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Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan
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Product Description

Creates a big 3-D cupcake for the whole party to share! Assemble top and bottom cake halves with a thin layer of icing. Professional weight, cast aluminum for exceptional detail. Premium non-stick surface for easy release and cleanup. Now were talking cupcake! Forget jumbo or king size. Instead, create a sensation with a stunning cupcake to beat all the others - the super duper cupcake. Made with a special dimensional cake pan, your cupcake will be 7-1/4 dia. x 7-1/2 tall

Cupcake lovers will flip over this super-sized cupcake pan from Wilton Dimensions. Designed to create one giant confection with a sculptural top and bottom, the piece turns out a 3D cupcake that measures approximately 7-1/4 by 7-1/2 inches. The concept is simple--bake the top and bottom halves in the same pan, stick them together with icing, and decorate according to the occasion. Ridges around the bottom of the cupcake and a swirl on the top add to the finished treat's appeal and make frosting fun. Crafted from heavy-gauge cast aluminum, the pan also features a nonstick surface to simplify release and cleanup. A winning novelty gift for the frequent baker, the piece holds 10 cups of batter total and measures 15-1/2 by 8-1/4 by 3-3/4 inches. --Emily Bedard

  • Top-and-bottom oversized cupcake pan; 10-cup capacity
  • Creates a 3D cupcake that measures approximately 7-1/4 by 7-1/2 inches
  • Made of heavy-gauge cast aluminum with nonstick surface
  • Design features sculptural details for charm and fun decorating
  • Washes up easily; measures 15-1/2 by 8-1/4 by 3-3/4 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Easy!!
    Did a test cake before attempting to present it to the public. Used 1 1/2 pre-mix boxes of cake. Sprayed Pam to grease. Filled both sides, leaving 1" from top. Baked @ 325 for 60 mins. Let totally cool. Flipped pan and they both slide out. Trimmed the excess so the top would lay flat on the bottom. Layer a THICK level of whatever your putting between the 2 layers. I had a decent layer, but when I ate a slice, the larger bottom portion of cake over powered the frosting layer I had and could barely taste it. Then threw a layer of frosting on the top! EASY! Im looking forward to putting time into decorating nicely. As far as slicing...I sliced quickly, with a very long knife. I sliced like I would a normal round cake. Have plates VERY close and ready to catch the pieces!! I posted a pic. Not half bad for not trying too hard!!...more info
  • Cute Giant Cupcake
    I thought the finished product looked very nice. However, since the bottom portion of the cupcake had to bake for so long to cook thoroughly, the edges of the cake were a bit too dry for my taste. The top also cooks much faster than the bottom....

