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Crysis Collector's Edition
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $35.95

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Product Description

Earth, 2019. A team of US scientists makes a frightening discovery on an island in the South China Sea. All contact with the team is lost when the North Korean Government quickly seals off the area. The United States responds by dispatching an elite team of Delta Force Operators to recon the situation. As tension rises between the two nations, a massive alien ship reveals itself in the middle of the island. The ship generates an immense force sphere that freezes a vast portion of the island and drastically alters the global weather system. Now the US and North Korea must join forces to battle the alien menace. With hope rapidly fading, you must fight epic battles through tropical jungle, frozen landscapes, and finally into the heart of the alien ship itself for the ultimate Zero G showdown. Unique in-game vehicle from US pre-sell campaign ESRB Rated RP for Rating Pending

  • Collecter's Edition features Crysis sleeve with 2 DVDs containing game and additional content
  • ?Making of Crysis? feature
  • Concept and production artwork, with Initial Crysis concept video
  • Official soundtrack audio CD
  • 16 page concept art book soft cover

Customer Reviews:

  • A game with beautiful graphics but horrible glitches.
    If you have a 8800gts 640mb video card or above you will enjoy this amazing looking game but if you dont you will get much less out of it.Even if you do have a heavy duty video card you will still see major slowdown in places if you have the settings turned all the way up.The story of Crysis is pretty standard,you play a super soldier with amazing abilities that is sent out to find whats going on with North Korean Soldiers and an alien object that has been found.The story is not the main draw of this game,it's the amazing Physics engine that is in it and also the breath taking graphics.If you see it there is a pretty good chance you can destroy it in this fast paced fps.Trees,Buildings,shacks,vehicles,you get to blow these things apart with a wide aray of modern and futuristic weaponry.What really holds Crysis back from being a perfect pc game is the fact that it has Glitches that involve freezing at times during checkpoints and other important events.Even though this thing is super demanding on the gpu side and has major glitches that need to be fixed with some updates it is still a must buy for any FPS fan....more info
  • Mike Powell is a "cry" baby
    The game deserves 5 stars. I would more specifically give the game a 4.75 if amazon had that. The reason for the deduction is the cry engine for the game is so demanding. I have played other games just as graphically appealing with less demanding from my system.

    Other than that, don't expect to just rush into a villiage and kill all the enemies with your supersuit. I did that a few times and got my arse handed to me. Now I have to plan out my attack and actually use the binoculars, ect.

    To give this game 3 stars for not supporting multi-monitor is immature at the least. How many games actually support multimonitor?...more info
  • Fun but buggy
    I have enjoyed the game quite a bit and have finally completed it after about 12 hours on easy. (I am not very good at FPS games). I will say that there are graphic issues occasionally, and found that later in the game the voice synching is way off, (almost a minute in some cases). I have a decent gaming set up, by no means top of the line, but it pushes the game well. I will hope a patch comes out soon to take care of a significant number of bugs I encountered in the game. It does look pretty but if you want a polished product wait for a patch or two to come out.
    Also I have not removed the DVD from the drive since I installed it, but I frequently get a disc not found error when starting up the game. I end up having to cycle the DVD drive drawer in and out....more info
  • Amazing, but far from perfect.
    If you want a great looking game and you have great PC gear, this is the game for you. Replayable: Yes. Fun: Yes. Graphics: The best! Game engine in general: Fantastic. Story: Not even close to original. Consistency: None.

    Basically, the game engine itself is great; it's like FarCry multiplied by 100. The story, though, is very old hat and very predictable. The greatest problem for me was the sudden change in the whole feel of the game: once you enter the mountain, it's essentially a different game altogether-- disapointingly so if you liked sneeking around in the bushes stealthfully dispatching enemies on a beautiful tropical island. the last part of the game is a run and gun shooter with timed abjectives. (It's as if the first part is a sequel to FarCry and the last part is deleted missions from Quake 4.) Did I mention that the game spawns bad guys mid level, sometimes all around you? Very irratating if you're carefully clearing an area and suddenly guys spawn behind.

    In short, I loved the game and replay it constantly. However, I only replay the first part (up to the mountain) and I would never say that it's flawless....more info
  • Awesome looking and playing game!
    I built a high powered gaming computer just so I could play this game. I am happy to say it was worth the investment. The graphics are great and the gameplay is a lot of fun! The story is OK considering it ends in a cliff-hanger but it does make you want to see what happens in the next chapter.

    If you don't have a good gaming computer, you will have to lower a lot of the game settings. This isn't to say it would be bad but you will be missing out on the eye candy. Even on my gaming rig I had some slow down in areas where there were a lot of enemies and explosions.

