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Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
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Product Description

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts is the next chapter in the groundbreaking real-time strategy franchise from critically-acclaimed studio Relic Entertainment. This stand-alone game features two unique armies with full-length campaigns. Players will experience fast-paced dynamics like never before, in two of the most brutal World War II campaigns ever fought. Take command of the tenacious British 2nd Army in the vicious battle for Caen, France, or lead the German Panzer Elite as they struggle to repel the largest airborne invasion in history. With two intensely cinematic campaigns, mission persistance, improved vehicle AI and weather effects that directly impact the battlefield, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts brings you a superbly realistic war experience like no other. This game supports DirectX 10 and is fully compatible with the original Company of Heroes. With this compatibility, you can wage war online with a total of four playable armies in the ultimate battle for Fortress Europe! DirectX 10 support for enhanced lighting effects and more realistic terrain details ESRB Rated M for Mature

  • Play as the British 2nd Army or German Panzer Elite, each with devastating command trees options and unit upgrades.
  • Command the British 2nd Army to liberate the key strategic position of Caen, France. Control the German Panzer Elite to repel the Allied airborne invasion in Operation Market Garden.
  • Mission Persistence, Dynamic Weather Effects, Enhanced Vehicle Tactics and more deliver a new level of realism and all new battlefield tactics.
  • Combine Company of Heroes™: Opposing Fronts™ with the original Company of Heroes for a total of four playable armies online. Join British artillery with American armor to dominate the 3rd Reich.
  • The highest rated RTS franchise features enhanced lighting effects and terrain details setting new standards in visual realism.

Customer Reviews:

    only thing i wish for is if infantry could mount on outside of tanks for transport purposes...more info
  • Not sure what the problem is...
    I love this game. The original and this expansion are probably the most played games I've purchased on the PC in recent memory (besides the Orange Box). There have been issues with the multiplayer servers, but in my experience they have been resolved. I haven't had this game crash and I'm running beta drivers on a beta OS (Windows 7 Beta). For an engine that is getting a bit long in the tooth the graphics are still pretty good. I would heartily recommend this expansion to any RTS player....more info
  • What a buggy POS this is....
    I have never seen a more buggy game. Patch after patch after patch. On # 4 now and it won't launch. Finally had it working after extensive emails to customer suupport then, today, it decided it needed another 112MB patch. After downloading it, it supposedly patched but on relaunch still wants the patch. ARRRGGHHH! Who is writing this crappy code and who is checking it? I just want to come home from work and play a little game...instead its sheer frustration.
    I understand their desire for copyright protection, but their requirements for you to jump through so many hoops is ridiculous. THQ you should be ashamed.......more info
  • worst game I have ever played
    I am a big fan of COH. After saw some negative reviews, I hesitated to buy this. After a few weeks, couldn't resist and made the purchase.
    After a few weeks play I have to say it's the worst game experience ever.
    The installation went OK, no problem. It's the game play part. The game constantly hung and crash. It normally starts fine, after a few minutes some times 20 minutes playing, it just freezes up.
    I tried many things, upgrading driver, reinstall, etc, no help. Trying to send emails to THQ, no response.
    Don't buy this game unless you want try your luck.

    Update on 02/15/2008
    After many email, finally got response from THQ, they basically saying I need unload all non-ms services. So I tried and no surprise game still hangs. And I sent them all my dxdiag info per their request. That was three weeks ago. So far no response. And my game still hangs. I played COD4, BioShock, HL2 on this pc with no problem. So it's unlikely hardware problem.
    And today I uninstalled this P*S from my PC, bye-bye! No more COH series.
    I spent $40 for two months trouble. Well guess lesson learned....more info
  • CoH: Opposing Fronts - great greater....
    When I played CoH original, I said great, when I played this, I am saying greater. Hopefully in Tales of Valor, I can say "Greatest".

