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Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router (F5D8232-4)
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Product Description

The N1 Vision wireless router offers an easy way for you to view your network's broadband speed, computer bandwidth usage, and the status of your connected devices - all from an easy-to-read display.Packaged in a new sleek and sophisticated design, N1 Vision offers the best in networking performance with its wireless 802.11n 3x3 radio design and wired gigabit ports. The N1 Vision wireless router continues Belkin's commitment in providing the best user experience in the home market through its Plug-and-Play "CD-less" installation and simple network security setup.

If you've ever sat staring at the little blinking lights on your Wi-Fi router, wondering for minutes on end whether or not your Internet connection was hosed, you'll appreciate the quick visual feedback from the LCD screen mounted to the front of Belkin's N1 Vision router. You'll be able to suss out whether you have incoming/outgoing data, whether you have someone piggybacking on your network, and more. The N1 Vision offers draft 802.11n connectivity and a full complement of Gigabit Ethernet ports in back, and it compares well to other draft-N routers for speeds. It also has a handy guest access feature, which allows you to offer online connectivity to others while protecting your own PC network.

Belkin's N1 Vision enables you to view Internet download activity as well as manage some security features via the LCD screen (click to see larger image).

You can view both download and upload activity, current and 24-hour activity for PCs accessing the network, or just display the current time.
The N1 Vision offers easy plug-and-play setup, for the most part. Configuration is done either by the software from the included disc, or going through your Web browser (by typing in "routersetup" into the address field). It can configure your Internet settings from a range of embedded ISPs, and we selected Comcast. However, we weren't able to automatically connect and had to do the unplugging dance--first the modem, then the router, then restart each one. After we were up and running, we made sure to select security settings (which, largely, can only be done via these two methods).

Featuring one of the best looking router designs around, the N1 Vision's main claim to fame is its monochrome LCD and push-button navigation for accessing stats as well as some control over security. The inital screen provides an overview of all functions--including detected Internet connection, whether wired or wireless computers are using the network, and if security is turned on. Pressing the left/right buttons on the navigation pad gets you to more granular info screens, showing upload/download activity in speedometer format, current speeds, connected users, and date/time. We caught ourselves staring at the speedometer quite a bit, but happily discovered you can set the screen to turn off after two minutes of inactivity (which helped return our focus). On the downside, there's no view of throughput between PCs on a network--you just get Internet upload and download activity. And we found that the navigation buttons were frustrating to operate (they require a hefty press). Also note that the N1 doesn't come with a USB port for connecting a NAS hard drive or printer.

As far as speeds, the N1 Vision compared closely to our Apple Airport Extreme--both of which reside in the middle range of throughput for 802.11n routers--and we were pleased with both its reliability and overall performance in downloading large multimedia files quickly and efficiently. Over Wi-Fi, we downloaded an 80 MB QuickTime file from MySpace in just a little over 2 minutes (an average of 633 KB per second, or about 5 Mbps). In PC to PC transfers, a 200 MB file was transferred in an average of 32 seconds over Wi-Fi (6.25 MB per second, or 50 Mbps) while it took only 8 seconds via Ethernet thanks to the router's Gigabit speed. Because of its draft-N capabilities, the N1 Vision provides excellent Wi-Fi range, and we seamlessly streamed 128K MP3 Internet radio without it rebuffering up to half a block from our home (over 200 feet).

Comparing the N1 Vision to our Airport Express, both had similiar Internet download speeds and the Belkin easily bested the Non-Gigabit Apple router in the wired Ethernet PC-to-PC test. However, the Airport Express did a better job with intra-network transfers over Wi-Fi by about 20 percent.

Aside from the screen and the speed, the N1 Vision also offers some interesting security features. In addition to standard WEP and WPA (the latter being the more secure), the N1 lets you to set up separate service set identifier, or SSID, which basically enables you to set up guest access to a Wi-Fi connection without allowing access to other areas of your network. It's easily accomplished via the N1's LCD menus, which creates a second Wi-Fi connection called "guest" and provides a passkey that can be shared--all the while continuing to provide your main Wi-Fi network.

