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Iomega 33455 Ethernet/USB 2.0 500GB 1HD X 500GB Home Network Storage Drive
List Price: $145.99

Our Price: $99.99

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Product Description

The Iomega Home Network Hard Drive offers a fast easy way to share files over your home network (up to 4 users). Share photos, music, data and video while increasing your storage capacity. The Discovery Tool Home utility makes set-up a snap and automatically configures to work with any computer on your network, by just connecting to Network hub, switch or router. This cost-effective network hard drive includes EMC Retrospect HD software (2 licenses) for Touch-Free backup of all your important files. Network File System Support - CIFS/SMB (Windows), FTP Journaling File System - Prevents data loss in the event of a power failure Secure - Touch-free professional-level backup and disaster recovery for all your critical data with EMC Retrospect HD backup software (2 client licenses). Just set it and forget it - effortlessly back up files on a scheduled basis (client to NAS). Share level password access Simple to use - Easy network file sharing. Using Discovery Tool, automatically configure to work with any network computer. Management via user friendly web interface Compatible with today's most common backup software titles 1 Year Warranty System Requirements - CD Drive, Ethernet port, (PC Users) Pentium 300MHz processor or higher, Windows 2000; XP Home/Professional; Vista Basic/Home/Business/Ultimate, 256MB RAM, (Mac Users) Mac OS X 10.2.7 or higher, 128MB RAM Approximate Unit Dimensions - 9.43 (L) x 4.75 (W) x 1.31 (H) Approximate Unit Weight - 2.88lbs

The Iomega Home Network Hard Drive 500GB offers an easy and economical way to share files over your home network for up to four users. Share photos, music and video while increasing your storage capacity. And it even comes with the Discovery Tool Home utility that automatically configures any computer on your network.

The Iomega Home Network Hard Drive 500GB offers:
  • Storage for up to four users on a home network.
  • 500GB of storage capacity.
  • A 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port for fast networking.

The Iomega Home Network Hard Drive works with PCs, Macs, and Linux. View larger.

Attaching the drive to your network is as easy as plugging in an Ethernet cable. View larger.
Easy Setup and Fast Performance
The hard drive features 7200 RPM speed with an 8MB cache connected via an SATA-II interface for fast data throughput. A 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection links the hard drive to your home network. To ensure compatibility with your home network, there is support for a variety of network file protocols including Microsoft (CIFS/SMB), Linux/Unix (NFS), Apple? (AFP), Internet (HTTP 1.1), and FTP. A web-based interface makes management easy, without the need to install software. The device can also be connected directly to a computer via USB and will then function as a normal external hard drive for that specific computer. A journaling file system helps guard against data loss in case of power failure.

The Iomega drive is compatible with most backup software and included is a copy of EMC? Retrospect? HD software (2 licenses) for touch-free backup, and the ability to have backups automatically done on a scheduled basis. The Iomega Home Network Hard Drive 500GB is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
Iomega Home Network Hard Drive NAS appliance, Ethernet cable, power supply, Solutions CD with user manual and backup software for PC and Mac, and quick install guide.

  • Maximum Storage - 500GB
  • Hard Drive - SATAII
  • Weight - 2.88 lbs
  • Journaling File System -- Journaling File System prevents data loss in the event of a power failure

Customer Reviews:

  • IOMEGA 500GB Network Drive
    This drive was simple to set up on my PC's running XP and Vista. No trouble on either PC in finding the drive. Setup was quick and simple....more info
  • Good Drive for a Home Network
    I've had this drive for about a month only now and its been working great. I have it hooked up to my wireless network at home and I can access it from any machine at home. I haven't had any problems with this drive so far. I would definitely suggest this to anybody wanting to buy a home network drive. ...more info
  • A bit slower than I expected in NAS
    When I transfer large files over 100Mb Ethernet, I get about 50Mbits/s transfer rate. I had expected it to be a bit faster, but it is acceptable. I don't know how it compares with the more expensive models. Also it would be nicer if the USB and Ethernet could work at the same time.
    ...more info
  • 500 GB Network storage (Iomega)
    Simple set up, lots of space. My desktop backs up to it once a week automatically. I back up my laptop to it wirelessly, when I remember.
    I also back up all my flash drives frequently. Over a wired network, it is fast and convenient. Over the airwaves, it's just convenient. I feel it is a good product from a reputable company for a good price....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    After my wife's laptop's hard drive crashed, and the ensuing cost to recover the data, I was looking for a truly hands-off back-up device for both home office computers. I purchased the Iomega 33455 Ethernet/USB 2.0 500GB 1HD X 500GB Home Network Storage Drive and have been very satisfied with my choice. Both the physical set-up of the hard drive and the installation of the back-up software were painless. I am using a Linksys wireless router for my home office network and the hard drive just plugged into one of the router ports. In just a few minutes I had already completed a small test back-up. I did upgrade the back-up software to EMC Retrospect 7.5 Professional for Windows Upgrade, so I could run unattended back-ups on all computers in the home office. If you have more than one computer to back-up, you will need to purchase the upgrade which includes two additional client licenses. I have also been pleased with the software upgrade, however the Professional version has so many options it is initially overwhelming. So, plan on spending the time necessary to determine how to use it most effectively to meet your needs. ...more info
  • Recommended...yes!
    This is a good NAS drive for a good price. I guess it's not perfect - but with this plugged directly into my router, I've really gotten used to being able to access files from any computer on my (home) network without fussing with USB/power cables and carrying the hard drive around, etc. I wonder how I ever did without it!
    I've stashed (legal) back-ups of some of my video dvds on it and now we are able to watch these wirelessly from anywhere in the house, including 3 laptops and the living room TV, with no problems (all n-draft). Awesome!!...more info
  • Works, but no NFS
    I have this drive up and running and attached to my Ubuntu 8.10 (Linux) laptop over FTP. Samba access to it over windows file sharing doesn't work, but I have hacked enough on Samba to know that it's much easier to just support one OS as every OS interacts differently with the filesystem. I have no doubt I'll get it working from Windows.

    However, despite the product description, I find no mention of mounting it from NFS. I was hoping to make that the primary access mode, and so it's not really what I wanted, but it'll work. The 4 GB limit will be tough, too....more info