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PSP 2000 Console - Piano Black
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Product Description

The PSP (PlayStation Portable) system is totally portable so you can play anywhere. Wireless connectivity makes for slick, no-hassles multiplayer gaming. The dazzling widescreen LCD and incredibly vibrant and crisp graphics bring gaming to life. The PSP has a game for everyone - over 135 game titles available including Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2, NBA 07, Need for Speed: Carbon, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, LocoRoco, and more! Take all your tunes to go! It's easy to play your favorite music on the PSP system with a Memory Stick Duo. Save your MP3, MP4, ATRAC3plus, ATRAC3 WAV and WMA music files to a Memory Stick Duo or download new favorites. Then play on your PSP wherever and whenever you want. Watch videos on the go. Watching videos on the PSP is easy with a Memory Stick Duo. Save your MP4 and other format videos to a Memory Stick Duo. Experience the freedom of Wi-fi functionality and communicate with other PSP? systems, download content, and compete against other players by connection to a wireless local area network (WLAN). Free yourself from wires and you'll be free to use your PSP network features anywhere, anytime. Enjoy video web feeds, weblogs, or podcasts from any of thousands of websites. Using the PSP system's RSS Channel feature, you can add link information to a channel list that will enable your PSP to link to web pages that provide RSS or podcast-distributed content. Save RSS or podcast content to your Memory Stick Duo and enjoy it on the go. It is constantly evolving! Exciting new features are added with every system software release. Get your game on with free game downloads. You can get game downloads here or directly through your PSP web browser at the official PSP website 2 great ways to play games with multiple players - Infrastructure mode to play with people online or Ad Hoc mode to play with nearby PSP systems without an internet

The PSP is the first truly integrated handheld entertainment system designed to handle multiple applications — music, video, communication, and wireless networking, with games as its primary driver. PSP brings an unparalleled gaming experience to a handheld platform, allowing users to enjoy 3D games, with high-quality, full-motion video, and high-fidelity stereo audio. With graphics rendering capability comparable to that of PlayStation?2, PSP features a 4.3-inch wide screen, high-resolution TFT display. PSP also adopts a newly developed, proprietary compact but high-capacity (1.8GB) optical disc, Universal Media Disc (UMD), as its storage medium.

Check out the PSP features in depth below:

Games | Movies/Video | Music | Photos | Internet | LocationFree? TV | Tivo-To-Go™ | RSS | Online Gaming

What's in play this season.

  • Dazzling widescreen LCD brings gaming to life
  • Hundreds of games that let you take your gaming on the go
  • Unique content created specifically for the PSP? system
  • Diverse genres — and all created with portable gaming in mind
Play games anytime, anywhere on the PSP system's dazzling, widescreen LCD. Games are playable off a UMD™ (Universal Media Disc), which load when inserted into the system. If your PSP system hasn't been updated, the game software will update your PSP system's firmware as well.

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The silver screen, conveniently resized.

  • Choose from hundreds of movies and TV shows to watch, spanning diverse genres and viewing choices
  • Take your entertainment with you on the go by placing your downloaded videos on Memory Stick Duo™

Here's How it Works.

  1. Use the Use the PSP Media Manager to easily place videos on your PSP System's Memory Stick Duo.
  2. PSP Media Manager will search your PC for videos, and then convert
  3. Alternatively, watch full-length movies and TV shows off a UMD™.
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Let the music move you — anywhere.

  • Place your MP3 collection on Memory Stick Duo and take your music with you everywhere
  • Plays MP3, WAV, WMA, ATRAC3+, and MP4 formats

Here's How it Works.

You can add MP3's (or other music format files) to your Memory Stick Duo for play on your PSP system.
  1. Simply attach your PSP to your PC through a USB cable — making the PSP an external drive.
  2. You'll then be able to copy your MP3s onto your Memory Stick Duo (make sure that your Memory Stick Duo is formatted for use on your PSP and that you place your music files in the folder labeled Music).
  3. Then just plug your headphones in, go to Music on the PSP system's XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) menu and select your song.
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Take your photos and slide shows to go.