    There are many negative reviews doing round. I am happy that I actually went on my instinct against all the reviews and bought this wonderful game.
    Yes, there were a lot of patches to install, so installation was not fun. One of the patch was almost 800mb in size. But finally, after installling 4 patches, it was all set. Beware! Online connection is a must for installing this, which the game makers do not mention anywhere. Also many reviews say that it uninstalls the original CoH. Well, in that case, I suggest, just to do an "Add Product" after installing this.

    So finally, whats in the game. Well, much more than an usual expansion pack has to offer. Being able to play as the Germans, Brits or Americans is amazing. If you have the original COH key, then there are as many as 40 missions to play.
    The Ai is pretty good, and you can choose the weather condition in skirmish. No need to say anything about meticulous graphics, you might even see a sodliers arm ripped apart as a canon ball hits him. The visaul effects are too good! If its raining and you zoom in to max, you can actually see the splashes of water from the rain drops. Keep this up THQ!

    I must say, a must for all lovers of this genre(RTS), and for lovers of other genres, willing to look somewhere else, or try something different, try it with The BEST RTS game in market....more info
  • garbage
    Typical windows Product. GARBAGE! The first game was great, this one takes a VERY long time to install, then has a long update(even over cable internet)THEN wants you to create an account online. Since the game is not smart enough to look for multiple dvd/cd drives, it will eject you back to the desktop if the CD isn't in the drive that the game happens to be looking at. ...more info
  • Great game but web based security
    This game Rocks once you get through the registration process you can not play this with out being online even the single player version i had trouble with the first one that i purchased i returned it and got the second one to work (very frustrating) but once registered on line it is a great game to play really really fun! you do need a good system though this game has high demands from your video card i use an invidia 8800 320 mbs and have some issues....more info
  • If it ain't broke don't fix it!
    For those that are still thinking this is the same game from last year, think again.

    For starters, there is a considerable amount of strategy that one has to put into playing this game.

    Some may call it a slower pace, I like the pace because it gives you time to build and plan your attacks instead of swarming which some people tend to do.

    Whereas the Americans in the first CoH seem like they won battles by overwhelming brute force, the Brits have to be wiley. This is why I like the Mobile HQ and also being able to lay down emplacements to grant covering fire.

    I ike the fact that there are far more ways to upgrade soldiers and your engineers don't seem like they are going to waste.

    Graphics wise, it's about the same which is good because I still always enjoyed the variety of the maps and the deforming from all the damage.

    If you enjoyed the last one, then you should ahve fun with this.

    Hands down, I love this series....more info
  • Extremely user UNfriendly game
    I really enjoyed the first of this series but I must say that the online platform is ruining this game entirely for me. After a long install, tha game refuses to start unless you download a huge file, patch, create an account on their platform and wait for access to a server.

    But the worst part comes next: when you launch the game the second time - it offers you to replay the first game of the series but asks that you re-buy the game ?!? And customer support is nowhere to be found.

    Until the publisher refocuses on providing entertainment rather than forcing buyers into its additional web services, stay away from this....more info
  • Paranoid publisher
    The first CoH is an awesome game, but this follow-up is a big disappointment. There is so much anti-piracy junk in the way of just playing the game. When I finally got all the patches downloaded, it won't take my key online because it says that it is already being used! And customer support is nowhere to be found. So now I can't play my game online and I can't return the game because it is already opened. I will *never* buy a game from THQ again....more info
  • Fun, Fun, Fun!
    Yes, there are a couple of bugs still crashing the games here and there but that is the exception no the rule. This game plays well 98% of the time; at least on my end. I can't stop playing it. Buy this one and the original; you won't regret it. The atmospheric effects are worth every penny not to mention the new units and maps. CoH and CoH : Opposing Fronts are the best strategy games I have played so far. You won't be able to put them down.

