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TomTom ONE 3rd Edition 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator
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Product Description

TomTom's 3rd edition update to the world's bestselling (as of this writing, 8/30/08) portable navigation device features an updated chipset that provides better satellite lock and TomTom's new MapShare technology that lets you add your own map corrections and points of interest, then upload your corrections to and download other corrections from millions of other TomTom users via the TomTom HOME website.

Tom Tom ONE's driving view
The TomTom ONE's 3D driving view offers a clear picture of the road and maneuvers ahead. See the ONE in detail.
Icon-driven Menu System
The device's icon-driven menu system makes using the ONE a snap.
Tom Tom ONE's emergency screen
Emergency menu gives you fast direct access to emergency numbers and direction to the nearest assistance.
Tom Tom voice selection screen
Voice instructions are available in over 30 languages. Tom Tom even has comedy and celebrity voices available.
TomTom Mapshare MapShare lets you add your own map corrections and POIs, then share them with the entire TomTom user community via the TomTom HOME website.
Even though the ONE, 3rd Edition is TomTom's entry-level portable GPS vehicle navigation device, it remains a complete solution with an incredible range of features.

Tiny, but Tough
A sleek design and a sharp display combine to make the TomTom ONE a vital companion on the road. THe ONE, 3rd edition comes pre-loaded with complete maps for the United States and Canada.

Weighing less than 10 ounces and measuring 4.33 x 3.5 x 1.34 inches, the TomTom ONE can be easily installed in any vehicle. An included windshield suction mount holds it in place. Plus, with an operating temperature range of an icy -10 degrees to a sweltering 55 degrees Celsius (14 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit), the navigator is durable enough for New England winters or Arizona summers. The TomTom ONE is powered by an internal lithium ion battery that can be charged from your vehicle's cigarette lighter with the included 12-24V adapter.

Easy To Use
The user-friendly design also puts it a step above other navigation systems. The crystal-clear multicolor display makes for exceptionally easy viewing of maps, routes, driving directions, and other traveling information, such as mileage and distance. Measuring 3.5 inches, the TFT display offers a resolution of 320 x 240 to provide brilliant two- and three-dimensional graphics. The device also features 32 MB RAM and 380 MHz CPU, making it responsive and zippy. Using the USB port and the provided cable, you can use your PC to add your own points of interest.

With its touch-sensitive screen, the TomTom ONE puts programming and operation literally at your fingertips to make sophisticated technology simple. The built-in database offers millions of points of interest for you to use as destinations or reference points as you plan your trip. ONE will also provide a selection of available routes, giving you the option of avoiding toll roads or choosing between the quickest or the most scenic routes. The database includes zip codes to simplify your route selection, and for extra convenience, the TomTom ONE lets you save the addresses of frequent destinations, making route planning easier and faster than ever. Other display features include a compass mode to assist you with directional orientation, and an anti-glare screen for optimal viewing even in direct sunlight.

You Can Hear Me Now
ONE provides clear and accurate turn-by-turn voice instructions, so that you don't have to take your eyes off the road while your vehicle is on the move. Voice instructions are available in over 30 languages. Tom Tom even has comedy and celebrity voices available, some for free, and others for purchase via download at TomTom's website. One nifty feature is speed-sensitive volume. With this optional feature turned on, your vehicle's engine becomes louder or quieter as your speed changes, the volume adjusts itself accordingly, guaranteeing clear and easy listening.

HOME is TomTom's free software that enables TomTom users to future proof and personalize their devices. Via easy desktop access, any TomTom customer can update maps, download the latest application, celebrity voices and more. TomTom HOME allows TomTom customers to

• Update their TomTom device with TomTom's latest software and services automatically and for free
• Easily buy and install the latest maps and European safety cameras
• Download celebrity and character voices
• Pre-plan trip itineraries
• Receive free traffic alerts on their computers

What's in the Box
TomTom ONE device, suction mount, car charger, USB 2.0 data cable, and installation CD with connection software and manual.

