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Quicken 2008 Deluxe [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Set goals now and save for what you really wantProduct InformationPlan save and control your finances with Quicken Deluxe 2008. Quicken letsyou see your finances your way instantly. Now it's easier than ever to manage apersonal budget pay bills on time tr

Start saving for what you and your family really want--vacations, better day care, a new home--by staying on top of your everyday spending. Quicken Deluxe 2008 replaces the old-school concept of "personal money management" with a smarter way to keep track of your money and set longer-term savings goals.

Bring your online accounts--including banking, credit card, loan, 401(k), and investing accounts--together all in one place.

See a monthly calendar of your paychecks, bills and expenses to help you schedule bills, set reminders and--most important--help avoid late fees.

A new "My Savings Plan" instantly shows a summary of your actual spending and compares it to what you planned to spend for the month.

Store important documents and statements in one place.

Save for the bigger things you and your family really want.
Quicken Deluxe 2008 gives you all the tools you need to help you manage spending and savings

View all your finances in one place
Bring your online accounts--including banking, credit card, loan, 401(k), and investing accounts--together all in one place. Avoid the hassle of going to multiple web sites and remembering multiple passwords. With Quicken, you see it all in one place and you need just ONE password.(1)

See where your money is going (a.k.a. "money management")
Check in anytime to see exactly where your personal finances are at for the month. Quicken shows you what you have coming in, going out, and most important, what's left over each month to spend or save.

Pay your bills on time
See a monthly calendar of your paychecks, bills and expenses to help you schedule bills, set reminders and--most important--help avoid late fees. Easily pay bills from within Quicken using Quicken Bill Pay or a third party bill pay service.(2)

New! See where you can save more
A new "My Savings Plan" instantly shows a summary of your actual spending and compares it to what you planned to spend for the month. You can quickly see where you have room to spend or save more. Set flexible spending targets on regular expenses like gas and groceries and then easily check your progress throughout the month.

Save time at tax time--Works with TurboTax
(3) Quicken Deluxe makes it easy to mark expenses as tax deductible through the year, so you have everything ready come tax time. Quicken Deluxe also exports your data directly to TurboTax, so you won't have to re-enter the same information twice.(3)

Store important documents and statements in one place
Not only can you bring your online data into Quicken Deluxe, you can scan in bank statements, checks and receipts for easy reference. No more time wasted looking for receipts and statements--everything is stored in one central place.

Get free support when you buy, install or upgrade Quicken
(4) If you need help purchasing, installing or upgrading your new software, free phone support is available for Quicken Deluxe 2008 through December 31, 2008.

What's New in 2008

Make saving as easy as spending

  • New! See where you can save more
    The new "My Savings Plan" instantly shows a summary of your actual spending and compares it to what you planned to spend for the month. You can quickly see where you have room to spend or save more. Set flexible spending targets on regular expenses like gas and groceries and then check your progress as you go through the month.
  • Improved! Now it's easier to categorize your expenses
    A reorganized and redesigned menu makes it easier than ever to categorize your expenses. You can also add extra details to any expense to help jog your memory--i.e., the specific restaurant for a dining expense or the trip destination for an airline ticket.
  • Improved! Smarter navigation makes it easier access the tools you need
    Easier navigation makes it faster to get around and discover the features and tools that work best for you. Clickable tabs let you switch between Quicken's main pages. And a new interactive account bar makes it clear which of your accounts you are working with at any given moment.

Track everything in one place

  • New! Track your 529 contributions
    Include 529 contributions as part of your overall net worth. See how you're progressing on your college savings goals.
  • Improved! More connections to more financial institutions
    Quicken Deluxe 2008 connects you to over 5300 banks, brokerages and other financial institutions--including PayPal. It's easier than ever to truly bring your accounts together in one place.(1)
  • New! Import your PayPal account transactions into Quicken
    Whether it's payments or income--or both--Quicken can now import your transaction data directly from PayPal.
  • New! Get reminders of scheduled bills and transactions--without opening Quicken
    If you're using Windows Vista, our new Quicken Billminder Gadget can remind you of scheduled bills and transactions directly from your desktop.