While the LCD screen is one of the big selling points of the N1 Vision, the router loses a bit of its wow factor when the LCD is programmed to turn off when not active. But it was helpful to have to check when Internet download speeds seemed clogged. And overall, the N1 Vision provided sturdy (though not at the top of its 802.11n class) Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet speeds as well as a broad coverage range. --Agen G.N. Schmitz


  • Steady, sturdy Draft-N Wi-Fi and Gigabit networking
  • Excellent Wi-Fi coverage--strong signal easily reaches up to 200 feet
  • Handy LCD screen provides quick view of activity
  • Guest feature offers wireless access partitioned away from main network


  • Wi-Fi speed is in the middle range for 802.11n routers
  • No USB port for connecting hard drives or printers
  • Navigation buttons were frustratingly hard to press
  • No LCD view of PC-to-PC network activity--only Internet download/upload

What's in the Box
N1 Vision router, AC adapter, RJ45 Ethernet cable, QuickStart guide, CD with manual and set-up software

With the Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router, going wireless has just gotten a lot easier, a lot more powerful, and a lot more stylish. Not only does this slim device display all the activity on your network in plain English on an easy-to-read LCD display, it also sports the latest in Wi-Fi standards--802.11n 3x3 MIMO technology that will give you a link rate of up to 300 Mbps, and an unprecedented range of up to 1,600 feet.

A sleek, revolutionary design with an innovative network display. View larger.

View your network's upload and download speeds.

Quickly check the status of your networking devices.

Instantly reveal computers accessing your network.

Stay on top of network problems.
True Plug-and-Play Ease and Easy-to-Read Info
With the N1 Vision, you can kiss those long and arduous days of configuring your router goodbye. The N1 Vision offers a true plug-and-play "CD-less" installation and simple network security set-up. No confusing manuals to follow, no endless CD wizards. Simply plug the router in, follow the on-screen commands, and you'll be connected in no time.

Once your computers are online, its time for the N1 Vision to shine. Instead of the uninformative and confusing blinking lights that you've struggled to decipher all these years, the N1 has an easy-to-read LCD display that tracks your upstream and downstream speeds; logs your bandwidth; displays date, time, and network access info; and also shows you what devices are connected and how much bandwidth each one is using. Do you suspect that your child is spending his or her "homework time" downloading videos? Or that one of your roommates is eating up all your bandwidth? The N1 knows--and shows--all. The monochrome display offers a virtual "Download and Upload Speedometer" that gives you all the information you need.

802.11n: The Latest in Wi-Fi Performance
Featuring Wireless-N, the very latest standard in wireless networking technology, the N1 Vision will vastly increase both your network speed and your operating range. At the heart of this router is a high-performance, draft 2.0, 802.11n chipset with 3x3 MIMO, which achieves its superior capabilities by simultaneously overlaying the signals of multiple radios. This "Multiple In, Multiple Out" (MIMO) technology multiplies the effective data rate, and unlike ordinary wireless networking technologies that are confused by signal reflections, MIMO actually uses these reflections to increase the range and reduce "dead spots" in the wireless coverage area. The signal travels farther, maintaining wireless connections up to four times farther than the previous standard Wireless-G.

The bottom line: Under ideal conditions the N1 Vision can give you link rates of up to 300 Mbps (compared to previous rates of 54 Mbps), and an operating range of up to 1,600 feet. And you don't have to fret about your existing wireless devices; the N1 is compatible with IEEE 802.11g, 802.11b, and 802.3ab devices, which means you don't have to upgrade the rest of your hardware. (While the router will work great with standard Wireless-G and -B equipment, it will perform at its peak with other Wireless-N devices.)

The N1 Vision also features four gigabit Ethernet ports, as well as the latest in security standards, including Wi-Fi Protected Setup, WPA, WPA2, 64-/128-bit WEP encryption, and multiple SSID. Compatible with any PC running Windows 2000, XP, or Vista, and Macs running OS X v10.4x, the N1 Vision is designed to set the new standard in wireless home networking.

