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Logitech G9 Laser Mouse
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $62.95

You Save: $37.04 (37%)


Product Description

Customize your mouse to meet your performance and comfort needs.


  • Interchangeable Grips: Use the included Wide Load and Precision grips to get a fit and feel that?s best for your playing style. The satin texture and fuller shape of Wide
  • Load add extra comfort while the DryGrip technology plus compact shape of the Precision grip give you unmatched fingertip control. 3200 dpi laser engine with Full-Speed USB: Get uncompromising speed and accuracy from a high-performance Gaming-Grade laser engine-plus instant cursor response with Full-Speed USB (up to 1000 reports/second).
  • Game settings to go: Take your personal mouse preferences with you. The G9 saves mouse settings in onboard memory-store up to 5 profiles (including keyboard macros, dpi settings, and LED color) on the mouse and play your way-without additional software installation-on other PCs.


  • MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel: Use Logitech?s exclusive MicroGear scrolling technology for precise, click-to-click scrolling-perfect for quick weapon selection. Or switch modes for frictionless, hyper-fast scrolling.
  • Adjustable sensitivity: Shift from pixel-precise targeting to lightning-fast maneuvers without pausing the action. The G9 gives you instant access to multiple sensitivity levels between 200 and 3200 dpi, without driver installation.
  • Weight tuning system: Prefer a heavier or lighter mouse? Use the weight cartridge and up to 28 grams of metal weights to customize your G9 for just the right feel.
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene feet: Super-slick feet glide effortlessly across almost any surface.

    Comfort and Convenience

  • Custom-color LEDs: A color LED display indicates the current sensitivity level and profile settings. Personalize the color LED display by choosing from hundreds of colors.
  • More grip styles: Swap out your grip for a new look and feel. In addition to the provided Wide Load and Precision grips, other grip styles are available for
  • Features:
    • Interchangeable grips
    • Ultra gaming-grade precision
    • Plug-and-play performance
    • Weight tuning system
    • Custom-color LED display

    Customer Reviews:

    • Not worth it , and here is why (Am an extremely hardcore gamer)
      I was looking around for a new mouse since my so called "G9" i consider it dead and saw the G9 and thought i should drop little review of my experience with it ..
      1st it says "DryGrip technology" it`s not that great from my experience with this mouse , my hand sweat and even though am using air-conditioner .. and aswell a SX steelpad . the mousepad is kinda better the regular MPs but the mouse nah , i was really excited about feature in G9 but i didn`t think it would be this inefficient in hardcore gaming .
      2nd Interchangeable Grips" the standard 1 is little to big and the small one is too small .. not to mention the small grip have sharp edge at the bottom of the mouse and it would scratch off the surface of the mousepad ,Not sure if it`s only with me having bad luck of other people aswell .
      3rd the surface is like my old 2 G5s and 1 G7 (feel am gonna sell it as collection ...) after just phew months of using with extreme care (have previous 3 logitech mouses with same problem so i wanted to be extra cautious with this 1) even though it`s like it sisters the surface is scratched very badly (don`t forget am using the best mousepad in the world SX steelPad 50 Euro ..) also the Interchangeable Grip started to peel off near the side buttons where i use my thumb and also near the palm spot peeled off .
      So it`s so not worth it at all . i think i`ll just get G3 or MX 518 or try a Razer mouse (much cheaper and will last longer am sure of that) .
      This is my own opinion as a hardcore gamer playing FPS (counterStrike source) and also using the pc for long time every day for work and gaming .
      Have a good day\night and stay away from this mouse if you are a hardcore gamer .
      Sallam ....more info
    • Great mouse
      This is a great mouse for people with large hands. It is big enough where my palm can rest on the back of the mouse, but even people with small hands can still use it. I really like the textured grip. I have sweaty hands, but I never lose my grip on this mouse.

      You might think that it is weird to add weight to a mouse and when I first started using it, I didn't use any. After a few weeks I added some weight, then added more again. I am up to 11 grams now and the added weight really makes small movements easy.

