Quinny Zapp Mandarin
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Product Description

The Quinny Zapp stroller can be easily recognized by its eye catching sleek design. Not only is it attractively designed, the Zapp is also ultra lightweight and offers exceptional comfort and quality. When folded, the Zapp is one of the smallest in the world. The Zapp includes a carry bag for easy travel.

The Quinny Zapp comes with the bare essentials every parent needs: sun canopy, rain cover, and adapter for the Maxi-Cosi infant carseat.


  • Folds to smallest stroller size around for easy travel
  • Lightweight aluminum frame with removable wheels
  • Front-swivel wheels for excellent maneuverability
  • Durable, stain-resistant nylon fabric seat
  • 5-point padded harness for comfort and security
  • Rear-wheel brakes with simple on/off device
  • Shopping basket for on-the-go storage of bags and gear
  • Sun canopy, rain cover, bug netting, travel bag, and car seat adapter
  • Works with the Maxi-Cosi Car Seat (sold separately)
  • A lightweight, full sized stroller when opened yet the smallest stroller in the world when folded
  • The front wheel can rotate 360 degrees, making the Zapp easy to handle
  • Includes a sun canopy, rain cover and travel bag
  • Compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat which is sold separately

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Design and Easy to Use
    It is not too pricy to have this stroller based on its futuristic design compared to any other stroller. My wife and friends has given lot of very good comments on this stroller. It is easy to fold and with taking much space in the trunk. ...more info
  • Great Stroller
    This stroller is great. It turns and maneuvers awesome. It has taken me a little practice to fold it, but it is easy once you learn. I bought the Maxi Cosi car seat to fit on it and it is very easy to attach it. I would reccomend this product....more info
  • Quinny
    Very happy with this product. We have a bugaboo and an easy walker double stroller and wanted something that was quick, light and easy to move with. It's comfortable and looks great. So easy to collapse or put up. Great value for money. Storage space is small and the plastic wheels take a bit of adjusting (going from real tires with the bugaboo) but overall i definitely recommend this as a great stroller. ...more info
  • Love this stroller
    I absolutely love this stroller. I wanted to down size my big bulky stroller to an umbrella stroller. I tried a bunch including the much touted maclaren none of them compared with this one. Once you get the hang of the folding mechanism (took me 2 days) it is a breeze. folded down you can not get anymore compact than this. I like the way it folds into a small rectangular bundle rather than a long skinny one like the maclaren that makes it much more trunk friendly. Steering is fantastic and the compact size even when opened allows me to get into really tight places. the basket underneath is quite small and not really accessible while your todddler is in the stroller but gives enough room for storing a few items when on a stroll. Yes this stroller is tippy but so are all umbrella style strollers, ny son tipped it over the first day getting in it but then realized the proper way to get in and we have had no further incidents (over 2 months now) over all I think this is a great toddler stroller I don't know that I would like it for an infant because it does not recline but that was not my purpose....more info
  • reviews-akh, these reviews!
    I spend a lot of time,as probably many of you who are reading this, reviewing the products before buying. It gives a lot of satisfaction to do it. But, it drives me crazy too. So many opinions and somehow one believes all of them. At last I bought my quinny zapp. It is cool and nice looking.
    It clearly says that it does not recline yet it seems to be the biggest complain about the stroller. Do people think that once they buy it theirs will recline miraculously?

    My husband is computer research scientist and he always says how much people expect from the computers-thousands of brainiacs work on them for years and years but there are always dissatisfaction from the regular folks like can't they do this or that. It is actually very hard to make improvements.
    I am sure for stroller makers it is not as easy just to change things here and there. There are whole factories with precise instruments that can do only specific things. It is mostly made in China which means any change is very tough and costs millions. Imagine if it would be made in Holland-would cost at least $1000 to buy (to cover the socialistic taxation and work compensations.)

    Why do I write all these? Because our expectations are way too high. It is just a stroller that covers some very important needs but we constantly have to doubt whether we did the right choice by buying it.
    Luckily it is not too expensive and things do break and can be sometimes uncomfortable. I mean I know it would be nice if it would have bigger storage, cupholder, reclined, fit into purse, found at the greatest deal 80% off, had a cooler, had a heater, plus kids inside would sleep nights and change their own diapers, husbands be prince charmings and absolutely no wrinkles, oh yeh and a big house with views of the ocean.
    I don't think there are perfect strollers and thats why we all have a few for different occasions. It is ok for women to be pretty and kind of shallow then why not the stroller :).