  • Interactive Status Display shows your network's broadband speed, computer bandwidth usage, the status of connected network devices, and more.
  • Plug-and-Play CD-less setup
  • Easy Security Setup with support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup? and Multiple SSID
  • 802.11n draft 2.0 compatible - 3x3 radio design provides excellent speeds and complete wireless coverage
  • 4 Gigabit Ports

Customer Reviews:

  • Belkin N1 Vision has VPN problems
    Doesn't seem to do transparent ipsec tunneling over UDP either with Cisco Windows Vista Client or Cisco WinXP client. Switching back to a Linksys router, I get a VPN connection no sweat. Belkin tech support says I have to create a virtual server with an open port to match my work VPN server (IT says no go - it's security violation to reveal the ports they use). Belkin says opening the ports will create some security risk so I should close them whenever I'm not using VPN - what a drag compared to transparent VPN connections with my old Linksys router. A Google search shows that other people complain about VPN problems with Belkin routers.

    The product did setup easily out of the box - but don't run the Setup Wizard unless you need it. Running the Setup Wizard screwed my settings and I had to manually undo the damage....more info
  • Best of the best
    If you need speed, require a wide range of coverage, want ease of use and are interested in seeing meters showing the throughput of data rather than just blinking lights, this is a superb modem. I use the Roku receiver to watch Netflix movies, some of which are now in high definition. To receive this level of video quality, only N1 MIMO will suffice. This Vision gives the additional benefits of simple setup and extraordinary visual information of data.

    If, however, you do not require this level of wireless service, this wireless router is overkill. You can do with one half the price....more info
  • Best router I've ever had
    I love this router even though the buttons are a little hard to push. I'll put up with that for the speed and reliability that I've gotten so far. Been going strong for 8 months now....more info
  • horrible consistancy
    Pros: It looks pretty, finally a piece of home networking equipment that is nice to look at.

    Cons: If you use skype, or play online games, or anything else that can't be buffered expect to get disconnected at least every 2 hours. Belkin support will tell you to make changes to your computers when you can just go back to old hardware.
    Summary: This is a good looking piece of equipment that doesn't work. Being in constant communication from home to family and friends is just as important as streaming audio and onine games. But, this router doesn't deliver. We get disconnected frequently from these services and though we can typically log back in, it's fustrating and annoying. Belkin Support has requested that i make changes to the computers on my network instaead of making changes to the router itself when I can just replace the router and all the problems go away. Unless you like trying to fix other peoples mistakes this router isn't for a consumer that wants reliable performance. ...more info
  • Drops MacBook connect several times a day
    While I like the design of this router, it has proved to be incompatible with my MacBook. The MacBook is losing Internet connectivity several times a day. I have tried to troubleshoot this to no avail. Checkout Belkin's support page for this product. The entire support includes 3 FAQs and 2 troubleshooting tips. That should tell you something.

    The router has limited configuration options. I wanted to turn off the "N" and force my Mac to connect at G. But with this router it is all or nothing.

    I have applied both firmware updates over the last year, but these have made the problem worse....more info
  • Belkin N1 Wireless Router
    This is the first router I've had. I bought it to use with my new laptop, so the laptop could access the internet, receive email, "talk" to the printer, etc. It works like a charm, but it should because I had it professionally set up. It was unnecessary to download the new drivers for the N1, BTW, although I read that someone else said it wouldn't work for them until that was done. Everyone's system is likely to be somewhat different; therefore, different setups are sometimes needed....more info
  • Kinks Apparently Worked Out - Excellent, Fast, Beautiful, Highly Functional
    I'm sorely tempted to call all of the earlier reviewers who slammed this router cry babies - or worse. My experience with this was 97% positive. But I understand that people bought these at various times from various places, and may have early versions of the hardware or firmware. That's all I can think of to reconcile my experience with theirs. This is an awesome product, which I heartily endorse.

    I got the newer version of the hardware (v2000) and it came with the latest firmware (2.00.03). Before you buy this, ask your retailer to confirm that they'll send you v2000 hardware (or later) and not v1000, which most of the complainers likely have. You can download and install the latest firmware yourself if it's not running the latest when you get it.

    It was the easiest setup ever (I have Vista Home Premium) - I plugged it in, followed the 3 minute super simple instructions and voila! It is super fast, easily configurable; the LCD gives you lots of information, and allows you to change various settings with the pushbutton (including disabling/enabling the wireless aspect - no reason to have it broadcasting to all corners of my property when I'm sitting 5 feet from the router connected using Gigabit ethernet cable, or when I'm on vacation, etc.)

