HAVA Platinum HD TV Device
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Product Description

If you are looking to improve your home theater experience, the HAVA Platinum HD is a natural fit. By connecting any of your HD video sources directly to HAVA you now have the ability to stream your live TV programs to multiple PC's simultaneously around the home using your existing home network. If you have Media Center PC's, HAVA will allow you to watch TV on them without requiring a TV Tuner card installed or even a TV connection in that room. HAVA Platinum HD enables any network connected PC to pause, rewind, fast forward and even record your favorite TV shows to your PC's hard disk. If archiving of your favorite shows is important, then use the HAVA software client to burn them onto a DVD. Don't leave your home theater experience at home, HAVA Platinum HD allows you watch and control you home TV, set top box or DVD player from anywhere in the world from a broadband Internet connected PC or mobile phone.

The Monsoon HAVA Platinum HD lets you extend your home theater experience within your home and beyond! The HAVA accepts an HD video source and streams it throughout your home in DVD-quality video. You can also watch and control programming on any PC or mobile phone with a broadband Internet connection. You can also use your PC as a PVR by recording your favorite programs onto a hard disk for playback at a later time, and you can watch TV from a Media Center PC without a TV tuner installed.

The Monsoon HAVA Platinum HD:
  • Streams your HD television programming throughout your home network in DVD-quality video.
  • Automatically adjusts the encoding for smooth video delivery depending on your network bandwidth.
  • Lets you watch local programming on your cell phone or from anywhere else you have broadband Internet.
  • Works as a PVR, letting you record, pause, rewind, and fast forward live television.

You'll have control of your A/V components from your computer, complete with customizable virtual remote. View larger.

Connect your A/V sources to the HAVA and stream the content throughout your home. View larger.
Stream Live Programming Around Your House
By connecting your HD video source to the HAVA Platinum HD, you can stream live television to multiple PCs around your house using your home network. You no longer need to worry about TV connections and set-top boxes. Programming comes in at DVD-quality wherever you are in your home, and multiple users around your house can watch/record the same program at the same time thanks to VBooster Multicast technology.

View Television Remotely From Virtually Anywhere
The HAVA Platinum HD allows you to watch your local television programming, or other connected A/V device, from anywhere in the world with a broadband Internet connection. As you are watching, other members of the household can also watch the same programming on the home network. You can even remotely control the settings for virtually any A/V device, including PVRs, satellite TV, and digital cable boxes; a customizable virtual remote will show up on screen allowing for complete control of the device. It's like having a remote control that works everywhere!

Works as a PVR!
The HAVA Platinum HD can also function as a PVR. You can record, pause, fast forward, and rewind live TV right on your computer. Recorded shows are stored on your PC's hard drive. After you've recorded shows, you can burn them onto DVD for archiving or viewing during those instances when you don't have an Internet connection. The HAVA works out of the box with Microsoft MCE, or you can install the included PVR software for non-MCE PCs.

Using the HAVA mobile player software, you can watch television on your cell phone.
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Media Center PCs and Notebooks
When you connect HAVA Platinum HD to your network, you are in essence creating a virtual TV tuner for Media Center PCs. This eliminates the need for a separate TV tuner card, and the need for any hard-wired cable connection.

High-Quality Viewing
By employing the standard MPEG-2 format, the HAVA Platinum HD achieves the best possible video quality over a home network. Television programming that is streamed through your home network boasts DVD-quality clarity. The video is also simultaneously encoded with the MPEG-4 standard, which has a higher compression and allows for remote viewing over a broadband Internet connection by a single client.

Thanks to the VBooster technology, all the users on the home network can experience high-quality video. While watching video, users can simultaneously use the Internet for regular uses such as web browsing, email, chatting, printing, transferring files, etc. The encoding is automatically adjusted based on the available bandwidth to ensure steady and smooth video all the time.

The HAVA Platinum HD requires a home network with a 10/100 base-T router with an available Ethernet port, a broadband Internet connection (300Kbps upstream recommended) for remote viewing, and a PC with Windows XP/Vista and a minimum of an Intel Pentium 1.2 GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM for XP and 1GB of RAM for Vista, 75 MB of disk space for the HAVA software, an Ethernet connection, DirectX 9-class video card, and an audio output.

The HAVA Platinum HD is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
HAVA Platinum HD unit, two composite cables, Ethernet cable, power supply, IR blaster cable, two component cables, quick start guide, software CD.

Stream television to computers in your home, or to your cell phone wherever you are.