    Overall, this is a great game. I will be playing it through many times....more info
    i like this game due to its close resembly to Metal Gear Solid. It is a FPS but you must remain hidden to ultimately beat the game. I thought the system requirements were going to be rediculously high but surprisingly i ran this game EXCELLENT without overclocking,
    sys specs2.7dualcore, 2GB of RAM,512ATI Radeon sappire 3650...more info
  • Packaged in Substantial Case inside Raised Art Sleeve
    I already gave a 5 star review for the game Crysis. But as I have the collectors edition, I thought I'd comment on that specifically here.

    The sturdy plastic case is 1" thick making it able to stand upright as a display item. Comes with the game disk, music disk and a 3rd disk that has the graphics artists explaining a bit about the making of the game. The video about the game is in low resolution. The CD is interactive and if your online you can click to download a higher resolution version of the video, and some screen shots. The art booklet is no big deal as its fairly small. About 4 and 1/2 by 6 and 1/2". I think it's worth the difference in price mainly for the music CD.

    ...more info
  • It's my game of the year...
    If you have the horsepower, I don't think you can find a better game, or a more realistic 1st Person Shooter this year. You need a good graphics card. I have used this on my old system with an Nvidia 6800 Ultra card and it played fine, but it screams in my new home built PC with an Nvidia 8800 GTS OC (640 MB onboard) By the way, I am running this thing on XP and using DirectX 9.

    Great story, plenty of new features, a fantastic on-the-fly reconfigurable suit to enhance your abilities, and really intelligent battle-savvy foes, whether N. Koreans or Aliens... Believe me, you really have to think your way through this... run and gun won't save the day.

    Far Cry on steroids, this game is head and shoulders above its competition. You'll have no regrets....more info
  • Great Gpraphics, but
    Lets all face it; Crysis has the best graphics. But I learned the graphics aren't everything. The level design is very similiar to Far Cry and the story is dull.

    Graphics: Beautiful. But only when you play it max or high settings. if you don't have a good graphics card, don't bother, because it looks like crap at medium and low sttings.

    Sound: Meh. Nothing new

    Gameplay: Just like FarCry, except you get powers from your suit. You can have stealth mode, speed mode, strength mode or the default shield mode. But they don't last long. The environments are comepletely destructable, which is cool. For example: I had a huge fight against some of the enemy soldiers at a camp. After about Five minutes, everything was destroyed. Houses, garages and cars. The physics were beautiful abd worked perfectly.

    Overall, it was an OK game, but the only thing that is keeping this game from a 3 star to a 4 star is its graphics. By the way, don't get the collector's edition. Collector editions are crap that only contain a documentary and a soundtrack, which sucks.

    P.S: If you don't have at least a Quad-Core, or 4gs of RAM, or an 8800 graphics card, DONT BUY IT!!!!...more info
  • Does not work with all video cards
    I received this game for Christmas and cannot wait to play it. careful of your video card. Although my video card plays all games great..Not this one. You need a high tech card to play this game. My card is a GEforce 4000 no good need at least an 8600....more info
  • Eye Candy Galore, But Far Too Short
    The Collector's Edition of Crysis comes with a nice game case sleeve, three (3) discs and a Special Edition art booklet. The first disc is the game disc. The second is the game soundtrack (which is probably worth the extra ten bucks alone), and the third disc is the bonus features disc. The bonus features are the "Making of Crysis", Storyboards, Screenshots, Concept Artwork and Videos. It is not a standard DVD, so unfortunately, it won't work on a regular DVD player. You'll need to run it in Windows.

    This game feels more like a long demo rather than a complete title. Just when you think the game is going to move onto the next chapter, the soundtrack builds to a crescendo and the credits start rolling. The game abruptly ends after a few hours of gameplay. It seems to me that this game was more of an experiment with the new CryEngine 2 and DirectX 10 support rather than an actual game. As in "The Empire Strikes Back", the storyline in Crysis leaves you hanging. It does not end when the game does! The game ends with your squad leader going AWOL and you have to find him. You know they're going to charge you more money later on to find out what happens when you meet up with him. If people pay the full retail price for a game, shouldn't they get the full game all at once up front? Pay $50 now and wait a year to spend another $40 on an "expansion pack" just to finish the game. That should have happened in the first place! What kind of underhanded garbage is that?! If it's not finished, don't sell it!

