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Oregon Scientific Portable Weather Radio
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Product Description

Be aware when an emergency strikes. Be alert before an emergency arrives. Includes LCD display with digital time and date functions. Attractive silver radio case features black trim. Matching desktop cradle included. Small, light and durable emergency alert weather radio. Reception range of up to 40 miles Stand-by function ends when alert is received, triggering 100-decibel audio alarm and visual alerts Includes crescendo alarm function and an 8-minute snooze alarm Pressing the snooze alarm bar activates backlight for 10 seconds Water and shock resistant case makes the weather radio perfect for outdoor use Low battery warning icon Belt-clip and stand options for use at home or on the go 7.5 volt 350mA AC power adapter included Requires 3 AA 1.5V alkaline batteries (not included) One-year manufacturer warranty User Manual

  • Public Alert Certified Weather Radio
  • SAME technology allows you to filter out non-local emergency alerts.
  • Receives NOAA warnings of severe weather and environmental dangers.
  • Also receives National Weather Radio broadcasts of local forecasts and regional conditions.
  • Stand-by mode monitors three levels of alert - advisory, watch and warning.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Item!
    Worth more than what i paid considering it's still less money than it's conpetitors and performs better!...more info
  • Portable Weather Radio
    Oregon Scientific WR103NX Handheld Weather Radio
    I bought one for my own use several months ago. Iam very satisfied with it. The last purchase was a Christmas present for my sister and brother-in-law. They are very happy with it....more info
  • Great little S.A.M.E weather for the price
    Great little S.A.M.E weather for the price. Portable and easy to use, plus it comes with an A/C adapter....more info
  • I am glad it works for some people ...
    I bought this unit about a month ago and just returned it the other day. I bought it because the local weatherman was endorsing it and I like the idea of the SAME technology since my past weather radios were always going off and it never was anything that pertained to my local area. I returned it because I never had a warm-and-fuzzy that is was actually working. Over the month I had it - it never went off - despite all sorts of warnings popping up on my PC and on the local news weathercast. I had entered in the surrounding counties as indicated in the manual - and I am 99 percent confident it was setup correctly (I am used to programming gadgets - didn't seem that difficult). However, I was concerned about verbiage in the user manual that indicated you had to have a good signal for the unit to work - "place it near a window or high spot in the house". Well - you can try to do that - but there is still no way to tell you are getting a good signal - unless the unit goes off - and it never did. I sent Oregon Scientific an email asking for help and got a response back that it would take up to 4 days to respond. That's just not acceptable to me. I think 24 to 48 hours is reasonable on an email response. That's when I decided to bring the unit back for a refund....more info
  • Don't give this company your money!!!
    I purchased this radio for my husband last year. The compnay issued a nation wide recall and I have had no success in the past three months getting information about this product. It was an okay radio while it worked, but now that it doesn't I can't get it replaced. The Better Business Bureau has numerous complaints against it for a wide range of problems. If you want a good radio from a reputable company, go with Midland....more info
  • Good for the money
    A good value for the money. Instructions for setup are not the most clear. ...more info
  • Functional Weather Radio!
    Overall, this radio works as advertised. It's solidly built. Comes with a very nice cradle and AC adapter. The radio COULD be difficult for some people to set up if they are not comfortable with electronics (or reading directions). Reception is clear in our house and the weather alerts certainly can roll you out of bed when they go off in the middle of the night. I was looking for a weather radio with SAME technology that could also sit on my dresser. This fit the bill perfectly. The backlight is also bright and the display is clear. The red alert light (it's normally green) is not as bright as it should be and should be more prominent. However, only a minor complaint and it's worth the price. ...more info
  • Works every time
    I purchased this radio mainly because I wanted something portable during a round of storms. I have had this radio for about a year now and it has not let me down one time. We live way out in the country and we do not have a problem with reception at all. I followed the directions on the website to set it up and what I love is even when you have to change the batteries it does not lose it's programming information. We live in an area where we cannot hear sirens when needed so it is important to us to have a reliable radio and this has definitely proven worthy!!!...more info
  • Fresh review.
    This will be an ongoing review. Although I am a frequent customer I found this item, WR601, on the clearance shelf at Home Depot yesterday. I paid $37 plus tax. I was intrigued by its portability, read all the reviews, went onto Oregon Scientic web site and confirmed the WR601 WAS NOT included in the recalls. A neighboring area was hit by tornadoes last night which made this purchase more timely.
    I was surprised to find that it came with 3 alkaline batteries that only needed removal of a plastic contact blocker to activate. A quick word of caution when removing the battery door make sure the "oring" does not come out with it, but if it does it is easily replaced. As we will at times use it while boating I like the water resistance. Also plan to take it camping where we can be away from TV/radio for days at a time.

    I found the manual to be easy to follow. Once you go on the NWS web site you will easily find the state and county codes. There are 7 frequences which correlate with 7 channels on the radio. Ours was channel 7. This is easily set. The county code is found on the web site and again is easily set. The time/date ditto.

    The cradle is just that - there are not charging provisions. A power jack is located on the right side where the power cord attaches. Pressing the snooze button activates the back light. The NOAA switch scrolls between hearing the active NOAA broadcast, standby which is where it should stay 99+% of time, mute (no audible warning only flashing lights) and off.

    The mode button scrolls between time, date, and two alarm modes - might use alarm mode on vacation otherwise superfluous and could even be confusing. Weather alert or alarm clock?

    Radio has a solid feel to it for whatever that is worth. The battery door with the above mentioned o-ring looks substantial. The backlight has a nice blue color and is bright. The LCD display is large enough to read easily.

    If I could edit my review star rating I would give it a five at this point. ...more info