    Speaking of the pushbutton . . . unless they have changed it to make it much better, it is just ridiculous to complain about how hard you have to push it. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being super easy to push, 10 being super hard, it's a 5 or a 6. It's not even close to being a problem.

    Another complaint I found when I googled for reviews about this was that it ran hot. It doesn't. At least mine doesn't. It's just slightly warm to the touch (compared to my Netgear Gigabit Switch, GS605, which could fry an egg).

    The only problem I had was, with one of our laptops, it dropped the wireless connection every 35 seconds - over and over again - after I set the security to WPA-2. The solution was to set channel mode at 20MHz rather than 20MHz + 40MHz. It didn't affect the speed at all, but cured the disconnecting problem immediately. The other laptops I tried with it had no problems whatsoever.

    I bought this and then sort of held my breath while making sure I set it up within the return period (I sometimes let things sit around a couple of weeks until I have a lot of time), since there were so many horrible reviews. I'm SO glad I bought this. No regrets. It's a beautiful piece of technology - near perfect, to me.
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    I purchased this product as part of the project to finally make our house a "smart house". During this project I dealt with TV issues, Wireless printer issues, and even speaker issues. However this was pretty much the only thing where everything worked seamlessly and fluidly. I got home late plugged it in and 5 minutes later had a Wireless network up and running including security features. And the We live in the country and I set this router up and I was able to pick up a signal on the end of our dock (about 600 feet away) that was decently strong and carried the speed well. It was great with setup to be able to do everything via the computer (not dealing with disks) and just being able to plug and play. The only problems that I had were 1 or 2 minor problems with the printer and the security encryption. The 1st time I had to toy around with it but after that I just made a backup of the settings and it happened again (after power failure) and just reset settings. Everything with this product has been a breeze and it comes highly recommended. ...more info
  • Waiting for my first RMA...
    This is certainly a pretty piece of hardware and I liked the idea of having at-a-glance utilization data.

    Unfortunately, the reality isn't nearly as pretty as the picture. Beyond the uncertain build quality (the buttons are worse than my 1982 Sinclair Spectrum), the wireless stack in this thing seems to be as unstable as a coffee-snorting spider monkey. When it is working, I will sometimes seem ping times as high as 55 _seconds_ (55,000 milliseconds!) between a wireless client and the router. Other times, with no apparent difference, ping times run in the <1 millisecond range, where I would expect them.

    Ahhh...but that's when it's actually functioning. Every few hours under load, it seems to completely lock up so that I have to pull the power plug and reboot it. I've tried changing wireless channels and settings but I haven't found any combinations that actually work.

    Belkin support offered several useless suggestions (obviously boilerplate text) before telling me to return the device for a replacement. I'm waiting for the replacement but I have no confidence that it will operate better than this one.



    As expected, the replacement router is performing no better than the original. I'm currently on the phone with Belkin technical support (on hold, after being transferred twice)....more info
  • Won't stay connected
    It's a great looking product for sure, best in class. The router incorporates broad and unique security features. The best for me has been the guest access key which I give out to visitors then change frequently allowing me to keep my core security separate. Other great attributes include excellent distance and a decent UI.

    The bad: it drops its connection to my ISP at least once every twelve hours. Usually the only way to get my network back up and running is to reset the router by unplugging the power source allowing it to reboot. Nothing can be more frustrating. And it's SLOW, very very slow.

    So if you want one for the good, have a fresh brewed pot of coffee next to you since you'll find yourself staring at it's handsome looks a lot while you wait...and wait....more info
  • Belkin N1 Vision
    I have had this router for the past 6 months and below are my observations as compared to my previous DG834g router.

    (after installing it, I upgraded to the latest firmware 1.00.15)

    - it looks stylish
    - the front display is useful for quick information
    - the guest ssid is a great idea (but I can't get it to work)
    - i use it with a G card and the range / signal has improved as compared with my old Netger DG834g.
    - over all some good features.