    The audio is atrocious. It's just bad. The audio alone may be a good reason to wait on buying the game until they release a patch for it. I mean, the audio in this game is so unsynchronized with the rest of the game that during an in-game movie, the computer *appeared* to freeze, but was just trying to sync the game up with the dialogue. It took about 30 long seconds of waiting to see if the problem was with my computer or not. This is a recurring problem on many other peoples' computers, even with the latest Sound Blaster cards. There have been many times during an intense battle where the sound of the guns has dropped out altogether, and the dialogue is extremely choppy. EA needs to work on a patch for this audio problem. I ran the game with the -DX9 command line parameter to play the game in DirectX 9 mode, and the audio was *STILL* choppy and full of delays.

    Please, please wait until the price on this game has gone down. I know you want to see how the game looks with DirectX 10 graphics, but there is a demo of this game available for free online. Crysis is yet another expensive big-name game you can complete over the weekend on the most difficult setting without any cheating (which I did - unless you consider using the quicksave and quickload feature cheating).


    [Now onto the good stuff - yes, there are good things about this game....]

    I really liked the motion blur, and the shading in DX10 is out of this world. I have not seen a more beautifully rendered computer or video game on the market. Even BioShock, which is supposed to support DirectX 10, doesn't come close to the realism of the graphics in this game. The close-ups with the enemy are breathtaking. If you have all the video settings to "Very High" and are running on DX10, when you go toe-to-toe with a bad guy in the middle of the day while on the beach, and decide to melee attack him, it looks so incredibly real that you might forget you are playing a game. The facial expressions are very detailed and well put together. It's just scary real. There was a time in computer/video gaming where you were doing a great job if you used three triangles to make a nose. This is by far light years ahead of those days (and the rest of the competition, for that matter).

    The gameplay is good. I love the quick save/quick load feature. I hate when games don't have it. The different abilities of the character's suit are fun, too. Too many bad guys flanking you? Turn the cloak on and retreat. Can't jump high enough to reach that ledge? Use the maximum strength setting and try it now. Need more info on gameplay? Download the demo.

    All in all, a very good half of a game, but we'll have to wait a while to pick up where this game leaves off. Good gameplay, engaging storyline, outstanding graphics, way too short. It'll be a while before we see a Crysis 2. The big wigs are going to milk Crysis by putting out expansion packs, when they should have just made the complete product and sold it all at once. I guess the days of buying a complete game are over (as are the days of getting gas for 89 cents a gallon). ...more info
  • A very impressive effort from Crytek.
    Having loved Far Cry I was well looking forward to Crysis coming out, but I knew that it would need a strong PC. Crysis is the game that I upgraded my machine for and it was well worth it. Having previously played the demo on my older PC (P4 2.8 Prescott w/7800GS, 2GB RAM & Vista32) I could only play on medium settings, and thought that the game was so so. Having now upgraded to a Q6600, 4GB RAM and 2x 8800GT in SLI on Vista64 I can play the game with all settings on Very High and the game is amazing. Easily one of the best games that I ever played.

    Stability: Stable, did not experience any crashes. Only hickup was getting SLI to work which required a beta nVidia driver, otherwise it is a stable piece of software (at least running on my new PC with Vista64).
    Graphics: The best available - not much more to really say, sets the bar.
    Sound: Well done with a sound track included in collectors edition. Gun sounds give the approriate feel of weightedness and the jungle effects are realistic enough.
    Gameplay: Very well balanced, the suit's powerups work for the appropriate level of time (any longer and the game would be too easy). These powerups let you play the game from a multitude of perspectives and aids in replayability. The enemy AI is terrific and you will need to think about how you are going to fight. A head shot almost always results in a kill, but mostly I found myself able to take them down in a few shots on strength mode and crouched, but there are numerous ways of achieving it. The weapon upgrades are also a nice addition and you will find yourself using all of them at some stage or another. In a similar vein to FarCry you get to use multiple vehicles and the like, however there is far less time in boats compared to the original and far less time in the water, but it is a different game.
    Length: I finished the single player over the course of about two weeks, which I think is reasonable - especially compared to COD4 which I finished in about 4 hours on hardened level. All in all, the length of Crysis seems comparative to similar titles.

    Crytek has clearly put a ton of work into this and it shows. My only concern is that it become like FarCry and there are no other games using its engine, or any expansions - because a game of this quality begs for one.

    Verdict: Outstanding, sell the family car and upgrade - its worth it and easily deserving of its five stars.

    My current FPS Ranking (of recent shooters that I have played):

    1: Crysis
    2: Rainbow Six Vegas
    3: F.E.A.R.
    4: Halflife 2
    5: Bioshock
    6: Call of Duty 4...more info