Supported Languages
The user interface/application comes in the following languages:
  • Catalan
  • Latvian
  • Czech
  • Lithuanian
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Estonian
  • Portuguese
  • Finnish
  • Slovakian
  • Flemish
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Swedish
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Hungarian
  • UK English
  • Italian
  • US English
  • Spoken navigation instructions come in the following languages:
  • Australian
  • Japanese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Latin American Spanish
  • Bulgarian
  • Latvian
  • Catalan
  • Lithuanian
  • Chinese Mandarin
  • Malaysian
  • Chinese Cantonese
  • Norwegian
  • Croatian
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Portuguese
  • Danish
  • Romanian
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Estonian
  • Serbian
  • Finnish
  • Slovenian
  • Flemish
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Swedish
  • German
  • Thai
  • Greek
  • Turkish
  • Hungarian
  • UK English
  • Italian
  • US English

  • About TomTom
    TomTom NV is the world's largest navigation solution provider, developing products with an emphasis on innovation, quality, ease of use and value. TomTom's products include all-in-one navigation devices which enable customers to navigate right out of the box; including the award-winning TomTom GO family, the TomTom ONE range and the TomTom RIDER (for motorcycles). TomTom also provides navigation software products which integrate with third party devices; the TomTom NAVIGATOR software for PDA's and smartphones. TomTom WORK combines industry leading communication and smart navigation technology with leading edge tracking and tracing expertise. TomTom's products are sold through a network of leading retailers in 25 countries and online. TomTom was founded in 1991 in Amsterdam and has offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

    Find your way the easy way. TomTom ONE's distinctive design puts a full-size touchscreen and the power of GPS in a slim, lightweight device. Switch on and go right out of the box. The crystal-clear display, 3D graphics and turn-by-turn spoken instructions help you find your way to any address in the US and Canada all with just a few taps of the screen. TomTom has the most accurate maps, and with TomTom MapShare technology you can instantly modify street names, street direction, and POIs on your own device. And now, there are added safety features so you can easily access local emergency providers. No activation, no monthly fees, it's that easy. TomTom ONE is the world's number one selling portable navigation device.
    • The world’s #1 selling GPS; preloaded with maps of the United States and Canada
    • Millions of points of interest; TomTom MapShare instant map updates
    • Pocket-sized design; 3.5-inch touchscreen with 2D and 3D views
    • Turn-by-turn spoken directions
    • “Help Me” emergency menu; real-time traffic capability

    Customer Reviews:

    • Christmas gift
      We had purchased a Tom Tom One GPS unit for ourselves a year ago and have been reasonably happy with it. So when our daughter wanted a GPS unit, we elected to get the Tom Tom One 3rd edition for her as a Christmas gift....more info
    • This thing rocks!
      The Tom Tom One 3rd Edition is a great buy and easy to use. It has all the usual features of a lower-end GPS that gets the job done, but it has some unique tools available through the Tom Tom website that other manufacturers such as Garmin don't offer. Updating maps is so much easier than a Garmin, and other users of Tom Toms can upload information to the website that's available for anyone with a Tom Tom to download to their Tom Tom, which is really cool. Name brand restaurants, stores, state parks, and neat things like the Kentucky Bourbon Tour are available for download free of charge. After owning a Garmin and finding that updating the map in it is a royal pain, and then finding the Tom Tom tools that are so helpful I'll never own anything but a Tom Tom....more info
    • Best Buy ONE LE
      I stood in line a year ago, for Black Friday in KY to buy the TT1 LE and haven't looked back. My TT1 was/is simple to use right out of the box. I also like the mapshare feature its great to share and receive updates for the maps and POIs. ...more info

