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Logitech Wave Keyboard
List Price: $49.99

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Product Description

Catch the wave with the Logitech Wave Keyboard - the exciting new shape of comfort. It's created for hands just like yours, with contoured, uniform-size keys that cradle your fingers naturally while the curved keyboard promotes a more ergonomically correct hand position.One-touch controls give you direct access to many of the new features in Windows Vista, including Flip 3D, Zoom, Photo Gallery, and Gadgets. Programmable F-keys add instant access to favorite applications, games, folders, and Web pages. A cushioned palm rest encourages a relaxed position for typing.

Logitech is touting an advancement in comfort and usability design with its ergonomic, cross-platform Cordless Wave keyboard. There might be some marketing hyperbole to this claim, but after a week of typing with the Wave, I'm not sure that I could live without it.

Like other ergonomic keyboards, the Wave includes an elevated palm rest, though not as extreme as the platforms of old. It's also covered in a lightly padded vinyl upholstery that feels soft yet firm under the wrist, as well as a Goldilocks amount of tackiness (i.e., not too slippery, not sticky, just right). The keys are also positioned in a gentle U-shaped arc that nearly escapes the eye, but is apparent once you set your wrists down and start typing.

Contoured, wave-shaped key design conforms naturally to your fingers.
But the biggest design innovation that the Wave introduces comes from its name--the keys undulate across the board in a wave-shaped contour that mimics the changing lengths in your own digits. The keys are at their highest on the outside at the A and Enter keys (which, if you're a touch typist, is where your little fingers are positioned), and the keys trough to their lowest point at D and K (where the longer middle finger resides) before rising slightly at the G and H keys. The keys have a maximum distance variation of 4mm, and the spacebar mimics the wave contour of the keyboard design.

As someone who writes for a living, my computer keyboard is one of the most important tools I have and one that I'm connected to for hours every day. I've gone through many models over the years to get just the right one, and I currently use the Matias Tactile Pro on my Mac as it provides some of the best keystroke feedback I've found (which is the polar opposite to the frustratingly squishy keyboards that came with my HP and Apple PCs).

While the rolling contour of the keyboard layout was barely perceptible, my fingertips took to the Wave easily. It felt like each key was indeed designed specifically to fit the finger that was mapped to tap it. And the keys combine a springy action with a final tap that's not too loud, but both tactile and audible enough for instant feedback. As my week of testing progressed and my fingers grew more accustomed to the Wave, I actually felt as if my typing was both more accurate than on the Tactile Pro as well as a touch faster.

From an ergonomic standpoint, the Wave's gradual curve isn't immediately noticeable, but after a few days I found my elbows weren't hunched next to my body as they were with the straight keyboard, freeing both wrists and shoulders from strain. That said, if you require more substantial ergonomics for your typing (such as the curve and height of the Microsoft Natural), you might be disappointed by the relative flatness of the Wave.

The Delete key has been elongated and the Insert/Help key moved above..
The Wave has a fairly standard extended keyboard design, with one change that I cheered but could easily be jeered by others. The Home/Delete/End/Page Up & Down keys is switched to a vertical orientation, and the bane of my typing life--the Insert key (also the Help key on the Mac), which I often hit mistakenly when hunting for the Delete key--has been moved up (moving into the Scroll Lock key position) and replaced by an elongated Delete key. Another handy feature is onscreen notification of when you hit the Caps Lock key (another one of my touch typing transgressions).

The keyboard is supplemented by a plethora of system-specific feature buttons--including Flip 3D, Gadgets and Media Center in Windows Vista (aka, Expose, Dashboard, and Front Row on the Mac)--as well as quick access to your selected audio program and full playback controls (including volume). All functions can be customized using the included Logitech Setpoint utility (or Control Center within the Mac's System Preferences).

