Canon HG10 AVCHD High Definition Camcorder with Optical Image Stabilizer
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Product Description

The Canon HG10 AVCHD Format Hard Disk Drive Camcorder delivers high definition technology with the effortless ease of recording video directly onto a hard disk. Incorporating the latest AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) format, it puts superb image reproduction and advanced features at your fingertips in a compact AVCHD Format HDD camcorder, which means you'll carry it everywhere you want to capture the special moments in your life in true HD.Among the Canon Exclusive features on the HG10 are Canon's own Full HD CMOS sensor and advanced DIGIC DV II image processor. More exclusives are SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization, Instant Auto Focus and 2.7" Widescreen Multi-Angle Vivid LCD. With the Genuine Canon 10x HD video zoom lens and a host of other advanced features the HG10 is the right choice in HDD camcorders.

  • Record up to 15 hours of high-definition video to 40 GB hard disk drive
  • Canon full-HD CMOS sensor; 24p Cinema Mode
  • High-definition 10x optical zoom lens; 2.7-inch widescreen Multi-Angle Vivid LCD
  • SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer; simulatneous still-photo capture
  • HDMI terminal; advanced accessory shoe

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Great Camcorder
    So far, I haven't had any major problems with this camera. I am new to the camcorder experience, so you might want to check out some of the other experienced reviews, too. Both the picture and video quality for this camcorder are quite excellent. They also transfer over to your computer well. I have yet to try making DVDs out of my captured footage, using the programs provided or other outside sources, so I honestly can't say anything about that at the moment. The battery life, for the battery that came with the camera, lasts a long time when its fully charged. The only draw back I see so far is the video file type. The AVCHD file format is what the camera records in. As of right now and as far as I know, it is hard to get this file type to play in many of the video and video editing programs used in computers, hence the need for its own video editing software. This software comes with the camera, but it is limited in its abilities, and I prefer other video and video editing programs that are already on mine and other computers. So, with that in mind if you want to use other software that can't read AVCHD files, you may have to wait until those programs get updates that include the new file type or get conversion software, like Elecard, that can convert the AVCHD files to useable file types. I believe, that is about it for now....more info
  • Great Camera
    I've now had this camera for a little over a year, and I love it. It is easy to use, and the quality of the picture is fantastic. I've taken tons of video of my daughter, and looking forward to capturing more of her and our new baby due soon. It is easy to transfer the video onto a computer, but I do find the included video editing software not very good. But there are lots of other editing programs easily available online that work really well, I use the Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum, which I downloaded for about $100. I also pay a professional editor to take my video and turn my home movies into something decent to watch.
    Bottom line, this is a great camera at a great price, perfect for family home videos. ...more info
  • Absolutely outstanding!
    As your average camcorder user, I've found this very easy to use right out of the box. While there are plenty of options to enhance your shots, this does a great job in a very basic shooting mode.

    With multiple formats for shooting, the storage is excellent for most 3-7 day vacations. The first time I used this was on a 4 day trip to Walt Disney World, where I go frequently. My first shots were from the monorail, while moving. Stabilization was not perfect, but came out nice once I steadied myself.

    Half of my shots were with low light, either at the fireworks shows in the Magic Kingdom & Epcot, or on rides. Almost all of them came out perfect, with the exception of a couple that were out of focus. I found that if low-light focusing was a problem, manually zooming in & out would quickly correct the situation. I was able to zoom in on a full screen shot of Tinkerbell, launching off the castle at the start of the fireworks, with amazing clarity.

    While the movie software it comes with takes some understanding, it does work well. It allows you to convert all movies to Mpegs manually, or will do it automatically when creating a DVD. It works fastest when burning straight to AVCHD DVD, and can take a very long time if converting first.

    The clarity of the pictures on SP format (2nd only to XP) was true HD quality, and used less space than I thought after 4 days. On SP, over an hour of footage only used about 10% of the storage. When hooked up straight to my TV, or viewing from the AVCHD DVD created, footage came out like I was still there. The next time I go, I will be using the XP format, now that I know I have plenty of storage space.