    Besides that, it came out adorable!...more info
  • The bigger the cupcake, the better!
    I made this yesterday for Valentine's and it came out great. I used two boxes of cake mix and with the leftover batter ended up making a few mini heart cakes. I baked it for 60 minutes at 325 degrees, let it cool for awhile, flipped it over and then cut off the lumps to make a clean straigt edge for them to lay atop eachother. Decorating was a little bit of a challenge because of the ridges and I didn't really liked the piped look. But with some patience, it got done and my family loved it....more info
  • great quality
    just tried out the pan about a week ago, the cake came out perfect! i used boxed cake mix, and you'll need about 2 boxes to completely fill the pan. but i was very satisfied with my purchase, its very cute and fun!...more info
  • Fantastic fun pan!
    We had seen this pan advertised in several catalogs and thought it would be great for our sons birthday... We tested it out with some friends and it was a huge hit! The pan is very well made and worked like a charm. The only thing we've learned is that you will need to cook the cake mix a bit longer than you might normally to ensure it is done throughout. We will definitely be making several of these for our sons birthday party!...more info
  • Wilton giant cupcake pan
    Before I bought this pan I read the reviews. Many gave it bad reviews because they stated the top cooks before the bottom. I DIDN'T have any of these problems. I made a practice cupcake before my daughter's first birthday. This is what I did...It takes about 1 1/2 boxes store bought cake mix. I filled the pan about 3/4 of the way. When I baked it (due to all the reviews)I placed the top part of the cupcake pan in a round cake pan filled with a little bit of water. Both sides cooked evenly and quickly. I used an oil spray with flour in it. The cupcake halves released with no problem. I bought huge sprinkles at Michael's and Wal-Mart....more info
  • Wonderful cakepan!
    Cake pan is easy to use and clean! Everyone is asking to borrow it for their family and friends upcoming birthdays....more info
  • Overall good product, makes an adorable cake
    After reading a blog that talked about how difficult this cake was to bake and decorate, I was a bit worried about my decision to purchase. Good news - I was pleasantly surprised. I did one practice cake for my daughter's 1st birthday and then the real thing. Turned out well, though the edges always seem to get a little overdone....more info
  • So Cute!
    My wife purchased this pan to make our baby girl's 1st birthday cake. It turned out perfect. If you follow the directions, you should have no trouble with one side cooking faster than the other, or over-flowing, etc. Like I said, it turned out great and she got tons of compliments on it-everyone thought it was a professionally done cake!...more info
  • Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan
    Very cute-but impossible to get out of the pan in one piece, even well greased and floured. The two sections didn't bake at the same time, and the bottom part (which is larger) wasn't cooked through. Very disappointing....more info
  • Great pan..much fun.. helpful hinits
    This is a really great product. I tried it as soon as i got it in the mail. I had read other reviews and hints before hand, so i knew what to do to make it come out great. Bake only one side at a time. Fill the other side with water to balance the heat. It came out just wonderful.. What a wonderful surprse for my friend on her birthday! I can't wait to use it again. OH.. and the kids had a blast helping to decorate it....more info
  • Adorable Cupcake!!
    Bought this for my husband's surprise 40th Birthday Bash!! It was a hit!! Baked up beautiful!! Used only one cake mix and had little left over!! Came out clean from the pan and easy to decorate!! Love it!! ...more info
  • Wilton Dimensions Large Cupcake Pan
    This pan is amazing..I love to bake and it is so much Fun....
    I have purchased one for myself and one for a friend..
    It is a great gift for a mom or just anyone who likes to bake.
    It is SooooooCute....It can be so much fun and a great way to bake up a Large cupcake or Muffin
    Great for a birthday or a card party....
    Wonderful product....comes out clean when baked too.......more info
  • I love this pan!!
    I received this pan a gift from a friend. I absolutely love it. I design cakes as a hobby and this is one of my most popular cakes. I have found that I get better results if I bake the parts seperately. The top swirl takes a lot less time to bake than the base. The possibilities for decorating are endless. I've posted some of my finished projects for inspiration....more info
  • A huge hit with the kids
    I used this to make a giant cupcake for my daughter and she loved it. All of the kids at the her birthday party were excited to see the giant cupcake. The cake released well from the mold and it cooked perfectly. The only thing I did not like about it was that it did not come with instructions. Luckily I had checked out the reviews and followed other people's advise on how to use it. I filled the larger side first and baked for 15 minutes and then took it out of the oven to add the mixing on the other side of the mold. I then continued to bake it for another 40 minutes at 325 degrees. The cake came out perfectly. It was not burnt. Make sure you wait for the cake to cool down before you try to release it from the mold. And make sure your cake is completely cool before you put the icing on it, otherwise the icing will start to slide down (which is not pretty). ...more info
  • cake pan
    This "Giant Cup Cake" pan is terrific! I use it all the time, and everyones loves them! ...more info
  • Great product but needs better directions
    I made this cake for my son's 1st birthday and it was a hit! It makes an adorable giant cupcake if you can get it to the point of decorating. The directions were WAY OFF. My trial run cake was just short of a disaster. The other reviews are right- fill the bottom and bake for 15 minutes, then add batter to the top half. It still took FOREVER- almost 70 minutes. The company's directions gave 60-70 minute baking time for their recipe (a pound cake, which is denser and generally bakes longer) but says if using boxed cake mix to follow it's baking instructions. Obviously there are no bake times listd for a Giant Cupcake pan so... since I imagine the majority of people using the pan will use boxed mix, an average baking time for this product is much needed. More detailed instructions all around would have given the pan 5 stars; it's very good quality....more info
  • It's a nice idea
    The large cupcake pan is a "nice concept". I was under the impression that the base of the cake was 8" in diameter rather than 6". I bought it with something in particular in mind and was not able to execute it but nonetheless I used it. It was a little on the small size but then again so is a cupcake hahahahaha.
    ...more info
  • Great pan
    This is so cute everyone just loves it young and old it is a big hit. I have used in for two birthdays, one baby shower and a bake sale in the two weeks I had it It is great. Use two cake mixes!...more info
  • Giant Cup Cake Pan
    I recently purchased the Wilton Dimensions Large Cupcake Pan. While my three cakes looked great after I had frosted them, I had difficulty with each one during the baking process. One side of the pan is quite deep, so the batter on that side does not cook in the center. The other side is more shallow, causing it to become over-done while trying to get the center of the deeper pan done. The cakes were also not too easy to put on any kind of party plate, since the cakes were so tall, that they hung over the sides of any plate I tried.
    The deeper pan should have had a post in the middle, like an angel food pan, so the batter would have gotten done. I will try again, and will attempt to somehow get the shallow cake out of the pan, and then continue cooking the deeper side....more info
  • Ok Product...Wonderful Shipper
    Kudos, to the shipper. The product arrive within a timely manner. However, the actually product was not what I expected. The pan tends to bake uneven as well as it is hard to figure out the correct portion for each side. ...more info
  • Possible Helpful Hint
    I am about to purchase this pan for my daughter's first b-day cake, and read some of the reviews, many people seem to have a problem with the cake baking faster in the top part of the pan because it holds less, has anyone tried baking the cakes in two seperate stages, so that the baking time of one does not effect the other? When I purchase, this is what I plan on doing....more info
  • Great Product
    Great product especially fi you use the Wilton Cake Release. Everyone loved it for my daughter's first birthday!!...more info
  • This is so much fun!
    I ordered this for a friend's birthday who loves cupcakes because I knew she would get a kick out of it. I wasn't sure if it would be worth it since how often do you really have an opportunity to make a giant cupcake. Now, I'm so glad I got it! The pan is very high quality and I had no trouble getting the cake to release after greasing and flouring it. I had so much fun putting the cake together and got so many compliments on it. I have a line of people waiting to borrow it to make their own. I am planning to use it for my niece's birthday in a few months. I would recommend using a pastry bag to frost it as it gives it a really nice finished look and with the spiral ridge baked right into the top it's very easy to follow the swirl.

