Wordlock PL-002-RD 5-Dial Padlock, Red
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Product Description

Wordlock 5 dial padlock. Combination uses words instead of numbers. Patented technology. Thousands of word combinations. Easy to set and reset. Hardened steel for maximum security. No. PL 001 PK: Pink No. PL 002 RD: Red No. PL 003 SK: Silver No. PL 004 BK

  • Makes up to 100,000 word and letter combinations
  • Resettable--never forget your combination lock
  • Easy to set--for both indoor or outdoor use
  • Hardened steel shackle for strength and security
  • Patented technology offers highest level of personal security

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Lock
    Very easy to use and set the combination. Lots and lots of easy combination possibilities including familiar names and objects....more info
  • Wordlock excellent padlock
    I was looking for a padlock for my gym locker and feared I wouldn't remember a number combination or it wouldn't work. When I saw the Wordlock advertised in a magazine, I knew it was for me. I'm good with words! I think this is an excellent product and I had an excellent transaction buying it....more info
  • This product ROCKS!!!
    I bought this lock more as a curiosity but when I started to use I got hooked. This is one terrific product. You simply pick a word that is available on the dial and lock it in. Much better than trying to remember some obscure number that makes no sense....more info
  • Real Words, Works Great!
    I bought this lock for my kid -- he loves this lock
    with its real words and he can change the combination
    easily any time.

    My neighbor's kid had a Masterlock. His dad and I
    tried to program it -- you have to pull it apart --
    you end up with a bunch of wheels and then you
    have to re-assemble it carefully like a jeweler
    or a . . . locksmith? And then you end
    up with something unmemorable, like a "L35K".

    Both locks seem sturdy, both made of hardened steel,
    so for us it came down to how easy it was to choose
    your own real words with Wordlock.

    Why did we have to wait until the 21st century to
    get this? Where's my jet car?...more info
  • Barely adequate
    I would not order these again. 1 of my 4 locks don't work. The other three are challenging to open. According to Amazon's policy, they will not accept a return if they are opened, but how is one to know it doesn't work until it's opened?

    I'm going with Master Lock instead....more info
  • Forgetful, this is the lock for you
    These series of locks are great. Some are four letter combinations and others are 5 letters. If you have had a child who forgets number combinations but can remember key words, this lock should help them. It also helps those adults who have so many passwords running around in their minds that they cannot remember one new one.

    Art Fry, the inventor, who brought all of us post it notes indirectly has come up with another very clever idea. Art was a judge in the contest looking for cool new timesaver creations and Todd Basche was a winner in this event with his invention: wordlocks.

    They come in different colors and some have 100,000 possible combinations. Wordlock also has bicycle padlocks which operate the same way: with words rather than numbers and will not scratch your bike.

    Some folks will always prefer the key locks for extra security; but these locks are useful for those light security situations where letter combinations would be easier and suffice.

    Wordlock's luggage locks have been endorsed by TSA and can be used in airline travel.

    One reviewer seems to like the Master Lock version better and, of course, I agree that there are always personal preferences and possibly tighter and more stringent security environments where a Master Lock might be necessary. But in my gym and in other similar situations, it has not been a problem. In fact, most children prefer the ease of the word locks and to me that is the innovative part. It seems that Master Lock is also offering their own version of this creative concept. I am wondering who came first: Todd Basche and Wordlock or Master Lock's version? In any case, the ease of use and your lock situation should determine what you feel comfortable in using. The Wordlock is made of hardened steel shackle for strength and security standard in WLPLS. It may feel lighter; but I always prefer items that are lighter yet still durable, sturdy and secure.

    I like both Wordlock's products very much as well as Master Lock. The consumer should decide which lock should service them best.

    The ease of use and your lock situation should determine what you feel comfortable in using.


    ...more info