Defender SN2000DVR Sentinel SD Recording System with 2 Outdoor Nightview Cameras and 2GB SD Card
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  • Not What I thought
    I puchased the defender cameras, but was disappionted when I found out that it will not record both cameras at the same time. You have to switch from one to the other. The DVR does not have picture in picture recording.
    Also, the picture quailty on the cameras is poor. So I shopped for another camera online that had the same RCA wires to hook up into the DVR, and that had much better color, and night vison. I can only use the one camera, but its much better than the ones that came with it. It was another $ 75.00 IT was the SVAT camera with night vison of 45ft.The ones that come with the defender only have nightvison of 15ft.
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  • Motion capture - When movement is detected this system can be set to record a video clip or a still snapshot
  • SD card recording - up to 9 hours of recording with included 2GB SD card. Transfer your footage to your computer's hard drive to keep an archive of all your security video.
  • Night viewing - each camera has 11 infrared LED's that automatically activate when it gets dark, allowing you to record both day and night.
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • Built-in sunshade on cameras to reduce glare