WiLife WLAL-120 Indoor Camera Lens
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Product Description

The 120 degree Wide Angle camera lens covers nearly twice the area of the Standard Angle lens and is useful for increasing the viewing area for items close to your camera. Objects in the distance will appear in less detail. For use in the WiLife Indoor Camera only.

  • 120 Degree Camera Lens
  • Wide Angle camera lens covers nearly twice the area of the Standard Angle lens
  • For use in the Indoor Camera only
Customer Reviews:
  • Not bad if you want to see a really wide angle
    The lens really captures a lot of stuff with the very wide angle. I ended up switching back to the standard 80 though due to the loss of detail in the image. When the camera is mounted at an angle near a window the 120 lens will often capture a lot more of the window frame, the led light flashing, and other unintended objects. If you really need to see more of whats going on outside your home/business, by all means, use the 120 lens, but be prepared for a loss of detail in the image, and more recording of uneccesary motion....more info
  • Must-have upgrade to capture up to 50% more surveillance
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/RSR6QAPCOQTW3 I love this new lens. Not only is the picture more clear, but it also gives you up to 50% more coverage. It was very easy to install. I just unscrewed the original lens, and replaced it with this very inexpensive upgrade, and instantly I had coverage for a much broader area.

    This may not be a good choice for you if you are looking only to cover one spot, but if you want more comprehensive coverage, this is worth every penny. ...more info