Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10 [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

The Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 gives you creative inspiration and all the tools you need to enhance your digital lifestyle. Create, share and enjoy your movies, memories and music as only you can. A 3 step wizard lets you auto-edit your movie and easily lets you upload to YouTube in one click. Capture and edit High-Definition video and add surround sound playback. Record internet radio, batch convert files, backup your iPod and more. Enhance photos and video taken on your mobile devices and use them in projects with your other media. Embrace the next-generation experience of Windows Vista with Creator 10. Enjoy the new cool-looking, transparent glass user interface, streamlined work flow and easy access to essential tasks. Handy gadgets let you capture Internet audio or convert video to a format of your choice directly from your Windows Vista desktop. Record or edit audio tracks, add multiple sound layers and apply filters or effects, and convert audio files into other formats with Sound Editor. Now includes support for VST effects. The VideoWave timeline now supports up to 32 overlay, audio and text effect tracks, giving you the freedom and flexibility to make very complex productions. Add a Smart Sound soundtrack to your movie or slideshow that perfectly matches the mood and length of your project. Turn a camera phone picture into a keepsake with the Mobile Photo Doctor. Easily frame any photo to fit perfectly on your cell phone screen without bars or borders using Mobile Photo Fit. Auto-sync digital media on your PC and mobile devices. Set up custom profiles for easy transfer of music, photos and video from your mobile phone to PC and back.

The new Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 puts everything you need to express yourself digitally at your fingertips. Transform raw vision into sophisticated movies, stunning photo slideshows. Even advanced creative work is a snap, like timeline video editing or photo touchups and object cloning. Now you can auto-fix camera phone photos. Post video to YouTube with one click. Encode HD video faster. Burn or copy the latest HD DVD or Blue-ray discs. Share and enjoy your creations at home, on-the-go or on the web. It's the best software for all your digital media needs. Fully certified for Windows Vista and supports Windows XP too!

Roxio Central component provides a link to the many digital media components, applications and utilities offered in Easy Media Creator 10.

Media Manager includes dozens of tools to help you keep track of and work with your photos, videos and music.

Edit just about any video type.

Imagine great things. Now create them.

Suite and complete.
Creator 10 puts everything you need to express yourself digitally at your fingertips. Capture, organize, edit, enhance, protect, share and enjoy your photos, video and music as only you can.

Unrivaled, easy control.
Transform raw vision into sophisticated movies, stunning photos and more with Creator 10. Even advanced creative work is a snap, like timeline video editing or photo touch-up and object cloning.

Results that rock!
Imagine great things. Then create breathtaking vacation slideshows, mesmerizing wedding videos. Give a calendar or a music mix CD to a friend that cost you nothing but a few mouse clicks. Creator 10 makes it fun and easy with professional-looking DVD menus or templates.
Top 10 cool things you can do now with Creator 10

1. Copy* your favorite audio, movies and TV shows from any iPod to your PC.
2. Add perfect soundtracks to slideshows and movies--no looping.
3. Send videos to YouTube with one click.
4. Auto-fix your camera phone photos with the Mobile Photo Doctor.
5. Show off mobile phone pictures without bars or borders.
6. Auto-sync digital media on your PC and mobile devices.
7. Convert audio and video files to the format of your choice--right on your Windows Vista desktop.
8. Save tons of time by ripping CDs from multiple drives.
9. Control lots of gigs: save data to HD DVDs and copy with one click.
10. Automatically catalog the contents of your CDs and DVDs.

Key New Features and Enhancements
Easy Media Creator 10 combines over 40 components and many new features and enhancements into a comprehensive suite of best-of-breed digital media applications. Here is a quick breakdown of what's new in Creator 10:

Embracing Vista
The now fully certified Easy Media Creator 10, is the ideal complement and enhancement to Microsoft Vista. The product now sports a stunning new "Aero" User Interface design in keeping with the visual appeal of the latest Operating System. Perhaps more importantly, Easy Media Creator offers new features and capabilities that are specifically designed to naturally extend the digital-media functionality of Vista. Creator now also includes new Vista gadgets, which make it convenient for users to quickly convert audio and video files to a favorite file type directly on the Vista desktop. In the case of the audio gadget, users can also use it to capture audio from various sources including streaming Web audio.

