Bracketron UFM-100BL Nav-Mat GPS Friction Dash Pad
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Product Description

Compatible with most portable GPS receivers / Weighted, antiskid design securely holds your GPS receiver to your dashboard

  • Weighted, Anti-Skid Base
  • Conforms To Your Dash
  • No Tools Required
  • Holds up to Several Pounds
  • Easily View Your GPS While Driving

Customer Reviews:

  • Works Great
    Soon after I bought this item, I used it on a trip. Did not move on my dash, stayed put. Works very well. Would recomend buying one....more info
  • Works very well
    This thing makes security a lot easier. Just put it on the dashboard while driving and put it on floor, under a seat, in the glovebox, or somewhere else out of sight while parked. This eliminates the need to constantly mount and dismount the gps from the windshield and wipe suction cup marks off of the glass....more info
  • Holds it steady
    Very good product. I use it on a small dash. Probably an oval would have been better for my car. That being said: It works and is reasonably priced....more info
  • Great product
    This is a product my parents were looking for,it was thirty plus $.
    So I told then to wait and I found it on E Bay for about half . They were so happy becuase my Dad said for thirty bucks he will hold it up while my mom drives. It works great thanks....more info
  • GPS Mat
    A co-worker referred me to this product and very happy with the purchase. When you coner above the posted speed limit it may slide a bit or sudden stop over 45 mph.

    For the value and the ability to travel with the GPS you can't beat this. I already have received my ROI several times over....more info
  • Works as advertised.
    I have a Navigon GPS and this works well with my unit. I have had friends who had their vehicles broken in because they left their GPS visible on the windshield. I can hide the base and GPS in my car so people don't know I have it. It stays on the dash and does not block my view. I have used it with 2 other vehicles and had no problems. ...more info
  • Works Well
    I bought this for our Garmin c340 which we planned to use on a recent trip. Attaching the mounted gps to the pad was super easy. It provided a very stable, immovable base and we have no complaints to its functionality. Since we didn't know the exact model of rental vehicle we would be provided with, we took along a piece of carpet rubber padding to put underneath to decrease the chance of the base shifting or slipping. I'm sure that a silicone hot pad would work just as nicely. We are very pleased with this quality item and would buy again in a heartbeat....more info
  • Compatability of dash pad mounts withTomToms
    This fraction dash pad without an open front will not work with TomTom One XL. You must have an open front to allow the power cord which directly comes out of the bottom of the unit to otherwise conflict with a closed front. The newer TomToms have their power cords emanate from the back of the unit....more info
  • pretty good product
    Unless I go around curves too fast, this product does the job! But when I'm going too fast or the curve is too quick, it slides off the dash.

