Vandal Armor Infrared CCTV 1/3" Sony CCD Day Night Dome Camera VD60 1AC
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Product Description

Designed for indoor or outdoor use the IR Dome is constructed of die-cast aluminum. Inside the vandal-proof housing is a hi-resolution color Sony CCD camera with an IR lens. In low light or night situations the IR Dome has a photo sensor that switches the camera to B/W. This is further enhanced by the built-in 18-LED IR illuminator, which provides illumination up to 50ft in little or no light. Other features include automatic white balance, automatic backlight compensation, low power consumption as well as a wide input voltage range. This Vandal resistant Color Dome Camera with IR LEDs, easy mounts securely to a wall or ceiling, it has a manual pan/tilt feature that helps get you the perfect angle without the hassle of disassembling the camera, it can capture images in complete darkness, day and night. Note: This camera not made by SONY, it using SONY Super HAD CCD image sensor and SONY DSP technology, made by one of the world largest OEM manufacture. Power supply and cable are sold separately.

Customer Reviews:

  • Honest review, from a security expert.
    I am a mid-20's tech-geek, that happens to work in private security. I do a lot of camera work, so my expectations are always high. Our neighborhood has had a lot of break ins, so this system has a make sure I put the guy behind bars. This camera was very easy to install, and the brackets went on very secure. I also purchased an Aposonic DVR card for a dedicated PC with 500gb's of storage, so keep in mind that when I refer to video quality it is describing the video after being converted to digital. So far I have been recording 4 shots, at 640x480 @ 100% quality and in a week have only used 4% of my storage capacity.

    The housing design is very slick, and is by no means an "eye sore."
    The IR lights are powerful enough to view the immediate area of the camera, but the quality deteriorates at about 30 ft. The iris adjusts very quickly if any light sources enter the shot (ie: headlights). I purchased 5 of these cameras, all for outdoor use (however I only used 4...I ruined one, which I will explain later). This camera does capture a wide angle, so I probably could have covered my entire house/yard using 2-3.

    -Crisp, clear shot during the day. Adequate shots in the night.
    -Very solid, great quality
    -Great design, which is also very functional
    -Great Autofocus, Iris, and Color.

    -The factory cable is built in, and cannot be replaced if ruined (that's how I ruined a camera)
    -Wires are accessible when camera is positioned at certain angles.
    -Very fast movement (such as wind blowing) makes the camera appear very pixelated.

    Overall recommendation:
    A+ This product is great for home security, or to cover large areas. If this is to catch shoplifters, you may want to go with something that gets you a closer shot.

    Side Note:
    This camera does not include a power supply, so make sure you purchase one. Also, be careful when loosening the enclosure as I stripped the security screw....and I had to drill it out....more info
  • 1/3" Sony CCD; 510 x 492 of the Effective pixels; 420 TV Lines
  • f3.6mm Lens; 0 Lux ( IR LED ON); More than 50dB of the Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Weatherproof Aluminum Housing; Internal Sync System
  • Color DSP; NTSC Standard; Automatic CDS sensor; DC 12V Regulated Power 500mA Supply required
  • 1/50~1/20,000 sec of the Electronic Iris; 1Vp-p; 75 ohm of the Video Output