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Forbidden Pleasure
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People have heard fleeting rumors about The Club located just outside of Washington, D.C. Only its members know where men go when they want to indulge their desire to share their women with a carefully selected male partner. John "Mac" McCoy resigned his membership from The Club when he married Keiley Hardin. Tempting and innocent, sweet and sexy, Mac knows that she would never accept his desire to share her with another man. However, Mac's fantasies of sharing his wife haunt his dreams. Then Jethro Riggs, Mac's best friend, arrives at her their home in Wyoming. Of all the men, it was Riggs whom Mac shared his women with. They shared the same views on pleasing women and a hunger to push the same boundaries. Slowly Mac and Riggs introduce Keiley to a pleasure she has never known.

Customer Reviews:

  • A must for fans of Bound Hearts
    For fans of Lora Leigh's Bound Hearts series through Ellora's Cave Publishing, Forbidden Pleasure is the 8th installment and the first mainstream, full length novel in the series.

    Forbidden Pleasure takes us away from D.C. and The Club and centers around a couple who are already together, already madly in love and working through their marriage like any other couple might. The difference is John "Mac" McCoy IS a former member of "The Club" and has been fighting his darker needs since he came together with his wife Keiley. He has believed her too innocent, too fragile, to share this side with her and it is starting to errode their relationship.

    Keiley, despite her youth, is starting to crave what she has only heard hints and rumors about. She has battled her own demons and for the most part, won. She now wants to explore her husbands darker side and that means bringing in Jethro, her husbands former FBI partner and "third." The Third being the man that will join another couple in their bed (or out of it) to give the woman the ultimate pleasure.

    Throw in Jethro's own dark past, a stalker, and a small town rival with a vindictive streak a mile wide and you have quite a story and a very non-traditional romance. Those familiar with Leigh's work and similar works available through Ellora's Cave, Samhain & Aphrodisia will find the sensuality no less hot for the mainstream publishing, though the verbage is a bit more refined. Also enjoyable to one who has read earlier works in the Bound Hearts series is the evolution of Leigh's writing. While I have no complaints with her earlier works, there is a depth in her newer work that was not so evident before. Bravo!

    My complaints? Like one previous reviewer stated, the editing was very poor. Did they rush to get this to print and on the shelves? I too read several scenes over trying to make sense of it.

    I also found the ruminating that both Mac and Keiley participated in to be exhausting. They thought this situation to death and I found myself skimming at times. While I also very much enjoy the eroticism of these stories, and all consuming passion makes for fantastic romance, Keiley's inability to think or hold her ground the moment she is simply kissed or caressed is annoying at times. This theme isn't limited to Leigh's work though, as it is very common in historical romances as well. I just wish sometimes the heroine would not lose her wits the moment the hero launches into his seduction. But maybe thats just me.

    Overall, a great read, would definitely recommend it, and am not at all sorry I purchased this retail. Lora Leigh never fails to entertain, and for me, that's really what it's all about....more info
  • Doesn't disappoint!!!
    The bound heart series is amazing...and very hot!!! It was refreshing NOT to have someone "running" in this book. I recently read another book by a different author with the same love triangle premise---fortunately this one ended much more to my satisfaction--you won't be disappointed!!...more info
    This is my second Lora Leigh novel and i have to say i went from ok to OH MY GOD in 2 seconds!!! This book has everything going in it in terms of romance, love and great sex!!!!! I previously was introduced to a love relationship between 1 female with multiple males as her partners (in Marly's Choice) and wasn't too excited about it as it challenged my belief in real love & romance. However this book more than made up for any hesitation on my part in accepting this different concept of love.
    I found this story much more believable than Marly's Choice because of Jethro's love for Keily and her subsequent love for him. The story was very well written in that i found much tenderness throughout the whole book from Mac's treatment of Keily, Keily's reactions to Jethro and Mac's view of their triangular relationship to one another. Jethro's love for Keily and his respect for Mac also brought to mind great love and sacrifice. Even though both males are very much alpha there was much respect and brotherly love between them and their ultimate goal was to love and protect what woman would NOT love & crave this!!! Keily ultimately benefited from this relationship in ALL ways - a double of everything. There was never any time that i was turn off by this love triangle even though it definitely challenged the tradition view of love between two people. The author is credited with keeping the sexual tension hot hot hot throughout the book, but especially in the beginning when Keily was pushing Mac's boundaries. This one is a keep on my shelf and has made me a fan of Lora Leigh. ...more info
  • A Pleasure to Read...for the most part anyway
    What woman wouldn't want to be 'stuck' between two really hot men with guns?! This is definately at the top of my adult reading list as the sex is amazing- no question about that! The characters are not the most well developed, but they did have a little bit of depth and personality. The stoyline is improbable and at no point did I ever really feel that the danger was all that interesting. But then again, most people aren't reading this for the literary merits. I'll also point out that the writer's grammar could use some 11th grade polishing. The biggest pet peeve I have with this book is that the author apparently forgets how the main character's mother died and gives her another cause of death later in the book. Overall it is a pretty good read
    ...more info
  • 5 Blue Ribbons for Forbidden Pleasure/Romance Junkies review
    John "Mac" McCoy is a former Trojan and member of The Club; a specialty club that that caters to men with specific wants and desires. In the past, Mac and his best friend Jethro experienced everything the secret club had to offer, even the risqu¨¦ sharing of their women. After meeting and falling in love with one special lady, Keiley Hardin, Mac resigned his membership with the idea that his intrinsic sexual tendencies and cravings will stay on the back burner. Three years later, Mac knows he was only fooling himself. No longer able to keep his wants at bay, Mac realizes that his sexual needs have started working their way into his psyche and his marriage.