Mobile Companion
Easily Media Creator 10 adds a number of features to allow users to maximize the use of their multi-media enabled devices. This includes a feature for quickly fixing photos snapped using a device's built-in digital cameras called Mobile Photo Doctor. In addition, Mobile PhotoFit ensures digital photos are displayed accurately based on the capabilities of the device and a synchronizing tool enables users to prepare content for automatic transfer the next time a device is connected.

Enhancing Audio
For audiophiles, Easy Media Creator makes improvements to AutoMix a feature that automatically generates a collection of songs that sound great together based on a single ?seed' song selected by the user. The resulting collection can be saved to the Hard Drive as a playlist, used to create a music CD, DVD, or sent to a mobile player. DVD Music Album, the feature that allows users to create 50-hour music DVDs complete with on-screen navigation has been enhanced with a range of new professionally-designed menu templates. Easy Media Creator also now offers a Batch Audio Converter that saves users time by automatically converting a wide range of audio file types into a single desired format (such as .MP3). The program also provides users with the ability to use disc drives in parallel so they can very quickly rip their entire CD collection. In addition, Creator's Sound Editor now supports VST plugins to allow users to enhance their audio editing and mixing capabilities.

Data Protection
Creator 10 lets users backup files to predefined archive categories such as Email, Financial, Music, and Photos or create their own custom categories. Special features allow users to backup only files that have changed since the last known backup or automatically prompt for a backup when an external Hard Drive is connected. Creator supports a range of backup devices and media including Blu-ray Discs and HD DVD discs. Large files can be automatically spanned across multiple discs as required. Finding a file that's stored on a disc is now a whole lot easier thanks to the new Disc Gallery feature that creates a catalog on the user's PC of all the offline content stored on CDs and DVDs. In addition, Creator now includes a feature to enable users to archive non-protected iPod music and video files to a PC even if that PC is not paired with the device.

After you have created a video using the video creation tools in Creator 10, you can easily upload it to YouTube.

There are dozens of menu styles to choose from for any event or occasion, including all new professionally designed styles with matching chapter/scene menus.

Video Editing and Publishing
Beyond the unrivaled editing power offered in the 32-track timeline, complete with batch video-segment removal, timeline markers and automatic tools for correcting color and removing background noise, users can now easily add the perfect sound track with the SmartSound feature. SmartSound provides a variety of built-in sound tracks to suit any mood. Users simply select the music they like and it is automatically added and adjusted to fit the length of their production. Video output options have also been enhanced. Creator supports quick output of video content to popular user-generated content site YouTube. The suite also provides new menu styles, menu navigation, and Fit-to-Disc auto encoding for when users author DVDs.

Creator 10 Key Components

Core, feature-rich applications provide a wealth of hands-on control.

  • Roxio Central
    Roxio Central is the streamlined central launch area where users can enter an application, a task assistant, or quickly complete a popular digital media activity such as copy a disc.
  • Media Manager
    Media Manager is the component that enables users to easily browse, manage, share and protect their media files.
  • Creator Classic
    Offers reliable data burning with powerful advanced features such as disc spanning, compression, encryption and parallel burning.
  • Video Copy & Convert
    Allows users to backup non-encrypted DVD-Videos or convert video files into preferred formats for use on an iPod, PSP, Windows Media portable device or mobile phone.
  • PhotoSuite
    For editing and enhancing photos, creating delightful photo projects and gifts.
  • VideoWave
    Powerful 32 track video editor with HD support and studio quality tools, effects, and transitions.
  • MyDVD
    For authoring professional-looking DVDs and VCDs
  • CinePlayer
    Full featured video player.
  • Music Disc Creator
    Create audio CDs with DJ-style fades, MP3 mix discs, or music DVDs with up to 50 hours of music.
  • Sound Editor
    Record, convert and edit audio files.
  • Label Creator
    Create personalized disc labels, case covers and inserts.

