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Audio Technica AT-LP2DUSB LP-to-Digital Recording System with USB
List Price: $199.95

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Product Description

Everthing old is new again! Still love your old vinyl records? This turntable lets you enjoy them while transferring the recordings directly to your computer. Audio-Technica brings its legendary quality and audio fidelity to the digital realm with the creation of the new LP-to-Digital Recording System. In the box, you'll find everything you need to transfer your classic LPs to digital files: Audio-Technica's AT-PL50 stereo turntable, complete with built-in switchable phono preamp that allows direct USB connection to your computer; Cakewalk PYRO software; an Integral Dual Magnet phono cartridge; and an adapter cable. The system is perfect for creating CDs and MP3 player files that get your old tunes off the shelf and into your portable player. Stereo Cartridge with removable stylus Cakewalk PYRO Software lets you - Create MP3, WAV, and WMA files; Remove clicks, pops, and crackles from noisy LPs with DeClicker; Clean hiss, hum, and other annoyances from LPs with DeNoiser; Design full-color CD-Labels and jewel case inserts

  • Create MP3, WAV, WMA files and much more
  • Automatic stereo turntable with built-in switchable phono pre-amp
  • # Software removes pops, crackles or other audio imperfections from LP recording
  • Cakewalk software for both Mac and PCs
  • Includes USB cable, phono cartridge and Cakewalk software

Customer Reviews:

  • I'm very happy with the turntable
    I had no problems setting up the turntable and connecting it to my computer. Installing the softwear was a difficult for me but that might be just me but finally I manage to get everything working correctly....more info
  • Does everything its supposed to do
    Good product, does what it was advertised to to, and handily comes with cables to enable audio output through speakers and headphones.
    Clear set-up instructions. Good quality recordings to PC

    Beware - don't do what I did and plug the turntable into a 220V electric supply!

    The Cakewalk software is easy to use and gives quite good results.
    However digitising an album is still a time consuming task - to mark the split between tracks and then play with the noise-reduction filters to get best results
    I got prompt replies from both Cakewalk and Audio-Technica technical service (I recommend they include the guide to using the noise-reduction features of Cakewalk with the turntable)...more info
  • Doing Well
    Just as I expected. Adding LP's to my digital collection as I had wished to do. I'm not using the software from the box, but other program which was reported to be better. Competely satisfied with the turntable....more info
  • Very Easy, Highly Recommend
    I recieved this turntable on Friday and within one hour I was up and running. Connected the RCA jacks to my line in on the computer for sound and the USB for downloading. Loaded the Pyro software and I was done. The sound quailty is excellent and the software is easy to use. I have already copyed and burned 4 albums. Highly recommend placing the track markers before saving otherwise you only get two tracks one for side 1 and one for side 2. Also when saving save in multible tracks. I will tell you this I perfer burning through Nero verus Pyro. With Nero you can arrange the tracks in the order you want them but I have burned with Pyro and it worked fine. As for the turntable, well made and easy to use all buttons are very accesible. This is inportant when copying an album for sarting and stopping. Bottom line if your looking to get a usb turntable to convert your albums this is the one to get. Easy to use, not very expensive and well made. ...more info
  • audio technica at-lp2dusb limitations
    Audio Technica AT-LP2DUSB LP-to-Digital Recording System with USB

    This product made excellent reproductions of LPs. I would rate it a 5 except for the following comments. I was not able to reduce surface noise. It would be very attractive if there were an easy way to break up the tracks on an LP. The product has many features but the manual is so poorly prepared that it is not possible to take advantage of them. I tried to communicate with the manufacturer by e-mail about these issues and got no response....more info
  • LP to CD conversion
    Product is as represented. All features are present provided the instructions are followed....more info
  • Great for the money!
    I bought this turntable on the recommendation of the feedback here and I'm not disappointed. I had been given a 'Digital Innovations' (DI) USB Turntable from JC Penney's as a Christmas gift and that had proved to be garbage and so I returned it to the store and had got the money back.
    So I came to Amazon to look for a better turntable for around the same price and this is the one that immediately looked like a good deal.
    For the price it's very well made, the quality of the construction is way better than the DI one and it doesn't feel cheap and "plasticky" like that one did. It plays my vinyl ablums with no problem, whereas the DI turntable skipped so much (even on pristine vinyl) it was impossible to make any kind of recording with it. This turntable was ever so slightly fiddly to set up but not really a big deal. The software that comes with it is fine, but there are alternate programs out there for anyone who wants them. So I'm very very happy with this turntable. It does what it says it does and sounds great! Sure there are more expensive "audiophile" quality ones out there, but for someone like me who doesn't want to invest a lot of money and just wants to transfer some of their collection for general fun listening then this is a very good choice....more info
  • usb recording system
    i purchased this system solely to digitally record seven records that i had given to me as i had gotten rid of all of my records and turntable years ago on ebay. this system did exactly what i wanted it to although i was really disappointed with the instructions. i had to pretty much figure out how to record the records by trial and error. once i figured out how to do it the end result was just what i wanted. ...more info
  • Audio Technica LP2D-USB
    This was a birthday present from my son who lives in the USA.The product is excellent. It has a superb magnetic cartridge which alone may cost what was paid for the turntable. I am ecstatic about my 40-year-old LPs coming to life. Despite inadequate help files, I figured out how to remove clicks and pops with both Cakewalk and Audacity. Thanks for enriching my twilight years with all that nostalgia....more info
  • Worked for a day
    Received the unit on time. Opened for Christmas, worked for 1 day and then it stopped working. Had to send back and received another unit in about a week. Haven't tried the replacement yet....more info
  • Good turntable for the price, but...
    OK, as a simple turntable, it is great! The controls are conveniently located, it is quiet, and I've used Audio-Technica phono cartridges for decades.

