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Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 3-User [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Trend Micro Internet Security suite makes it easy to protect your home network personal identity and online activities against viruses spyware identity theft and other present and future web threats. Confidently e-mail shop bank or share photos online knowing your privacy and files are well protected.Easy to install configure and manage Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 automatically updates and immunizes your PC and removes malicious threats buried deep inside your computer. With features for home network protection URL filtering data theft and online fraud protection unauthorized change prevention and much more this superior suite goes far beyond the basics.System Requirements:BROWSER: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2 and 7.0* Netscape Navigator 7.2 or above AOL 9.0 CPU: Pentium 350MHz or equivalent processor Intel Pentium 1GB or equivalent processor (VISTA) 250MB minimum of hard drive space MEMORY: 128MB of RAM (256MB recommended for XP; 1GB recommened for Vista) INSTANT MESSENGING: Windows Messenger 4.7 or 5.1 MSN Messenger 7.5 ICQ Lite 5 Format: WIN 2000XPVISTA Genre:?UTILITIES UPC:?733199435598 Manufacturer No:?TIS085598

  • Internet security suite protects home network and online activities
  • Guards against viruses, spyware, identity theft, and other Web threats
  • Automatically updates and immunizes PC; removes malicious threats
  • Easy to install, configure, and manage; unauthorized change prevention
  • URL filtering; confidently email, shop, bank, or share photos online

Customer Reviews:

  • Surprised by other comments
    I've been using Trend Micro on personal hardware since 2005. I have been using the 2008 version since 8/2007. The 2008 version is much faster than the 2007 version. Compared with some other well known brands, I have difficulty understanding why so many have said it's slow. I have 2 fairly high-end PC's (new in 2007) and an excellent T-61 Lenovo laptop. I run some heavy duty software, and change software far more frequently than the average user. Let's address some of the complaints:

    1) Is it hard to install? I had an early version of Internet Security and installed it over the 2007 version on the pre SP1 Vista OS (one PC uses the 64-bit version). I am NOT a fan of Vista. It is horrible, and it causes problems with lots of software. But my experience was nothing like what other have described. The one problem I did have was that I needed to get new product keys for each PC I was upgrading. (I kept getting a message I had exceeded to number of licenses I had purchased.) FY: make sure you turn off Vista's protection before you install TM Internet Security - especially the Windows firewall. And keep them off.

    2) Performance: I have yet to find a security program (or a combination of programs) that does not slow down performance. It is the nature of the beast. Does 2008 slow down your machine more than other similar packages? Some yes and some no. The perfect security software doesn't exist. Some are faster, but they may not be as comprehensive. I have a difficult time believing a Symantec or McAfee user would find Trend Micro slow. Unless you turn off a lot of the features in those products, they can be much slower. At lot depends on the specific task being performed. IMHO, email is not significantly affected. Web browsing can be depending on your degree of risk tolerance. Set at higher levels of security, the affect can be noticeable, but TM is extremely effective is identifying dangerous sites, BEFORE you actually load the pages. If you have ever had a seriously infected PC, that protection is worth a lot.

    Updates and comprehensive scans are slow. No disagreement.

    3) Some complain TM is intrusive. That means it is doing it's job. I am very paranoid about software that makes changes to the registry or other settings I made to Windows. TM has saved me more than once - even from some commercial software. Be very worried if your security software doesn't warn you about changes should you add software on a regular basis or if you do a lot of browsing.

    4) At least one person indicated PC to PC communication is slow. There are a lot of advanced settings available with TM. Some have a direct impact on communications between PC's on a LAN behind a firewall. (Yes, I use multiple firewall solutions simultaneously: at the host level, the LAN level and the PC level. I have a gigabit LAN with 3 PC's, 2 Mac's, a server, a NAS unit, and dedicated equipment for data backups. If communication is slow, there is a setting that needs to be changed.

    If your not communicating PC to PC over a LAN, you can set TM to recognize specific PC's to minimize any latency. If speed and security are really important, your LAN (or PC to PC connection) should be hardwired. With a wireless solution, you will never achieve the speed of CAT 5e or CAT 6 cable connections. In fact, I seriously doubt one can achieve the advertised speed of wireless.