    Keiley Hardin McCoy loves her husband Mac with her whole heart and soul. It's not surprising that she has heard the rumors surrounding her husband and his best friend, Jethro Riggs. However, Keiley has a secret of her own. Buried inside of her, and now making itself known, is a sensual curiosity that wants to know and experience the type of relationship that has, up until now, only been speculation.

    Jethro Riggs brings new meaning to the title of "bad boy". He loves women and they love him - at least in a physical sense. Life has taught Jethro the hard lesson that loving someone will only lead to loss, and for this reason he avoids any emotional ties until one phone call from Mac turns his world and emotions upside down. When Mac states his request, Jethro can't suppress his raging desire. With one kiss from Keiley McCoy, too late, Jethro recognizes his error. Though his position is only temporary, he realizes that if there is one woman who could touch his heart, it's the wife of his best friend.

    When a sinister presence sets his sights on Keiley, the two men vow to keep her safe at all costs. While racing to identify Keiley's stalker, the three explore their sensual cravings causing passions to explode and lives to alter. But can such a relationship survive when the smoke clears? Or will one remain on the outside, always craving what he never knew he wanted?

    Before reading FORBIDDEN PLEASURE, I never attributed the adjective `sexy' to the name Jethro. Now, however, I'll be unable to say the name without thinking of sensual blue eyes, a strong body, and a naughty smile. Jethro Riggs was sin personified and I loved watching his emerging feelings for Keiley, who turned out to be one lucky woman. Her unconditional devotion to Mac was readily apparent and it was not compromised with her rising attraction to Jethro; rather, it was made stronger and more intense. I felt the genuineness of Mac's anguish at the effects his sexual needs could have on his relationship with Keiley. While he desired nothing but his wife's pleasure, I could feel his turmoil over wanting to make Jethro a part of his and Keiley's marriage bed.

    Highly intense, poignantly emotional, and wonderfully delicious, FORBIDDEN PLEASURE was a truly decadent read. As with all Lora Leigh novels, I read this cover to cover in one sitting. There is nothing more forbidden than a Trojan, and I can't help but adore them.