(1) Online features require Internet access and are subject to change. Services vary among participating financial institutions or other parties and may be subject to application approval, additional terms, conditions and fees. More than 5,322 participating financial institutions as of 6/05/07.
(2) To pay bills in Quicken requires Quicken Bill Pay (sold separately) or a third party bill pay service (fees may apply).
(3) TurboTax sold separately.
(4) Email, Forums and Chat technical support provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Phone technical support provided Monday - Friday, 5:00 am - 5:00 pm PDT. Additional fees may apply.

  • Includes all the features of Quicken Starter Edition plus additional tools to help you and your family better manage savings and spending
  • Make online banking even better--bring all your online accounts together in one place
  • Connect to your banks, 401(k)s, brokerage or mortgage accounts with a single password
  • Get suggested spending limits and set savings goals based on the day-to-day information you enter--and then check your progress through the month
  • Let Quicken help you accurately track and categorize expenses for simpler tax preparation

Customer Reviews:

  • Intuit...You Suck.
    I've been using this product since 1994.

    I have purchased a couple of upgrades on my own accord and, for the most part, it was ok. However, the program just continues to lose quality. Buggy, doesn't play well with others, etc.

    Now, Intuit has finally chased away a loyal customer. Why? Because they have "discontinued" online services. This service was probably the biggest (and only) advance they have made since 1994. Now, they are forcing their customers to upgrade and spend even more money on an even worse product.

    I didn't want to jump ship to Microsoft or iBank because I didn't want to lose 14 years worth of data. Well, you know what Intuit? I don't care any more. You suck. Your product sucks and I'm not taking it anymore. I'll go back to doing it by hand before I cave to your strong armed ways and your oh-so-subtle exploitation of a virtual monopoly.

    PLEASE!!! Any talented programmers out there! You have a golden opportunity to build a great program and steal away the business of these miserable creeps. Make it work. Make it fair. I'll be your customer forever!...more info
  • This One is Solid.
    I am a power Quicken user running XP and have been upgrading every year since Quicken was first released. I have run into problems when I have installed the new release, as I did in 2007. These problems include crashes and difficult installs. This time I waited until February to install the 08 version and it has been excellent. The feature set is broad and it has been totally dependable with no crashes. It's my favorite version of Quicken so far. I will be upgrading to 2009, but will wait until February 09 to do it. I understand that they have to get the new versions out there to keep their cash flowing, but they've trained me to play it safe....more info
  • Great home page calendar
    i've used quicken for 15 years. I like the home page calendar feature of the new version that shows all transactions completed or due for the entire month. Very helpful....more info
  • Seem to introduce more bugs than features.
    How should I start. Support is incredibly horrible. This would have been a 4 star rating, but based on support dealing when I try to report a bug brings it down.

    If you run on Vista, you have to run it as administrator. That means each OFX you download from websites ask your permission. When support was asked when that would be patched to run as a non-priv user, they replied that it is "by design" and it is "for your security". That is an incredible misunderstanding of what running as administrator gets you.

    If you use Kaspersky antivirus, it will cause all http/https applications to lock up randomly during a one step update. There are workarounds, just be warned.

    While one step updating, they have made the update progress non-modal. But don't expect to be able to do much while its updating. Transaction registers stop being able to tab between fields. Selecting payees forgets to populate the category. All these bug only occur during one step update and stop after. Support ticket on that one is 5 months old with no response.