    E...more info
  • Awesome Gameplay bad multiplayer
    I honestly enjoy the actual game itself, but the multiplayer is unbearable. The sides are very diverse and use completely different strategies from another. The new campaigns from what I've played seem pretty fun, and the quality is no less than the original. The sounds kinda threw me off though. I really liked that old explosion and they changed it plus the sound seems lower even with the volume at max. Overall I have to say that the game is lots of fun and definitely worth a buy if multiplayer is not a huge concern....more info
  • A great game which I can't play singleplayer
    I only want to play this game in singleplayer mode - forget it! This game forces you to go online and download all sorts of updates and junk! Also, why did it have to unloaded my original COH! I'm done with this series. Too bad it has so much to offer and at the same time such a pain in the neck to use....more info
  • Great game
    I just finished a two hour long session vs. two different enemies and had no problems whatsoever. The British side is a lot of fun to play. I haven't tried the new German sides. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because they still won't let you play allies vs. allies or axis vs. axis. It's a nitpick, but something I'd wanted....more info
  • Difficult install, but good game
    I have played PC games for as long as there have been PC's and I must say that this game was, by far, the most difficult to install of any of I have played. It should be known that I have the original Company of Heroes and had no difficulty with it, so although I read about other people have trouble with Opposing Fronts I didn't think they would apply to me.

    First I had to upgrade to the latest divers for my video card, although it was not clear that I had to do so. I did that when the game didn't fully install to begin with. Then, I had to 'step thru' upgrades to the most current version. By stepping thru, I mean I could not upgrade to the latest version all at once. For instance, I had to install version 1.1, then 1.2, then 1.3. Also, it should be noted that I have a very fast Internet connection, and the upgrades took 1+ hour each. After finally getting the game to work I played it for about 10 days, then when I went to play it I was forced to upgrade again. But, the upgrade would not fully install, because of a bug in the software. (At least their tech support replied to my email in a timely manner, but that's not the point. There should have never been a problem to begin with.)

    The game is fun to play and has great graphics, etc. It plays very much like the original game. If they come out with another version I will read the reviews before I buy it. There are too many games that are just as fun to play and don't have install issues....more info
  • company of heroes: Opposing fronts
    The game is fun and a good ad-on to company of heroes.

    Only problem was that after you install it. you have to log on to the internet each time you want to play. I like playing on a network with friends. This ad-on made it hard to play on a network. I uninstalled it....more info
  • Excellent game -- could be better if it wasnt rushed out the door
    While not as great as the first, It could have been.

    The theme of CoH is still alive and well, and the ability to play all four factions at this point is awesome.

    Buggy game, constantly changing balance/rules.

    Overall, still a must have if you like RTS games....more info
  • If you EVER get the game installed and running ...
    I thought Company of Heroes was difficult to install but CoH:Opposing Force takes things to a whole new level. How about an expansion that requires you to uninstall the original game but does not tell you that? Installation instructions that ignore known issues? Hours of mandatory patching after installation? One of the least helpful technical support pages on the internet? There's more, much more. You may NEVER get this game running. All this from a game that has been out for over a year?

    When/if you can get CoH:OF installed and running, you have a very good expansion to a superb game. My only quibble is that the King Tigers in the last couple English missions were so very overpowered and nearly invulnerable at normal difficulty that I hesitate to replay that campaign on hard. The KTs required exquisite micromanagement of forces to whittle them down and because there is action in other areas at the same time, I found myself pausing every second or two to adjust units. To me those missions just weren't fun.

    THQ will be releasing another expansion, Tales of Valor, soon. My advice--take an initial pass on it until reviews make it clear whether THQ has gotten their installation issues resolved. If you choose to ignore the many angry reviewers and buy OF or ToV, don't say you weren't warned....more info
  • Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
    Spent many hours trying to install and play this game with out ever getting it to work. Contact with the game techs over several days only caused more frustration. Never got the game to run and will never buy and game from this publisher....more info
  • Great New Sides Without Straying From the Original
    I've played CoH:OF for a little while now and absolutely love it. The new sides add enough differences from the original game without deviating from the old formula to make this an excellent addition to the original. Let me say that again, it's an excellent addition to the original. If you don't have the original, get it first. I don't recommend it as a standalone because I don't know that the depth offered here is enough for anybody to play just this game alone. Gameplay is fun and certainly challenging. The AI is good and will always aim for your weaknesses, try and flank you, etc. Graphics are great, and the controls intuitive. If you're a fan of RTS, this, coupled with the original are must owns....more info
  • Best of the Best in RTS
    I have been playing these games for over 10 years and COH is the best, hands-down, period, enf of sentence. I agree that there were some issues installing COH Opposing Force, but once resolved it only improved game play with more options and features.