  • Place your photos on your Memory Stick Duo and view them on the LCD screen
  • Beam photos to friends via Wi-Fi
  • Set up a slideshow to show friends and family your photo collection

Here's How it Works.

It's easy to place photos on your PSP system!
  1. Attach your PSP to your PC through a USB cable — which will make the PSP an external drive.
  2. You'll then be able to copy your photos (JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, or BMP formats) to your Memory Stick Duo (make sure your Memory Stick Duo is formatted for use on your PSP and that you place your photos in the folder labeled Photo).
  3. You can then go to the Photo icon on the PSP system's XMB and select the photo that you'd like to view.
You can also beam photos to a friend in the vicinity who has a PSP. Make sure that both of your PSP systems have the Wi-Fi switch set to On.
  1. The photo `Receiver' should go to the Photo icon on the PSP system's XMB, select the location to save the photo and press .
  2. Select `Receive'.
  3. The photo `Sender' should go to the photo to be sent and press .
  4. Select `Send' and press .
  5. The photo will be beamed via Wi-Fi to your friend's PSP.
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Got a hot spot? Get some cool stuff

  • Access the Internet from any accessible hotspot
  • For exclusive PSP downloadable demos and content, visit

Here's How it Works

To access the Internet on your PSP system, first make sure that you are at an accessible hotspot and that your Wi-Fi switch is set to ON.
  1. If you are at a new location, you'll want to select the WWW icon on your PSP system's XMB screen, and then follow instructions to set up a New Connection.
  2. Once you have tested this connection, select the WWW icon from your PSP system's XMB screen again.
  3. Press and then to access the URL bar, or scroll over to the Bookmarks icon (noted by the `heart' icon) and select a site.
  4. If accessing through the URL bar, after pressing , the on screen keyboard will pop up. Enter the desired website URL and your PSP will connect you to that site. Once the web page is shown, press to hide the toolbar.
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LocationFree TV

  • Watch live TV, DVR content or your DVD player content on your PSP system from anywhere in the world via an accessible hotspot
  • Connect your compatible TV, DVD player, DVR, Camcorder, or PC to the LocationFree Base Station. Then enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, created video, and more where and when you want on your PSP — wherever wireless connectivity allows

Here's How it Works

To connect to your LocationFree TV base station through your PSP, make sure you have installed firmware update 2.80 or later and that your Wi-Fi switch is set to On.
  1. Go to the LocationFree icon underneath the Network icon on your PSP system's XMB menu. (If you have not set-up a connection yet, your PSP will take you through the process.)
  2. Register your PSP with the LocationFree TV base station by pressing the `Setup Mode' button on the base station.
  3. Select the LocationFree TV icon under the Network icon on the XMB menu and press .
  4. Select a public wireless LAN service (if outside the home) or `LocationFree AP' (if inside the home). Now you can enjoy your favorite TV shows, DVR or DVD content from the road! For further set-up information, go to
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  • Watch recorded TV content downloaded to your Memory Stick Duo
  • TiVo-To-Go™ service costs $24.95 (one time flat fee) and converts recorded TiVo content to the correct PSP system format
  • Check for more information

Here's How it Works

  1. To access your TiVo content for playback on your PSP, your TiVo Series2™ must be connected to your home network (connecting it to your PC).
  2. Next, go to to download the TiVo Desktop Plus software. This will allow your PC to convert the TiVo files to a PSP readable format. TiVo charges a one-time fee of $24.95 for this service, payable via their website.
  3. When TiVo Desktop Plus has been downloaded, click the box in the `Preferences' menu to ensure files are converted to PSP format.
  4. Transfer the shows you wish onto your PC. The PC will then automatically convert the files into PSP readable files and place in a separate portable downloads folder.
  5. You'll then need to connect your PSP to your PC via the USB cable — which will turn the PSP into an external drive. Make sure your Memory Stick Duo has been formatted for use on the PSP and that you have updated your PSP system's firmware to version 2.80 or later. From there, you'll be able to enjoy your TiVo content on your PSP!
*Mac users can convert their TiVo Series2 programs for PSP as well using Roxio Toast 8 -- see for details.