    One other thing I will recommend is not to use all ten cups of batter. I put 5 cups in each side and it mushroomed. I have to pull it out and scoop it off so that the middle would cook all the way through. I think I will try filling it halfway next time instead. ...more info
    It was for my daughters 1st bday and it was so easy to make!! I love it and love that it has a lifetime guarantee!! ...more info
  • Good Pan!
    The cupcake cake pan is a good pan. The cake takes a while to cook, but the cake removes from the pan easily. ...more info
  • This is great and easy to use
    I followed the advice of the other commenters and used my giant cupcake pan tonight for the first time. Sprayed pan with PAM for baking, measured 4 cups of batter for each side - cooked the bottom for 10 min and then added the batter for the top and baked for another 37min. It baked very nicely and I trimmed the top of the bottom and the bottom of the top and used frosting to put the 2 pieces together. For a non-baker I felt this was easy to use and curious how my co-workers will like it (I baked it for baby shower at work). I used 2 boxes of cake mix and it made one giant cupcake and 12 regular sized cupcakes. Oh to make it lower fat I substituted oil with unsweetened apple sauce....more info
  • Does exactly what it says
    My wife bought this cake pan for a birthday party and we've made about 3 cakes so far with it. The non-stick surface works perfectly and all you need to do to get the cake out is turn the pan upside-down and the cakes fall right out. We agree with other reviewers that filling the "top" portion more than the "base" portion of the pan with cake mix helps them to cook evenly. To make the pieces fit perfectly some excess need to be cut from the over risen top and bottom of the respective bottom and top peices. ...more info
  • Great product!
    I bought this pan for my daughters 1st Birthday and her cake was a total hit! I had no problems getting the cake out of the pan. Next time I will add a little more batter to each one. I read some other reveiws that stated the bottom cooks longer than the top, so I let the bottom cook for 10-15 mins first and then added the batter to the top. It worked great! This is a fun cake that can be made at anytime of year! I love it!!!! :)

    txstrain...more info
  • giant cupcakes
    This will be the perfect centerpiece for my granddaughter's 1st birthday. I was pleased with the speed of delivery and delighted with the look of the pan. I am looking forward to using this pan for numerous occasions....more info
  • Greatest Muffin ever
    I received my muffin pan just in time to celebrate my great nephew's
    9th was a big surprise for him and I am only sorry that
    I didn't have my camera to record the expression on his face.....I know
    how I will celebrate the children in our family birthdays. The pan was easy to use....I will put out hints to the women in my family ...this could be a great Christmas present.

    Georgianna...more info
  • Wilton Gt. Cupcake Pan - delivers awesome product
    Used the product, at first was looking all over for directions...directions werent very clean, it does say on their recipes that came with it how many cups of batter goes in the pan.....but it doesnt say which side.......i had to estimate myself, to fill both pans using store cake mix it took less than 2 boxes of mix..........more info