      The DPI sensitivity is something I had to get used to. I was coming from a really old mouse, and was not used to such precise movements. I started out with the DPI set kind of low and worked my way up to 2800, and I should probably move up again.

      I really like the fact that I can adjust the horizontal and vertical speed movement. Because I use a wide-screen monitor and had little room on my mouse pad, I have the horizontal speed set much higher then the vertical movement speed.

      The only thing I would change, is to move the on-the-fly DPI buttons to under the 4 and 5 mouse buttons. This would make changing much easier. Might be just me, but I also like a stiffer left and right mouse button....more info
    • Worked 2 days
      This is the most expensive mouse I have ever bought. I got it for my son, it worked 2 days and then would not scroll. Amazon was great with the return....more info
    • Not what I was hoping for.
      A few things I wasn't expecting persuaded me to return this mouse and go back to the best mouse ever: the MX Revolution.

      1) The hyperfast scroll wheel DOES NOT include smart-shifting technology. In order to change between freewheeling and clicking, you must turn the mouse over and engage a switch. In my opinion, this defeats the entire purpose of the expensive wheel.

      2) The onboard memory does NOT retain ALL of your settings on all computers. When used on computers without setpoint, some features are not available, such as horizontal scrolling and zoom.

      3) The clunky feel of the mouse is not characteristic of Logitech. I did not find the mouse to be comfortable even with all the options.

      4) The cord is stiff! Thanks to a nicely gliding mouse and slick coating on the cord, when you let go of the mouse it may wander away. It also sticks up and gets in the way of everything.

      The only thing I really found as impressive as advertised is the DPI switching ability, which is super cool, but not worth keeping....more info
    • Too small
      The Bad:
      It's too small for medium to large hands, unless you're a claw-gripper. The smooth default grip is nearly useless unless you are a child or have small hands --- it's too small to palm, and too slippery and "velvety" to claw. So you'd spend more time trying to hold onto the mouse than actually working or playing. Sadly, the smaller interchangeable grip is the grip of choice if you're a palm-gripper, when it was designed for claw-grippers. The center of your palm will never be supported, leaving a gap of air.

      The thumb-buttons are set too far back, causing me to retract my thumb before I can hit the "back" button with my thumb joint. This simply won't do for gaming. If I place my hand further back to accommodate the thumb buttons, then my palm won't be supported by the mouse at all, which makes me have to claw the mouse with my fourth and pinky fingers.

      The Good:
      Scroll wheel "MicroGear" works like a charm for scrolling quickly and stopping precisely at the portion of the page you want. This feature, along with Logitech's great mouse feet, makes it a little difficult for me to ditch the mouse.

      Since I still have my MouseMan Optical Dual Sensor mouse (Logitech), I periodically compared the grip comfort between the two mice. There is really no contest... the old old MouseMan's chassis is by far superior to the G9, for large and medium hands. There is definite palm arch support with the latter (and I suspect with the G5 as well). Whereas my hand (or any of my buddies') can't climb on the G9 at all and rest on top of it.

