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Pinzon Probe Thermometer with Wireless Remote
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Product Description

* Wireless thermometer alerts you when food reaches desired temperature * LCD screen shows temperatures between 0 and 392 degrees F * Remote with detachable belt clip and table stand for portable viewing * 4-by-3-1/2-inch thermometer with 7-1/2-inch probe; 3-1/2-by-3-inch remote * Washing by hand recommended; 4 AA batteries required; imported No more waiting by the oven to monitor cooking progress. Pinzon's wireless thermometer alerts you when food has reached your preset temperature--even if you're in another room or outside. The thermometer features a digital LCD screen and remote wireless probe. The 4-by-3-1/2-inch thermometer has a range from zero to 392 degrees F (also displays Celsius) and a 7-1/2-inch probe, so you can test even the thickest part of a large turkey for doneness. A magnet, belt clip, and small table stand make it easy to keep the 3-1/2-by-3-inch remote nearby. An audio alert signals when the food has reached the desired temperature. The thermometer and the remote each require two AA batteries. This set should be washed by hand and is imported.

  • Thermometer alerts you when food reaches desired temperature
  • LCD screen shows temperatures between 0 and 392 degrees F
  • Remote with detachable belt clip and table stand for portable viewing
  • 4-by-3-1/2-inch thermometer with 7-12-inch probe; 3-1/2-by-3-inch remote
  • Oven use only. Washing by hand recommended; 4 AA batteries required (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Confusing!!!
    This item needs to be taken off the market until the mnf. comes up with an instructions manual that the consumer can figure out.
    I have tried it several times and NOTHING.
    I would not recommend this product....more info
  • Works as advertised,
    I purchased one to monitor the temperature of my wood furnace in the garage. Works great and is more accurate than one I purchased for more than twice the price....more info
  • Remote Thermometer
    I returned the thermometer because the instructions that came with it were incomprehensible and I could not figure out how it worked....more info
  • Broke on first use
    So, Im excited to try this out on my grill, I pop in my batteries everything seems to be working fine. I put my pork tenderloin on the grill and put the probe in, and close the grill. The temperature seems about right, so I go inside and continue making my other dishes. I was periodically checking the remote temperature and it got up to about 125 degrees, then a few minutes later I look again and it reads HH.H for the temp. In the book this means that the temperature is out of the range of the unit. So I go out, take it out of the meat and put it in the snow. It doesnt change, I reset the unit, took the batteries out, tried everything, it is now stuck on HH.H. So, maybe this works better in an oven, but I dont recommend it for grill use.

    I will probably try to purchase a replacement probe and see if that is the problem. Hopefully the unit is not fried.

    Anyway, I went back to my analog instant read and my pork came out great....more info
  • pinzon probe thermometer
    Pinzon Wireless Probe Thermometer with Remote

    It takes too long teh display of temperature changes!! but its quiete useful...more info
  • Avoid at any cost
    Bought two of these units and both probes failed on the first use (after the return period of course). The description states, "...has a range from zero to 392 degrees F...) Apparently if that temperature is exceeded, instead of not reading correctly, the probe fails and will never read again. I often exceed 392 degrees when BBQing. Clearly they are not designed for BBQ use. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Do not buy
    I purchased this and tried to use it for Thanksgiving turkey. With oven set at only 350 F, the probe was working fine the first hour when all of a sudden it started beeping and came up with the dreaded HHH on the display. Apparently this means that the unit is dead. Yes the instructions are useless but that pales in comparison with fact that the unit died on first use. As other reviews clearly show, I am not alone in having the dreaded HHH death screen show up....more info
  • Great but ignore the directions
    I used this product today and I am quite pleased with it. I feel that it is much more accurate then the typical get foggy stick-in meat thermometers I have used in the past. Instead of having to peek in the oven constantly to see if the temp is at the right setting, I can go do other things and the wireless alarm tells me when it is at the temp I desire. When I change to check another spot on the meat, the temp adjusts quickly if there is a difference. The lack of the fifth star is due to the directions that come with it. They are quite confusing, trial and error worked better, and say AAA batteries even though description and actual is AA. Wire is no biggie to me because it is so thin that I doubt it affects the oven seal. I really don't think I want something with batteries stuck in my food. :O...more info
  • don't know about product because instruction page is completely useless
    This is how your review will appear:

    February 16, 2008
    By RoverMan (Damascus GA) - See all my reviews

    i originally purchased this item and received it w/o any instructions. in that it is not an intuitively understood product, i requested from amazon that they provide me with an instruction page/book. after a couple of attempts to get a respone, i was finally informed that they could not provide any but that they would re-order the unit (n/c). when i finally received the second unit it came w/a so-called instruction sheet that was, in fact, useless in that the references it made to operating buttons (on/off, yada, yada, yada) by way of some type of secret alpha-numeric references that were no where to be found on the unit and there was no page that provided the provided any identification of which button was which. example: a reference was made to "Part A - LCD", "A1, A2, A3..." NOWHERE in the instructions was a picture/reference guide/etc. that identified what was "Part A", what was Part A A1, A2, A3..." reference was made to "Part B - Buttons, B1, B2,B3...". there was nothing on the units that designated these units and/or parts. another example: a reference was made to an on/off button (there was no on/off button that i could find) once the batteries were installed, it was always on (i pushed them all). bottom line, i don't have a clue as to how to operate it. i'm not sure if i will keep it, return it, trash it or just put it in a drawer and forget about it. i may request again that i get a complete! instruction page/book. it looks cool and it would probably be a neat thing to use...if only i knew how.

    i was upset w/amazon (a first for me after many purchases) in that they could not provide a timely, simple resolution to my situation - they could NOT just get me an instruction page/booklet. they had to order/send me another unit that, now that it has arrived, has still left me clueless as to how to operate. amazon, as a customer-driven company, should know better.
    ...more info
  • aqlmost right
    The design is great, compact and easy to use, but the temperature reading is not quite right. Comparing it to a calibrated thermometer I have in my medical lab, it is about 10 degrees too low. Remember to use this offset and the meat will be fine. If not, it will be way undercooked. Best to use a quick read probe thermometer in addition with this before you pull it off the fire...more info
  • Cool remote function!
    I've had the Pinzon Remote Control Thermometer for a year now and am very pleased - I was not sure at first because there are a few very negative reviews. Clearly these people did not know how to use the devise. This great little tool takes all the guesswork out of roasting chicken or turkey or a roast beef or whatever else you care to cook in your oven. Now, I'd be lost without it.