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  • Enjoy audio and video RSS (podcasts) downloaded to your PSP system — anywhere you go
  • Check out PlayStation Mayhem and other RSS content on the RSS page through the official PSP website

Here's How it Works

  • Start the web browser (see Internet section for more information).
  • Select a webpage that offers RSS-distributed content.
  • Select the icon for the RSS-distributed content.
  • Select YES and then press . You have now created an RSS channel for that webpage. To access this content, simply go to the channel under the RSS menu.
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  • Battle others in intense online gaming at home or through complimentary 6 month access at any T-Mobile HotSpot*

Here's How it Works

  1. To play anyone in your local vicinity (up to 50 feet away), simply make sure your Wi-Fi switch is set to the On position, and follow the game's instructions on how to connect. Both PSP systems must have a copy of the game to play.
  2. To play online, make sure you're at an accessible hotspot (at home or T-Mobile HotSpot), and set your Wi-Fi switch to the On position.
  3. Ensure you have set up a new connection and then follow the game's on screen instructions to access the game lobby and find people to play!
  • Check to view T-Mobile HotSpot compatible games.
  • For detailed instructions on installing the necessary firmware update required for T-Mobile HotSpot online gaming, go to:
*Available through March 28, 2008. PSP must be updated to System Update v.3.30 or later.

Check out more upcoming games at

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  • WiFi capability
  • Internet access
  • MemoryStick Pro Duo slot (memory stick sold separately)
  • Use a MP3 audio and MP4 video player
  • See movies on UMD

Customer Reviews:

    I ordered for my PSP with a SanDisk memory card. The order estimated time was 4th August. On the day i could see the status to be delivered but i was not delivered by anything.
    I had to dig out as to how to contact amazon and then they also just narrated the same stuff written on the web site and also said to wait for few more days before any action that can be taken from there side.

    This is the second time happening with the amazon. They just want to keep there records up for the shipment. User satisfaction is not at all important....... Amazon is going bad in there delivery stuff.

    I would say try buying the same stuff from CIRCUITCITY or BESTBUY or BUY.COM. Prices are same everywhere and they have good accessories collection for the same. ...more info
  • Awesome!!!
    First of all Amazon is frickin awesome! Second I am really surprised this thing is not killing the DS for sales. I own both a PSP and a DS and with exception that you cannot play mario,link&zelda, pokemon ect on the PSP the PSP is way better than the DS. My love for this thing started when I saw that you can browse the internet with this thing! Also it is very light and the graphics are gorgeous(considering that it is a lightweight handheld).Plus the online gaming is better and easier to use than the online play for the DS, so i give this 5 stars! Enjoy....more info
  • Cool Gadget For Adults Too!
    If your intention is to buy a PSP Slim 2000 for Wi-fi Internet surfing you will most likely be disappointed. The included browser is just not ready to handle Internet surfing as it should. However, the amount of features this cool gadget has more then makes up for the shady Internet surfing.

    Besides, the common features already mentioned by other reviewers you can do some very cool things with the PSP!

    1. You can set up a security camera for your home or business and utilize
    the Location free system to get a live feed anywhere you can connect via
    wi-fi via the PSP!

    That right there is worth the price alone!

    2. You can use the PSP as a GPS system for your car! The software has not
    been officially released yet in the U.S but it's coming soon! ( GO! GPS )

    3. You can use the PSP with GO! Messenger which is also on it's way to the U.S which will allow video chat, video voice mail and instant messaging via the PSP!