      Get the G9 if you are a clawer. For palmers, look elsewhere. I'll be returning this unit before it causes me joint damage....more info
    • Good mouse
      Okay, So I bought a gaming mouse and I don't play any games on my pc, WDF was I thinking. Anyways, the mouse gets the job done. I love how fast the mouse is able to register my movements but you probably could get a mouse that registers faster at a cheaper price point.
      However, I understand why a gamer would need all the features provided by this mouse but a person like me who just needs a mouse for general things such as surfing the web, doesn't really need this mouse.
      The only time I found switching between the dpi useful was during photoshop but otherwise everything else is okay...
      Changing the weight or the grip isn't really what should be the selling point of the mouse. Its a really cool feature but not really useful.
      Overall the mouse is good, I would recommend it for a gamer and general use. ...more info
    • Amazing...
      I used to own the logitech mx revolution and i thought it was the most comfortable mouse ever. After using the comfort grip on the g9 i will take that back. This IS the most comfortable mouse i have ever used....more info
    • Simply Put, Wow!
      I have owned many computer peripherals, especially mice, and the G9 is by far the best that I have ever owned. Interchangable grips, 8 weights to mix and match to your preference, on-the-fly DPI changing (buttons right on the mouse!) and incredibly accurate and smooth tracking. You couldn't ask for anything better from a mouse! Five stars for the best piece of gaming equipment I have ever owned. I highly suggest this mouse over anything Razer can put out ;)...more info
    • Great upgrade from the MX518
      I moving up from my longtime trusty Logitech MX 518 High Performance Optical Gaming Mouse (Metal) to this and am loving it. The weight adjustments, non-catch cord, and the way it glides so smooth are amazing. Paired this with a Razer Exactmat with Exactrest Gaming Mouse Pad & Wrist Rest--Black and I'm in gaming heaven. This mouse feels great for the hours of coding I do also. Another great one from Logitech....more info
    • Logitech G9 Laser Mouse good, but not great.
      I purchased this prodcut with the hope of improving my gaming speeds. I had one of those simple mouses that comes with a computer purchase. The Logitech makes me feel like I am working with a better mouse, and it fits my hand better. However,it has not increased my gaming speed. I am giving it does take some getting used to. The colors are nice and the ability to change dpi is very nice. One thing I have found is that my hand seems to get tired more quickly using this mouse....I never had that before.

      I wish there was a way to actually try a mouse before purchasing it....maybe a 30 day trial period or something. That would make picking the right mouse much easier....more info
    • Wonderful mouse
      The weights allow you to customize the mouse to your preference. Action is smooth and stable and the mouse feels great in your hand. Even my wife likes it, and she has very small hands.

      If you're serious about gaming or you just want a great quality mouse, you can't go wrong with the G9....more info
    • Good mouse, has 1 problem
      The only problem I have with this mouse is the size and the hard textured cover for this mouse is also textured on the bottom section of the mouse. Since there is texture on the bottom of the cover, it slows the mouse movement down. A bit of sandpaper does take care of the problem though....more info
    • Worked 2 days
      This is the most expensive mouse I have ever bought. I got it for my son, it worked 2 days and then would not scroll. Amazon was great with the return....more info
    • Really good, use it without the weights an grips
      Had this for a couple months now and love it. I thought the weights would be a good idea so i tried a bunch of different combinations and it turns out i like it best with no weights, so the mouse is as light as possible. Why would you want more weight to push around and strain your wrist even more? It doesn't make you any more precise.

      Also with the two included covers you can put over it to make the grip different, I tried both of those and actually like it best with neither of them on. None of the pictures show it like that because I don't think its intended to be used like that but its great.

      The laser is super accurate, on dark or light colored surfaces, and anything I have put it on. The teflon pads on the bottom are huge so it moves really smooth on most surfaces. The sensitivity buttons are in a really good place, and I have never hit them by accident.

      The braided fabric cable is plenty long and really durable.

      The only downside is the scroll wheel is a little hard to push down for a middle click. This might cause you to accidentally roll the wheel when trying to middle click, which is bad in games because it will make you switch guns just at the wrong time. But if you are a former G7 user like me, then you have learned to compensate for it, and its not a problem.