    All in all, was an excellent choice, well worth the money for such fantastic footage....more info
  • Great Product, features and use
    I've been using videocams since the betamax tapes first came out, and I've upgraded throughout the years as the technology advanced. I wanted a well priced product, HD, and stop depending on tapes or discs... I did my homework, and finally purchased the HG10. I've been using it for a couple months now, and am extremely pleased with the performance.

    - EXCELENT VIDEO QUALITY: performs true to HD quality
    - Great size for travelling
    - 40GB Hard Drive more than enough space, even for extended vacation times
    - Good size LCD screen

    - Ergonimics could be better
    - Sound quality is merely OK.
    - Editing video software is extremely basic, and unless you have a VERY POWERFUL PC, don't even try editing these HD videos... my Sony Vaio stalled ALL the time.

    You must purchase the HD cable separately, and an extra battery (the one that comes with the camera lasts only two hours). When at home, I hook up the camera to our Sony 42" LCD with the HD cable, and people are blown away by the quality. In conclusion, I'd buy this camera 10 times over. ...more info
  • Beware if You're a Mac User
    If you're a Mac user, make sure you read up on the issues people are having trying to upload video! I wish I had know what a nightmare it was going to be-- I would NOT have purchased this camera....more info
  • owner
    It is a little complicated for me to get started for me but once I had it figured out I love it. I still don't have all the extras figured out but it gives and exellent picture. When I burnt dvd on the canon DW 100 I had to call in to get assistance and they were very helpful. I did want to play the dvd on my dvd player and it requires a blueray or play it through the DW 100 burner. I can set the camera to a lower quality but haven't tried it yet. I like the hard drive so I don't have to worry about disc or tapes. Set on the SP mode I have almost 12 hours record time which is one thing I looked for before buying. There are also 2 higher quality modes but have less record time or 1 lower quality mode with longer record time. ...more info
  • It works best during the day
    I got this through a secondary seller on amazon and it was quite the buy. Best buy was selling it for around 930 and i got this one new for 630. Its light weight and very straighforward. the few issues i have had are with the battery life and the software package. While recording in high def the battery barely scrapes it to an hour half max. The softwares that come with the camcorder called correl video and inter video win dvd are quite cumbersome to use. The video files that are saved on my computer cannot be played at once for some reason and i have to select it one clip at a time. The camcorder in general works very nicely and only sees some problems when recording inside the house at night. The picture has a grainy texture sometimes. Im not sure if they are still selling for this price but if they are its a great buy. Otherwise it wont be a bad idea to check out sony's SR lineup....more info
  • HD camcorder with great picture
    I am by no means a camcorder expert, but I am a videophile and a Canon fan, so that's why I chose this camera. It does not disappoint! While 1080p would have been great, the birth of my son wasn't going to wait for technology to catch up to the top format.

    It has been great capturing all of the big "firsts" in high-def! I rest easy knowing that it won't end up like my honeymoon footage that is grainy, lacks definition and, *gasp*, is in analog format on tapes! I love the hard seemed the obvious choice over straight-to-dvd or memory card recording for so many reasons--no media to keep up with, speed and flexibility, and unmatched storage capacity...

    The 'usability' of the camera is good, but not great. The menus are easy to understand like my Canon digital camera. However, the scrolling wheel can be tough to control. It is easy to get stuck in ff or rewind mode by accident. After not using the camcorder for a while, I forgot how to turn on the light, so it would be nice to have a few more dedicated buttons. It's not like there isn't room, even on the tiny device. None of this would be a problem if I used it more often.

    Anyways, people have talked about the software ad I won't get into that, except to say that the lack of available software to watch AVCHD files is frustrating, at best.

    The bottom line is that the HG10 excels at what a budget HD camcorder should--great video quality and (virtually) unlimited storage. Where it lacks (usability, adjustments, etc) it more than makes up for it in the video quality department--and that's what matters most, right?...more info
  • Suprassed Expectations
    The color, clarity, and ability to manually adjust settings is fantastic. Way beyond what I expected. The only draw back is the file format. I have to copy the files to my external drive and then convert them which takes a long time. I am using Final Cut Pro 2 which is supposed to be able to handle the files but it doesn't.