Music Disc Creator helps you create audio CDs with DJ-style fades, MP3 mix discs, or music DVDs with 50 hours of music, on-screen menus and shuffle play.

PhotoSuite provides picture perfect photo editing and enhancements, and helps you to create delightful projects.

CinePlayer is the easiest way to enjoy your music, photos, video and DVDs.

Vista Gadgets (accessible from Vista Sidebar)
Vista gadgets provide the ease of doing things directly on the desktop

  • Audio/Video Converter Gadget
    Drag and drop audio and video files for automatic conversion to a preferred format and to a preferred location (folder or portable device.)
  • Easy Audio Capture Gadget
    Instantly capture any audio playing on your computer, including streaming radio.

Task Assistants (accessible from Roxio Central)
Task Assistants guide users quickly through the completion of a rich project.

  • LP & Tape Assistant
    For digitizing LPs & tapes.
  • Quick Music DVD
    For producing 50-hour music disc on a standard DVD that plays in any DVD player.
  • Audio Tag Editor
    Automatically adds artist, album, song title or other track information to songs.
  • Plug & Burn
    Turns camcorder DV tapes into a finished DVD in one simple step.
  • CineMagic
    Automatically edits raw video into a finished production.
  • MyDVD Express
    Creates great looking DVDs with your pictures and videos.
  • Slideshow Assistant
    Transforms still photos into fantastic slideshows complete with pan & zoom motion effects, titles and soundtrack.
  • Batch Audio Converter
    Batch converts selected audio files or an entire library into a preferred format.
  • Multi CD Ripper
    Rip audio CD tracks to hard disk from multiple drives at the same time.
  • Photo Assistants
    Turn photos into calendars, cards, panoramas, posters and other memorable projects.
  • Express Labeler
    Personalize your CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs with labels and case covers D supports print to disc technology and laser labeling.
  • AutoMix
    Creates a perfect playlists based on songs that are similar to selected ?seed' song.

Innovative Utilities and Features (accessible from Roxio Central)
Creator 10 includes innovative utilities that help users do even more with their media and digital devices.

  • Disc Image Loader
    Mount up to 23 disc image files as virtual drives, as if they were physical discs in a drive.
  • Media Import
    Easily import and capture audio, video and photos from both digital and analog devices.
  • Disc Gallery
    Catalogs all the files stored on discs so users can instantly find an offline file

Great Menu and Project Themes (accessible from MyDVD, DVD Music and Photo projects)
Creator 10 includes innovative utilities that help users do even more with their recorder and media, as well as with other peripheral devices, such as cameras and camcorders.

  • DVD Menu Themes
    15 new high quality menu themes for DVD-Video creation
  • DVD Music Disc Themes
    10 new themes to fit any mood
  • Photo Projects Themes
    Standout projects with 34 new templates.
  • Easily produce impressive multi-media projects that combine photos, video and music; share and enjoy on CD, DVD, the web or on popular portable players and cell phones
  • Includes step-by-step video tutorials that lead users through the process of completing a wide range of personal digital-media projects
  • Backup non-encrypted DVD-Videos or convert video files into preferred formats for use on an iPod, PSP, Windows Media portable device or mobile phone
  • Powerful 32 track video editor with HD support and studio quality tools, effects, and transitions; edit and enhance photos, creating delightful photo projects and gifts
  • New features and capabilities that are specifically designed to naturally extend the digital-media functionality of Vista

Customer Reviews:

  • Has never worked properly
    I thought it was something that I had done or it was my computer but now that I see all of these bad reviews I understand it is Roxio. It has never worked as intended even after having been installed and uninstalled numerous times. It has ruined many DVDs because it stalls part-way through. Some of the features have never worked. And my computer is capable enough to handle it. I will never by Roxio again....more info
  • Comprehensive package of tools to manage multimedia files, with emphasis on video
    This is a comprehensive package of tools to manage all kinds of multimedia files. Backing up your files to CD or DVD is a snap with the drag and drop interface. The Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 does much more than this, however. The starting screen has a panel on the left with options including, Audio, Data Backup, Copy, Video, Media and Devices, Photo and Tools. The useful Audio features allow you to copy, rip or create your own music CDs. Media and Devices allows you to browse, manage and share photos, videos and music. The Copying Tools allow copying of DVD movies and burning of disc images. The simple Photo Tools allow enhancement of photos, and creation of panoramas, photo projects and slideshows, and emailing of photos. The Video Tools are quite comprehensive and it appears that this is the direction in which Roxio wants to take its product. It allows you to burn video directly from a camcorder to DVD, to capture video, to make videos with custom sound tracks and transitions, and finally to make DVDs. It supports conversion of different video formats including .avi, .mpeg, .mpg, .wmv, .mov and there is extensive DivX support. I have not used all Roxio 10's features, and the video ones not at all, but the ones that I have used are intuitive and easy to use....more info
  • Save your money
    Save your money and look for something else. This is the worst software program that i've purchased in a long time.. ...more info
  • Organizer, Editor, converter, Backup
    Talk about doing it all. The more I use it the more I find something to use. Organizing, I'm ok but tend to put everything in myphotos, myvideos, and so on. Of course the folders are full and it's hard ot find everything. I've made a lot of projects and have made subject folders. I can still see everthing with the media manager and by setting it on media type. It also monitors new media and adds it to the manager.
    For editing the programs are adequate, maybe a bit more. The photo editor has the essentials plus panaroma. It melds several photos together which is something I tend to do for landscapes and large objects like statues.
    Photsuite is not a professional level program but a quick editor. If you can use very advanced programs more power to you, but this is the right level for me. I've been able to make slideshows and albums. I tried one standalone generic album program but it didn't work well and saved in a weird format. It's easy to make the shows workable on pcs, macs and even the internet. I haven't done much in video editing but I do use roxio for video viewing. It replaced several small format specific players. I don't edit music files much but I do like the music creator program. I just select music type and a few other options and presto, custom music. Again, it's not a pro level program but an easy quick way to make simple tunes. I think the average user can pick this up and start using it immediately. It doesn't seem made for complex music making nor photo alteration. It does fix and convert media files easily. ...more info
  • Deadly for your computor
    Roxio Creator 10 is dangerous to say the least. After installation, my computer would not boot at all - so much for using restore. E-mailed Roxio, and their suggestions were of no help. Ended up re-installing Windows. What a mess. I will avoid Roxio from this point on....more info
  • Keep Away from Easy Media Creator
    After about six months of limited use, Easy Media Creator stopped working on BOTH of my computers. Technical support is absolutely TERRIBLE. They do not read what I tell them and my issue has not been resolved. I have wasted HOURS trying their suggestions and nothing works. They keep sending me instructions for Vista, even though I tell them over and over again that I use XP. I am just going to uninstall for the last time and buy PowerDirector. They refuse to refund my money....more info
  • Easy to Install and Use
    Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10 has a number of interesting functions. You can use the auto mix to automatically generate a collection of songs based on just one song you select. You can burn audio CDs and convert LPs and tapes into CDs. You can also use it to capture any audio playing on your computer such as from Internet radio programs, streaming music, and soundtracks from videos. You can create your own movies complete with music and edit the movies by selecting scenes you want to include or exclude in the movie. Once the movie is made you can save it onto a DVD. You can also back up your music, photos, videos, and other files using Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10.

    I find Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10 to be very easy to use. It was easy to install, although installation took a while and once it was done I also had to install QuickTime which also took awhile to install. Once it was installed everything was pretty self-explanatory, but if you run into any problems there is a helpful tutorial as well as a web page with useful how to articles. Each section also has a guide describing the various applications. The music portion of the program has dozens of useful functions including the ability to catalog your music and if you are in the mood to purge your CD collection, you can burn certain songs and create CDs with just the songs you want. My favorite part of the program is the movie section. It's very easy to upload and edit movies you've made, complete with music and text effects. I found selecting scenes to keep and delete to be extremely easy. It's also easy to upload them to YouTube if you want to.