      Best mouse I have ever used period. Try to get it when it goes on sale. ...more info
    • perfect for autocad
      I have been looking for a replacement for my favorite wired ball mouse for quite some time and have tried several wireless and optical mice that just didn't work for me due to latency and accuracy issues. The G9 is rock solid.
      Thanks amazon....more info
    • This was not an easy review!
      I previously owned a M518. I really enjoyed it, but times changed. My needs changed as technology changed. Who would have guessed? The G9 took me only one week to get comfortable with. I have already begun to utilize the free spinning scroll button, the motion sensitivity options and the multiple/interchangeable grips. It's all base on the "task at hand." I have found versatility and comfort in one sweet package. Believe it or not, the ability to adjust weight of a mouse will affect how long, or short, you will be able to use any mouse. I work a majority of my day at a computer and I like to use my PC when I go home. Both tasks are very different and yet I have one mouse to that does it all. Ratings "On-Duty" = A. Ratings "Off-Duty" = A+. Work, School & Play rating is a 4.0 GPA....more info
    • One small caveat for others
      In brief, this mouse is everything that other reviewers have already mentioned. That is, excellent precision, extremely comfortable for a palm-grip right-handed user, and all the features (scroll/click wheel, thumb buttons, on-the-fly dpi adjustment, adjustable weight, etc) are well implemented and extremely useful.

      But there's one small thing that bothers me about this mouse and I didn't see it mentioned by anyone else: the middle-click button. I find I middle click a lot, due to the firefox shortcut where you can close a tab by middle-clicking it. The middle button on the G9 is really stiff; I have to press pretty hard to get it to register. It makes closing tabs ever so slightly more difficult, which detracts from my overall experience with this mouse.

      However, overall I would still give this mouse 5 stars, and recommend it for others to purchase....more info
    • Logitech G9 Mouse Review
      Over all great mouse. Excellent for all types of PC use. Extraordinary features and software. Completely customizable settings. Hands down an excellent choice for gaming and everyday PC use. Solid construction and excellent feel especially for larger hands. Absolutely the best mouse you could buy for the money when found on sale with MFR to boot. ...more info
    • Middle Mouse Button Requires Force
      In addition to all the other reviews, I'd just like to add that the middle mouse button is very difficult to press. It requires a ridiculous amount of force to push down. I died many times in various FPSs because I couldn't hit the middle quickly enough. Fortunately, this is fairly easy to fix: either change the middle mouse button to one of the secondary buttons using the downloadable software, or just change the key binds for any games you play. Other than that, this mouse is very good, and I'd recommend it to anyone who has the cash....more info
    • Logitech G9 mouse is cool
      G9 works nicely, but beware. My computer, running WinXP, apparently didn't like the change. All was well until I shut off my computer. Upon reboot, it wouldn't reboot. It never got out of the DOS startup. Disconnecting power and reconnecting power worked at first for Windows bootup. The problem apparently was that I should have uninstalled the old mouse drivers first before installing this G9. After much playing around with uninstall and reinstall, everything is ok now. I'm not sure if it was the mouse or my error that caused all that. Anyway, FYI....more info
    • Very few flaws
      Well I bought this mouse a few weeks ago and I'd have to say I'm extremely happy. Enough so to bother writing a review on it. I've owned the Logitech mx518 and G5, the Microsoft MSIE 3.0, Razer Deathadder and Salmosa. Out of the above, I was happiest with the Salmosa for its light weight and great finger control. Then I got this, the g9, on sale. My control and accuracy has greatly improved. However, it did require a good 3 days of getting used to the feel and fine tuning the dpi and sensitivity to my liking. But that should be expected from any new mouse.

      The mx518 and G5 were accurate, but the molding of the mouse and lack of space for my pinky would cause my hand to cramp after an hour or so of use, and my hands aren't the largest out there. The Deathadder fit the best in my hand, if you like palming mice, but it just lacked the accuracy I needed in first person shooters like CS source. AND, it would skip when playing on a lower sensitivity which Razer claims it was designed for (fail). The MSIE 3.0 fit great but had issues with the scroll wheel going off when moving the mouse as well as the right click button, and the Salmosa was a tad too light and small. I could move quick to get my cross-hair on the enemy, I just couldn't keep it on the enemy. But the g9 fixed all this for me.