    5) Trend Micro tech support is not great. The sad news is that is true of many hardware and software vendors. In general, tech support throughout the industry has been deteriorating for years. Front line techs rarely have a clue; they have scripts. I am not defending TM. I am taking a shot at the vast majority of vendors.

    6) Believe it or not, I am not a techie or geek. I'm forced to deal with technology as part of part of my professional life. One learns things through osmosis and making lots of mistakes. After reading many of the comments, in my very humble opinion I am guessing there may be some user influence behind the problems discussed.

    Last comment. The PC publications we find on the magazine racks have a habit of overrating products. That creates false expectations. When products fail to meet expectations, people can be very disappointed. I wonder if the advertising in those magazines has any effect on how editors rate products?...more info
  • The 3 user license is misleading
    The product is OK. However, be aware that the 3 licenses or 3 users license is misleading.

    The way it works is that when you install it on the first computer that kicks off the beginning of the subscription for all 3 computers. So if you install the 2nd license 11 months later then the second computer will only have one month left in the subscription.

    I found that misleading and not typical of how multi-licenses work but be aware that is what they are doing....more info
  • Trend Micro works
    I have been using Trend Micro for 2 years and have been happy with the result (actually I am using 2007 on my PCs). I used to use Zone Alarm but I was having trouble installing the full software updates and I had to put the old version on since it seemed to work (I had this trouble on two PCs).

    Also, Zone Alarm was costly making single license copy for each machine. So for my 2 PCs, it was $100 and the Trend Micro engine blocks much more Spyware and Tracking Cookies...

    1) Cost
    2) Frequent updates
    3) Scanning of Virus/Spyware
    4) Blockage of unwanted phishing

    1) Long scanning time for Viruses (it takes four hours to scan my computer)
    2) Frequent scanning - sometimes I notice the program scanning for virus more than once a week.

    Even with the Cons, the product is much better than some of competition (Zone Alarm, Norton). ...more info
  • Great multifunction tool, with some real annoyances
    Hi, I'm no expert on virus protection or firewalls, but I'm a long-time user of Pc-Cillin. I saw so many one-star and five-star reviews of the product, I thought I'd offer some middle ground. First of all, I was very happy with Trend-Micro-I-S 2006. Fast, snappy, functional with frequent non-intrusive updates. I skipped 2007 because of all the horror stories about slowdowns and memory problems. Finally upgraded to 2008 at renewal time. Did have some install problems, but not huge. Biggest complaint, I had carefully a carefully constructed firewall exception list and it just threw it away, leaving me to either greatly lower my firewall security or recreate the list, which I eventually did. I'm now in everyday mode on two computers. Only major annoyances are false positives saying good programs have trojans, with little info as to what to do. I tell it to ignore them.
    2008 is certainly more cumbersome then 2006, which was exceptionally light, but I haven't noticed it being too bad - still seems much better to me than Norton or Symantec. I only use Virus Protection, Firewall, & wireless network monitoring, so can't comment on the other features.
    Pet peeve with the product is that on my 1600x1200 resolution screen, the firewall logs are in a fixed window with columns that are so squished the online logs are virtually unreadable. Support's solution is to export them and then read in Excel, but this is a real pain when I just want to quickly check to make sure something wrong didn't get caught by the firewall. It's been a problem through several versions, and I can't figure out why they can't improve their windowing to match every other Windows pc software on the planet.
    On the business practices front, if you buy the 3-pc version, at least on the old 2006, then renewal subroutines made you think you had to purchase separate new renewals - which I did. I finally ended up calling the company about this and they corrected the problem and gave me free rights to 2011, so I'm relatively content. ...more info
  • No longer a good choice
    A few years ago when I started using PC-Cillin it was great. There is something terribly wrong in the new product (2008) version that causes it not to update on my PC. I have reinstalled per customer support directions 3 times. They finally got me to "level 2 support", and then immediately stopped replying to my requests for help. So not only is the product broken, but they refuse to offer the customer support they promise. I have tried over 2 months to fix this, it's insane. Worse, I have contacted them 4 times (sending them diagnostic data they requested) and they won't reply at all. EXTREMELY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I don't know who to recommend, but this is definitely not a good option anymore....more info
  • Ease of use
    Been using this product for the past 3 years. Much more user friendly than Norton and McAfee - both of which I have used. And, unlike Norton or McAfee, it does not screw up your computer with the updates....more info
  • No longer a fan
    I've been happy with TMIS for several years, but no longer. TMIS 2008 slowed my system conspicuously. The spam filter in TMIS 2008 caused Outlook Express to crash several times a day, and neither tech support nor a clean reinstall cured the problem. I downgraded to TMIS 2007 but couldn't use the 2008 license number. The 2008 upgrade attempt was a timesink, and I'll try a different brand next year....more info
  • Still like it...
    I assist many people with computer problems, and so I am occasionally asked to recommend/install security apps on many different machines. I have used Norton, McAfee, and many free programs extensively in the past, so I can compare TM with an open mind. I have been a user of TM PC-Cillin/Internet Security since 2006 versions (3 systems here at work), and have installed it on another 6 systems. I have always been impressed.

