the box, you'll immediately see the difference in the workmanship of the product - this is a good looking piece that will match well with any home system, should you choose to leave it out (it is small enough to place behind a cabinet or the TV). Once out of the box, it is a snap to hookup: One HDMI cable from the TV to the Output, and then 1 HDMI for each component being used to the three inputs. It literally took me less then 10 minutes to hookup my TV to the Directv and my Sony Blu-ray. I also have a Harmony Remote which I programmed (although I may have not needed it due to the system default). It worked right away with no handshake issues or noticeable loss of picture quality. I will post back in a week after use - ...more info
  • Excellent product
    I needed a HDMI switch unit and OPPO was recommended by a co-worker based on other purchases he had made of their products. I have to say he was right. The unit functions perfectly and very is easy to operate. It switches HDMI sources atomically based on priority (which socket you plug each source unit into) but it can be changed with all the units on by using the credit card sized remote. Picture quality is like the source was plugged directly into the monitor itself....more info
  • Almost perfect
    The OPPO HM-31 works fine switching between the ROKU box and OPPO DVD player. It would not pass a perfect picture though when used with DELL Inspiron laptop. The Dell has to have its own TV input to work without flickering....more info
  • Excellent solution for HDTVs with one HDMI port
    I purchase this switch based on reviews and future compatibility with HDMI 1.3 standard. However, the practical reason for getting the switch is that my HDTV has only one HDMI port and I have several HDMI components. I connected a Sony Play Station 3 and Scientific Atlanta DVR set-top box using the switch. I had hoped to use the digital-out on the HDTV to route digital audio to my AV receiver, but overlooked the fact that my HDTV was not HDMI 1.3 capable. However, am able to route digital audio to both my HDTV (via HDMI) and AV receiver (via digital-out on PS3 and DVR). This was important because its not necessary to have my AV receiver on to have sound from the DVR and PS3 (except that its through the HDTVs speakers). I had hoped to pay less for a switch, but am satisfied with my purchase due to flawless operation and configuration options.

    ...more info
  • It works!
    This product does exactly what it says it will do and does it effortlessly! Since it senses what device is outputting a signal, you don't even have to use the nifty remote control. Oppo is an excellent company to deal
    with. They make fine products and support them with firm ware and prompt efficient information and service.
    If you need such a device for multiple HDMI sources, this item is impossible to beat for price, fit, finish and function - much better, in my opinion, than the Radio Shack version which costs almost as much and is quite flimsy....more info
  • Not as good as expected after 6 months
    Started getting more and more buggy as time went on. Does not play well with some recievers like Onkyo. You are much better off getting a reciever with enough hdmi inputs for sure. Ended up having to use its remote all the time as it would no longer sense what input is getting power....more info
  • Best Switcher Out There!
    We have tried other hd switchers, but they all failed to support my ps3 and Laptop. I hooked this one up in 20 seconds and BAM! worked like a charm, perfectly! i havent had any trouble with this switcher whatsoever. the auto switching works really well too and is nice not to have to use the remote! IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A SWITCHER BUY THIS ONE!...more info
  • Excellent Switch
    I was an early buyer of HDTV so my unit had only one HDMI input. I wanted to add a BluRay DVD but did not want to lose my TV connection. This switch does the trick, no fuss, and picture quality is excellent. As other reviewers mentioned, hook up your cablebox in the #3 position and the unit will automatically switch priority to #1 or #2 when that device is powered on. ...more info
  • Excellent product!!
    I am very happy with this OPPO HM-31 HDMI switch. I use it for a Directv HDTV receiver, Sony HMDI upconvert DVD and a PS3 system. I have a 55 inch Sony Grand Wega LCD projection HDTV with only 1 HDMI input. I do not notice any loss of signal strength or picture clarity. The only issue I have is the Directv receiver keeps a live signal even when the power is off, so the switch does not know to autoswtich to another device when it is turned on. So I have to use the remote to switch to the PS3 or DVD player. In my opinion, this is not an issue with the OPPO switch, but more of an issue with the Directv receiver....more info
  • Oppo excellence
    I have been a fan of Oppo products since they first started producing DVD players (I own 3 different models). This HDMI switch gave me exactly what I expected; reliable switching with no HDCP handshake issues whatsoever & 1.3 compliant. I have it switching between 2 hd-dvr's and an Oppo DVD player (981hd) and it has definitely done it's job. It also has priority switching if you have it connected to HDMI devices that don't send out a "live" signal when off. Unfortunately, my DVRs still send a signal when off, so I have to either use the small remote included to switch inputs, or manually press the button on the device. I'm very happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a 3 port HDMI switch....more info
  • Awesome product - blows away XtremeMac which used to be good
    This small very sleek box is the best thing that has come out for HD TV. It extends your HDMI port to 3 additional. It will blow away any other HDMI Switcher currently even XtremeMac which was a good product but I ordered one from Amazon and it was a piece of garbage and didnt power on and then they sent me another and that one didnt power on. I exchanged it for this item and it works great with all my components. You wont go wrong with this one!...more info
  • Excellent product !
    Excellent product... It is Brand New and is working perfectly well .. I liked it very much !...more info
  • A Perfect Fit
    I am using this device to connect my PS3 and Cable to my television via HDMI and could not be more pleased. The converter is cost effective and is easy to install. The picture quality of the television did not suffer any significant loss. I am very happy with this product. ...more info
  • Oppo HM-31 HDMI switch
    Product works perfect, not having to use a remote to switch is the best part, however, it would be nice to have 4 ports instead of 3? Isn't 3 and odd number?...more info
  • OPPO HM-13 does the job perfectly
    OPPO makes a great line of low cost/high value products, including the HM-31 3 port HDMI switch. I use this 1.3 HDMI compliant switch to feed my Key Digital video processor/scaler. With these two devices I am able to watch ALL sources (DirecTV HR21 [1080i], PS3 Blu-ray [upscaled to 1080P], Apple TV [720P], Marantz DVD [480P] )in vibrant 1080P HD.

    The package includes a credit card size IR remote to manually change ports or the auto sensing feature will transfer to the port having a video signal. This small, thin unit also has unobtrusive LED's to indicate power and port selected.

    In this time of ever expanding media, I just wish OPPO offered a 4 or 5 port model....more info