Leviton Video Sequencer
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Product Description

Installing multiple video surveillance cameras in and around your home makes it possible to keep an eye on numerous areas, but if you prefer viewing camera feed on a full screen, the Video Sequencer allows you to combine and continuously sequence through up to four different live audio/video camera signals on your television or monitor. Since the Video Sequencer rotates through the cameras' feeds automatically, you won't need to concern yourself with altering the view manually. Cameras are sold separately, as are the required connecting cords. You'll be able to customize the number of seconds you want each signal to stay on the screen before cycling on to the next, from one second to 30. Two outputs are provided on the Video Sequencer, so sequenced signals can be viewed directly on up to two televisions or monitors; combine the unit with a modulator and video splitter (both sold separately) to send to any television in your home. Add this product to your security system: The Video Sequencer installs easily into any Leviton Structured Media Enclosure (sold separately) using the included punch downs.

  • Inputs for up to four video cameras and audio sources.
  • Automatic switching between cameras.
  • 1-30 second variable time setting between cameras.
  • RCA composite audio/video inputs and two sets of RCA outputs to connect with a monitor or modulator.
  • Mounts easily into Leviton Structured Media Enclosures.