    I think it is a lovely stroller and I will enjoy it even if my child sometimes doesn't look too comfortable but then since when kids are comfortable all the time? Mine are ready to get out of anything in short time. And the way they fall asleep in their great fancy shmency bed I would say those are the most uncomfortable positions looking like doing yoga butt high in the air. I have two boys and I don't want them to be sises by always catering to all their comforts-it is not like we all get our behinds massaged in those tiny hard seats on subways or pretty much any other chair by seating long time. In any case,enjoy the quinny zapp.

    ...more info
  • Happy Campers
    Easy to assemble, light and colorful. We all enjoy taking it on our shopping trips and my Grandson loves to look at his surroundings. It provides a great sitting position....more info
  • Not worth the hype
    We recently purchased a Maxi-Cosi Mico carseat, and so we then proceeded to buy the coordinating Zapp stroller. I paid more than I usually would for ONE item, and I expected a wonderful experience. I wanted to buy another one, but decided to try it first for our older daughter. I am so glad I never put my newborn in this thing with her carrier. We took it out of the box, and it was beautiful. That was for sure. But, to open it was more than I would have expected, and Yes, we read instructions. Then, upon first use, a gust of wind flipped the stroller over WITH my 2 yr old daughter in it!! Luckily, she was fine. My husband immediately told me "return it." I ended up buying YET another travel system, that was safer for our newborn. We purchased a Chicco stroller for my older daughter to use, and were very pleased with how lightweight and easy to fold it was. Parents, please carefully read all reviews. This could have ended up horribly for our child. All in all, this was NOT worth the hype....more info
  • Sorely dissappointed
    I researched the perfect stroller for two months and decided on this stroller for the fabulous looks, lightweight and promise of a pleasant travel experience. We brought it home and set it up, it looked fantastic! I was so thrilled. The problems started when I had difficulty folding it. It was a nuisance pressing the #1 button, then the #2, then lean forward.... simple steps...unfortunately, the practice was not so smooth. I finally managed to collapse it but then I was unable to reopen it. I tried and when it finally opened up, I was unsure what action sequence worked. I still don't know how it collapses/opens. Anyway, I then tried to fit it in its carry bag (a feature I really liked) and no luck. I unzipped both zippers all the way and still couldn't fit the stroller into the bag. I was breaking a sweat trying to figure out this stroller and after 20 minutes or so... my patience ran out. I just couldn't see myself chasing after my energetic toddler in the airport and figuring out this stroller so it had to go back.

    I bought the City Mini - the fold is a dream. Also, the Zapp is advertised as weighing 13 lbs but I swear it's heavier then the City Mini, which is advertised as 17 lbs.

    Anyway, I am giving this two stars because I still think it is aesthetically pleasant and comes with great accessories (carrier bag, rain cover), it just didn't work for me. ...more info
  • I love mine!
    I have had this stroller for about two months now and so far it has been impressive!

    We have the Graco MetroLite as well and we only have one kid so far so that's the only one I'm able to compare to.

    We have had the Graco MetroLite since my daugher was born and had used the Snugride with it. We recently purchased another sedan so we bought the Quinny Zapp and keep the Graco MetroLite in the SUV. I love how small the Quinny Zapp and it only takes up a small part of my trunk in the sedan.

    The folding part does have a learning curve so I suggest that you practice it at home before taking it out. But once I got the folding, it was very easy. The turning radius is very impressive, and it's very EASY to push, it's so easy that it's important to remember to put the brake on when you are not pushing it around. I'm not complaining though, just a reminder. I had it tipped backward couple times but it was my fault because I hung too many bags on the handles which now I learned I can't do that. My daughter loves the snack tray on the Graco MetroLite but it didn't bother her that she doesn't have it with the Quinny. I do have to say the part that I miss the most is the cup holders which I did not know how convenient they are until I don't have them. I like the 5-point harness, it's easier to snap my kid in than the Graco MetroLite. My daughter is 21-months old but she is in the 25 percentile in both height and weight so she is a tiny kid. She has never fallen asleep in the Graco MetroLite but she has taken quite a few naps in the Quinny Zapp already since we got it two months ago. I think somehow the soft back and how cozy it is makes my daughter easier to fall sleep in it. The storage basket is not even comparable with the Graco MetroLite. My diaper bag certainly won't fit and I wouldn't put anything I need often in there anyway because the storage basket is kinda hard to access when my kid is in the seat.

    I love the color we have (orange) and it does attract a lot of attention when we are out. Overall I'm very happy with our Quinny Zapp. ...more info
  • Its OK
    I had to get on my knees every time to fold it. And when my 18 month old would fall asleep her neck would slant it looked really bad. It looks cool but its only good for short trips, when you think your child wont want to take a nap....more info