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HP HD7500S Personal Media Drive 750 GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive
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Product Description

Back up or store your photos, videos, and music / Compact, portable and external / Connected via USB cable with any PC or in select chassis slots Dimensions - 8 x 4.6 x 1.5

  • 750GB Personal Media Drive
  • Works with Any USB Enabled PC or Notebook
  • Make Room for the Digital Files from Digital Camera, Camcorder, MP3 Player
  • Add Storage without Opening Up Your PC or Turning it Off
  • 4.0 Lbs (WxLxH) 5.0" x 4.63" x 1.5"

Customer Reviews:

  • It's Personal, Not Pocket
    Amazon's heading correctly identifies this as "Personal" Media Drive, but in the Technical Details, and Product Description, it says "pocket" media drive. This ambiguity creates confusion.
    My HP uses the Personal (larger) format drive and has the larger slot, but some of them use the smaller "pocket" slot.
    Amazon should fix this....more info
  • Great, compact drive - especially if you own an HP with a Media Drive bay
    To start off this review, I'd like to point out that this drive DOES work with HP models other than those included in the description. My HP m9040n claims it only supports 500MB Personal Media Drives and 160MB Pocket Media Drives, but this 750GB drive worked perfectly and was recognized instantly.

    I've owned a number of external hard drives, and this is by far my favorite. The 750GB gives you 698GB of usable space (using the 1GB = 1000MB standard).

    If you have an HP with a Personal Media Drive bay, this simply slides in and receives power and USB connection from the PC, so no additional cables are needed. To plug it into a non-HP machine, it includes a power adapter and USB Cable - I was a bit disappointed with how the power adapter is set up (it's a thick 3-pronged power cable, much like the one used to plug in your computer or monitor, which then plugs into a power brick and then into the drive itself - not the most portable if you plan to use it on the go). I would have also liked a firewire connection as the USB speeds can be limiting, especially if you have a large number of USB devices in use.

    The drive is very quiet (compared to my WD Mybook, it's almost completely silent). The fan also lines up with the slots in the back of HP machines to allow airflow when used in a personal media drive bay.

    I've used this drive for a few weeks and find it to be reliable so far - I haven't had it "disappear" like other drives have, it also hasn't given me errors when transferring files (even a 550 GB file transfer to the drive went without problems - it just took many hours!).

    Streaming video content works fine (no stuttering). I havent tried any of the backup functions yet, but HP machines that have a drive bay for it also have an "Easy Backup" button on the system. Very satisfied with the drive and would buy another the next time I need a new drive....more info
  • Perfect Fit
    This Personal Media Drive is a perfect fit for the HP Pavilion m9040n. My HP downloaded the drives automatically. There is no software. It's just plug n' play and unlike some other reviewers, I haven't noticed any noise at all coming from the fan on my pc or the drive itself.

    There are less expensive add on hard drives out there but they are external. The Seagate Free Agent series comes to mind as a good external hard drive in my experience. But, if you have an HP or Compaq that will accomodate the Personal Media Drive internally, then it's worth the extra money in my opinion. I agree with another reviewer who said "I feel like this drive completes my HP".

    Of course, I'm sure that it was HP's plan all along to create a situation where the HP buyers feel compelled to drop a couple of hundred bucks or more on the HP hard drive instead of a cheaper external drive. It worked....more info
  • HP Technology Does Not Work and Support is Laughable
    I bought the 750GB hard drive a month ago. It constantly fails and is completely unreliable.

    What is more HP technical support literally laughed at this problem and me before hanging up.