    4. You can create your own .HTML portals and develop or gather applications online which you can run via the PSP.

    One such portal system is "PSPWXP"

    There are many available already or you can develop your own and release it to the public if you have the skills.

    5. You can convert your DVD movies and save them to the memory stick in MPEG 4 format.

    For that you can use ...

    1. WinXMedia DVD Converter ( Used to Convert DVD to MPEG 1 )
    2. DVDVideoSoft Free Studio ( Free video conversion tools )
    3. Sony Media Manager for PSP ( Easily manage your PSP content via PC )

    6. You can use the PSP as a backup drive if you need to move files from one PC to another.

    I didn't buy the PSP to play games - I purchased it because I thought the Internet access would be better and more reliable to manage online business but all the features I have stated above more then make up for it.

    Highly Recommended! :-)

    ...more info
  • Portable gaming device that needs more games
    Sony has delivered a great product. However, the game developers need to get busy. There are very few must have titles even though the promises and rumors continue to claim each year will be THE year. In any event, the hardware is well thought out and the software continues to be improved - although the fun and exciting features are typically scattered. The screen is large and bright and makes movies a joy to watch while traveling or sitting on public transit. The built-in wireless adapter and the software makes network connectivity simple. And the recent addition of access to the Playstation Store is a wonderful treat. The battery life has never been a problem for my usage. It would be great if the PSP had built-in storage space, but memory sticks are cheap enough these days to ignore such an oversight....more info
  • hmmm
    its ok... I would say the games in the ds are better, but the psp has internet so its just ok compared to the ds......more info
  • Amazon shuold screen their sellers
    I ordered this product in August 2008, and just this week I received my refund. This seller lied twice in stating that he sent the item, and after two letters to Amazon, Amazon finally decided that yes maybe you did have some problems with this particular seller.

    I think resent more that Amazon beat around the bush before responding to my two inquiries.

    I gave low ratings because thanks to the deceitful nature of the seller, I could not play the game. ...more info
  • great portable gamer
    I have only used this for games so far, but am very impressed with the picture and sound quality. Keep in mind the graphics are on par with previous generation console systems, but when you see them in motion it is quite impressive. Cutscenes in games are generally higher resolution than the games themselves, and really show what the screen is capable of. There are quite a few good games out for this system, and used ones can be had on the cheap....more info
  • PSP it's the best console.
    Overall there's nothing better, We own all the Video game consoles and this comes in first place.

    2-Huge game library
    3-Decent tech specs, the best for a handheld....more info
  • system board
    The system board of Tš€88v3 and 4.01 costs here, if you do not know that it means, look in the internet....more info
  • excellent for all ages
    the PSP 2000 is a pretty well-known system. it's easy to use, it's portable, and they have a wide variety of games and movies. the psp slim may have some cons. i would like to point them out. the packaging was pretty lame. i had to use scissors to open up the packaging which could have damaged my system. luckily it didn't. but i wish Sony would have done better with packaging.
    The PSP has plenty of pros as well. for start, the PSP has internet. that was a huge step up for the world of gaming. i was very proud of Sony when they released the PSP. I enjoy the games tremendously. you can play for hours, and never get bored. i enjoy the PSP Slim more than the original because it's sleeker, it's lighter, and you get skype. skype is a fun feature for the new PSP model. you can call skype to skype for free. but there is a slight fee to calling landlines. no worries. but this PSP system is a must get for all gamers. don't get the DS. the DS is waaaaaaay dumber than the psp. the psp is way better. i hope i helped. :)
    ~Trevor~...more info
  • PSP 2000 - great device!
    Bought this for my 17 year old daughter who has outgrown her DS games. She loves it. You can do movies, video, web, and of course, GAMES!