    Thinking about buying this game? Go for it and you will be back here thank me......more info
  • COH: OF Review
    Unlike many expansion packs Opposing Fronts offers new challenges to overcome, not just more of the original. The AI is quite smart, which makes the gameplay much smoother and more enjoyable. No units getting stuck trying to go through tight areas etc. Plus the enemy, is knowledgeable and will try to out think you which adds a whole new level to this RTS. All in all Opposing Fronts offers a challenging experience that provides hours of fun in a smooth, realistic and good graphic package. I strongly recommend this game if you are into the real time strategy type....more info
  • VERY annoying to install
    I am on my second try installing this thing. The first time I tried I had to download HUGE patch after patch and never did get it to work. Seems like it broke my original COH too. Ended up uninstalling both games and trying just installing COH:OP.
    Be aware that they absolutely require you to sign up for online gaming to get through the install. Unless your idea of fun is fighting with the computer to get your game installed, stay away from this dog. ...more info
  • Great Game with the Worst Patching Scheme I've Seen
    First of all, there are a lot to like about the CoH series. The graphics, the physics and the unit strategy elements of the CoH series of games are by far among the best in the RTS games I have played, and I have played RTS games for almost 20 years starting from a very young age. This series of games present campaigns in managable segments and load them with tons of strategic elements to make them fun and refreshing. The opposing fronts game adds two more armies: Britsh 3rd Army and the German Panther Elite to which you can command (in addition to the original CoH's US Army's 101 air born able company and the German troops).
    My interest in the WWII history made this game even more fascinating to me personally as I can engage my computer units in some historically signifcant WWII campaigns. The game does a good job of including bits of actual WWII history to further engage the players. The representation of the units and equipment is also quite authentic, true to the real life. However, this can be somewhat problematic as the Panther Elite troops tend to be very strong (true to real life). In a small skirmish setting, this in-balance leads to some game play problems, as in a multiplayer game, a player commanding Panther Elite units can quite easily over power other players due to the high fire power and the great mobility of the Panther Elite units.
    Panther Elite units are heavily armored, fast moving, and the basic grenadier units are good in both fighting and vehicle repair. The Panther Elite also has the best troop carriers, best armor protection and incredible mobility and mobile fire support to provide fast recharge to mobile units. This make the Panther Elite a force that is very difficult to defend against in games against actual human players. The problem with balance is not significant in playing against the computer in campaigns as the balance is well tuned in those missions. But in playing against human opponents on an even play field, a player playing Panther Elite has significant advantage in the game play.
    With British units, the mode of play is more concentrated in defense and longe range barrage, as the British tanks are slow, the engineering units are also slow and expensive. The British troops need more leadership guidance, and has relatively weak weaponry in comparison to the German and even the Americans. The artillery units of British is where the action is for this faction, so I guess depends on your prefence in gameplay, the British could be fun. But for me, I prefer a quick and efficient run of armored units, so Panther Elite units are far more entertaining, much to my dismay (as my historitical learning, and dispise of Nazis always tugs at me whenever I play the Panther Elite and lay waste to allied units).
    The intallation process was a huge pain however, which is why the game gets 4 instead of 5 stars, the intall from the Opposing Fronts game DVD reverted my patched intallation of CoH to an earlier version, so upon login I had to download patches AGAIN!! What's so insane is that the patches are not cumulative. In order to get to version 2.2 let's say, one has to download and install version 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5... INDIVIDUALLY!! This is the most insane patching scheme I have ever seen. Every other game can handle patching any previous version to the latest patch with just one install, but not CoH series, this just drives you nuts. It tooks over 3 hours overall to install CoH: OF then having to download and install all the patches.
    Stability is overall great on my system, with a Dual core proecssor with a Nvidia 8800GT video card on 2 GB of RAM. I did not experience crashing problem many others experienced, but I also didn't get the game until patch 2.2 is released which seemed to fixed a great deal of issues.
    Overall, this game is lots of fun to play and a big pain to install and patch. But if you can stand the wait (give you self 3 hours on a fast internet connection) it takes to install, you will be rewarded with an execellent RTS experience as long as you have the right hardware to handle the game (fast video card and lots of RAM for all the eye candy). Make sure to patch the game to the latest version.