    - the odd stand makes it VERY difficult to attach / stick it to the wall (as routers are always recommended to be kept at the highest part)
    - it does not e-mail security logs
    - the front main login page displays ALL your router information (all ip information, ssid, serial #,etc), meaning if you turn on remote management, anyone with your ip address and WITHOUT the password can still see your router configuration?!?!?!
    - you can't assign dhcp ip addresses based upon mac address, meaning you need to hard code the ip address on the computer if you want it to retain it.
    - the download / upload display screen freezes atleast once a week and i need to reboot it to work again.
    - Support provided for this product from India is as useful as a swimming pool without water. I have called them about 3 times and all they make me to is reset my router to factory settings, or install a new firmaware, neither has fixed any of my problems.

    my might be an idea to stick with Netgear. ...more info
  • Horrible Customer Support
    Worked great with my laptop and setup was easy. But everytime the router was on, my Dell desktop would blue-screen. I don't know why the signal overloaded the PC, and I will never know because customer service was just awful. This was true for multiple calls (not just a lone bad CSR).

    I don't wish to fault the customer service just because it's from India (which it is), like other negative reviews seem to give that vibe. But it is truly horrible.

    They do (as others mentioned) instantly blame the non-Belkin devices and refer you to their CS support, even when it's not appropriate. I have a relatively low level of tech knowledge, and they kept trying to convince me of things even an idiot like me knew were absolutely false. They had no interest in solving problems, but only to make it someone else's problem, even if it meant giving conflicting statements during the same call. Never call Belkin CS, it will only make you angry.

    I have experienced a lot of sub-par CS help over the years, but none as bad as Belkin's. As long as you never have problems, I'm sure it's a great device... but you could say that for most devices....more info
  • It just works
    Windows Vista 64bit and 43bit computers on gigabit link and Vista 32bit Toshiba laptop on wifi lan. Out of the box, it just worked. No problems, great thruput and range extends over my entire property. See a lot of complaints on this unit, but for me it is great. Replaced a netgear gigabit router that was trouble after trouble....more info
  • N1 Vision
    I purchased the N1 Vision router and am very happy with so far. The setup was very easy and straight forward, although I have set up 4-5 routers. I can not speak to the N Band performance since I currently have no wireless devices working in that band, but the G band has been great and appears to have twice the range as my previous 7 year old Netgear router. The vertical display makes a great desk clock and the multiple menus that you can scroll through are helpful and fun for your geek side. There are several other routers that are more feature laden and powerful, but at 2 to 3x the cost I just didn't have a need for those abilities. I feel this is a good value for the money....more info
  • Easy setup, useful display, very good range and speed (ver. 2000, not 1000). See fix for disconnect every 2 hours.
    I suspect most of the people with issues or complaints have version 1000 and / or old firmware.
    Additionally one needs to use this in conjunction with 802.11n wireless adapters (preferably Draft 2.0 for future upgradeability / compatibility) in order to obtain the maximum benefit out of the router, at least from a wireless performance perspective.

    I recently purchased version 2000 of the N1 Vision (check the sticker on the bottom of the box). I have it mated with two PC's with 802.11n Draft 2.0 (2T2R - 2 Transmit 2 Receive) wireless USB adapters (each with just an internal, but high quality, antenna).

    I was up and running in no time.
    I also had no problems using VPN to connect to my office network.
    I am using WPA2 with AES encryption.
    For extra security I have it set up with (broadcast SSID set to 'off' and have specifically only allowed my two wireless adapters by entering their MAC addresses in the 'MAC address control' of the router's setup utility).

    Upstairs (one room away from the N1 Vision I get 95 - 100% signal quality and 90+ signal strength with a pretty consistent connection speed of 270 Mbps! (not the full 300 maximum but certainly close enough for me). :)
    Downstairs (one floor down and all the way on the other side of the house relative to the router), I get something like 45 - 75% signal strength depending where I am in the room. The speed varies between 45 Mbps, at worst (will have to verify this tonight as I only used it one night and believe this minimum can be improved upon), to a more typical 170 or 210 Mbps (wide range, I know, but I only tested it one night and haven't tweaked settings or placement yet via the flexible silver mini extension cable).

    The display is useful in that you can see who connected to your network in the past 24 hours (if an unexpected visitor enters your wireless network, at least you will have a way of knowing it).

    I am pleased with the Vision N1's speed, range and overall performance, other than the disconnect issue for which there is an easy enough workaround until they fix it permanently, hopefully, via a firmware upgrade for the 2000 model).
    Keep in mind my testing was done using Draft 2.0 802.11n wireless USB adapters. Wireless G adapters won't have the same performance or even close to it.