    She is happy with the PSP and uses it all the time!...more info
  • Great buy!
    First, Amazon was the only place I could find the PSP 2000 - everyone else only carries the 3000 version (which I'm told has issues). So thanks Amazon for having what I needed. It arrived when promised and my husband doesn't have to borrow our sons' anymore!...more info
  • Great XmasGift!My 10 year old is so excited! Sh
    My 10 year old daughter is so excited.She has been wanting a PSP for the past year. I don't christmas will get here soon enough for her. The game system is in wonderful condition. Can't beat the price I paid for it!...more info
  • Great Travel Companion
    We got a PSP for our son to help keep him occupied during a long trip, and it was nearly perfect. Between the numerous games and solid video playback, the PSP can easily engage anyone for a decent period of time. My only significant complaint is that the wireless browser is fairly slow....more info
  • A Fair iPod touch Alternative
    OK, so I was very happy with my iPod touch, but sticker shock got the best of me. I decided to go for something a little different, and so I jumped on the new PSP-2000.

    A little background: I had a launch PSP back when they first came out. I liked it then, but it was very limited by a lack of software and support.

    Fast-forward to today: I'm quite happy with the PSP-2000 as a media device. It's lightweight, slim, and doesn't take up much more space than an iPod touch. It has user-replaceable battery packs, and you can upgrade the memory as you see fit. I grabbed an 8GB Memory Stick at a bargain price, and I'm happy with the amount of data I can store on it.

    Other bonuses versus an iPod touch:

    * Controls for games.
    * Built-in stereo speakers.
    * WiFi switch allows you to turn off WiFi when you're not using it.
    * Bigger screen.
    * Extended battery available.
    * Comes with wall charger, but can be charged via USB just like the iPod.
    * Costs MUCH less than iPOd touch.
    * Web browser has limited support for Shockwave Flash (iPod doesn't).
    * Supports more media formats.

    All in all, the PSP is a great choice. It's too bad Sony is still marketing it as a gaming console, instead of aiming it at the adult crowd looking for a media device. On the gaming side, however, I'm having a blast playing PSOne games that I downloaded from the Sony Store. The iPod touch can't play Castlevania Symphony of the Night, can it?

    Yep. Definitely happy with this purchase. ...more info
  • A must have!
    I love it... it's a great gadget to have. In travel, at home...wherever a psp it's great fun. It's definitely worth getting one.
    It even allows access to your ps3 wherever you are in the world....more info
  • Much better than ds
    If you're deciding whether to buy PSP or DS. The answer is PSP. I bought a used one, hacked it. Now can play all the games there is available. I did that to DS too but ds games pretty much are for kids. Adults would gain much out of it. It's not much of a difference in price either so. Get PSP! ...more info
  • Review for psp
    This is for my son who is 13, he has wanted a psp all summer and worked very harded to save the money to get it. He just loves his psp, and has not put it down since he got it in the mail. We are both very happy ordering it from amazon. Thank you for making him a happy kid. ...more info
  • It was very fun... for the first month.
    This is a great system for everything that it does but... the games are not that much fun I mean im sure you can find games that you love but there are only a few. I liked it for about a week then I got very board so think twice about it when you buy it....more info
  • Meets Our Needs
    My kids have Playstation so when they wanted a portable, I looked at the PSP. With the wireless feature you can play multi-player anywhere you have WiFi (big deal for teens on family road trips).