    TIP for MACS: Toast Titanium has proven to be the best conversion tool for this particular file format....more info
  • HG 10
    It's very nice camcorder and I like it. I can download the videos and photos directly from the camcorder to the PC....more info
  • My analysis of Canon's new HD camcorder
    This is the 6th Canon camera I have bought these last 8 years, and the camera meets my expectations of performance. Its high quality definition is excellent, and is without exception much better than other similar camcorders around. However, I found a "Corel Application Disc" version 2.0 in the box, installed it, and found it did not work with the new .mts files properly, so I called Corel and found that they "did not support this product any more". I ended up buying Corel's DVD MovieFactory V6 and their Video Studio 11.5 Plus Download all for $150 to resolve this issue. Also, Canon supplied 5 separate wires to connect the camcorder to an HD TV when only the HTC-100 HDMI Cable is necessary. I threw the 5 wires out and bought the HDMI cable for $11 and it's an easy process now to quickly wire up my camera to the HD TV and show my pictures. Hopefully, both Corel and Canon will learn to work better together to supply improved accessories for their products. ...more info
  • Does not deserve the average 4.5 stars
    I bought an HG10 after seeing so many good reviews on this camcorder. However, I was disappointed by the video quality. The video of my almost two-year old Sony SR5 hard drive HD camcorder is so much better than the HG10 -much higher resolution and better color. I than bought a Sony SR11 and compared the SR11 with the HG10 head to head. The SR11 also produced much better video than the HG10 in all lighting conditions -indoor, outdoor, good and low light conditions. I have to say the HG performs pretty well at low light but the resolution and color is still not as good as the Sonys (SR5 and SR11). I also found that the 24P was not useful. HG10 also has some other features that the Sony's don't have, for example, a wide range of manual shutter speed. Although a wide range manual shutter speed is very important for a still picture camera, I don't think it is useful for a camcorder unless you are a "pro". I found the standard shutter speed (1/60 second) is appropriate for all of my need for family video.
    Many of the reviews claimed that HG's video quality is excellent. I am not sure how many of those reviewers had compared the HG10 head to head with some other HD camcorders. I returned the HG10 and kept the SR11 and I have taken tons of videos with the SR11. I am happy with the amazingly good videos taken by the SR11.
    ...more info
  • Great Camera - Complicated Software
    The camera is great. We shot video in many types of environments and it always works great. The menus are complicated and the software provides little automation. ...more info
  • Some Accesories Needed
    I will comment on some accesories that I found were needed.

    The sound on this camera is lacking. I opted to purchase a Rode Stereo Mic and the sound is now top notch.

    Also, I don't know the mechanics beind it, but I have to stand very far away from my subjects to get them in shot. As a result the sound (even with the Rode Mic) is not optimal.

    I highly reccomend a canon wide angle lense (Canon WD-H43 0.7x Wide Angle Converter for HV20 & HV30 Camcorders). This allows you to get much closer to the subject.

    With the Rode mic and wide angle lense this Canon produces impressive footage.

    See the "customer pictures" link above for a picture of the Canon with both accesories attached.

    *Tips for good sound*
    For absolutely super quality sound with ANY mic you must get really close! Just think of those boom mic guys who hold the mic right inches over the actors heads.

    You have several options.

    1- Stand as close as possible

    2 - Buy a wide-angle lense for your camera (Canon WD-H43 0.7x Wide Angle Converter for HV20 & HV30 Camcorders). I did this and it makes a huge difference. The lense allows you to get much closer to the subject and the sound is super.

    3 - Buy an extension cable and mini-tripod. This is only practical in some situations, but is not expensive. I did this when I wanted to film thanksgiving dinner. I placed the mic close to the table, just out of shot. I placed the camera far away, and then ran a 15' cable between the mic and camera. I got a great shot and top-notch sound.