    For recording, I seem to get audio sent to my PC (Dell Latitude desktop, Vista Home Premium or whatever). That's about it. The software is quite bad!

    I'm might be able to cludge something out using the Microsoft accessories. I might be able to use one of the bungled software packages to edit and burn once I've finished using the simple MS Recorder.

    A-T includes two disks. One is the Public GNU Audacity. I get only one channel input, for some reason. For editing, all I can do is destroy what I've recorded. The filters, effects, etc don't play nicely with MS .WAV files.

    The other is Cakewalk. This is a royal PITA! First, I spent about 2 hours tying to register it before giving up. (I did see I can apparently buy the "Full" version of this for $9.99 within the next week - they lie about having 30 days.) Second, I can't record with it. Unlike Audacity, I do get both channels to show for a bit. However, it will then stop with "DROPOUT" in a little red box at the bottom of the window. I've been through the manual (to their great credit, A-T does include a pretty decent one!) as well as the FAQs at both the A-T and the Cakewalk sites. Nothing mentioned, but I am awaiting tech support replies.

    So, again, a nice turntable. It's simply too bad functional software was not included....more info
  • Suggestion for Mac users
    I'm not going to reinvent the wheel and discuss the features, etc of this turntable or compare to older ones - it's the first I've had since I was five. Good enough for me.

    However, I found the software included to be less than great for Mac users. Audacity barely worked for me on my iMac and the interface was clunky. The other piece didn't work at all.

    However - I would STRONGLY suggest upgrading with Roxio's Toast 10 software. Toast is useful in a lot of areas such as file/DVD burning, converting .avi files to play on iPhone or iPods, etc. But the best feature by far is the great LP importing software. It automagically can split out tracks and sometimes identify the song and album names as well! You can easily edit the tracks, clean the audio up with added features, and there is a single click conversion to iTunes button which is awesome.

    Overall the turntable is good but with the upgrade to Toast its a whole other ballgame....more info
  • Not worth your money...
    This turntable just is not worth the money. The sound cable is hardwired to the machine, the software is problematic and the sound quality is not all that good. Buy a better quality machine at a little higher price and enjoy your music....more info
  • Great Value
    I had been trying to capture many of my favorite old LPs in digital format. I had this old turntable and amplifier which were doing the trick but I had to sync all this stuff. This product has it all in one unit and does everything it claims in its specs and more (in my opinion). Just plug in the unit to power, to your PC, and you're good to go. I use Audacity to record but Popfix to remove noise. I couldn't get the hang of noise removal using Audacity. The unit also serves well as a standalone turntable when not recording. This is a tremendous value for the dollar....more info
  • Great Product with an exception
    The product is terrific. It does everything it is supposed to do, and very well. My only complaint is that the Pyro software that comes with it was a trial version, that if you liked, you had to buy in addition. The ad gave the impression that it would be full software included. Luckily I have Polderbits Recorder and Editor on my computer, which is a fabulously easy to use program....more info
  • lp to cd
    The turntable is easy to connect to the pc and operate. The software that came with it can be somewhat confusing but if you use it for what it is meant for you will not have any problems. ...more info
    I kept putting off getting something like this because I was worried the audio quality wasn't going to be up to snuff, especially a model for around the $100 range. After reading the positive reviews I decided to take a chance and I have to say that for a low cost solution it was worth it. I am not planning on buying any vinyl albums but I still have about 1000 in my collection and some are either too hard or to pricey to get on CD.

    I can now enjoy my vinyl records again. The unit is easy to setup and the audio quality is pretty good for such a low cost unit. It beats having my vinyl records sitting around doing nothing. I can now get them on CD. The quality is good but not quite as good as the Thorens turntable and Shure cartridge combination I had been using but that turntable finally died after 20+ years.

    And the beauty is you can use it without having to plug into a receiver, just go right to the USB connection on your computer. You might want to make sure you have USB 2.0 on your computer. If not you can always get an internal 2.0 card like I did. The recording software that comes with the turntable is also easy to use.