      The wide stance of the g9 allows me to grip with my thumb and pinky to stabilize the mouse but without having to squeeze very hard. The shorter length keeps the back of my wrist on the mouse pad allowing easy, slight side to side aiming for perfect control. The lazer engine has been spot on with no skipping and it never feels like I overcompensate and aim past a target. Great response and with the acceleration turned off, it actually feels like there is no acceleration unlike some other mice. The weight of the mouse is perfect enough without the additional weights. Light enough for quick movement, but heavy enough to not be out of control. If you want it heavier for more control but potential slower response time, the option is there. Note: my ability to spray in CS Source has improved twofold. The dry rough textured cover is slim to give me more of that fingertip control that I desire, while the wide smooth grip has more of a fuller palm feel (but not 100% like a palm mouse). There is no shortage of slide feet on this mouse unlike the small pads on razer mice. The main part of the mouse has two large feet, one front one back, for really great glide. The wide grip does have a small additional Polytetrafluoroethylene foot under the thumb to support the weight or force of your thumb when in use for an even smoother glide. Both grips feel great by the way and I've never experienced any hand cramps even after 4 hours of straight game play!

      All of the buttons have a great click feel, none are too sensitive where I accidentally click them, but the wheel button is VERY stiff compared to other mice. Luckily for me I never use it. The dpi switch button is a little unorthodox at the back of the left click button. Not the greatest spot in my opinion, but isn't too hard to get used to. The thumb buttons on either cover are in decent spots, they stick out enough and also have a solid yet easy to push click. The button switch for the scroll wheel is on the bottom with the profile changer. To me this isn't a big deal. Most likely you will like 1 setting for the scroll wheel and keep it that way forever. I like the click scroll myself.

      The weight system does load in the back of the mouse. This can make the mouse a little rear-heavy when loaded up. In my opinion it doesn't make the mouse awkward to handle since it is kind of short. The 28 grams should be more than enough for a heavy mouse user and the weights are easy to pop in and out. Plus with the cover on you don't need to worry about the weight cartridge accidentally popping out.

      The new setpoint software is easy to use and is pretty much self explanatory once you open it up. It has lots of options to change your sensitivity, dpi, color, etc. The 5 different profiles are there and can be saved on the mouse if you travel a lot. So you can keep your settings when using a different computer. The only thing is, when you save a change it will reset your current dpi to whichever your middle setting is, so you then have to re-click to the dpi number you want. Not a big issue, just FYI. Also, unlike with the g5 setpoint, I have had no issues with my settings getting changed when I open different games or programs!

      I think I covered most of everything. The price is a tad much. But if you can find it on sale for 60 or less then by all means pick this mouse up. Especially if you are looking for more of a finger tip controlled mouse.
      ...more info
    • Awesome gaming mouse! A must buy!
      This mouse is absolutely awesome. I've always been a fan of Logitech mice, having had a G7 and G5. I was looking for a new mouse and tried some of the Razer mice. I didn't find them comfortable at all and after using them for several days, they still didn't cut it. So I decided to try the Logitech G9, and I'm so glad I did.
      First this mouse is extremely comfortable. I could just pick this mouse up and start playing, and didn't lose any of my previous accuracy in FPS. Anyone who has gotten a new mouse knows that it usually feels weird when you first get a mouse. This mouse just felt right. There was no adjustment period, it was just perfectly shaped for your hand.
      Also this mouse is great for customizability, you have two grips, adjustable weights, and the software is very robust and lets you create profiles for mouse sensitivities and even changing the color of the LED.
      The tracking on this mouse is perfect, I've never had the mouse skip on me, and I usually play FPS games like CS, COD4 and TF2. The construction of the mouse is top notch, I've had it for several months without any sign of wear to the grip or the bottom of the mouse. All in all a fantastic mouse. Definitely a 5 star product....more info
    • Logitech G9 just a great product
      pI now own 2 of these things and they are fabulous, I can adjust the DPI on the fly and the mouse is ultra responsive which is exactly what I am looking for in a gaming mouse... I highly suggest this mouse it is very comfortable and precise... A++++...more info
    • awesome!
      this Mouse is phenomenal... I bought it for gaming and it blast all the other devices away.... i love playing Counter-Strike with the G9....1...more info
    • Better Than Your Old Mouse...WAIT...IT BROKE!