      The TOMTOM is easy to use and is ready to go right out of the box, but I would not recommend this unit to anyone. It has directed me through more back roads, dirt roads and subdivisions than I care to think about. If you like to drive through residential developments instead of the main road then by all means buy this unit. I tried to set the unit for both "fastest route" and "most direct route" with little effect on how it routed me. It once tried to route my through Wisconsin when I was trying to drive back to Flint, MI from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. On a mountain road in Kentucky, as I drove around the curves it repeatedly told me to make turns-- as if I had any other choice.
      On most GPS units I have used, you can get an eagle's eye view (zoom out)by hitting the minus key on the unit. On the TOMTOM, you have a very limited overview function, maybe only 2-4 miles ahead. If most of your trip is going to be on the same highway, it is impossible to visually check your progress due to the limited zoom function. When you use the minus key to get an overview of the route, as soon as you get near any cross road, the unit jumps back to the default zoom.
      I find this unit to be a constant irritation when driving. The voice commands are incessant. It seems to nag more than instruct. It tells you over and over that a turn is coming up. I usually turn the volume down on the TOMTOM so I can barely hear it.
      The battery life is very short. It must be plugged in to the cigarette lighter while in use. It did not come with a wall plug. If you parked your car and went on a walking tour of a city with the TOMTOM it would be of very little use to you. My TOMTOM battery life is only about 20 minutes, forget about using it on a bike trip, though the unit does give you routing options for bike trails.
      ...more info
    • Excellent Product!
      This is the best GPS device I have owned. It's easy to update. The screen is so user friendly! The touch screen is very responsive and easy to use. The directions and voice commands get you where u need to go! I would recommend this device to anyone who is looking for a awesome GPS!...more info
    • super easy to use
      Bought this for my boyfriend who relocated to Seattle from Northern Cali so he could find his way around. I use it just as much as he does now. Its so easy to use....more info
    • Excellent Products - Load very fast
      Excellent products, highly recommend to anyone who look for a afforable product. I have use this product over the year and really enjoy every minute of it, I use it to travel across the state often, there time I got lost and TomTom would direct me to a safe and friendly place....more info
    • Tom Tom purchase
      I purchased the tom tom on amazon and it was another company that I actually purchased it from. It came the next day with a nice case inside for a camera free of charge. I have never had such good service before. Usually things take forever from Amazon when there is free shipping. The shipping was free and the best service ever. Amazon could learn something from this companies shipping times.
      The best company I have ever dealt with....more info
    • Disappointing unt - do not buy
      wife bought a megelan - better battery and cna find a signal way more easily
      Plus i have to dop &120 fo a euro map - .....
      I hete this people....go american...more info
    • Very nice compared to the older models
      I found the new tomtom ONE 3rd very interesting. First of all, it is way better than Garmin/all series due to one important fact : None of Garmin GPSs will show your turning direction on the bottom, they all point it directly in the map which is useless in some occasions.
      The new tomtom is smaller and more portable than the previous designs with lots of added features such as map sharing which is just great. This is my second TomTom and I'm really satisfied with it. ...more info
    • Love the TomTom
      The TomTom is easy to use and accurate. The mistakes made were because we didn't trust it! Great starter GPS that will serve most needs....more info
    • I cant imagine driving without it
      Really I cant. This model is so easy to use. I am a commercial truck driver and drive 2500 miles a week. I like the favorite destination feature and the ability to name your favorites. slthough it does show points of interest, I wish it had the POI names. I highly recomment the One 3rd Edition...more info
    • Great directions, Poor Battery Life
      I bought this last Christmas and it has been a great tool for me. It gives clear and concise directions and I have never gotten lost with it. It also tells you how fast you are going although at freeway speeds it is way off. Battery life is the only bad part and you'll definitely need to keep it plugged into the lighter. Also there is no charge or battery time left indicator. This would be very helpful in knowing when it is fully charged. The only time you see battery on the screen is when its about to run out....more info
    • Solid
      This is a good product for a guy like me that goes on vacation twice a year. It is easy to update easy to use and very practical for work related trips.