    Roxio Media Creator Suite 10 is easy and lots of fun to use.
    ...more info
  • Easy Media Creator 10 crashed my computer
    Easy Media Creator 10 crashed my computer. I mistakenly used it before downloading the update that Roxio offers. BAD mistake. Will not use this program again!...more info
  • So Far No Problems
    I was hesitant to buy this software after reading the mixed reviews but I bought it anyway because I needed the software to burn programs to DVD that I had streamed to my computer from my TiVo. I followed all the advise of doing the installation on a fresh restart and turning off all other programs, especially the Norton virus protection and firewall. The install did take some time but went off without any problems. As stated in other reviews this program is definitely a resource hog and it does take some time to load the various components of the software but so far everything has worked well. One other reviewer mentioned a program that runs in the background and while he didn't say what that program was (go figure!) he said when turned off it helped performance. I think it is the Media Manager program that continually scans all your folders for new content. I turned that off as well but am not really sure if it made the program load faster. CD ripping is a breeze with lots of options and the basic DVD burning so far works well although it takes a long time to encode and then burn video material. I did have some initial trouble burning the .Tivo files to DVD but I finally got it to work and the burned DVD's play in my stand alone DVD player. I really think that all the negative comments about this program are individual computer system related problems. I mean think of all the variables that would cause problems. Luckily I have not yet experienced any of the catstrophic problems that some other users have had. The manual is very basic and just touches the surface of what each component of this program can do. Each component of the program has its own HELP information in the menu with more detailed information. This program definitely has something for everybody from the novice to the advanced user. Hopefully you will have good luck with it too. ...more info
  • complete waste of money
    First of all, this program is a massive system hog. It took over an hour to install, and then I had to do several registry tweaks to stop some of its components from automatically starting every time I boot (why do software makers assume their product is the only one you ever plan to use?)

    Then, the interface is clumsy, not very intuitive at all in my opinion. Simple tasks, like burning an MP3 disc, are not accesible from the main screen. I had to go to the "help" function to find out how to burn an MP3 disc, but "help" was nearly worthless.

    In fact, almost everything I've tried to do with EMC Suite 10 I've needed to search for help on, but the help screens (so far, at least) NEVER tell you where to go! They say "click on such-and-such button", but no such button exists on the screen where you're at, and they don't tell you how to get to the screen you need to be on.

    A couple "features" I found especially absurd became evident when I tried to burn a simple audio CD (which is 99% of what I expected to use this program for). The main screen has a "most frequent tasks" menu on the right, and the top of the menu is "Audio CD". Perfect, this should be easy. I add tracks, just like I did with the free Nero product that came with my CDRW/DVDRW drive, but I notice all tracks have a 0 second pre-gap. There ought to be a way to set a default pregap (and probably is, but I couldn't find it) - so I had to manually set the gap on each of the 17 tracks I'd loaded. Then, I want to burn 4 copies, so I click "Audio CD Options". What comes up is a menu of options, most of which have nothing at all to do with burning audio CDs. The only relevant options are "Normalize" and "Reduce Background Noise", features no one who cares about audio integrity would ever use at the burn stage anyway. No option anywhere, as far as I can tell, to burn multiple copies. So, back to the help screen - it points to a feature called "Burn Options", but as I mentioned before, doesn't tell me where to find it. I eventually find it, but it's not available in the "Audio CD" program I'm running - it's in another program called "Music Disc Creator" which has more features, but a completely different interface and a different project file format (in other words, even though I saved the project I'd set up in the "Audio CD" program, "Music Disc Creator" couldn't open or import it. Huh? Both components in the same suite, produced by the same software maker, and they're not compatible with each other? Is Roxio in competition with itself?) I had to start from scratch, loading my tracks, arranging their order manually (the wav files I wanted to burn are numbered, so all I should have to do is sort tracks by filename, but there doesn't seem to be any sort option), and manually setting all the pre-gaps again. Easy, sure.