      Never in my life have I found such a fast accurate mouse, where so much thought went into the design process. In fact, this is not for all practical purposes a single mouse, but you could at least consider it two different mice. Why? Well, it has two grips, which have two totaly different feels. Combine that with a totally customizable unique weight balance system, and you have quite a few combinations of custom mice right out of the box. You will probably settle on just one or two, but never have the choices been so plentiful.

      Everything you get with this mouse is top notch, but you might expect that if you are willing to shell out this much for just a mouse. Sure, it might be the best mouse you've ever used. Sure, the feet glide, and the weight and grip combos are fancy, and the wheel can spin freely or spin in clicked steps, and macros and lights are customizable, but the real question is: is it worth the price?

      Well, that is something you have to decide on your own.

      Even if you are overpaying a bit, in my opinion, they have packaged it so well, and the performace is so great that it all seems like a good deal when all is said and done.

      It's better than your old mouse. Probably better than your friend's mouse. You ought to give it a try.

      NEW ADDITION 11/17/2008

      This stupid mouse broke! At first, while playing Fallout 3 I thought, perhaps my character's agility is affecting how fast I can pull the trigger, and then suddenly, I realized, the left click button isn't working. Sometimes it would work, and sometimes not, and sometimes only when you pushed really hard at the very end of the button, and not where I normally pressed it at the end near the top of the mouse. This is SOOOOO frustrating paying such a whopping price for a really cool mouse which wore out after a few months with some fairly light gameplay.

      You might think, this guy broke it by pressing too hard. Pretty unlikely since I am NOT a hardcore gamer, and really have used it mainly for video editing. And, even if I did break it, imagine someone who plays FPS's every night and I would have a hard time imagining how anyone could AVOID breaking it.

      This may look nice, and it has great packaging and consumer appeal, but in the end, it is a cheap piece of crap.

      In fairness to Logitech, they have a great return department. The warranty on my mouse covered a replacement, and I didn't even have to return the original. It makes you feel a little better to know that there is a reason you pay so much money for a mouse. It has a good warranty, and even if you might need to use it, you are at least getting your moneys worth....more info
    • Great gaming mouse
      Having used a Logitech G5 mouse for quite a while, I was a bit leery about "upgrading" to a G9. I though, "how much different can it really be?" And the answer is VERY! The tracking is excellent, the click response wonderful and the scrollwheel is very sensitive. The increased laser resolution also gives more range of tracking than the G5 had.

      Let me just say that mice, like keyboards and other input devices are all a matter of choice and personal preference. For some people, trackballs are the thing. For others, touchpads. Many new users of the G9 complain about its size, regardless of the shell in use. For me, the mouse is a perfect fit in my hand.

      All I can say to potential users is try before you buy - go to a local electronics store and HOLD the mouse before you purchase it, like I did. That way, you have no surprises when you open the box....more info
    • still like my G5 better
      To be fair, I'm a very light gamer, while heavy on the multimedia side, so I try to find a mouse with a good balance between the two. After using the G9 for over a month now, I feel my hand has yet to fully adapt to the feel of it. It's like saying, when I'm on my G5, I can forget I'm using it, while when I'm on my G9, the feel under my hand is constantly reminding me that I'm using this very foreign object that my hand has yet to adapt to.

      One thing I didn't like about the mouse was the implementation of the scroll wheel. They chose to use the scroll wheel from the VX Nano instead of the one from the MX Rev.(VX requires manually switching between click scroll and free scroll, while MX can detect and change it on the fly)

      On the positive side, it has excellent precision, and doesn't feel cheap in any way. I guess if you're a hardcore gamer, you probably won't have too many complains....more info