    If like me you have a vinyl collection you want to enjoy again this is a great bargain. I'm not sure how much better the higher end units are but for the money this unit is very good. I gave it 4 stars and not 5 because like I said before, I still think my conventional turntable/cartridge setup was still superior, but that cost a heck of a lot more too.

    11/24/08 UPDATE-
    after doing recordings of various styles of music I did notice that the recorded audio file does need some fine tuning to improve the quality.
    I was using this product with my regular Thorens turntable-

    I'm not tied to that company in any way so I'm only mentioning it because it works and does help. I set the switch on the Audio Technica to Line and then plug the RCA cables directly into the Xitel unit mentioned above. I then plug the other end of the Xitel unit into the USB on my computer. I find the sound to be a bit sweeter and fuller and requires less enhancing although I still do enhance it a bit.

    Again, I have nothing to do with Xitel but I think their product is worth mentioning as I have used it and I like it. Read up on it and see what you think. Cheers!...more info
  • Fantastic
    I bought this turntable for my partner and she just loves it. She already has over 50 of her vinyls transferred to cds. She says, it's one of the best gifts, I have ever bought her....more info
  • LP to digital is not that dificult!
    I have dozens of LPs that I hadn't listened to in years. I don't even have a sound system, but now I can transfer the tunes to my computer and use the laptop's speakers to hear those great soundtracks, including my pristine Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark music and sound effects LP. Once you install the software and see the icon on your desktop, you can start saving the music digitally. What a great technology! When I first tried installing the software, I was frustrated by constant error messages. I concluded the computer was old and had internal problems. Before I threw in the towel I tried installing the software on my external hard drive...and it worked! And the desktop icon appeared, too! ...more info
  • works well but........
    Got this turntable as a Christmas gift. It arrived well packaged and in good condition. Assembled turntable and installed the software on PC - all very straightforward and simple. I found the software Help (online or included) wasn't all that helpful for several parts of the process. A lengthy, multi question e-mail to Cakewalk went unanswered. Through trial and error I've gotten the hang of the process. I haven't yet found a way to remove the hissing on some of the older vinyl,however, removing the louder pops simple. You can also easily engineer fade ins and fade outs to minimize disc noise. I'm finding that "cleaning up" the discs takes from 5-30 minutes depending on condition. Converting to MP3's is 1-2 minutes per song, depending on length.
    Be forewarned that you have only bought a '30 day trial version' of the software. The "full" version will cost an additional $9.99. It took three seperate tries to get the full version to actually install. Again, repeated e-mails to Cakewalk have gone unanswered.
    Figure 1-1 1/2 hours per disc and the old music comes alive again!!
    The product I like - the service is non-existent, hence the three stars....more info
  • We LOVE it!
    My husband had been talking of wanting to convert our old LP's to CD's. (Even though I have been after him for years to get rid of them!) I checked out the various products to accomplish the task. I was not sure exactly what product he had in mind but I wanted to surprise him. The price seemed reasonable and I found the previous reviews helpful so purchased this as a Christmas gift. Well, all I can say is it was a big hit! It's very easy to use, still mastering the process with the software but have created about 10 CD's already with good results. And I have to reluctantly admit..I'm glad he kept those LP's because what great memories we're having hearing them again! ...more info
  • awesome
    We are very happy with this player. we haven't used to its potential.. but like playing our albums and have sorround system.. ...more info
  • This is a toy
    This is a toy. No matter what I tried, I could never hear the record play nor could I hear any recording played back. I have internal speakers. I went out & bought external speakers. Same difference. A joke....more info
  • Works As Promised
    Picked this up to start digitizing the 700+ albums I've had stacked in a closet for years. Comes with USB cable which plugs directly into your PC.
    Audacity and Cakewalk included but the Cakewalk is a trial version which you have to pay for after 30 days. Audacity is free anyway. Turntable works well but be careful because there is nothing to lock the tone arm down when not in use so if you bump it its coming out of its cradle. A good value for the money and it does what it says - records your LP's onto your PC. This happens in real time so you have to listen to your LP's to transfer the music. There is a learning curve for Audacity but it will clean up the clicks and pops in your old records and make the recordings listenable....more info
  • usb port not needed with iMac
    I bought the turntable to use with my iMac. The audacity software simply would not convert files properly to load to iTunes. I finally realized I could use Garageband, which comes preloaded with the iMac. It works best with the speaker leads and not the usb line, so I really could use any turntable. With that said the turntable worked very nice. It is very solid and has done an excellent job....more info
  • hard to tell
    this does not work with MAC's even though the copy says it does.
    So it was a total waste for me....more info
  • it doesn't work
    I gave this to my 14 year old grandson for Christmas, he finally got it out and set it up to work on their sound system and it didn't work. They tried all the connections nothing. ...more info