    I bought this suite mainly for 2 reasons, I wanted CD-burning software with better control than my old program (which this does seem to have), and because I wanted to try some video editing. EMC 10 obviously has lots of features, and may not be so bad for someone already accustomed to Roxio's quirks, but I feel I've already wasted too much time on it. Since the interface was apparently designed by trained monkeys, I don't find a lot of incentive to presume that the actual function engines are intelligently conceived either. I plan to uninstall Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10 (if it lets me), try to get part of my money back by selling it on Ebay, find a comparable shareware product (there's probably even a freeware product superior to this one), and never waste my time on anything from Roxio again....more info
  • Give me an alternative - PLEASE!
    XP WMC SP2
    Version 9.? (can't tell you right now it is frozen up)

    I am using the nine version (well, I have installed it for the third time now, getting some use out of it is,...another story) and really want to find something that works. I need something that will produce a combo of slide show and video to DVD and allows the creation of menus. Oh yeah, and something that doesn't throw my system into Apocalypse mode. That would be nice. Please, I realise the people who come here have mostly been had by Roxio already (as have I) but some of you will have suggestions as to a stable alternative. After reading these reviews for 10 I can easily guess that "upgrading" would be sheer folly on my part only comparable to my installing this version 9? yet one more time.

    Also looking for recommendations on how to eliminate this from my system so I can stop hard rebooting as I have to since I installed. Plus it would be nice to get my Office Suite to run again. Help!

    I'm very sure that I will never knowingly buy another Roxio product after the circus that has taken place on my desktop...

    Now for the next hard reboot...

    February 19, 2009
    Okay, update. By the time I had fooled around with V9 I had to wipe my hard drive and reinstall my apps. Machine restored to good order and I have tossed the Roxio in the garbage. I wouldn't give it to anyone unless I REALLY didn't like them very much. I have noted mention of Nero as an alternative. Does anybody have any other suggestions for an alternate path to get to the same or similar capabilities? Thanks...more info
  • A poorly written overbloated program
    I have purchased and used Easy Creator from version 7 to version 10. Version 7 was a very good program, but I can't say the same for the overbloated vesions 9 and 10. The code is badly written. They take forever to install and longer to remove if you have to uninstall. The disks that you make for backups on read/write disks are not backward compatable. If you run Norton Utilities, it tanks Easy Creator and requires a reinstall to get it going. Other things interfere with it starting up but I can't say what they are. They just happen. Yesterday, when I went to use the program, It informed me that all the hard drives were locked and it wouldn't open. So I had to spend and hour or so to do a repair installation. I haven't tried Nero, but that will be my next purchase when I find the time to unistall Easy Creator from my computer. It is obvious that Roxio has put too much junk into one program that most of rarely, if ever, needed or used and I fail to understand why they can't make their programs backward compatable. Buy at your own risk. I have a copy of version 9 and version 10 to sell.Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10 [OLD VERSION]Roxio Easy Media Creator Deluxe Suite 9 [OLD VERSION]...more info
  • Incredible number of digital media programs
    I thought I hit the jackpot when I got ver.9. Having photo, video, and audio programs for a song of a price made me content. 10 added device support and a few more things. By far though I look at 10 as my device manager and have uninstalled the weaker individual device programs. I take lots of pics and a few vids on my cellphone and would like to keep them Instead of paying for internet email I send them to my pc by bluetooth. This is free and gives me the opportunity to edit the photos and videos. It works vice versa, it sends media to the phone. I can set the defaults for my phone so I don't have to keep resizing the specs. Another thing added from 9 is tracking cd/dvd content. I don't have to look at each disk to see what it contains. There are still the great editing programs only with a few more upgrades. ...more info
  • It will do what it says, but with unpredictable results
    I have purchased Easy Media Creator 8, 9 and now 10. I have been disappointed with them all but have always given Roxio a second chance with each new release.