    I'm not certain that anyone besides the first level script wielding employees see bug reports. I've been a quicken user for 8 years. DO NOT UPGRADE to this. If the datafiles would back convert, I'd install 2005 again....more info
  • Quicken 2008 Deluxe CD
    I have used the Quicken product for years and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an easy to use product. The installation is very easy and if you are upgrading, it will automatically upgrade any Quicken data that it needs to. There are video tutorials detailing the product and what is new in the present version. The product can be used to just enter payments and deposits into a check register, or to go beyond that and track stocks, etc. As with all programs there is a learning curve, but it is fairly straightforward to use, and once you do something one time, the program remembers and will fill it in for you when you have to use it again. You can also set up the program to link to your bank account to do various things, depending on your bank and how you want it to do....more info
  • Brand new in perfect conditioned, arrived on time.
    The product came brand new and packaged with no dents or tears. It also arrived on time. ...more info
  • Forced To Upgrade
    I purchase this upgrade because I recently got a patch from from Intuit to "upgrade" my version of Quicken. When it did, it broke the ability for me to download information from my banks. (if you have Quicken 2005 or before, it would no longer support the ability to download your statements directly into Quicken) this was HUGE for me. I have been on quicken for almost 10 years but I was so mad I looked at switching to MS Money. But after calming down, I decided to just go ahead and fork over the money for the new one. (I was very happy with Quicken 2005)

    Well it installed fine, but it appears that I do not have the history going back as far as I had.

    I did have backups of my data, but I did not do one just before this new install that updates the database. Lesson learned... make a backup just before new install....more info
  • Rip Off Practices - No Improvement Just More Charges
    What kind overtly greedy system of software suppliers are we working with? Can anyone find a good reason for forcing users to upgrade just to keep online access? Intuit wants to be paid every year whether or not they produce something new and more useful. It is time for a really good open source product that developers have no incentive to obsolete unless there is a substantial improvement. MS has done the same thing with MS Money. This is the same sort of thing when drug companies make useless "improvements" in existing drugs to try and keep extending the patents....more info
  • Quicken but No PayPal Support
    I have Quicken 2005 and upgraded to Quicken 2008 because it touted PayPal support. Support is not supported by Quicken. Quicken wants your PayPal user ID and password to create it's files. PayPal doesn't use an ID number but only an Email address. So I tried the Email address but Quicken failed.

    I called PayPal and they said they do not use ID numbers, only Email addresses for customer accounts. I sent off a trouble ticket to Quicken but they never responded to my request. I still don't have PayPal support and this upgrade was simply not worth the cost. Your mileage may vary....more info
  • The best program on my computer
    I've got lots of good programs on my computer, but Quicken 2008 Deluxe is the best of the best.

    Several years ago, I was horribly in debt, and didn't see a way out. In fact, I wasn't even sure how in debt I really was! I decided to track everything in Quicken for a while and see if that helped.

    Five years later, I've retired almost all my debt, and I never miss a payment anymore. I know what's coming up and when. I know to the penny what resources I have available to me. And tracking my 401(k) has gotten vastly easier, even though I can't track by NAV anymore through my company's plan.

    I don't think the savings program is nearly as intuitive as they say, and I find that, with certain accounts, I have to re-load my download information on a regular basis, but, overall, I don't think I could be more pleased. I use this program twice a day, every day.

    I also know within hours if someone has made unauthorized use of my accounts. This actually did come up a couple of times, and I was able to spot it and resolve it very quickly, thanks to Quicken.

    As much as anything else, I like that I don't have to call dozens of phone lines to figure out where I am financially every day; it's all at my fingertips....more info
  • Great Product
    I really like how organized I have become with this program. My only grip is that there is a lot to learn up front and its not exactly fool proof. other than that i really like this program....more info
  • Don't Buy Quicken if you wish to download from banks
    I upgraded from Quicken 2004 to 2008 after the old version was rendered unusuable by Intuit. Basically, they disconnected the old version from banking data access. The new version has never worked. Since purchased in 2-2008, I keep getting a CC-501 error for accounts linked to Fidelity Investments and most of my bank accounts. Quicken help with technicians in India did not resolve the problem, even after I sent them specific connection files to trouble shoot the problem. After nearly a year of trying to resolve the problem, I am faced with the decision to upgrade to Quicken 2009. However, the Quicken folks have not convinced me they have fixed the problem. Thus, I am stuck tediously downloading bank data and investment data since the online services are impossible for most accounts. ...more info
  • Resource Hog
    I've used Quicken for at least a decade. I was forced to upgrade from Quicken 2005 because Intuit nukes the online banking feature in older versions. It left me little choice as I've become dependent on online banking. There was a rebate on 2008 so it was cheaper than an older version, plus I can expect that this version will nuke itself in three to four years as well and I want the most for my dollar.