    The screens are good and give you clear graphics. There's 135 games which I think it's more then enough. My kids tend to have a few favorites that they play over and over anyway....more info
  • My 7 year old far prefers his DS
    I bought this game for my 7 year old 12 months ago. It has a lot of features that he can grow into. Unfortunately, after less than 5 hours of use it stopped working. It was less than a month old. I phoned sony customer "service" several times. They were very unhelpful, in fact quite rude on the phone. Their attitude was that it was no big deal and they would send me information on how to return it. They never did. So I went to the website and filled out a request to return the psp. An email from Sony said that they would be sending me information on how to return the psp. I waited for 3 weeks,- at a time when I really needed this game for my son, it was inoperable. What happened to the day when if you bought something from a retailer and it broke almost immediatly, you just took it back and got a new one? To say that dealing with Sony has been frustrating is a wild understatement. I had been considering buying my son a new PS3 but I now know I will be geting him the Wii instead. This may be a great game. My brief experience with it was very positive. However. trying to replace a defective psp has been a truly awful experience and I'm sure Sony will lose market share once others reveal similar experiences.
    Update: The control pad on the left of the psp malfunctions intermittently but Sony customer service is so awful and my son prefers to play with his DS, that this game system mostly sits in a drawer. Not recommended for younger kids and I think it has quality control issues....more info
    Okay it doesn't matter whether you're buying the PSP 1000/2000/3000 here's what matters. The PSP is better than all the other hand held systems period. But if it's not imperative you buy a hand held these facts should help you decide. Okay the PSP is great for sports games (although they will cut modes etc. out on the PSP version versus a Xbox or PS3) the hand to hand combat games are okay depending on the series, but the shooting games are horrid. Let me repeat that "horrid". Let me explain you would think that Sony at least by the 2000 model would have pout in a right analog stick, there's plenty of room under the button pad, but no there is no such thing to be found. so instead of having a trusty right analog stick you're stuck using the button pad (square, triangle, circle, and X) which eliminates many options in the game and is plain ridiculous when trying to aim at an opponent. So in all if you want a hand held look no further, but if you're just looking for a game system go for a stationary console (not the Wii, see my review on the Wii for full details). ...more info
  • Sony Sucks but the PSP Rules
    I got the PSP about one month ago. When I received it the battery cover was broken. Sony actually wanted me to send the entire unit back to them so they could determine if the damage was caused by the system being dropped (which it has not been). They also informed me that if not it would cost $90 to "repair" (a clear assumption of my guild rather than belief that they could actually have a defective plastic case). Eventually, I just went to a local game store and purchased a double sized battery, which comes with it's own battery cover, and kit to make the original battery fit in the new cover and a add-on which makes both sides of the PSP even, despite the protrusion of the new battery cover.

    Aside with how ridiculous Sony is with resolving problems for new customers, this system is the most impressive portable gaming device I have seen. Like the Nintendo DS, it aspires to be more than just a gaming system with built in 802.11b/g Wi-Fi support, MP3 support, movie support, and even a picture viewer. It incorporates the use of the Memory Stick Duo, which is used in many other Sony products. The screen size it the exact proportions of a movie theater and the brightness and color is better than any competing system. The firmware, which runs the system, can be updated via memory card, UMD (games/movies), or the internet, ensuring the system has the latest features, no matter when the system was made or purchased. The newest version of the firmware even supports Skype internet calling. The system is light-weight, but may scratch easily. I suggest buying some kind of case to keep the system in while traveling. All-in-all, I can't think of one bad thing about the PSP system itself. Though, I wish the library was a bit better, but still has more good games than the Nintendo DS....more info
  • custom firmware
    hey guys i havnt tied the psp slim yet but hey i love the older one so much better it is so much easyer to put custom firmware on it and yes sony firmware sux and i can confirm that look i got custom firmware 3.90m33-3 and thats what it says under my systtem options to and well i got a program that allows me to copy my umd onto my memory stick duo and that is very usfull so i dont have to carry so many umd's around and if you need any help downgrading the psp and installing the cutom firmware with the copier program and the is so many other options to get for it uincluding emulators to play psx , snes, gba, n64 etc etc etc.[..] ...more info
  • great console for the price
    it does music, videos and wireless internet in addition to games.
    the only problem i found is that wifi connection keeps disconnecting after each request which makes browsing super slow....more info
  • Awesome portable system.
    As advertised, this thing can do pretty much everything very well. The graphics are superb for its size....more info
  • its ok
    well i gatten me a psp wit rachat and clank her are the pros and cons
    + good bright crisp screen
    +loads of good games
    +great sound
    +nice sleak desin
    +mini ps2

    -needs more mem cards
    -feels cheap
    -battery life to short
    -loads take forever
    -no asset...more info