    Pros : 2008 version of TM is still the best solution for what we need (simple to use, light system load, good protection), and I continue to recommend it for the normal workplace/home network. I had no problems installing, except that I had to manually uninstall 2007 version. Our network is well-secured based on many security tests done, and it continues to offer decent detection rates. It is simple, especially if you are familiar with prior versions, and most default settings will work fine for most users right out of the box. Security is as good as the person in charge of it, so tweaking is always recommended, but TM seems to be doing what it is intended to do. Resource use is very light on our medium-level WinXP systems.

    Cons : I miss some of the wording/options from the 2007 version, but just have to get familiar with 2008. I have not thoroughly tested McAfee's 2008 version, so perhaps that may be better overall. Systems slow down quite a bit while doing an actual scan, but no more than other apps from my experience. Thunderbird is somewhat left out as no anti-spam toolbar is offered. Some other quirks are found in the interface, but no big deal.

    Overall, I'm still happy so far with how TM IS2008 is performing. If I wanted to learn a new app for myself and my customers, I'd try McAfee or Kaspersky, but TM does the job well enough for me that I don't need to look further at this time....more info
  • Eh...
    This product is alright I suppose... My Internet connection is Dial-Up so when it's updating it takes forever; as in HOURS. It protects my computer well though. I've had a few problems with it but the service people did a fine job helping me out. Honestly, if I had found another security program that was reviewed higher and was faster, I'd have taken it instead......more info
  • garbage in garbage out
    This was my first time using trend micro. I had used Norton and zone alarm in the past. Well I loaded this onto my laptop which runs xp and I immediately had problems with I.E constantly crashing and slow load ups. It seemed that trend could almost never find itself. I also experienced long times to run a virus scan a little over 3 hours for a 40 gig hard drive. I contacted trend and they sugguested I take off the version I loaded and try the latest build. I did that, still major problems, they said try changing the internet connection from wireless to networked. I did that I.E only crashed 2 out of 4 times now! It was still very slow. I could make breakfast before I could log onto the internet. Trend then told me I didnt have enough memory (I have almost a gig on this laptop) so I decided to yank it off the machine, that took a while too because when I tried to remove it it kept trying to update itself causing it not to be able to be removed. Finaly I was able to remove it and get it off my laptop, what a difference! I think I will now try NOD 32. I didnt mind zone alarm except it constantly went into scan mode, the good thing I liked about zone alarm was the firewall-trends is not that great, zone would tell you when programs are trying to get out and what they are-trend just blocks them period. It blocked a blue tooth device I was using so I couldnt download pictures from a cell phone. I had to reinstall the blue tooth and re-pair in order to get it to work again. like I said garbage in (when I installed trend) and Garbage out (when I took it off) The one star is only becuase customer service did respond to my questions....more info
  • What a Mistake!
    Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2008 3-User

    I upgraded from the 2007 version when my license expired. First of all it took three days and half a dozen calls to TrendMicro support to get the download to work. Then it took three tries to get the software to load. It required I remove Ad-Aware software before it would install.

    Once installed the software would randomly shut itself off, while connected to the Internet. (What good is anti-virus software that turns itself on and off is I'm not quite sure.) TrendMicro could only offer different ways to start the software that might help. Add to that TrendMicro was taking up to two minutes to load itself on startup and you have a really questionable anti-virus package.