      I read reviews myself before I make a purchase and there is no way I have the time to go into that level of depth as some of these guys do. So refer to the more complex reviews if you like to analyze ever avenue of this product. They are well written and more informative than consumer reports. ...more info
    • Almost perfect............
      .though in EIRE it sent me round the bend! I have been using the 3rd edition for a couple of years I guess and whilst using it in the US it has been brilliant. Fast to recalculate and I love the constantly improving list of POI's. Also, what could be better than having Eddie Izzard calling you a fool :) I bought the EIRE map and took it with us on our trip and the damn thing was rubbish at giving accurate directions. IN the end I switched it off. I know there has been a lot of road building there but we spent most of your time on the back roads and would still be digging the hire car out of ditches if we had paid attention to the TT. That small glitch aside I would recommend you buy this product and if you go to EIRE just rent a care with a GPS included (and hope it isn't a TT)....more info
    • A great bang for the bucks
      Resonably easy to program out of the box, I use it frequently and have yet to be led astray. I travel mostly rural roads and small towns through about 5 states and finding some locations was a nightmare. The only thing that could use improvement is screen contrast and brightness in daylight. I do find the user manual difficult but I have had little reason to do try. Having had a Garmin prior to this puchase I consider this model far superior....more info
      I love this product. I am someone who has absolutely no sense of direction. This product is so accurate and makes me feel so safe on long trips. As a young woman, I worry about stopping in strange areas to ask for directions. With this product, it is small and can fit in any bag so I can ensure that I have it with me all the time. If you are or know any women that do even a small bit of traveling, I strongly recommend this product or any TomTom for that matter!...more info
    • get nowhere at Blue ridge Parkway
      We got twice using TomTOm this week, first one is cannot find the hampton at Martinsville VA, got on Eden, NC which is more than 10 miles away. Second instance today is leading us to close to Little Switzerland at middle of nowhere, we felt we will die at Blue Ridge Parkway. The real destination is at least 70 miles south which TomTom failed a lot!!!...more info
    • I doubt the others are much better, at least the price is reasonable
      This product didn't meet my high expectations though I don't think the brand or model is to blame but I suspect all GPS systems have the same limitations. My complaints:

      It doesn't say "Turn right on Elm St" rather it says "in 400 yards, turn right". (The screen does provide the name of the street though, you just don't get it verbally.)

      It's like a cell're not always guaranteed you'll have reception. Doesn't do me a whole heck of a lot of good if all it states is "Lost signal 3 minutes ago". I sure wouldn't rely 100% on better also have a hard-copy map in your car for the areas that have no reception.

      If you approach an intersection where you will go straight, it says nothing. It only speaks when you need to make a turn. When I'm on a long, straight trip, I ride in silence for a long time and then when I finally need to make a turn, the voice actually startles me since I wasn't expecting it and hadn't heard it at every intersection.

      It's got an unusual definition of 'quickest route'. I think mapquest maps out better paths than the TomTom. It seems to take me the long way around quite a bit.

      Some positives (sorta):

      It's sure better than nothing. I am completely geographically impaired and can't find my way through my own backyard! It gives me much more confidence in taking road trips alone and I'm not as stressed out trying to read my mapquest print-outs and reset my odometer to know when to turn. It's great to know that I'll be notified when it's time to turn and I need not worry about what my next step is. (For as long as I have a GPS signal, that is).

      It's got some cool fun features, such as a warning if you are speeding and you have numerous bells/sounds/sirens to choose from as your warning sound if you choose to turn this option on. However, I don't know how many yards/miles you have to travel before it can recognize you're going to fast and I'm not sure how many mph over the limit you have to go. The only times I've gotten it to warn of speed is going 72 in a 65 mph zone, yet it never warned when going 55 in a 45....

      So, I would not say that I regret buying it but I was hoping it would be better than it is. I'm sure glad I didn't buy a $400 model or something!

      ...more info
    • Tom Tom GPS Review
      excellent product, bought as gift for daughter who's always on the road. she loves it....more info
    • Dissapointed by a locked up unit
      Well someone has to get the bad units and judging by all the refurbished units on the market I would guess these have a higher then normal failure rate. I purchased ours a little over a year ago and we haven't it used much. It has probably been powered on less then 50 times total. Yesterday the little guy locked up and despite trying to use the reset button and even letting the battery fully discharge it is stuck on the intial TOmTom screen everytime it powers up.

      When we did use it the maps were easy to follow and it would get us to where we needed to go but the routes were not always the most direct and even when I would have thought the next obvious route would have been the second choice when hitting the recalculate route button, that was not the case. Often the recalculated routes would take you far out of your way and miss the obvious choices (like main highways leading directly to your destination). So even if you were to discount my one star rating as coming from a disgruntled owner of a bad unit, I would have given this unit only 3 stars if it were still working. I have an entry level Garmin and like that a little more. Even at just over $100 dollars per unit I have an expectation it will last more then 50 power up cycles.