    The one thing to note is that there is a known issue where the N1 Vision disconnects every two hours (wireless or all around). This occurs when the router software connects to the time server to get the time (check the router setup page's security log and you can see the entries every two hours).
    There is a firmware fix for this for version 1000 but ironically NOT for the newer version 2000.
    The N1 Vision 1000 hardware has other issues (reported overheating etc.) though, so I still much prefer version 2000.
    For version 2000 there is a workaround to stop it from disconnecting every 2 hours (search the net for it as it requires accessing a "hidden" page).
    The workaround works very well and is only required to be performed once after a reboot of the router.
    I haven't had to do so in a long time.

    I gave it 4 stars due to the issue with it disconnecting every 2 hours and the fact that version 2000 does NOT have a firmware fix for this, even though the older version does.
    This should have been caught during pre-release testing. If not, at worst, a firmware fix should have been created for version 2000 very early on....more info
  • When i get my new router (not a belkin) i will throw this one it in a ant pile light it on fire and watch it burn.
    This is the worst router i have ever owned period.

    first off I'm a Microsoft certified professional and I'm certified with the computer and technology association of America, ive spent well over 12 hours trouble shooting this router and ive called belkin about 7-9 times. setup wasnt to hard so it can have that.

    As for the buttons on this thing to change views, there a joke and no its not my router its all of em. you have to push them soooo hard for it to work almost feel like your gonna break it.

    the customer support is horrable no one can speak english.

    my biggest problem with its it would disconnect everyone off the router every 30min-1 hour and you would have to disconnect and reconnect back then it would work for anouther hour then bam lost connection. Xbox 360, vista computer, Win XP computer everything, and i WAS using the lastest firmware and software on everthing including the router.

    When i a new router (not a belkin) i will throw it in a ant pile light it on fire and watch it burn.
    ...more info
  • Beautiful design, poor software
    My Netgear MIMO router with lots of blinking blue lights got me hypnotized one evening and made me wonder if a company would ever make a router with a LCD display to show if someone has somehow logged onto my LAN without permission. The next night my Netgear router died and I discovered the N1 Vision. It was a sign from the wireless G heavens.

    It is beautiful, it was packaged as if made by angels, and only twice what I wanted to spend on a router. The LCD screen is very pretty, and looks very cool. All of my machines (wired & wireless) connected just fine with very little time or effort. Even my Playstation 3 didn't cause a hiccup. The range is amazing, and connection speeds on the wireless are double what my Netgear could do. That, and I have only been able to lock the router up one time... but that was my own fault for changing lots of things in the configuration utility without giving it the appropriate time to save the settings. It is going on thirteen days straight without needing a manual resetting... not bad for my home! I don't expect this to be a major problem, unlike some other companies I've dealt with.

    So, why only a 6 rating? Well, even with the latest firmware I am having a major LAN issue. Whenever a machine connects to the router, the DHCP assigns an IP, but doesn't seem to add it to its internal routing table. No other machines on the LAN can access it (file/print sharing, VNC, ping, etc.) and it cannot connect to anything else on the LAN, even though Internet access works just fine. Customer support has been worthless so far, and the only solution I have found is to do a software reset in the configuration utility (approximately 90 seconds). This seems to refresh the routing table for the LAN every time. Annoying, but a necessary evil right now to enjoy everything else this router has. I know that it will be fixed in some new future firmware, and I'm still deciding whether to wait it out or go back to some caveman wireless G router without a LCD display. That would be soooo 2006... hmmm....more info
  • Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router delivers and then some
    At first I was skeptic about purchasing this product because of the many negative reviews that I read regarding it locking up and having to be restarted every hour. In the end it was the design that grabbed me and the ability to adjust certain options on the fly without having to pause whatever i was doing on my computer screen. I have had it for the better part of a month so far and have not had to restart it once yet. It has not locked up on me and it offers such an intuitive and easy to use GUI that any first timer can have a wireless network securely set up in no time at all. Instructions are straight forward and easy to follow and the finishing is even more beautiful than it appears on pictures.
    I would recommend it to anyone looking for a router that performs as well as offers the user some wonderful aesthetics...more info
  • The best home router as of yet
    I had to say that I have had my reservations about the Beklin brand products before... you know the gray-box off-brand stuff. This time tables are turned - simply the best and most intuitive home router product ever. No hassle setup. Besides the fact it looks kinda cook cool. Every wireless device I've got had zero-problem connecting to the new router and performance is spectacular. Highly recommending...more info
  • Not good for more than one wirless device....
    First, I am an IT professional of over 25 years. I can honestly say that this is the first bad Belkin Router I have come across. There are always bad 'apples' in a box, and you should not let that spoil the rest. But this router is just on the lowest end of the scale.