When I began reviewing the Cordless Wave, I wasn't looking for a new keyboard. But thanks to its excellent typing action, unique comfort features--from the contoured design of the keys to the padded wrist rest--and the plethora of customizable functions right at the tip of the finger, it's time to part ways with my old keyboard. --Agen G.N. Schmitz


  • Innovative contoured design of the keys conform naturally to your finger lengths, excellent typing action
  • Padded vinyl wrist rest adds soft comfort and allows easy movement
  • Loads of function and multimedia buttons, all customizable using included software
  • Cross-platform, including compatibility with special features in Windows Vista
  • Nicely lightweight--great for use on the lap
  • Shifting of some keys might annoy some, but delight others
  • Might seem flat to those who need more substantial ergnomics
  • Batteries Included - No
  • Batteries Required - No
  • Color(s) - Black
  • Compatibility - Vista, Windows? XP, Mac OS? X (10.2.8 or later)
  • Connector/Port - USB

Customer Reviews:

    I am SO glad that I purchased this keyboard. I am a legal secretary and I type all day long. This keyboard has the best touch of any keyboard that I have ever used. I like that is is only slightly curved instead of the extreme split that you find in other ergonomic keyboards. I also really like the large space bar. If you spend a lot of time typing, you won't regret buying this keyboard!...more info
  • What a relief!
    This keyboard is a fabulous answer to the need for an ergo-friendly keyboard without that annoying split. It's great. The wave feels very natural. I have also bought one for a coworker & he loves it. It is definitely our company's 1st choice for an ergo keyboard....more info
  • Overall, is a good product
    The keyboard is well built, and very smooth, but key's movement are somewhat longer than needed and the keys are arranged closer than I like. I prefer wide keys, with short movements, like notebooks. MS Curve keyboard is just perfect at this point. All the rest is fine. Cushion rest is very comfortable. All in all, 4 starts....more info
  • Ergonomic????
    Up to now, I've been using the Microsoft 3000 and 4000. The 4000 was my last keyboard. I love the feel of the 'slanted' keyboard but I hated the buttons. They have way too much travel and it has that 'sticky' feeling I don't like.

    I just got this Wave today. My first impression was that this wasn't a real ergonomic keyboard. Not like the 4000 anyways. I can tell because my wrist is still at an angle and there's some discomfort after a few hours of use. The keys are laid out straight like a standard keyboard. The face is slopped but your wrist is still bent at an angle like a standard keyboard. For me, that's the uncomfortable spot.

    As for the keys, I love it. It's soft and doesn't have a lot of travel nor does it 'stick'. If I could transfer these keys to the 4000 platform, I'd have the perfect keyboard. ...more info
  • Good keyboard and comfortable
    I have never been a fan of the 'ergonomic' keyboards but this one is only slightly sculptured and has a nice feel to it. Not as good of a keyboard feel as the diNovo, but for 1/2 the price it is still superior to the Microsoft keyboards I have tried. If you need a keyboard, this is certainly worth a trial....more info
  • It's not bad
    - wristpad
    - delete key size
    - lower elevation than MS Natural 4000
    - no space gap between keys like the 4000

    - small keys almost chiclet size
    - not as "substantial" (lighter heft) as the 4000.

    I bought this keyboard to replace a Natural 4000. I have problems with the elevation and space gap on the 4000. I thought this new keyboard would solve those problems. It did. Unfortunately the smaller key size introduces a new problem.