      That the Tom Tom site has "My unit locked up" as one of their frequently asked questions should also be a hint that their product has faults. The work around they prescribe didn't work in my case either leaving me with a brick. ...more info
    • good product, ok seller
      Item was sent in a timely fashion and was in very good condition (as described), however seller only responded to 1 of 2 e-mails sent. Satisfied with the item, half satisfied with the seller. Thank you for item and I would do business again....more info
    • If you want a beginner GPS, this is what you need
      My wife and I just got home with this device, and we are amazed. We feel this will greatly simplify and enhance our travel experiences.

      If you are already a GPS user, you may want something fancier. So far I have found that you can only plan one point of interest in a trip and I have found some of my favorite stores, mostly small or specialty businesses, that are not included with the points of interests. Since the device is inexpensive, it fails to offer an SD slot for more memory. It also cannot play mp3s, display photos, or anything else that is fancy.

      For basic or beginning users, purchase this unit. Allow me to espouse the great things about this device.

      SIMPLICITY The Tom Tom One had the easist to use navigation menu of any device I looked at. The menu is ran completely with the touch screen and my wife and I can both use it with ease. When you first turn the unit on it asks you to set your home address and choose your settings. A cheaper version that my father received for Christmas took him an hour to figure out! The screen is extremely visible with vibrant colors and great brightness. It locks onto a GPS signal almost instantly. Setting a route to a destination is simple. If you are wanting to return to your home, you need simply press 2-3 buttons on the screen. To get to a point from your current location, simply add a few steps by entering an address or choosing a point of interest.

      FUNCTIONALITY If you have a favorite store, friend, family or other location, you can easily add the location to your favorites with a name of your choosing and that makes sense to you. If you have ever added a Internet site to your web browser favorites, you can do this and love it. The internal memory contains tons of points of interest from hospitals to restaraunts to shopping centers that you can easily search. You can search for these by points nearest your location, points along your route, or points near your destination. The voice prompt is loud and easy to hear. You can even set the volume to increase as your driving speed increases. The settings allow you to customize the screen to show what you want to see such as a compass, points of interest, remaining time and remaining distance.

      As much as I love this device, I caution anyone to be aware that this device will meet all of travel needs. Browsing a map is not easy, so I will probably still print and study Mapquest maps of any area at which I will be staying. If you want to visit multiple locations on a trip, you may still need to make a list of addresses you want to visit. Since I don't trust the device's list of points of interest to be as comprehensive as I would like, I will definitely google things I want to do in an area.

      However, it will be very nice now to locate gas stations or restaraunts that are near our hotel or along our route. As a hater of driving in big cities, I also think we will be more adventerous and willing to venture into large metro areas.

      So in summary, you couldn't do much better for an inexpensive and easy to use GPS device....more info
    • My TomTom ONE 3rd Edition Does It All
      If I were asked to find a fault with mine, I would be at a loss for words. I went to a new dentist today, next town up, so to be safe I put his address in my TomTom even though I was pretty sure I knew where he was. When I turned on to the street I panicked because all the buildings were behind trees and I could not see numbers. I pushed the button on the TomTom and in about 30 seconds it said, "You have reached your destination." I turned into the driveway to his building. This little thing never ceases to amaze me. It takes better care of me than my wife does...almost....more info
      Ordered this item for my granddaughter and she had gotten one herself.
      So I contacted Igloo and enver heard a word. NEVER USE THEM....
    • Good
      It is a very good, simple to use product. I?,?'d like to use it in Brazil too but I can?,?'t buy brasilians maps for my tom tom. I should buy another one there. So I use in US. I use in my car, in my bike and I used it walking in Honolulu. ...more info
    • Garmin feature missing from TomTom units
      I replaced a Garmin C330 with a TomTom One. In general, I like the TomTom but am very irritated by one feature I took for granted with the Garmin: the TomTom device is unable to navigate to some favorites you have saved. If the location is not close enough to a road it recognizes, it refuses to let you navigate directly there. I complained about this to TomTom support, hoping I was doing something wrong and they wrote back: "The location on the map that you saved is not on a road that the TomTom unit recognizes. Therefore it can not take you back to that location. You can set the favorite at the closest road location to the parking lot. However you can not save the actual parking lot as the location as it is not a road." This is a design flaw. You shouldn't have to think about the closest road to a favorite location. If I get another GPS, I don't think I'll get TomTom....more info