    You insert the metal probe into whatever you're cooking, set the target temperature and start roasting. When your roast reaches the desired temperature, the thermometer will beep to let you know. Perfectly cooked. The real perk is the remote control - you can be multi-tasking - like I love to do - in another room and the remote tells you time to check on the bird!

    When you wash the probe, you *must* be careful. The probe is a metal tube that contains a temperature sensor. At the point where the cable from the main unit enters this tube, it is sealed merely by crimping the tube. It isn't waterproof. So during washing, if you allow water around this area, it will find its way into the tube and kill the sensor. This is the basis, I believe, for many of the complaints regarding the probe's fragility.

    I wrap my hand tightly around the top of the probe when I wash it to prevent this from happening, and I'm still using the original. I use it at least twice a month, so that means it has been used at least 100 times and washed 100 times and it works fine. As far as complaints that the sensor is inaccurate, I've got 100+ perfectly cooked chickens, turkeys and roast beefs that contradict that assertion.

    If I have a complaint its that I wish it had better instructions. The ones included are a little cryptic. However it is basic enough to figure out.
    ...more info
  • Not wireless probe
    Pinzon Wireless Probe Thermometer with Remote

    This IS NOT a wireless probe as described, still has a wire from the probe, through the oven door, to a unit.
    Total misleading description!!...more info
  • Best Cooking Item Ever
    I was Lucky enough to get Two of These on a Gold Box daily deal for less than $10.00 a Piece! I wish I Had bought a lot more for Gifts. I don't Know of anyone who Can Cook, Roast a Perfect Med Rare and if so, Not have to be Keeping a Constant eye on Your $50 Rib Roast using what Many times is a unreliable stick meat thermometer that takes too long to register. This One stays in the meat from the Moment You place it in the oven. This wireless remote Thermometer is Great, works as advertised and easy to set up. In fact if I didn't Know what I had Paid for them on sale I would still seriously Consider Buying One because I Love Cooking Gadgets that Work. This One Does. Highly Recommend. ...more info
  • gift for mom
    My mom wanted a probe thermometer for her oven. Her only complaint is that that thermometer box that attaches to the probe should have a magnet on it to stick to the oven, or a stand. It has an opening in the back to slide it over a screw. The remote one has a magnet; she felt both should. Her only mistake in using it was that the cap on the point of the probe was really hard to get off so she thought it was part of the probe, and my dad ended up chewing on it! So, just keep yanking at the cap until it comes off or you'll end up getting a plastic surprise....more info
  • Reliable but seal probe.
    I have two of these temperature probes and for the price, it's hard to beat. My two complaints is the refresh rate is only every 14 seconds, so if you need to see a fast change in temperature, it's not fast. Secondly, the interface of the steel braided jacket and stainless probe needs to be sealed, otherwise water or oil will get inside the probe and damage the sensor inside. I've had good luck using silicone RTV......the kind used for caulk. Use the "Type 1" that is unpaintable but has a working temperature to 450 F. Work the silcone around the probe, trying to get some material inside the stainless probe, and at least an inch of coverage on the flexible wire/sheath. That should fix the problems some other users had with the thing failing, due to probe damage with water/oil. Otherwise, it's a nice feature to have remote capability. It does alert you of an overtemp, if you set it up to do so....more info
  • Didn't work
    Stopped working the first time I used it. I'm to stupid and lazy to return things so I threw it away....more info
  • Pluses and Minuses, Mostly Minuses
    I got this item today. It requires 4 AA batteries. They are NOT included. I find that very frustrating. I can't even test it to see if it is accurate unless I go out and get the batteries. They should be included.

    Perhaps I didn't understand, but it is not truly wireless. There are actually 2 units. You stick the probe in the meat and run the cord out the door of the oven, close the door on the cord and plug it into a unit. This unit then broadcasts to the "wireless" unit. I don't know how closing the door on the wire will effect the seal of the oven or the durability of the wire. I wish this were truly cordless....more info
  • Stylish and very functional.
    This item works wonderfully, especially for the price. It is accurate and has a very audible alarm.

    I was slightly disapointed that it did not have a time on it as well, but if I would have read the discription better, I would have known that. Most of these do not have them. Again this is ok especially for the low price.

    The only annoyance I can point out (hence the 4 stars not 5) is that the C/F button (to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit) is the same button on both units as the power button. This means that if you just press the power button, your just changing the C/F setting. So you have to hold down the button to turn them on or off. Not a big deal, just something you have to take a minute and get used to.

    ...more info
  • I sent mine back
    Compared to other brands - this quality is poor. Very cheap feeling materials, instructions hard to understand, they are written in broken English.

    Also add 3 to 5 extra dollars since they ship without batteries....more info
  • Great item for the price
    This is a great product for the price. Probe thermometers are great cooking tools and I like the easy-to-read display. It also switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius for those of you who enjoy such things....more info
  • pinzon wireless probe
    this is really nice to have for those times you don't want to stay in the kitchen. the probe with the remote works well for grilling and candy making. ...more info