    Really wish the keys were the same size as the Natural 4000. But for the time being, going to stick with this keyboard since the pros outweigh the cons....more info
  • Great contoured keyboard!
    This ergonomically styled keyboard is a dream come true!! Not only does it help alleviate the stress of keyboarding throughout the day, its style of contours allows those who typically use a regular keyboard to be instantly efficient. Although this is being used for my work office, it was well worth the purchase using my own funds! Great product. Highly recommended. Logitech makes wonderful keyboard and mouse products...more info
  • Excellent buy
    Not much more I could think of in a design that could be better. Best keyboard I've ever owned and much easier to type on than those weird angled ones Microsoft put out years ago. Would be a 5 except for the zoom buttons don't seem to do anything and I can't even get a response from the support forum on it. Another slight deduction for the music controls. Buttons are too close together and too touchy. Easy to accidentally hit the forward button when trying to pause....more info
  • Best keyboard yet for writing
    For a while now I had been using the Microsoft Natural Keyboard on my home pc, but I always had a really difficult time sitting down and writing for long periods of time. I just couldn't focus. I came to realize that it was the keyboard itself that was distracting, though the split key design might help with carpal tunnel, it just was too awkward. After looking at some reviews, I picked this up and I was pleased right away.
    It's just so much easier to type and focus on what you have to say. The keys have a soft impact to them, are not too loud, the response is just right. And the wave design, though subtle, is quite fantastic, typing for me has never been quite so effortless. It should be noted that this keyboard does not reward those who peck at their keys (as I do when I type in web addresses). It's only comfortable when you touch type.
    The bonus keys are nice, especially if you have Vista (I do). The way they organized the delete, page up and down, home and end keys I think are quite logical, and work well. The keyboard is surprisingly light, but is perfectly steady and strong for any typist. There is a key to access the flip-3d feature, but the pedal settings for it are far too imprecise, and you cannot flip through the windows one at a time.
    I didn't give this product 5 stars for two reasons: first, the wristpad, while very comfy, needs to be longer for those like myself with bigger hands (my wrists are seated at the very edge of the pad). Secondly, they removed entirely the menu button (the one that pops up if you were to click the right button on your mouse)! That's downright criminal, especially if you're like me and used that button alot in word to correct spelling errors and look up synonyms (although I've found that you can use shift+f10 to get that menu).
    If you're perfectly happy with your keyboard, then I don't know that I would recommend spending $50 for a new one that wasn't needed. But if you're like me, and want the most comfortable writing experience you can get, I suggest picking one of these up.
    (for those who are using microsoft natural keyboards, you will have to get used to having your elbows back at your sides if you're going to type comfortably)
    ...more info
  • NO USB Ports!
    Nice! Feels much much better right away. So far I like it very much comfort-wise. I have CTS and gamer's thumb so this is very important to me. Got the wired version so 'cause I'm tired of battery eaters--but there's no USB port. What the heck? The Mac keyboard thrashed my wrist, but at least it had 2 ports on it. I wanna recharge hybrid batteries and have a place to plug in my 3D Connexion but it's a no-go w/o a hub, I guess. Sorry to complain, but a keyboard this cool should have ports....more info
  • Not All That Different
    Using this keyboard, it's not particularly different than a normal keyboard. Probably slightly more ergonomic than a laptop keyboard, but it's a minimal improvement. However, it does function well, the shortcut buttons are nice, and there's a nice tension in the keys. Overall nothing revolutionary, but nice....more info
  • Not ergonomic.
    After trying it, I cannot recommend the Logitech Wave Keyboard. Unlike the Microsoft (Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000) and others, the keys are not separated into two groups - one for the left and one for the right hand. Instead, all keys are together - like a standard keyboard - and although the rows of keys are curved, the curve is too modest (almost flat). The result is that the keyboard encourages un-naturally crowding the wrists together, and misaligning the hands, in the same way a standard keyboard does. Basically they got it wrong. ...more info
  • A very happy Mac user
    I have had my new Wave keyboard now for about a week and it's all I had hoped it would be. I had been using the Logitech Comfort keyboard (also wireless) for the past year or more and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact I still have it to use when I want to spend some time on a split keyboard again. But this new Wave keyboard has an excellent feel and it's extremely quiet. Also, for those Mac users considering this keyboard, the latest Logitech Control Center was released a couple of days ago and it allows all the special keys to be easily remapped for your Mac applications. They layout is great and the ergonomics of the keyboard "wave" makes getting used to it quick and easy. I believe this keyboard will prove to be big hit for Logitech. It's too bad Apple doesn't offer an ergonomically designed keyboard like this but thankfully Logitech does....more info
  • Excellent Ergonomic keyboard
    I've used various Microsoft Natural Keyboards for years, and the Logitech Wave Keyboard is the only non-split keyboard I would ever consider using all the time. For people who need an ergonomic keyboard but don't like the split/natural keyboards, this is an excellent choice.

    The function keys are programmable, but unlike Microsoft's recent keyboards, the special functions are optional, not the default. It also includes the requisite media keys, which are out of the way so you won't accidentally hit them, as well as some Vista-only keys I have not used as I don't have Vista.

    I have very few quibbles with this keyboard. I do wish is had a PS2 connector instead of USB; sometimes the keyboard's response isn't as good as it would be if it was PS2. Sometimes the shift keys don't register, but again that could be because USB isn't as responsive as PS2. And finally the F4 key is mis-labeled F3; it still acts as an F4 though....more info
  • Happy with wave
    Recently purchased Logitech wave keyboard/mouse combo. Have had it about a week now. So far so good.

    I have had lousy luck with wireless keyboards in work environment where there seems to be lots of interference. Also, have had problems with keyboards and mice sucking the energy out of the batteries in a week or less. I'm happy to say this keyboard and mouse seem to be working well. (Juries still a little out on the battery thing - but haven't read any reviews that make me think I'm likely to have the problem.)