    4 - Buy a boom pole (Rode Mini Boompole Microphone Boom Pole) and have a friend hold it over the subject's head when filming. This is not practical since I do not own a boom pole and I do not have any friends. But Rode does sell a boom pole for this mic that requires no adapters.

    ...more info
  • Great HDD Video Cam. Best I've seen
    Great camcorder. From what I can tell It's the best one out there right now. I do have a few complaints, but nothing's perfect

    Amazingly crisp outdoor quality
    Easy menus
    East to dump files to computer
    Quick Start feature is a plus
    Decent quality on still shots
    Accessory shoe on top is nice for light and mic attachments
    Has a little LED light for low-light situations (not very strong though)

    Editing software is VERY basic.
    Low light situations make grainy vid quality (To do better you need to spend at least $3000 on a camcorder).
    When dumping to computer, the camcorder needs to be connected to power source which is a pain.
    24p Cinematic mode is useless, panning is very jerky and choppy when turned on.

    Over-all great camcorder. Would definately recommend

    ...more info
  • not good at nights
    I bought this camera 7-8 months ago. I have been using this camera alot and I like it very much. It is very light and day light videos are perfect. But I dont like night recordings even some digital cameras which has video recording feature can record better at night. My previous camera was Sony TRV22e which was a minidv camcorder, so that is the only camera that I can compare my canon. There are good things and bad things about this camera. First of all if you were a Sony Camera user you will not find many different features as you had in Sony camera such as filters, effects, dubbing, voice mixing. The sound quality is not that good. The ring which is on the monitor looks very cheap. You can do manual focusing with that ring if you want but it is not that efficient. Another thing taht I dont like is 24 frame movie feature I believe it does not work good. Once you have installed the software to your computer it is very easy to transfer the files from camera to your pc. The files are not compatible with adobe premiere pro. So you have to convert them any file which is compatible. the picture quality of the digital camera is perfect. I like to take pictures with this camcorder, I dont have to carry a digital camera separately. If you are looking for a good quality camcorder I definitely recommend this camera but I would check Sony before buying. ...more info
  • User-friendly, high-quality, light & compact: perfect for anyone who wants to film!
    This is the first camcorder I have ever owned as well as operated in my life. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not an electronics expert, so I won't write a very technical review as many others have.
    I will just tell you what I would want to know if I considered buying this item: I think it's great, it works, it's easy to use (there are many more functions I haven't even explored yet, but if you're a more experienced cinematographer I'm sure you can find them helpful), it shoots great footage (also in HD if you want). An "unsung" attribute that this camcorder has is that is also takes amazing photos! The colors it captures are bright, great contrast, and you don't need to correct them in Photoshop!
    The camcorder is MAC compatible and the battery life is also very very good.
    The only thing that constitutes a slight inconvenience is that in order to download the footage on your computer, you must have the camcorder's power cable hooked up.
    Besides that I can say that I'm very happy with it and the quality of the video....more info
  • Canon HG10 - So far I love it !
    So far, I haven't had any major problems with this camera. I am new with HD camcorders. The video quality for this camcorder is quite excellent. Transferring video over to my computer works fast and well. I have not tried making DVDs using the program provided. I am disappointed I could not use other video editing software. The other drawback is the location of the power bottom; it is hard to turn on and off the camcorder with the fingers of the hand holding the camera. The use of the directional switch without moving the scroll wheel needs some getting used to.
    In general I like the camcorder specially the video quality. So far I love it.
    ...more info
  • Great Buy!
    This was a great purchase. This was to replace our ailing sony tape machine. We were a little concerned about the HD machines and about video editing capability on our Mac systems. We made the leap and have not looked back. The ability to record at many different quality levels is great, and exporting and editing, works seamlessly. It may be last year model but it's a great machine. ...more info
  • Best gift
    I bought this camcorder for my husband as an anniversary gift, and I was very nervous about making the purchase without his opinion. I read every review and visited it at the store more than once.
    He loved it. The high definition quality is great and we captured our anniversary as though we were still there. We have been completely happy with the camcorder. We have played it back on high definition TVs and it compares with the travel channel....more info