    ...more info
  • Company of Heros: Opposing Fronts
    This game is actually an expansion to the original game, but it almost seemed like a stand alone game in itself. It's a very good add-on to the original and continued on with the theme. If you liked the original you'll definitely like this one. ...more info
  • Loads of Fun - easy to learn
    I'm not often a big fan of strategy and RTS games because of the learning curve. I don't generally want to spend hours just learning how to play a game.

    This game has a interesting, but generally simple tech trees. The game play is straight forward, and its easy to control units and move around the maps.

    Once I got over the tutorial, I found the single player skirmishes to be loads of fun. In fact more fun then the campaign so far. The choice of different tech trees and the different units available to the Axis and Commonwealth gave the skirmish maps a lot of repeat playability.

    Although the skirmish maps are supposed to be short games, you can stretch them out by not wiping out the AI, and allowing the AI launch counter attacks. A lot of fun can be head building up defensive lines, and watch the AI forces trying to get past your AT guns or mine fields.

    The environment is very destructible. Destroyed vehicles remain on the map, and can be used as cover. Demolition and arty units can be used to reduce structures to rubble....more info
  • Stinks
    Initially, I did not want to vent on this forum but I try to address the crashes on the Relic Support site and after I gave a detailed information on the form, I clicked the submit button and I received a message, "Your email address does not appear to be correct." I don't think Relic wants the feedback. This is unfair not to get what I paid for. I know it's only $39 but how many $39 boxes did this profit driven company without satisfying their customer took in? No more Relic games for me!!!...more info
  • Not as good as the original.
    Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts I've only played this for a few hours but I liked the original a lot more than this one. This seems slower and not as interesting. The new version also uninstalls the original so I can't go back and play it without uninstalling the new version?? What's up with that?

    I hope that I'll get into it more as I play it more but so far it is a substantial disappointment....more info
  • New Armies Add Twist
    The new additions to the game really add a big twist to the story line and change the multiplayer tactics all together. Also supports other players styles and habbits. I'd still recommend new players get the original so they can play the traditional armies as well, since they are easier to learn and control....more info
  • Great game, Great expansion
    I guess I was one of those lucky ones that did not have a trouble installing the game. I installed the original CoH game, decided to install this expansion without applying the 1.1GB patch for the original game because I assumed this game will install whatever it is trying to install (I think it's patch for the multiplayer functions such as the interface and other stuff, but I could be wrong). I worked for me just fine, I got the original CoH story mode along with the 2 new story mode for British company and Panzer Elite company. And the updates for CoH:OP isn't big of files, nor time-wasting as the original CoH.

    Anyways, the expansion is great. The each story line is shorter than the original CoH, but it's 18-22 (I forgot the specific number) missions which is more than the first one. Playing as different companies gives this sense that it's a different game, which is great. This enhances the multiplayer experience as you can choose from 4 different companies that suits your fighting style best.

    Buyers who has played the original company of heroes has to be careful though; the specification for your machine has to be higher to play this expansion and new armies.

    It is really great game, and highly addictive as well. Competing against other player online is probably the best thing for this game, as every time you play you get a different result. If you find the AIs to be repetitive, just go online! It's just never the same! I really recommend this series of game....more info
  • Single Player
    This is an excellent game and fun, but I would have liked more in it for the SINGLE-PLAYER. TOO many games are not set up for the single player and should be marked on outside of box as to how much content would be accessible to SINGLE PLAYERS VS MULTIPLAYER GAMING....more info
  • good game
    it's a good game, if you can play more than 2 armies it would be even more fun...more info