    I can give this product as a wired router 5 stars. Ease of use, setup, security, and speed. All top rate on the product I purchased.

    The problems come when you are 1... not using it just on wired connections, and 2, when you have multiple computers trying to connect to it.

    I can only give this router 1 star for wireless use. I can see for some people, if they are only using 1 wireless device/computer, and there are not many other routers in the area, it will work very well for them. I am sure as I have read all the reviews here, most without complaint.
    The problems come along when you have more than one wireless device.
    Even with PROTECTED mode switched on, one, or all devices, will very soon start to drop in speed, possible even lose connection to the router.
    Even upon reconnecting automatically back to the router, the device will not get a totally successful connection. The wireless device will need to be disabled and re-enabled, or the computer restarted.

    As an IT professional, it took me a good 2 hours of constantly adjusting many of the parameters, and channels that the router was broadcasting on, to get a setting that worked 'almost' satisfactory on 2 out of the 4 laptops I have trying to connect wirelessly. I have had to resort to only 2 laptops connecting wirelessly at a time. The correct channel on the router was the key. The one laptop that runs on 802.11g varies in speed from 36.0Mbps to 54.0Mbps. The 802.11n wireless laptop runs anywhere from 56.0Mbps to 144.0Mbps.

    Belkin claims speeds of up to 300Mbps. This must be when using only Belkin N1 products at both ends. With my 802.11n laptop 2 inches from the router, the maximum speed acheived was 144.0Mbps. Maybe if you switch of all security you can get closer to 300Mbps.


    I use a standard MS VPN connection to the office, and it seems to work fine. Using MS Outlook and Exchange, most of the time, it works without fault. There are times where MS Outlook cannot see of authenticate to the Exchange server, even though you can ping the server and see it outside of MS Outlook. This is NO FAULT of the Belkin N1 wireless router. After much research from myself and my colleagues in the office, we have to turn our attention to the internet providers and VPN connections. If you research the internet on your internet provider (one of the largers ones that also provides cable TV) VPN connections, and bandwidth limitation. You will find a number of articles where the internet provider is limiting connections when they see VPN bandwidth usage. The only way around this is to pay for a business connection, with a guaranteed high bandwidth. So, sometimes it may work, sometimes it may not. The best thing to do is when it's not working, reset your cable modem, release the IP and renew to another, and try again.

    The other features on the router seem to be very useful. The gigabit connection for wired devices, and statistical display. The display very useful for those times when you need to gauge whether or not you are getting your full bandwidth up, and down.


    If you are looking for a good wireless router, do NOT bother with the N1 Vision. If you want a router that sort of works, and looks pretty, with a few bells and whistles, then it is a good router for you.
    ...more info
  • Defective product and terrible customer service
    I've owned Belkin products in the past with great luck. I have their USB hub and print server and both work great.

    I had this router for 6 months then it began turning off on its own. It wouldn't stay on for more than 3 minutes. I had several terrible calls with their tech support who didn't speak english. Then they finally sent me a new router (though I had to pay for return shipping).

    The new router was DOA. I tried to call Belkin but couldn't get through to anybody who seemed to care.

    I don't recommend this product and will never buy from this company again. ...more info
  • Looks nice but don't buy it for the display.
    Works fine so far. I thought the the display would be useful but have now found that I never look at it. It is basically useless. My recommendation is to buy something cheaper....more info
  • Abysmal Router - What a waste
    Bought this router thinking it was advanced technology. This things is advanced garbage. The buttons have to be pushed with force to work. As far as the connection, our two computers constantly dropped connection or could not connect at all. Only after disabling the network security could we maintain a stable connection, and the transfer rate then was extremely slow. This router was a total waste of money. Thankfully, Best Buy accepts returns and exchanges. ...more info
  • Excellent speed and reliability
    There are several things that stand out about this router, particularly compared to my previous Netgear router which was also marketed as N-WiFi and gigabit wired.