    But, if fits my GPS perfectly, allows me to be closer to it to program, than on the windshield and I can easily drop it on the floor and cover with a towel to keep from theft, when getting out of the car. I'd buy it again, the price was <$15....more info
  • Bracketon UFM-100BL Nav-Mat
    Works great! I can use it in my car, my company car, and my wife's car when I'm not using it I keep it in a little carrying case with my GPS...more info
  • Pretty Good!
    Basically this does what I needed it to do. It grips my car's dash pretty well, except for quick stops. Then it's on the floor. ...more info
  • Nav-Mat UFM100BL in a 2006 GMC Sierra pick-up
    I purchased this item at the time I bought my TomTom One XL. I tried to use the window suction cup that came with my TomTom OneXL for a couple of trips, but the suction cup kept coming loose from the windshield. I finally opened the Nav-Mat and am pretty well pleased with it, with one exception. The original suction cup and stem that came with the TomTom OneXL is too short to be used successfully in the Nav-Mat (the full circle one). I have since learned that they make the same unit in a semi circle with an open front. HDFMB-2: i.Trek V2 Open Front Heavy Duty Friction Mount Base for Garmin, TomTom, Magellan GPS Devices My OneXL will not seat properly in the full circle. The power cord installs underneath the GPS unit and rides on the ridge of the Nav-Mat. Sometimes the GPS slides out of its holder or the suction cup will come loose from the Nav-Mat. I don't blame this on the Nav-Mat, I should have check further before odering it. The Nav-mat itself is very stable and does not slide aroud. If you have a smaller, 3 or 3.5 inch GPS unit, this Nav-mat would probably be perfect for you. ...more info
  • not for cold weather
    This thing worked well for the first couple of weeks. It stuck to my dashboard even at harsh acceleration and sharp turns. Then, when the temperature dropped below 30 it would slide off all the time. Finally, as I was accelerating to pass someone on the highway, it slipped off the dashboard, causing my gps to slam face-first into the shifter knob, causing extensive blunt force trauma to the glass touchscreen, rendering my gps useless....more info
  • Does the Job Well
    Keeps the GPS off the windshield and below the field of essential vision while driving. Stable platform, but could be more flexible to fit undulating dashboards. Security is better while parked because the whole fixture can be set down on the floor and not stuck on the windshield to draw the attention of thieves. I bought one for each of my two cars, but use only one (readily transferrable). I offered the other to my nephew, but he already had bought one and likes it....more info
  • Neat Product
    This product is easy to use anywhere, and when not needed can be safely stored and not be tempting thieves....more info
  • This Dash Pad is also good for TomTom ONE without special mount
    Read many reviews to find out if this pad will work on my TomTom One without purchasing additional mount. Decided to purchase this & try it myself. End up is you can mount your TomTom upside down on this pad (so the miniUSB cable will be face upward)then all you have to do is turn on the "display upside down" built-in feature on the TomTom. Hope this help you to save some $$$....more info
  • great product for CA drivers
    I recently found it that it's illegal to have a GPS mounted to the windshield here in CA, glad someone told me. This product is great for placing your GPS unit anywhere on your dashboard. I have a Garmin GPS and the height seems to be perfect, just over the lip of the pad. I like the fact I can slide the pad around and have the passenger use it (while I drive) and then be able to move it back over to my side where I can see the map.
    The pad is heavy so it doesn't tend to move unless you really turn a corner quickly, but even then barely tends to slide.
    I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • good price here
    If you need a dash pad for your GPS. order here to get a cheaper price.
    It works ok for my TomTom OneXL but you might need to adjust the holder arm to fit in the pad space. The TomTom arm is too short... ...more info
  • Problem Solved
    This little product solved 2 problems for me: 1) suction cup ghosts on the windshield and 2) long stretches to adjust my Garmin 265wt GPS while attached to the windshield suction cup. The first problem of course leaves a tell-tale mark that is easy for thieves to spot. That problem is solved because I simply move the dash pad to the floor of the vehicle.

    The second problem is just a plain old pain in the ____, well you get the idea. Actually, it's a pain in the neck and shoulders to reach/stretch that far. Not to mention the possible safety issues of being too far out of the driver comfort zone.

    I'm using this dash pad in a Pontiac Montana Van which has an uneven dashboard surface, i.e, no flat spots where the dash pad can have great contact. Regardless, the dash pad has functioned flawlessly for me. It has not moved a single inch, even on sharp curves. I've been very impressed.