    The keyboard is comfortable. There is some minor adjustment from using a standard keyboard - I'm mistyping numbers a bit when using the top row. It's not as much of an adjustment as the split ergonomic keyboards however.

    The mouse works well - easily adjusted to it. My one comment (not even a complaint really) is that I'm going to have to retrain my ring finger not to drape over the "forward" button off to the right-hand side - I keep inadvertantly forwarding thru web pages and e-mail - very confusing at first. You have to keep your index, middle and ring finger on top of the mouse. The forward & back buttons are *very* sensitive.

    Transmitter has gone from big bulky corded half dome to a little thing that looks like a memory pen - plugs directly into USB port. The combo comes with a USB extension cord too, if that's more convenient for you. I ended up using my USB extension for my memory pen instead of the transmitter - works great.

    Overall I'm happy with the purchase. To date, this is the best wireless keyboard/mouse combo I've bought.
    ...more info
  • My favorite keyboard ever!
    Just received the Logitech Wave Keyboard yesterday, set it up, and installed the software without a hitch. I have Windows XP, SP3, and a Logitech Marble Mouse, and had no problems installing the Logitech software as some reviewers did.

    After many months of reading reviews on various keyboards and on the fence about which one to buy, I finally chose the Logitech and it is just perfect for my setup!

    It is not much larger than a regular keyboard which is good because I don't have a lot of desk space right now. It is quiet, the programmed keys work for me except for the Vista (I have XP), the keys are a perfect size for me (and I am not a petite person) and positioned so that it is so much more comfortable to "type" (the wrist padding helps too)for a long period of time. The larger delete key is an improvement and I don't, so far, have a problem with the position or size of the keys. After only one day, I can honestly say: this keyboard exceeds my expectations in all respects and I am very glad the Logitech Wave Keyboard was my final selection. If you are on the fence about keyboards, try this one and I really don't think you will be disappointed.

    There is one complaint several reviewers had about the cord being too short (it is compared to other hook-ups) but it did not present a problem for me as my PC and accessories dwell nicely in a very compact space.

    I will insert an update review after a month to let you know if any problems crop up! ...more info
  • Incredible - but a slight learning curve
    This is a great keyboard and very comfortable. The software that allows you to add custom operations to the function buttons can really save you tons of time!

    I really love my logitech keyboard. They also have excellent customer service if you ever have a problem.

    The keys are shaped/spaced out a little differently than a standard 101 key and this will take some adjustment- especially if you are a touch typist. the button feedback and feel is great though. ...more info
  • Logitech Wave Keyboard Cord Type
    It's been a great keyboard. I type with one hand because of a disability and find this very comfortable. Reaching different keys is easier because the other keys are slightly lower around the 'Home' keys. I find myself making less mistakes.
    The Wife (a 2 handed Lady) liked it so much I bought a second one.

    DasCole...more info
  • GREAT KEYBOARD, bad drivers
    This is an extremely comfortable keyboard with lots of great features. Unfortunately, it uses Logitech's notoriously buggy drivers. All Logitech keyboards, mouses, and such use Logitech SetPoint. If you buy a Logitech product and SetPoint installs correctly, you will be happy. Unfortunately, SetPoint sometimes does not install correctly, in which case, you will have an advanced mouse or keyboard that does not implement any advanced features.

    This is what happened to me with the Wave keyboard. I am running a typical PC with XP Pro SP3. SetPoint will not install, so all the advanced features of the Wave keyboard don't work.

    I am trying to fix the problem and have been in touch with Logitech's technial support for over three weeks. The process is painfully slow. Try this and let me know what happens. When trying this doesn't solve the problem, it takes Logitech support 3 - 4 days to get back with the next suggestion that doesn't work.

    In summary, if you buy this keyboard and the supporting Logitech software installs correctly, I think you will love this keyboard. If the software does not install correctly and you have to try to deal with Logitech support, I suspect that after a couple of weeks, you wil find yourself looking for another keyboard....more info
  • Plug and Play with Ubuntu
    I bought this keyboard because it was slim and flat - I always lower my keyboards as far as I can.