  • Lets you stream television content via your home network and watch from anywhere with a broadband internet connection
  • Automatically adjusts video encoding for smooth video, no matter the network activity
  • Functions as a PVR, letting you record, pause, and rewind live television
  • Works as a virtual TV Tuner with Windows Media Center PCs
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Hava TV Shifter - Perfect right out of the box !
    I checked out other user reviews of this product before purchase and went ahead anyway. I am so glad I did. HAVA Platinum HD TV Device
    This product works perfectly.
    It installed easily first time. It DID come with component cables. The picture on the telly IS 1080 using the pass-through cable. The image on my Vista laptop is fabulous even at full-screen when used with my wireless network at home. When remote the picture degrades of course, but the most important thing is that I can still watch ALL the Hi-Def channels that I am paying Comcast so dearly for. A really nice touch here (which shows attention to detail so rare these days) there is an on-screen replica of my Comcast remote which works EXACTLY like the one at home.
    PERFECT....more info
  • Very out dated Technology - poor video; bad signal, noise, ugly!
    This is right up there with turn of the century technology ( Clap_On, Walkman and Floppy disks).

    It's 10 years behind the state of digital television and it is only marginally better than my VHS player. It's cheap and I think it's probably more handy for an inexpensive Video Security System, instead of good TV or Movies.

    There is no excuse for poor Video quality in electronics. HD (1080x768) is the minimum standard and DVD quality is kinda like "Builder's Quality", it's the lowest.

    Anyway, who's got a network cable by their TV these days? Or who buys Microsoft Media Player for an OS? This stuff is very out dated technology. Buy a TiVo or Apple TV.

    Fortunately, I didn't buy one - I watched it work in a store that couldn't sell them, either....more info
  • Terrible support and product
    I recommend that you think twice before purchasing this product. Do your research. The tech support is the worse thing I have ever dealt with. Of course it is in India, and yes they do read from a script. I had an issue with the power supply of which it was defective. Tech supports only suggestion was to buy a new one or return it to the retail store. Unfortunately returning it is not possible since the retail operation I bought it from is going out of business....more info
  • HAVA - Slingbox alternative
    I don't have a cable box and this does not have a direct cable co-axial input as does the more pricey Slingbox. However once I got it set to a cable box - installion was intutive and less than 45 min. Have used it internationally and it has a better quality than the Slingbox I have used ith the past.

    Would recommend - I purchased for $109 ...more info
  • A Waste of Money - Buy a Slingbox
    I am writing this review after finally setting up the Hava after 3 months. I thought I was doing things wrong, but the problem was not me. It was the Hava.

    First, I am running Vista, but it doesn't set up properly with 64 bit Vista. It seems it doesn't support all versions of Vista.Forget about Mac support. There is none. So I set the program to compatibility mode. OK. I got through the setup.

    But not in HD. I can't seem to get that to work. I am connecting to a Time Warner (Scientific Atlanta 8300HD) DVR. So I've got it working in composite mode with a PC on my home network. I bring up the remote and click on the button for the recorded list of programs. No go. This really was the main reason I got this box. Subtract one star.

    Then I tried to watch remotely via the internet. A message comes up that the server can't be reached. Subtract another star.

    I go to the help screen, but it was no help at all. Not even a link to a support website. The only web address was for a company that provided the fonts for the software (like anyone would ever need to know THAT!). Subtract another star.

    So I google Monsoon and find their website. Not much help there. Another star gone.

    The product description extols being able to watch from a mobile phone. The other reason I bought this, to watch on my iPhone. Apparently you need to purchase additional software to do this. I haven't really looked into this since it works so poorly on a PC. Another star less.

    I own a Slingbox and it couldn't have been easier to setup and use. Plug it in load the software and you're off to the races. I also was a network administrator in my job so I am not a complete moron when it comes to computers.

    I know most people don't like reading negative reviews of products, and they are often due to people's dissatisfaction with Amazon service or delivery problems. Or they got a DOA device. This is not the case here. If you look at some of my other reviews, you'll see there are lots of products I really like and are great purchases.

    Please pay heed to this and the other one star reviews of this device and save your money. Buy a Slingbox.

    I am sorely disappointed with this purchase. NO STARS...more info
  • A Super Device
    I just starting using this device yesterday. Especially I am now watching TV on my pocket-sized Nokia N800---from anywhere, but not yet on my iTouch, awaiting approval of the client software from Apple.

    The results are very good indeed, really wonderful.

    The software and instructions are also very well worked out, even if the instructions might appear skimpy.

    That does not mean the setup is easy. Before I received the Platinum, I studied my satellite book diagrams very carefully. Then I stopped to think about what to do every time I ran into something I did not understand.

    If I had to do it again, I would have begun with the pass-thru setup, rather than avoiding it. I would have drawn a little connection diagram before even starting. I did read the manual BEFORE ordering.

