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Shoe Pouch, Assorted Colors, Compatible with Nike+ iPod and Nike+ SportBand, Includes Free iPod nano Screen Protector
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Product Description

The Shoe Pouch was designed by Grantwood Technology, LLC to allow runners and walkers to use the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit? or Nike+ SportBand with any type of shoe. When designing the Shoe Pouch, our primary goal was to ensure a snug fit, extensively testing it with reinforced, nylon lace loops, and a Velcro? closure over the insertion slit. These designs maximize the durability of the Shoe Pouch while, most importantly, maintaining the accuracy of the Nike+? system.

The Shoe Pouch will stand up to the elements, and guaranteed not to tear or rip.

The Shoe Pouch matches the correct longitudinal alignment of the sensor, completely covers the sensor and attaches through the laces for excellent security. With a small, low profile, secure, neoprene design, the Shoe Pouch is the answer to using the Nike+iPod? with any style of shoe.

With over 100,000 sold Shoe Pouches, we have saved our customers well over a $10,000,000 in purchases of new Nike+? shoes. As the original designers of the Shoe Pouch, we are confident that this is the best, most tested, and most popular design.

The Nike+ system works with any iPod Nano, including the new 4th generation iPod Nano and 2nd generation iPod Touch. The package includes a free iPod nano screen protector. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied we will guarantee a replacement of your purchase or a refund. We stand by the Shoe Pouch as our product and look forward to you becoming another happy customer.

Don't forget to check out our tuneband armband which is completely compatible with the Nike+ iPod system, and it comes in the same great 8 colors as the Shoe Pouch.

For US customers, we now offer expedited shipping via USPS Priority Mail (2-4 days after shipping) or you can chose standard shipping via USPS First Class mail.

  • Securely attaches the Nike+ iPod or Nike+ SportBand sensor to any lace type shoe
  • Holds the Nike+ sensor in a tight, small neoprene pouch, extremely durable
  • Maintains full accuracy of the Nike+ system
  • Attaches through the laces at 4 braided nylon attachment points, low profile, will not tear
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction, includes iPod nano Screen Protector

Customer Reviews:

  • Shoe Pouch Rocks
    Thanks to my shoe pouch i can now enjoy my nike+. the store that i bought it from did a great job. except the fact that it was lost in the mail. but they were very understanding and sent me another one free of charge! the customer service dept was very understanding. thanks again. i really like my shoe pouch. ...more info
  • It works!
    I LOVE my Nike+ Sport sensor, but I just do not love Nike running shoes. The shoe pouch has given me the freedom to choose the best running shoes for my feet and still enjoy the Nike+ Sport system. I was a bit concerned that the shoe pouch would not allow the sensor to work properly, but I was happy to find out that the sensor works perfectly in the shoe pouch. I also love the fact that the shoe pouch comes in so many colors. I bought the navy to match my new Reebok shoes and plan to buy other colors as I buy more shoes! ...more info
  • Happy customer
    Product was quickly delivered and works as advertised -- no complaints. Also, prior to purchasing, I had several questions for the manufacturer which were answered via e-mail, usually within the same day. Great customer service on that end. I haven't had any need for customer service after receipt of the product as there haven't been any problems. ...more info
  • Awesome Product BUY IT!
    This is the absolute best idea to use the nike+ipod chip on your shoes. If you like walking or running, this little pouch will let you put the nike+ transmitter on your shoe and it will give you all the detail of your walk or run on the ipod. This shoe pouch should come with the nike+ipod kit in my opinion....more info
  • Nike sensor pouch
    Shoe Pouch, Assorted Colors, Compatible with Nike+ iPod and Nike+ SportBand, Includes Free iPod nano Screen Protector This works great to hold the Nike+ sensor, love it....more info
  • Great for any brand of shoes
    This product is the best way to use your nike+ ipod with a non Nike shoes, you just atach it to your shoe's lace and you can use it....more info
  • Great product for an alternative to Nike+ shoes.
    Great product. It is a super simple and cheap solution to being forced to buy Nike shoes. Very accurate and easy to use....more info
  • Great alternative to Nike shoes!
    This product is great. The right shoes are very important for running, and for me, those are Asics, not Nikes. I always wanted to try the Nike+iPod, but thought it only worked with special Nike shoes. This pouch allows me to use the product with whatever shoes I want, and it works great. Very lightweight, and it attaches by weaving into your laces, so I don't have to worry about it coming off while I'm running. ...more info
  • Perfect solution
    I love the product. I run every weekend and am not a fan of Nike shoes for running. This pouch allowed me to use the Nike+ ipod with my own choice of shoes. It works great too....more info
  • Wonderful Product
    This shoe pouch has changed the obligation in buying a new Nike shoe! Your probably wondering if this pouch will really work. That it could be a scam? I was in the same position of thought as that. Of course, I tried my luck and actually bought this pouch. I was extremely pleased that I could finally use my wonderful Brooks shoes with the amazing Nike+ System. Runners World, a prestigious running magazine, has even advertised this product in full support! Overall, this product is a must-buy if you do not want to buy Nike+ Shoes....more info
  • Simple & Effective!
    The shoe pouch is perfect for my new Nike+ sensor. It enables me to use it with any pair of running shoes. I like to switch shoes based on weather and type of run, so the pouch is perfect. In fact, I plan on purchasing several more so I can leave one on each pair. ...more info
  • Works exactly as it should
    The shoe pouch does exactly what it says it does. Works well with my i-pod. The velcro fastener makes me nervous and I check it frequently though. More because I stress about velcro than because it needs to be stressed about....more info
  • Best nike+ sensor holder!
    This is the best Nike+ sensor holder. I now have two pouches (one for each pair of running shoes). People always ask me where I got my pouch and I am happy to point them to Grantwood Technologies. Great product!!!...more info
  • It works great
    This is our third shoe pouch, now all the runners in our family has one. It is a great alternative to having to buy the Nike+ shoes. I think you need to calibrate your ipod so the reading is more accurate....more info
  • Shoe Pouch
    I recently decided to buy the Nike+ system and wanted to keep my Asics. I am thrilled, that this shoe pouch, allows me to have my favorite shoes and still use the Nike+ system. It's easy to use, it stays in place and most importantly it doesn't interfere with my runs! I love it and would definitely purchase it again!...more info
  • Good Idea for Nike+ SportsBand
    Good method for securing the sensor to shoe. Does not affect lacing method on shoe. No chance of the sensor falling out....more info
  • Can't wear NIkes either but wanted the sensor
    I am not able to wear Nikes and I really wanted the sensor after my coworker told me about but didn't feel comfortable cutting my expensive shoe insole as my coworker advised me. I googled other product that would hold the sensor and found this sports pouch. I LOVE IT!! I even order 2 more for friends and they haven't even bought the Nike plus system. ...more info
  • Highly recommended...
    I was recommended this by a friend, and have already told other friends about it. I alternate running shoes, so I bought 2 - one for each pair. I found that lacing it in upside-down (logo underneath) made it easier to pop the sensor in and out when I change running shoes. The velcro is very sturdy, and the pouch 'hugs' the I feel very secure that it won't fall out....more info
  • Easy and no fuss!!
    The day I received the pouch, I had no problem tying them onto my shoe and I haven't moved it or touched it since. There is no danger of the sensor falling out. Great product!...more info
  • Great alternative to buying Nike's
    Great product, works fantastic with my shoe. I like that it is fabric and washable if it was needed....more info
  • neon green shoe pouch
    Very good product. Works great!
    Well worth the money.
    I'm glad I saw an ad for it in Runner's World!...more info
  • Nike+ and Ipod Shoe Pouch
    What can you say the product does what it was designed to do and it is well made. What makes this product outstanding is the customer service at Grantwood Techology. I have used the pouch with my New Balance shoes and Ipod Touch 2G with accuracy and no problems. I also have the Nike+ shoes but like the pouch as you can use it on any laced shoe....more info