    ...more info
  • Forbidden nothing!!!
    I was not sure of this book when I first picked it up, but I had read two other Leigh books and truly enjoyed them. I can only say wow, she did a great job of bringing together three people and leting you see each person and how they truly do love together. I very much enjoyed this book and its well thought out story! I do want to stay I have dreams of Jethro getting a woman of his own and I could see the story sharing all 4 of them together very well!!! Lora please do his story too! Read and enjoy love abounds!...more info
  • There is a Difference Between Fantastic and Unbelievable
    The line between the two is tauntly drawn to the point of breaking in this
    sensual and exciting novel. Alhough well written with plenty of spice and just the right amount of threat/tension through a secondary plot--the characters don't seem to have believable emotional reactions. Requiring both male leads to be equally "Alpha" in their personalities does not also permit sharing of as much as a steak sandwich. Yet we are to believe they willing share physically and emotionally--yet are completely devoid of any homoeroticism? We can't have it all ways. Jealousy and possessive behaviors are ways our hearts and emotions protect themselves.
    Demonstrating loving behaviors in romanctic situations doesn't lessen anyone. Worth the investment if suspension of belief and lack of knowledge about humans "being" is your cup 'a tea....more info
  • Read in one sitting
    Hot, hot, hot, but if you like Lora Leigh, you will enjoy this one. Emotions, depth, a little mystery and lots of hot sex with Alpha males that have emotions and personalities. Enjoy...more info
  • It's OK
    I wasn't sure what to expect from this book but I have to say that it just did nothing for me. The best part of this book was the mystery of who is after them. If you like the two guys and one girl kind of a thing then this book might be for you. ...more info
    WoW....I had my doubts about this series going mainstream but my GOD did she go there. The tension and sexual chemistry in the book between a married couple!!! Seriously...we almost never read romance let alone erotic romance after the wedding. This couple has needs and desires and they work it out and go for it in adding a 3rd to their marital bed. It happens quite a bit and I'm so glad LL wrote about it. It did get abit warring at times, like someone else mentioned, she thought things to death but I didnt even care. This isnt for the faint of heart. If you need roses and violins and heaving bust....this aint for you.

    No one can tell a story and create sexual inferno's like Lora and this book stayed true to the series and does not disappoint. Thank YOU!!!...more info
  • 5 Klovers! Courtesy of CK2S Kwips & Kritiques
    Mac and Keiley have a peaceful life together on their farm in North Carolina, far away from Mac's past work as an FBI agent and his life as a member of `The Club', an exclusive and private group of men who are known for sharing their women in threesomes. But Mac has started to grow restless, and Keiley can't help but sense the change in her husband. As she pushes for answers, she unwittingly unleashes the side of him he has managed to keep restrained for years.

    She'd heard about her husband's exploits before they moved to North Carolina, of course, but nothing could prepare her for the reality of his dark needs until she finds his best friend, Jethro Riggs on their doorstep. She knows it is no accident that Jethro, the man Mac most often shared women with, arrives now. And seeing the two of them together, their eyes and words burning her with their heat, unlocks desires inside of her she never realized she had. But will giving in to Mac and Jethro change her marriage for the worst, or make it better?

    Even more dangerous than the feelings Mac and Jethro stir in her is the stalker who reveals his presence and his rage after seeing her with the two men. She should be safe enough with two FBI agents protecting her, but the serial stalker is one step ahead of them at every turn...

    Wow, wow, WOW!!! I loved Lora Leigh's Bound Hearts series when I read the previous entries in this series released by a different publisher. I thought I was prepared for the eighth installment in the series, Forbidden Pleasure, but once again she takes things to all new levels with the new publisher, St. Martin's Griffin.

    Dedicated fans of her Bound Hearts series will be ecstatic to find that releasing through New York publishers has not dowsed any of the heat they have come to crave in her books, but has instead ramped up both the steamy scenes and the plot intensity. This full length novel brings us the most complex Bound Hearts story yet, with mysteries, action, and plot twists that will have you biting your nails in anticipation of the finish.

    Mac is at the top of the list of hot alpha males. Watching the results of a Trojan (the nickname given to the men who belong to The Club) who has quelled his deep-seated desires to share his woman for years is a new twist for this series, and promises a torrent of emotion will be unleashed when he finally gives in, drawing his wife into this world.

    The devilish Jethro makes the name sexy, and erases the memory of all Jethros who have come before. I will admit, I was a little uncertain I would take a man with that name seriously in a Bound Hearts story, but all doubt was quickly dispelled when I met Lora Leigh's Jethro.

    Keiley is the epitome of a Bound Hearts heroine, with grit and determination, plenty of sex appeal, and a sweetness guaranteed to capture the hearts of the two Trojan men in her world. If any woman can tame these two Alpha males, Keiley can - but then, why in the world would she want to?

    The plot was very cleverly done, with plenty of twists to the story. I was able to figure out who the culprit probably was, but the real mystery was in HOW the villain was accomplishing the things he/she did. The answers stopped my heart for a second, and had me checking my own home security a little more thoroughly before I went to bed that night!

