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Westinghouse 03466 Nanolux 3-Watt G19 LED Bulb, White
List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $6.50

You Save: $33.49 (84%)


  • Consumes only 3-watt - energy efficient bulb
  • 50,000 hours of usage
  • G19 lamp shape
  • Indoor or outdoor high output
  • Intense white rich color

Customer Reviews:

  • Minimal Use
    Yes, they save energy...but at the cost of producing light. So, it kind of makes sense that they save energy. All I can do is echo what most people here have already said. These are very dim and very blue. There are few applications these lamps are suited to, other than slightly illuminating a dark hallway with a somber, frigid glow. Look elsewhere if things like lumens and warmth matter to you....more info
  • Good for a porch light
    Understand when you buy this -- it gives about the light output of a 15 W incandescent bulb.

    That being said, I used it to replace a 15 W bulb as my front porch light and have been pleased with the results.

    I previously had the 15 W bulb on a photoresist switch mount such that the light was only on when it was dark outside. This LED bulb was NOT happy with that switch (flickers on/off rapidly), so I removed the switch mount and the LED bulb is on 24/7. [That's still lower total power usage, so no problem.]

    The bulb works well, even in sub-zero temps. It gives enough light to find the key hole on the door, but not so bright as to attract swarms of bugs in the summer -- exactly the right mix for a porch light!

    It is bluish-white (compared to the deep yellow of its predecessor), but I don't mind that....more info
  • Does what I bought it for . . .
    I got this to put in the hallway since my daughter LEAVES THE LIGHT ON ALL THE TIME. At 3 watts I won't complain about the light being on any more.

    The cons: They are a bit pricey, but I waited for a sale. The color is very blue, but it doesn't bother me.

    The pros: Only 3 watts and 50,000 hour bulb life. No mercury like in CFLs. Cool to the touch.

    These are very good bulbs if you know what to expect up front. I intend to buy more.
    ...more info
  • You'll likely be disappointed
    Fair chance this bulb will last forever (as in one's life time) if you don't keep it on 24/7. 'Not supossed to be very subseptible to failure via repeated on/off cycles. The phosphor that provides the "white light" may well degrade with time though. Principle problem is output: you won't be able to use this for anything but going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Perhaps some minimal outdoor lighting. If push comes to shove, you can read with it. Funky bluish color....more info
  • Disappointed, but happy in the end
    I had great hopes for our first LED bulbs - I bought 2 - specifically targetting them for our most used zone, our breakfast nook.

    Unfortunately, these are...dim bulbs. Too dim to replace the CFLs we use now. I did not object to the blue color.

    I had a back up plan, and we tried a bulb in our motion-detector front door light (only 1 bulb) but that was also too dim, not enough light for this location either.

    The final step in the plan (and last chance) was to put these bulbs in our refrigerator, replacing the 2 incandescents inside (inside!) the cooling compartment. Finally, success! Our fridge takes 2 bulbs, and the 2 I bought provide just enough light and Vastly Less heat inside.

    Bottom Line: These are dim, dimmer then you would think. You can find a use for them, but be prepared to keep trying locations until you are satisified. ...more info
  • Like a 10W to 15W Incandescent Bulb, But VERY Blue
    The light from this bulb is so blue that it seems like one of those bluish fluorescent lightbulbs that are used for fish tanks or raising certain plants indoors. I mean it -- it's BLUE!!

    On the good side, it does seem durable, the spread of light is wide and even (just like an incandescent bulb), and its output is similar to a 15W bulb. If they would just replace the LEDs inside with "warm white" LEDs, this would be a good product....more info
  • Adequate energy-saving bulb
    I bought the Westinghouse Nanolux LED bulb and the CC Vivid 36 LED bulb at the same time to see which would work better as a low-power porch light. Even though both are rated at 3 Watts, the CC Vivid is noticeably brighter (though still not much) and has a 60,000 hour expected life-span instead of 50,000 for the Nanolux. However, it has a sharper cut-off due to the design of its base and is significantly more expensive than the Nanolux. Since I have both, the CC Vivid wins as the porch light, while the Nanolux might make adequate accent lighting....more info
  • G19 LED Bulb
    This bulb makes the perfect night lite and for only 1.5 to 2.0 watts energy useage what more could i ask for....more info
  • Great way to go green!
    I recently ordered three of these bulbs, and was pleasantly surprised by them. They appear to be the equivalent of standard 20 watt bulb(not a 20 watt CFL). Now, I must say of the three bulbs I ordered one of them cast a greenish-yellow light. The other two bulbs are bright white. I wrote a letter to Westinghouse and they promptly shipped out a replacement bulb with no hassle. GREAT customer service!

    I would like to clearly state that this is no replacement for a 60-75 watt CFL, but I have sensitive eyes so the dimmer light is preferable to me.

    One final note; you can read with this bulb if you have a goose-neck reading lamp or a lamp that would accept multiple bulbs....more info
  • Useful In Some Applications. Dim, But Worth It!
    I purchased one of these from as an experiment to see how these lightbulbs performed. I was fore-warned from other reviews that the bulbs were very blue and pretty dim, and that they were.

    I could tell a night-and-day difference between this bulb and an ordinary incandescent. It's (very) noticeably dimmer than the energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs I have around my house.

    So why do I like them? Well, an ordinary incandescent bulb might use 60 watts of power and this thing uses 3. Even 60-watt replacement compact fluorescent bulbs use about 17 watts of power, so these bulbs even make other "energy saving" bulbs look like power hogs by comparison.

    The key consideration before buying is where you think relatively dim bulbs might make sense for your needs. For me, I have a porch light and two lights on either side of my garage that run all night. The light is enough to illuminate that outdoor area well enough, and since the lights run all night, using these light bulbs saves quite a bit of juice!

    My recommendation would be to use these bulbs as dim porch lights or maybe hallways, but use compact florescent bulbs indoors if you need more lighting....more info