    I have noted some review complaints on video quality. Buyers need to recognize that there limits to technology in regards to bandwidth and compression, and that HAVA has made the right choices. The picture on the N800 is actually dazzling, simply because the screen is small. But this is not HD on a large screen.

    Many products are released before they are ready for primetime. This not one of them. Works even better than described or expected. The price is right, too....more info
  • Great value, really enjoy this device
    I was looking around at different options for watching TV on my computers and I came across this in google. The price was right, so I went ahead and bought one with overnight shipping and I've been really happy with it.

    I plugged it into the ethernet jack I had behind my TV and wired it up to my DISH network receiver and powered it up. Back on my desktop PC, I simply installed the software and it auto-detected the device on my network and walked through a setup process very easily.

    I also installed the client software on both of my laptops which have wireless cards. I can now sit outside and watch dish network on my laptop while the kids play in the sandbox. I'm doing it right now.

    Great work on this device - especially for the price and the capability. The only problems I've had is that it started stuttering and dropping frames a lot so I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it hasn't done it since. I also could not make the remote control work with my dish receiver until I got tech support help.

    One of the reviews here said the support was bad, but I received an email back with the correct answer within an hour, and then later that night another person emailed me back again with the correct answer (multiple people emailing back seems wasteful, but it's better than being ignored). The problem was that my dish receiver was set up for remote #9, but the hava only transmits on remote #1, so you have to reset your dish receiver to accept remote #1 codes. This wasn't too hard and I found the dish user manual with google.

    Overall I really like this gadget. I use it all day long at my desk and when I'm on my laptop in my back yard....more info
  • Great for recording video games.
    I do some online competitions with my Xbox 360 and this device was the best (and cheapest) method to record games in near hd quality. I could not find anything that would come close to the Hava for the same price. I originally purchased the Titanium and had problems with it. When I contacted Hava Support they explained to me that many of the Titanium's went out with bad chips. So I have been using the Platinum for about 6 months and I think it was money well spent. Also, it is about $40 dollars cheaper now than what I paid for it....more info
  • Loving it!
    Just got this product from Amazon, it's a small simple amazing device. Extremly simple to set up and it works like a charm. But if you are a lucky owner of a Nokia N810 Internet tablet, then you will strike gold since Hava made a very nice player for the tablet and it works great. So if you are looking for a cheap and great video streamer the Hava is your best bet. ...more info
  • Thinking about a sling? Think again!
    Right out of the box, this is a better product than sling box. Let me just say that I have personally used both products on the exact same setup and this one is far superior. Setup was a breeze, I didn't even have to touch my router and everything was up and running very quickly. I plugged it in, my computer found it on the network and a couple minor settings that the wizard guides you through and your done. I didn't even have to configure my router and had no problem connecting from outside the local network.

    Local performance was excellent. Video quality was great and audio quality was very good as well. Didn't have to adjust anything, worked right out of the box.

    Remote video also worked right out of the box. One thing I noticed is the upload speed seems to be capped at about 1 megabit. Now that uploads are getting faster, I don't know why they wouldn't let you go higher. Hopefully this is fixed soon. Picture quality is ok, but not even close to lan. Ease of setup for remote access is very simple.

    I noticed the hava to be overall much less laggy then the slingbox. Better video quality hands down and a great interface. One huge upside to the hava is it automatically records to your pc just like a dvr. So even on remote viewing if you rewind something, it is instant since it will be cached. If you have a dvr, the hava is actually recording what comes out of the box, so if you are flipping channels or doing menu commands and rewind something, this will show up. Just keep that in mind.

    -Easier setup than sling
    -Better video quality hands down
    -Built in dvr
    -Excellent interface
    -Very little lag
    -Worked great on an older computer
    -Windows mobile player is free vs paid with sling if you have a smart phone
    -HD looks pretty good on local connection.

    -Remote access viewing capped around a megabit
    -Poor audio quality via remote access (need adjustment setting)
    -I got the mobile player working, but much to laggy to watch (HTC Touch Pro/Sprint EVDO)
    -Not full hd (says full hd on the box)

    Overall I am very happy with it and if you are in the market for one of these devices, get a hava. One thing to note, this box will take in a hd signal which is good because my dvr is an hd box. However while the hd channels look much better in the player it is still not hd. So don't think you are going to be streaming actual hd all over the place. Again, it still looks very good but by no means is it full hd. The player does have a full and widescreen setting which even widescreen looks good on standard channels. Player does an excellent job as displaying video. I'm still giving this 5 stars as setup was a breeze and everything worked right out of the box. Only thing I am a little disappointed with is the audio quality on remote viewing and the bandwidth cap which can be fixed via software/firmware update. ...more info