    I recorded a TV musical in MPEG2 format.

    I used Roxio's MyDVD to make the DVD's. So far these are the problems you can expect to see when using this program:

    All the video is un-synced to the audio by half a second. It did not matter whether I used MPEG2 video or WMV video files.

    What you see on the screen is not what you get. Even though I meticulously manually made every chapter marker, the program decided to place them all one second ahead where I chose, creating unintended effects and losing the impact intended.

    The video quality varies and looks acceptable in some sections and looks unacceptable in others.

    Yesterday my first DVD attempt, for this project, produced a DVD that did not start at the beginning the the movie, even though I tested the playback of the DVD on the DVD Menu tester. It was supposed to start at the beginning as designed. Instead it started five minutes into the DVD, which was not even a chapter marker location. In fact, with that DVD I did yesterday I had not set up any chapter markers.

    Conclusion: Roxio MyDVD is a program to be avoided. It is unreliable and therefore unusable. If one program is unreliable in the suite, how can anyone trust the rest of the software? I have uninstalled the suite for good....more info
  • "A highly polished and often indispensable package"??? Nope.
    I spend alot of time burning DVDs, so I have experimented with many different kinds of DVD managing software. But when I just want to copy or re-author a DVD movie, my favorite used to be DVD XCopy (until they banned it), now I use the Slysoft software with the DVD Shrink freeware. I decided to invest some cash in a more robust program suite, and I got good results using Roxio's version 9 software, so I bought 10.

    This software is terrible. I had an awful time installing it. Then it only ran once and never started again. I had to re-install this program to get it to work again. The worst bug was discovered when I tried to re-author a DVD. The program went through the entire process which resulted in an unplayable disk. Also, it does not copy copywrited DVDs and you have to pay extra for certain add-on packages that should come with the software.

    Buy the Nero software suite instead. It has the same features as the Roxio software but none of the bugs....more info
  • Ridiculous waste of money
    I bought a new Vista computer a little over a year ago. It came with a "Easy" Media Creator 9 teaser. I bought the upgrade to Creator 10 "because it was Vista-compatible". Yeah, sure.

    After finding it to be trash, I set it aside for a year. Then I went back to get a software update. Would you believe a 1,500 MB download? The updated version does not do what I want it to do. I open the Video Converter and it takes quite a while to open. But if you wait it out you can click on Add Movies and a malformed screen opens with some text partially obscured. The hourglass cursor comes up and nothing happens again. No error message, just a sickening view of crapware.

    I'll be uninstalling this garbage and replacing it with several small programs from companies that have software support in case I have problems.

    I'm tired of small companies becoming large companies that lose track of what the customer wants. Selling a product may make the quarterly results look better but some of us remember what an awful experience it was with a particular brand and will never buy it again.

    If you think I'm just a sourpuss, check my other reviews....more info
  • Bitter Disappointment
    I expected to receive the unit in a used box with all the douumentation. It arrived as simply a CD in a bubble pack mailer without any documentation. I loaded it, but I have no Idea what it can do, without documentation.

    This was a cheap lesson. I will be more careful in the future when I purchase through Amazon. If i purchase through Amazon...more info
  • I Don't Often Admit Defeat--
    . . . but I did this time. I honestly can't remember the last time I gave up on a piece of software I really wanted to use, but this one beat me.

    I even went to the trouble of making a *second* clean install (a clean reinstall is about the only piece of advice regarding trying to make this package work I could get from Roxio's support for EMC 10; even that was gleaned from the forum--my emails went unanswered.).

    I should have paid attention to the reports here and not wasted my time with EMC10, but there's no doubt you lucky folks who have it working have a nice software suite. There's plenty of folks having no-run problems with this over at the Roxio forums, too.

