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  • After 4 years, Still going strong & works great
    I used to have the standard old wallet and my credit cards kept getting bent.

    I Switched to this aluminum Umbra one and have kept it ever since. It's not the best for holding folded paper money but for everything else it's great. You can put it in your back pocket and sit on it and you won't mind. It's flat and sleek. No more painful bulging wallet.

    I've had mine for 4 years now and the elastic cord still works great and everything. I use it on a daily basis as my only wallet....more info
  • happy buyer
    I bought this as a for my boyfriend as a buisness card holder however he is actually using it as a wallet instead and is quite happy with it. ...more info
  • a must have
    This case is a must have for all,especially women that carry
    everything in their purse. It keeps all your cards % ID
    at hand with easy access. i've had one for 4 years and still
    using it. people are jealous when they see mine....more info
  • A little wide
    Very solid construction. Will be using it at my professional career. However, it is much wider than you think, and than it needed to be. It's the width (not depth) of almost 2 business cards wide. It's also a little longer than expected. ...more info
  • Unique and Utilitarian!
    I love this sleek, unique case! One great thing about it is you can clip your car keys to it which works wonderfully for the enterprising entrepreneur always handing out business cards. Bungee is so cool. Get this and you'll look just as clever! You can also fit a few other important things in it...note sheets, gum, money. It's hot....more info
  • Great business card holder
    I have had the smaller and larger size ones for a couple of years and they have taken a beating. What I like about the smaller one is that it is perfect for keeping business cards in pristine condition so when you give one out, it looks good. I hate cards in a normal wallet and they bend and fold and after spending good money on getting them designed, they look bad. With the Umbra cases, you don't have to worry about that at all and they look pretty cool as well....more info
  • Sturdy Metal Pocket Safe
    This item was given as a Dude gift including personalized fake ID cards like "McLovin" Hawaii Drivers license and buddy pics with Obama. Sturdy Metal Pocket Safe...more info
  • Inefficient and Annoying
    For all of its brushed metal bulkiness, this card case doesn't hold a lot. Don't expect to pull out a single card, either - you have to tip it over and dump out the contents.

    Not only is it annoying to use, but it's annoying to hold in front of other people. This case inexplicably looks like an iPhone, prompting a lot of repetitive and disappointing explanations....more info
  • I made the switch
    I find that regular wallets are a big fat pain in the a$$ so I've been searching for a wallet alternative for a while now. I came across this one at Linens and Things. I don't think it was designed to eliminate a wallet, but some folks could do just that with it.

    This is a stylish little case. Sort of a brushed aluminum with transparent tinted plastic cap and base(mine is in blue). Very modern. I've gotten a ton of compliments on it. People are always asking me if I'm from the future! (Nahhh. J/K)

    Like most people these days, I use a Debit card almost exclusively. I so rarely have cash that it's not an issue to me (I just carry it in my pocket with a paperclip.

    I carry Debit card, License, A few assorted ID's and my business cards. This is a plus to me as it's forced me to strip down the contents of my wallet -- no longer looking like George Castanza. There is no pain from sitting on this slim case, and no unsightly bulge! Plus I can slip it in the front pocket of my pants without it looking funny. In fact you might not know I was carrying a wallet at all. Like the other reviewer, I appreciate that what is inside does not get wet when I sweat or if it rains.

    Drawbacks: The lid of the case is attached with an elastic cord, which could wear out and break with frequent use -- but at $5, I can afford to replace it every couple of years. It DOES take some getting used to. Early on, I forgot to take it (because my brain was not registering "WALLET".) I also found myself constantly patting my pockets to make sure it was still there. It WILL set off alarms at airline security, so you need to remember to take it out. Also, when it is full it can be a little difficult to get certain cards out. I just keep my debit card and drivers license packed on the outside as they are the ones I use 99% of the time.