    This router has excellent wireless network utilization, generally 30% on larger file transfers and at connection speeds from 70Mbps to 130Mbps, which is the maximum on my hardware. It also has excellent utilization on its wired gigabit. Performance of both significantly exceed the performance on my prior router. I am near the router so I can't speak for the broadcast range.

    Also important is that persistent connections such as messenger applications are able to maintain their connections indefinitely, whereas my prior router would drop persistent connections after 10-20 minutes. This may be because this router has a "forever" setting in its DHCP routings.

    The router is also attractive and the display panel on the front is interesting. The browser based configuration of the router is fast and works well.

    My only complaint has been the couple instances where I started my laptop and the router did not properly issue me an IP address. Restarting the router fixed the problem immediately.

    If you are considering paying for N-Wireless with gigabit wired, this is a great option....more info
  • It Really Works! And Much Faster too!!
    I checked on various reviews on this Belkin N1 Vision, and I hesitated for a couple months before finally deciding on making a leap of faith, and it paid off.

    I installed it to replace a previous smaller and older Belkin wireless router that I have, and the CD-less installation took me less than 15 mins to rehook everything back and got all of them working. That was nice.

    What is even better is the speed it gives, there is no comparison with my previous router. It is fast! Much faster, a few times faster, I can say.

    And lthough its 802.11n 2.0 is still a draft, the speed it is giving is great. It works also immediately and better with the Belkin 5-port Network Hub (F5L009) that I have, and all the devices like harddisk and printer I have connected through the network hub, again with much faster speed.

    Same goes for the LaCie Ethernet Mini Network Drive that I access wirelessly through the router, from all of my PC's, both XP and Vista. No problems there either.

    This is great!!...more info
  • Every thing works,router,notebook card, service,clock
    I had a Belkin pre-n with laptop card worked well then started dropping signal. Read the reviews and took a chance. The router installed on line with "installrouter" perfectly, setup WPA,the clock works no reset, the buttons work just fine. Up and running in less than ten minutes, I also have a brighthouse router and Vonage. No problem they all sing. I ordered the Wireless Notebook card, had a good signal just did not read the manual, called service, quick answer, got young american on line walked me through the few things I failed to do. Bingo great signal. This is version 2000 bought March 23rd 2009 Working flawless and it's cool. Hope this helps. Looks like Belkin fixed things up....more info
  • Sexy and cool, but has technical problems with VPNs
    This router is sexy and cool, no doubt. The LCD makes a nice clock, and you can watch your upload and download speeds. :-)

    The fun stops when you deviate slightly from typical home use and try to connect to your office VPN (virtual private network). Though Belkin claims that this device supports VPNs, there is one fatal flaw that prevents it from working well.

    Non-geek speak: The router inserts itself into the process that converts names like "" into IP addresses like

    Geek speak: The router advertises ITSELF as the DNS resolver instead of what your internet service provider tells it to use. It acts as the middle-man (and caches the results as well) which causes some interesting problems that are annoying and hard to debug when trying to start an IPSEC+ModeConfig+XAUTH connection.

    The current version of the firmware (v1000 1.00.15) also corrupts cached DNS entries over time, and subsequently responds with bogus IP addresses for names. Ugh.

    Belkin confirms that there is no setting to turn this "feature" off.

    Other than that, I really like the box and hate having to shelve it. :-)...more info
  • Works Well for Average User Needs
    This router is probably well suited for your average user. It is easy to setup and from my experience has great range. I've had the device for about a year and have replaced it with my old linksys wrt54G due to the below issues.

    1.Router would lock up and require a power off every so often when transferring large amounts of Data.

    2.I could not get the router to connect with my work VPN even after firmware updates.

    3.I was unable to view shared directories between wired and wireless devices.

    While I may have been able to remedy these with some calls to tech support and a couple of hours of my time I decided it would be easier to just plug in my old router that I never had any issues with.

    While I do think this is a nice looking router and the ability to view data on the front is a good idea. I thought the navigation was clunky and the information that was being provided was limited....more info