    I still have XP, so maybe those of you running Vista might have better luck. I wish anyone buying EMC10 luck, but don't be surprised if you end up wasting eight hours or more like I did....more info
  • Good functionality, a bit clunky
    I received this shortly after upgrading to a Vista-capable laptop. I've had no problems with the software. It burns DVDs and CDs well, but not necessarily better than the software that was resident on my laptop in the first place. So, I give it credit for that, but can't necessarily recommend it just for that.

    The video and audio clean-up features are interesting -- I have a Flip video camera, and this has enabled me to produce a few more polished productions that might have been possible before.

    I really like the DVD Music Album feature -- perhaps there are other software packages out there and perhaps I am behind the times, but I wasn't aware of this kind of feature before using Creator 10. I have been able to put all of the work of particular artists onto one disc for handy use; for example, all of the Tallis Scholars work (which spans dozens of disks) or all of the Depeche Mode or Pet Shop Boys works (yes, I am a child of the 80's!) on one disc is very convenient and useful.

    Roxio was already the software I was used to, so there was not a significant lead time toward understanding the navigation or features from a functional level -- things operated fairly intuitively.

    I am happy with this software. I look forward as the need arises to explore the other functions. ...more info
  • Roxio Easy Media Creator 10
    Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10

    PC magazine calls this the best DVD Authoring software. It is. It does the most formats and makes it easy to make any kind of DVD you want. it also has very good but not great( I come from being a professional sound editor) Sound and Video editing for amatuer. Great product....more info
  • Good deal
    I had to upgrade because of Windows Vista. Great deal versus buying the latest Roxio 11...more info
  • My Bad!
    I got this item through the Amazon Vine program some time back in the Mesozoic Era. You probably didn't know they had computers then. Well, they did, but the software they had then is not much use anymore, osrt of like this product.

    Consumers wanting a similar product made for the Modern Age may wish to try Roxio Creator 2009. Or just wash your hands of the whole thing, shoot your TV, trash your cell phone, and turn off your PC. No more IPod, Facebook, Blogosphere; instead a life with other people and actual things - nahhhh. ...more info
  • Don't make the same mistake I did
    I have never written a bad review before, but when a program malfunctions on 3 yes THEEE computers I feel it's my duty to share my experience. First I tried to install on my computer at work. It would not install, so I figured it was a conflict with other programs on this computer (Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc). I found out later that it created a problem with one of the CD burners on this computer and it no longer recognizes cds.

    I then tried to install it in my bosses computer since she does not have the large programs on hers. Install went though, but program did not recognize either of the two CD burners and I could not get it to work. Found out later it caused a problem with BOTH CDs on her computer, neither work anymore.

    I was told that perhaps the problem was because of the multiple CD's on these two computers so I Installed it on the office laptop since it only had one cd burner. Installed just fine, actually got to use it, liked the program, I felt it would do what I needed. Left computer on and went home for the day. Next day I come in to find blue and black lines across the screen of the laptop. Rebooted, several times, still have blue and black lines. Computer is now completely un-useable.

    My boss ended up paying a computer guy $160 to come to our office to fix and restore all three computers that were in perfect running condition until I tried to install Roxio. I end with these words, don't buy this product!

    ...more info
  • Very good
    It is easy to use. I created CDs easily, though I did not have previous experience. I could combine clips and record....more info
  • Constant results
    There's so much I like to use. I don't worry about disk creation now. Many formats are included, some which I don't know if I'll ever use, but who knows. Most of the disks came out perfectly although physical disk problems can't be all fixed. The utilities to check the disk worked and sometimes there are bad sectors which it can repair. Sometimes I have to use scratch repair though and the results aren't always reliable. The program process is straight forward and disk burner can be loaded into memory. This also helps me remember to back up before I shut down.

    Organizing the songs are easy as the program will download album art if available, sort by title, year, music genre, artist, or whatever. I can make playlists based on this data too. A side audio capture program will create audio files from nearly anything. Even files that you can only stream and not download. I captured a tv show theme and integrated it into a custom photo slide show. It works with streaming music too. I'm surprised that such a mainstream program can get away with that.
    ...more info