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The Very Best of the Doors [US Version]
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Product Description

Rhino's celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Doors spectacular 1967 debut continues to break on through with an unprecedented two-disc, career-spanning collection that spotlights the legendary band's powerful mix of music and mysticism. The most comprehensive 2-CD Doors set ever compiled, the anthology presents dramatic new 40 Anniversary mixes by the remaining Doors and Bruce Botnick, the band's original engineer and producer. Drawing essential hits and favorites from all six studio album recorded by Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, and John Densmore, the title also features several songs previously unavailable on any U.S. compilation as well as choice rarities from various sources.

Customer Reviews:

  • Doors CD from Amazon
    Fantastic. Exactly what I ordered and arrived the following friday under the delivery estimate in the Christmas rush. The package and contents were completely intact without anything rattling around on the inside of the CD case like other companies who've shipped similar items to me....more info
  • The perfect collection
    If you looking a good collection of The Door's, this just perfect.

    All classic, all monsters pieces and just the best.

    You never gonna regret for buy it!

    100% RECOMENDED...more info
  • Please put some volume on for Jim's track!
    I have the first release of all 6 albums on CDs, and wanted to see what a remixing/remastering did to the Doors sound.

    Pros: 1. excellent instrument sound remaster - very clear and crispy sound; a pleasure to listen to. 2. Selection is fantastic - I would probably compile it the same way if I had to do it myself. Well, would probably trade Not To Touch the Earth for Wild Child, and (don't kill me) the End for the Soft Parade.

    Cons: See the title of my review. I mean, it is not that bad, but it is bad enough to give this compilation 3.5 stars despite all the pros....more info
  • People are strange and like to complain........
    So what is it will all these pansies complaining? Do you need your diaper changed or a whole new set of ears? This is by far the best Doors complication ever put together. They finally get it right on the selection of songs. It is if I feel I picked the songs out myself. And the sound is superior to the previous complication Best of the Doors. Like Mothership from Led Zeppelin I already have all the songs but like to see the sound enhanced. The only thing that could make it better is mixing for 5.1 which is incredible if you have the equipment and dude there is nothing like it! But nevertheless these recordings are worthy of recognition. And dude, the Doors are one of the few bands as well as The Beatles,Led,Zeppelin,Pink Floyd, and Jimi Hendrix that live on in this generation as if they never disbanded. Me and my wife got it as a Christmas gift for my father who introduced me to the Doors in the 80s when I was 12. I have loved the music ever since and am impressed with this complication which has to be the best complication I can remember.
    And I am not a lover of complications! But you can love this one 3 times!
    See ya, I'm going away! ...more info
  • The very best of the Doors
    Good afternoon

    i have not been able to review it yet, as i haven't received the cd

    Thank you, Tom...more info
  • Better upon a few listens and comparisons
    OK, since listening to this some now, I have to admit the choice of selections here is not just good as stated before, but VERY good and sequenced really well too, much better than that Legacy thing. There is some chat before a song or two and a new little guitar national anthem prelude to LA Woman..all which is of interest..but on this new REMIX - some tracks sound like Jim is further back in the Break on Through but others sound fuller and richer. A few of the songs in A/B comparison to "The Best of the Doors" two disc set from the mid 80's are way faster and speed away so I will have to get My turntable out and borrow someone's original LPs to check on pitch. Any remaster can be improved upon from the original master tapes but there is usually no excuse for speed variation from what was the original way we got to hear it. I just wish they had expanded the Best of the Doors to this full track listing and not tweaked with the mixes for the most part. I do like the Break on Through "she get's high" in the song as it should have been but Morrison is too far back in the mix on that song. Even with some drawbacks this is a very good release.

    Also where did all the other reviews go..??...more info
  • Excellent Collection
    I had only heard a few songs by The Doors before I purchased this album, and was looking to dig a little deeper into their music. After listening to the album once I immediately became a Doors fan. This is an excellent collection of their work, and is set at a very reasonable price....more info