    Although I have already had the pleasure of reading Bound Hearts: Forbidden Pleasure, I am anxiously awaiting its June 2007 release. I'm absolutely dying to talk to other people about this one!!!

    Series Order:
    Ties That Bind (Bound Hearts, Book 1)
    Bound Hearts: Submission & Seduction (Books 2 and 3)
    Wicked Sacrifice (Books 4 and 5)
    Bound Hearts: Shameless Embraces (Books 6 and 7)
    Forbidden Pleasure (Bound Hearts, Book 8)
    Wicked Pleasure (Bound Hearts), Book 9...more info
  • Left wanting
    O.k you got the perfect set-up 2 men devoted to giving 1 woman pleasure. Why does the main male character have to have some major issue with sex. Why do you need an excuse to enjoy multiple partners. This my secret fantasy but this book left me wanting. It fell short - good sex scenes but I didn't feel for the characters. It was just o.k....more info
  • a little different
    Former FBI Agent Mac McCoy gave up a lot to marry Keiley Hardin. Knowing that she wasn't ready to accept the sexual lifestyle that he reveled in, he willingly gave it up in order to have Keiley. All he's doing is waiting for the day that she embraces the need that he can so plainly see in her. Mac is content to be patient with Keiley, until her curiosity starts getting the better of her.

    Keiley Hardin is just starting to realize that Mac has been holding a part of himself back from her. Though she desperately wants all of her husband, she is not sure if she can do what he so obviously needs from her. After living for years in the shadow of her parents mistakes, Keiley abhors gossip and does everything she can not to draw attention to herself.

    Jethro Riggs has been waiting for three years for Mac's call to tell him that Keiley is ready. When it finally comes, Jethro wonders how he will hide the feels he has for Keiley from Mac. Although Jethro and Mac have shared many women, Jethro knows this is different because of how much Mac loves Keiley.

    This was an unusual book for me. In previous m/f/m books that I've read (specifically Lora Leigh's), the men only share their women until they are married. As a married woman myself, I had a hard time understanding how Mac could want to share and how Keiley could be in love with two men at the same time. On the other hand, Keiley's struggle with exactly that came across loud and clear. When you throw in a little suspense from one of Mac's old cases and a harpy witch that wants to bring Keiley down, you have a good read. All in all, it was a good book though unusual.
    ...more info
  • Forbidden Pleasure
    Keiley Hardin was desperately in love with her husband of three years, but it was obvious to her that his past was starting to interfere with their marriage. Mac McCoy was a member of the infamous Club before meeting and marrying her, and was also an esteemed member of the FBI. He gave both of them up for a chance at a real marriage. He knew his personal past at the club and professional life would hinder the life he wanted with Keiley. He was too well known in the DC area for sharing women with best friend Jethro, so after they married, they relocated to his farm in North Carolina. Mac knew that she wouldn't be able to handle the gossip and speculation that would surround them if they remained in DC. Keiley had lived her childhood amidst gossip and scandal. He was determined to protect her as his wife.

    Mac hid his darker desires for as long as he could. He thought he could push those feelings inside, but they were coming to the surface, and Keiley was unknowingly pushing him to release his demons. He had always intended to eventually bring his best friend Jethro Riggs into their relationship as soon as she was ready. She would discover very quickly it was going to happen sooner than later. Mac had already contacted Jethro and summoned him so they could both satisfy the desires coming to the surface in his wife. He knew that Jethro was already in love with Keiley, and had been as he was the first to meet her, but what Mac failed to mention to either of them was that he wanted her to return the feelings so that they could make a permanent family unit. Jethro's sudden appearance didn't go as smoothly as he had hoped it would, and caused a lot of tension to exist between them all. When a threat from Mac's past threatens Keiley's life, they had to scramble setting aside differences for now to assure her safety.

    LL has another winner on her hands! It takes a skilled author to keep stories in a series new and fresh. She never fails to pen an interesting suspenseful read. Keiley is a an innocent, and Mac is her total opposite, but the love that blooms between them helps to heal battered hearts in both. When Jethro becomes part of their happy little family, he exhibits the same darkness in his soul that Mac used to have from what they had seen on the job. It takes love and friendship to complete them all....more info