    I like this product well enough that I am considering buying 4 or 5 more in case the company stops making them....more info
  • Very unique product

    This product is very unique. Everytime we use it, someone ask where we purchased it. We are very pleased with this product and the service was also exceptional. ...more info
  • Excellent for essential / mandatory items
    I am a pilot deployed to Afghanistan. My wife happened to come across this case and sent it to me. Before being deployed, I thought I would have no use for it, but after serving in combat, I have definately put it through it's paces. Carrying a wallet is not very practical here, so this is all I use. The design is smooth and attractive, with no sharp edges to poke or prod when carrying. I put mine in my breast pocket, and even wearing heavy body armor and survival gear, I have never had any discomfort. Carrying all that gear can get quite hot in the desert, but nothing inside has ever gotten the least bit damp, even when I would get soaked with sweat during those extended missions. It is quite sturdy, surviving everyday use with no problems. The slim design is very useful. I carry six various cards and IDs in it with up to six bills folded up with no real problems with fit. Any more bills than that, though, can be a bit too tight.
    I can not speak more highly for this holder. It works great, is light, strong, and everyone I work with that sees it wants one. Sure beats carrying around your ID, cards and money in a Ziploc bag, as a lot of soldiers seem to do....more info
  • Great for traveling
    I found this in an airport shop & bought it to use when I travel (a lot) because I was forever searching all the pockets of my carry on bag for ID and such. It's wonderful for that purpose, or any other where your need for cards is light. I carry my ID, the credit card I used to purchase my ticket, my two airline club cards and a few bills for airport expenses. Everything fits fine and removes easily. I can carry in a pocket and everything is safe and simplified.
    I have found that during my trip, I tend to leave the wallet in the hotel safe & carry only this (sometimes changing it's contents). This makes my trip safer from losing or having a wallet stolen and I only charge on one card. Overall, things are just a lot simpler!
    I was fearful that it wouldn't be sturdy but so far it has proven to be so. I carry it in my back pocket and it shows few signs of wear, including the plastic ends; being hard plastic they just didn't look like the design would hold up, but I haven't cracked them yet. Like the other reviewer, I'm looking for more for the future....more info
  • cool case
    First of all, it's very attractive. Secondly, it has great functionality. If you keep your business cards in your wallet, purse, or back pack; those cards get mangled to a certain degree. If you place them inside this case, they stay in perfect condition. It's nice just to pull this handsome thing out then snap it open and pull out a card. I also got one for my daughter. Sometimes she uses it instead of a purse with her license, credit card and money stored inside. She keeps it in her pocket. Once, the day after using the case as a wallet, she just threw the case into her purse instead of emptying it and putting the the money, etc into her wallet inside the purse. A thief got into her purse and took her wallet, but the thief never looked inside the case. So luckily the money, driving license,and credit card were never stolen. The thief must have just thought the case was a girl thing and left it alone....more info
  • No More Loose Cards In Pockets & Purses
    I've never been organized enough for putting credit cards and such back in wallets. For the last 10 years or so, they've just ended up in random purse pockets, jacket pockets, and pants pockets, which often led to moments of panic when I couldn't find one. I also went through 3 of my favorite Visa last year because it kept getting bent and cracked from being in my pants pockets all the time.

    I love love love this case. I know people have complained that it doesn't hold much, but really, in this economy, how much should you be carrying? I have my driver's license, my ATM card, the one credit card I always use, my insurance cards, and a few punch cards for the pet store. I carry it with me whenever I just have to run a short errand, when I'm running over to Dunkin' Donuts from my office, or every chance I can get to ditch my purse. ;) Plus, none of the cards get bent or cracked and none of the corners peel.

    I'm going to buy a second one in another color to store receipts in my tote back so they don't get all wadded up and unreadable when I balance my checking each month....more info
  • Bungee fun
    I love the thin design. It's thinner than my cell phone, so carrying the bungee card case doesn't add a lot of bulk to my pocket. I only wish the top and bottom were aluminum instead of plastic. ...more info
  • cost deceptive
    There were things that I liked about this case. It holds your cards compactly and safely, and looks like it could survive a lot of damage. however, it is a little cheap looking, and the 5$ price tag is deceptive, as the shipping cost me more than the item. If I saw it in a local store, I would probably throw one in the cart for the kids....more info
  • Great solid case with clever design.
    The case is SOLID aluminum with plastic end caps.. You could likely drive over it without damaging it or its contents. Put whatever you want in it. Cards, cigs (I don't smoke anymore), whatever fits. Great case and the effortless automatic bungee closure is slick. I'd like to see a waterproof one....more info
  • I Love Love it !
    Great idea. Large enough to hold a few cards and some cash.Slim and sleak.Can fit into a tiny bag or a pocket.Everytime I pull it out,someone tells me they want one.I love it....more info