    And for a low price of ~$14, this makes this very functional problem solver a real bargain. ...more info
  • Stays put, works great
    Recently purchased the Nav Mat and couldn't be happier. Took it on a 4 hour trip and the GPS stayed put and worked great. Previously, we would hand hold the GPS because suctioning it to the window was a vision hazard. I also leave the Nav Mat on my dashboard and use it to hold my cell phone or sunglasses. Would recommend this to anyone who uses a window suction GPS....more info
    this works very well, the car I bought had a dash with polish on it, the gps would not stay on, this stays in place and is easy to move to another vehicle and less expensive than the one offered by garmin....more info
  • Great Deal
    I am real happy with this product.I see it other electronic store for 30 to 50 dollars it is great deal....more info
  • Dash Pad works great!
    This dash pad for the TomTom GPS unit works great. And, at the Amazon pricing, a much better deal than at the retail stores. It holds it's position very well on the dashboard. If you're in the market for one of these devices, go ahead and get it....more info
  • GPS Friction dash pad
    Works well. Just as advertised. A little tight for a Tom-Tom unit but is adequate and seems secure....more info
  • Much better arrangement for GPS
    I purchased two of the Bracketron Friction Dash Pads for two vehicles. They allow us to place them where we can see the GPS clearly and conveniently. I drive a small sports car.... not a lot of windshield or dash space in a Miata. The standard mount was annoying because it blocked too much windshield area. The dash pad allows me a better view of both the road and the GPS unit. I can be something of a lead foot when I drive, especially on road curves. My Bracketron Dash Pad hugs the dash the way my car hugs the road! I couldn't be more pleased with its performance....more info
  • Basic and Simple Mount that Works!!!
    This is a basic mount that you lay on the dash of your vehicle. It is very simple and to the point. I have not had the mount move even with upholstery protection such as Armor All on the dash. It appears that it can be used for several accessories such as cell phones, gps, and radar detectors. I use mine with Tom Tom One XL-S gps unit. Another benefit is the ease at removing this from the dash with no tell tale signs which is a deterrent against theft. If you want a mount with ease of use, this is the one that you want....more info
  • Poor choice for xl model
    Suction mount does'nt hold well because of angle required for battery hook-up on bottm and pivot of screen prevents sceen to be positioned lower than beans allow. On dash, this is is a problem tilting the screen down since the suction mount bracket is so short.This is not a good choice of dash mounts for this unit. I undderstand TOM TOM sells the same type mount with a cutout section of beans that looks like it would work better. ...more info
  • GPS mount
    My husband saw this product on line and we decided to purchase it for our GPS, he didnt like the idea of using the suction mount that came with our GPS, because it often leaves marks on the window, and is hard to get off. For safety reasons this product is easy to remove from the dash, and does not move when it is placed on the dash. Very satisfied....more info
  • Portable GPS security!
    This dashboard pad is a must for anyone who values their GPS and doesn't want to risk it getting stolen.Stays put on the dash even on tight turns and sudden stops. No marks on the windshield, just remove the gps unit and and hide the bean bag under the seat. Cheaper than replacing a broken window or gps unit..highly recommend it! ...more info
  • Its good!
    Doesnt move a bit even at 70mph.. Needed this coz its illegal to put anyth on the windshield in MN...more info
  • GPS Dashboard Pad
    If you get a chance go to Bass Pro Shops and you will see this same item for "sale".....$43.00. At Amazon it was less than $15.00 for identical item. Great price great item great service.....Open package insert gps go for a ride.....Throw away the packaging...thats it......more info
  • It's is a great GPS accessory
    I used this item for the first time when I took a 600 round trip to visit my family. I really did not think it would stay on my dashboard as my dash is an odd shape. But it did. It did not once slip or move. I even could put it on the seat next to me. I am very happy and would highly recommend it without any hesitation. ...more info
  • Love it
    Unlike so many other products descriptions and advertisments, this one works exactly as advertised. I've just suction cupped my Garmin to the Nav-Mat and left it attatched, making it easy to move from car to car. It stays put on the dash of all vehicles I've put in in and stays where I put it. I strongly recomend it to anyone who move a GPS from car to car. Also, while I found the Nav-Mat on many different web sites, Amazon had the best price, so no need to shop around....more info
  • Good for most GPS units but...
    I got this for use with my TomTom One XL but with the TomTom's mounting bracket that comes with the unit is too short to allow it much mobility with this item and because the cord plugs in on the bottom of the TomTom, it pretty much takes what little wiggle room you had, away....more info
  • Won't work out of the box for TomTom 720
    I'm really looking forward to this product as it will really work well...When I can get a mount with an extended arm for my TomTom 720. The mount that came with the 720 is not long enough to get the unit over the bean bag edge of the Dash Pad. Because of this, the unit is angled in a way, that it can not be viewed while sitting on the dash. To use the Dash Pad and the GPS at the same time, I have to move Dash Pad to the passenger's seat. Not safe or functional. Like I said, it will work great, when I buy an appropriate, extended arm mount for the 720.

    ...more info