    Evidence of that is since installing the 2008 version two of my three PCs have been cripled by viruses. I'm off to rebuild the second one again now.

    Good luck.

    Tim...more info
  • Easy for Mom
    I found this product easy to install and maintain. My 81-year old mother has put up with various rebated security products I have installed on her computer and she likes this one the best. Low maintenance, and seems to provide adequate protection. Besides - viruses have become mundane - basic protection works. Phishing and spearphishing are the wave of the future. Crooks and swindlers are making their money the old-fashioned way - by cheating people....more info
  • Something you may need to know.....
    I've been using pc-cillin for a number of years now. It works great and is easy to use and understand. The only problem I had this time around was when I went to install it. When you get to the part where you are told to read the agreement and click yes, you need to at least scroll down to the bottom of the agreement before clicking yes. I made the mistake of not doing that and the next page that is supposed to come up where you enter the product number, did not come up. The result was after it installed the expiration date did not change. I had to go back and un-install it and then re-install and then it was fine....more info
  • Uninstalled After 2 Months
    About three months ago I purchased this product after reading an article (Consumer Reports, I think) giving this very high marks in many of the critical areas of computer protection. What the article did not say is how much this protection slowed email and other computer functions. It was not uncommon to take more than five minutes to boot the machine and receive fewer than one-half dozen messages. After two months I couldn't take it any more and went back to Norton. Never again!...more info
    About 3 hours ago I PAID to renew the product. They took my money, and "re-activated" my product by sending me a confirmation e-mail. HOWEVER, after downloading and installing the renewal software, my product was not renewed. INSTEAD, the software asked me to "renew" my software (again) and linked me to the purchase page.
    Word of advice, DO NOT purchase download version of the product. If you're going to buy, get the hard copy!

    Note: It cost me about $50 to renew product (not PRO version) but only about $30 to intially buy (not PRO version) for 3 users.

    RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH before buying anything!...more info
  • NOT 3 User
    I bought the so called 3 user version of PC-Cillan 2008. It will not install on a second computer and insists that I buy another license. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice etc.......more info
  • This is the one to get !
    User of this program since they came on the market.... many years ago and NEVER had a single virus!

    Tried others, but this is the one works!...more info
  • Not an improvement over the 2007 version
    I bought 2007 because of a work recommendation. It was a bit intrusive, but it functioned. Trend expired the software in January so I had to upgrade. Bad move. This version will regularly crash leaving the computer apparently unprotected. It will also crash while scanning and will not let the user stop the computer. My PC is a run of the mill Dell Inspiron 9400 and should have no problems. I have uninstalled the software and I am looking for a better solution....more info
  • great buy
    this is the best internet security for our home . it works great and a hole lot better then the last one we had. And the price was right and you can put in 3 computers so great deal!...more info
  • Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 3-User
    I couldn't get the 2008 version to run well with XP. It was easier to use than the 2007 version it replaced but caused many conflicts with internet sites. Five representatives from Micro Trend offered advice but none of them worked. I have removed the Micro Trend Software and purchased a competitive brand.Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 3-User...more info
    Having used other Trend Micro products, I purchased Internet Security after reading the ad on the computer. My main complaint is the my computer was hacked under this NOT GREAT security undetected using Eblaster. If you search the Trend Micro site, you will find that they do not even have this listed in their threats... I discovered this because someone knew too much about my business on the Internet and I downloaded a "real spy detector" that immediately identified the presence on my computer. I notified Trend Micro and asked for a refund of a 3 year subscription for non functioning software. They denied me because they have a 30 day policy. So this is my opinion... DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH TRENDMICRO. THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS.

    JERRY MYERS ...more info
  • Deceptive Renewal Practices
    Beware of Trend Micro and their deceptive "auto renewal" practice. When you activate your product, you will be automatically signed up for a yearly renewal on your charge card. They claim you can click and Opt out, but try it, it doesnt work, they claim they have glitch. If you want to opt out, you have to call and spend time on hold. This is how much confidence TREND MICRO has in their product

    Larry Wolff
    ...more info