    You will have to excuse such a short review. I have to go figure out why my wireless HP printer does not work with my HP computer on my own. Calling tech support would be a waste of time....more info
  • Great drive until it stopped working
    I bought this drive approximately 10 months ago. It installed wonderfully and performed flawlessly for several months. I started to hear the fan make noise and it apparently went out. The drive may have overheated and either corrupted the drive firmware or damaged the PCB controller. The drive still spins up, but I cannot see it anymore even when removing from the case and directly connecting to my computer via the SATA interface. It costs several hundred dollars to retrieve the data form the drive....more info
  • Only one problem with the HP HD7500S
    There is only one problem with this drive - it isn't big enough. I use it for raw HD video storage, at around 10Gb per hour of tape. It fits perfectly into the drive bay of my [...] HP Media Center PC. The new one will sit on top. Multiple drives are good - read from one and write to another, speeding up processing. This drive is reliable and robust and it comes with a USB cable so I can pull it out and use it with my laptop. Highly recommended - the first one is full, so I'm buying another....more info
  • Great!
    This is a great Hard Drive for Any Computer. I have a Dell Laptop and I wanted a Big Hard Drive that would look good on my desk but was also compact enough to take it on the go. Its fast, I copied 50+ Gbs to it in less than an hour. It has a fan so it never really gets hot (just a little noisy, but its not that loud.) The only problem i have had is after i copied a lot of movies on to it, I wasn't able to safely disconnect it so i had to shut my computer down to unplug it. Haven't had any problems since then. Highly Recommended. ...more info
  • Good Drive but fan is LOUD
    Either installed in the HP Media computer or standalone on the desk, when the fan comes on it's way too loud. I am returning it....more info
  • Incredibly convenient and easy to use
    I bought this as a backup drive for my HP Pavillion PC. I didn't have to read any instructions. I took it straight from the box to the media bay on my PC and hit the backup button. It couldn't have been easier....more info
  • Money Well Spent
    Bought this item from Amazon to be used with my HP M9340F (Vista 64-bit). It's easy to install and performs perfectly so far. Happy that I bought it.
    ...more info
  • Failed Drive
    Purchased this drive first part of 09, it has started to make excessive noise if left plugged in for more that a couple of days. I will have to replace this drive....more info
  • Nice speed, great capacity, decent price
    I've had this drive for almost two months and it has worked great the whole time. I use it as a shared drive for all of the computers in my home. No problems at all. I think it's a great buy....more info
  • What You Pay for
    Formats to around 689 available gigs of space. Already have the personal media drive slot built into my Hewlett Packard so the quick slide fitting was perfect. The fan isn't noticeable unless your ear is directly on the CPU. Otherwise, the noise is adequate and not harming to me since I turn it off to go to sleep.

    Great present for Christmas....more info
  • Great backup drive
    I purchased 2 of these drives to use as backup. I keep one at work and the other in the computer to do differential backups each night. IT slides right into the personal media bay of the m9040n. Perfect. I agree with the other reviewers that Amazons mislabeling it as a pocket media drive could be confusing, especially if you have not done your homework to know what you are buying. Man I wish they had a 750GB pocket media drive. Now that would be nothing short of amazing....more info
  • HP Personal Media Drive 750 GB
    Drive fits in beautifully with my HP computer. It is very quiet and adapable to my work computers. A very good buy even tho it is more expensive than other media drives....more info
  • Verry good hard drive
    This hard drive works great on my HP media center computer, it fits right in the opening for it. If you are looking for an external drive that fits in your HP PC this drive works on personal media drive aplications not pocket media drive....more info
  • Works Great
    Pros: Product works great with an HP compatible PC (that has the Personal Media Drive Docking space). I use this in my HP m8120n pc, and it disappears right into the front of my PC. Simple as that.

    Cons: As a separate drive to be used with any other pc, it still works fine, but it seems to never turn itself off. That's not a problem now, but its kinda annoying.

    Overal: Good buy (especially if you have an HP Desktop with the PMD Dock)...more info
  • Fan makes terrible noise, started after about a month
    My second 750 HP personal media drive, bought Jan 15,and today the fan started making a terrible noise. I will try to retrieve my data before the fan goes. Past the 30 day Amazon return period. HP will probably honor warranty, but what good is a backup for my computer if it goes before the computer? This is my second HP personal media drive to go within a short period of time....more info
  • another good product from HP
    It more than serves it's purpose and easily slides into my HP Quad desktop and makes things simple and has a huge storage capcity. Thanks HP! ...more info
  • completed system
    Marvelous addition to my new HP Pavilion Media Center desktop computer. Drive slid into designated slot and immediately started up. The computer took a minute or two to recognize the new drive but one recognized has worked flawlessly. I like the look of the drive in the slot and will leave the cover door open to ventilate and show off.

    Using build-in software have already ran a backup and file verification of "C" drive in under 7 hours (almost 140 GB of data saved). I have not been troubled by any fan noise. Only issue remaining regards the pro-loaded files on the drive which consume over 50 GB's of memory. Near as I can tell most are foreign language versions of application and instructions. Can I safely delete them without HP coming and knocking on my door?
    ...more info
  • Noisy HP Personal Media Drive
    After about 3 months, my HP Personal Media Drive started making an loud whirling sound. Initially, I thought it was one of the computer fans. I removed the media drive, the noise went away. Neither HP or Micro Center were helpful in returning the drive. The idea of having removabale storage was one of the main reasons I purchsed the HP m9200t Media Center PC. But because of the noise level of the media drive, I no longer use it. I've been a big fan of HP computers and printers for a very long time. That said, I am very disappointed with the media drive and consider it a waste of momey. ...more info
  • Pricey but works like other external hard drive
    It fits so well in my new HP workstation. They were designed to work together well. It is about $60 more expensive than other brands of hard drive. I can't say it's worth the extra $60 but I didn't want another external peripheral laying out there....more info