    However, what impressed me about this keyboard is that many of the hotkeys worked with Ubuntu - I plugged it in, and the volume control and calculator worked out of the box....more info
  • Disappointing
    I found the feel/tactile feedback of the keys uncomfortable and mushy. The angling of the two halves isn't enough to help my wrists....more info
  • Comfort, and ease of use. Very nice on the fingers, I LOVE IT
    I recently bought me a new desktop (MacPro) which comes with a flat keyboard.

    The problem with that keyboard is it provides no support, you get no wrist support, nothing. The keys do not feel so good (atleast compared to the Wave), and when I started working on writing a book, my wrists really started hurting due to the pressure put on my wrists.

    I wanted to get a comfortable keyboard, one that I could type on for several hours in comfort. I wanted it to work on the Mac, and I wanted it to look pretty cool.

    I did not want a split keyboard design like the ones microsoft makes. My previous keyboard was more expensive, a saitek eclipse II. That was a nice keyboard, but even it does not compare to the comfort brought forth by this keyboard.

    The design of the keyboard, (as the name suggests) is a "wave" its like you sat the keyboard outside with something in the middle, and the 2 sides next to it sunk in and melted.

    If your thinking your keyboarding might be hampered or slowed down by the switch, I assure you it will not. I did have a few problems at first making a "jump" around my T's and Y's, and sometimes it is a bit difficult to get used to not having either a "windows" or "command" key on the bottom right side, but other than that, this keyboard is everything you want, everything you enjoy, but better.

    The wrist guard is very nice, very smooth, and does not irritate my skin. They keys are perfect, and have this amazing feel to them, I forgot what it was like to have such a nice keyboard.

    Logitech has really impressed me with this keyboard. I honestly expected I would be returning this keyboard when I got it, as I thought it was going to be too awkward, but I thought I would give it a try anyway, and I'm glad I did.

    To recap, this is a wonderful keyboard, it is not as bloated as other Logitech keyboards, each key is very comfortable. The "wave" feature does make life easier (so does being able to adjust the keyboard height to varying levels). The keyboard works perfectly out of the box on my mac, using itunes, and everything.

    I highly recommend this keyboard, and hope you "take a chance" like I did when I bought it. Amazons customer service is very accommodating.

    5 stars all the way....more info
  • Logitech Wave Keyboard
    I'm one of those people who is very picky about the mouse and keyboard I use. I've found over time that having a comfortable keyboard and mouse are very important to my productivity and overall experience with a computer system.

    The Logitech Wave Keyboard is one of the very best keyboards I've ever used, and without a doubt the most comfortable! In the past, I've used some of the ergo split keyboards but could never get accustomed to the feel. The Logitech Wave fits natural and perfectly!

    I highly recommend this keyboard to any user who places emphasis on the input devices you use. ...more info
  • Double WOW!!!
    Finally, a comfortable and functional keyboard that does what I need it to do and makes me feel good doing it! I spend a lot of hours every day on my computer whether it be working, gaming or just surfing. I've had every style and brand of keyboard imaginable but none of them have compared to the Logitech Wave. I have been a solid Logitech mouse user for several years and now I'm adding keyboards to that list. Logitech continues to evolve their product lines in thoughtful, user-friendly ways while maintaining a very high level of quality. I have never had to return a defective Logitech unit. I wish I could say the same about some of the other "elite" brands! If I was forced to find one thing to complain about, it would be the short cord. With my office set up I could have used another foot of cord but I made it work and am very pleased with the end result. Buy this one - you'll be happy you did!...more info
  • Comfortable position, but the keys stick!
    We've had this keyboard for about 8 months and, while it isn't uncomfortable to type on, the keys stick. It slows my typing down considerably since I'm constantly having to backspace to correct words where letters have dropped. And the sticking is not consistent. Sometimes it's the c, sometimes it's the s, sometimes it's the o; it seems totally random. Having this shortcut buttons (like the volume and calculator buttons)is nice, but the sticking keys make me insane. I would not buy this keyboard if I had to do it all over again for that reason....more info
    This is a great ketboard! i use one at work and home. wired and wireless...more info
  • Nice keyboard,especially for touch typists
    Good keyboard, nice feel and an integrated wrist rest. I'm a geek typist, not a touch typist, so my finger positions are not 100% compatible with the wave, but I'm learning to use this keyboard over time, which will probably help prevent carpel tunnel disease.

    If you are a touch typist you'll appreciate this keyboard, since it was designed with you in mind....more info