    I'm running a 3ghz dual core machine with 4gb of ram and a 512mb video card and this program is slow. Every entry is followed by flashing screen as the application updates the calculations. Textured graphics and other wasted "features" fill the screen in some misguided attempt to make Quicken appear to be more than what it is, accounting software.

    Intuit has me and they probably know it. I'm not at all interested in going through the hassles of transferring to a new system, so when this version decides to self-destruct I'll be there at the checkout again with the latest and greatest bloatware offering from Intuit.

    I can only imagine how horrible this software is for older computers.

    My advice is to avoid using Quicken at all, because once you're in it will be difficult to get out....more info
  • Quicken 2008
    This software came quickly and was new/unused. I purchased it for about half the price of one of the leading stores for computer software....more info
  • Quicken Deluxe 2008
    Quicken 2008 Deluxe
    Excelent product.
    Have used it for years and it is absolutely outstanding....more info
  • Turn away if you want to convert from MSMoney
    I switch to Quicken after Money was time to renew. I have 13 years worth of data need to convert. I thought it would be as easy as description. Turn out it is an endless nightmare. For months, yes it takes long time to fight with errors (lots of data missing and mismatching) and limitation.

    1. Can't change the account type. You can't just convert from bank type to cash account. Once you made mistake, you have either delete the account or live with it.

    2. Automatic download is not supported for all the financial companies. A big company like Fidelity 401K.

    3. The import and export really suck. You can only export account to qif file, and import qif, web account, and their tax software. Theoretically, if you can export qif file, you can import the same file back to quicken. Wrong, as far as I know, they only allow you import cash account type. You credit card accounts, brokerage accounts, and bank accounts are not in this case. Many financial company allow you download statement in QIF format, which is not importable to quicken.

    Needless to say, it is just a piece of junk. Keep away from it. It has been a problem from the past version. I doubt 2009 will improve that any bit.
    ...more info
  • What a relief!
    The 5-star rating is given because my requirements for this kind of software are few. I have used Quicken since 1995.

    I have been using Quicken 2002 since it came out(checking/savings only) and found it perfect for my limited needs.. the only problem I experienced was getting my back up done on a CD disk (Quicken 2002 just wouldn't recognize the drive) forcing me to use floppys in my A-drive to get that function done. When I bought a new computer I planned for this contingency and ordered an A-drive to be part of the total package. But lately my error messages from Quicken in terms of backing up on that drive have becoming more and more frequent.. I finally bought a new copy of Quicken (Deluxe 2008) despite some very negative reviews and installed it yesterday. The installation was seamless, a great relief to me.. the ROM drive was at long last recognized by the software, and the format, while a little changed, was still recognizable; all my backup files from 1995 loaded without a problem after the process uninstalled my 2002 version. You can "date" each backup so you can recognize at a glance the most current version you've saved. All in all, a very satisfying experience.. I wish I hadn't waited so long to re-purchase the Quicken, since I'm left with an A-drive I'll never use!
    ...more info
  • I can't believe I actually PAID for this frustration.
    After Intuit deactivated my copy of Quicken 2004, which worked fine, I made the mistake of upgrading to this product. The one-step update feature, which is the only reason I purchased the upgrade, is nearly unusable. Customer support in India is friendly but useless. They just keep telling you to disconnect your account, then reconnect. After contacting them four times (this usually takes an hour of my time), they finally "escalated" the issue. I dutifully uploaded the log files they ask for and waited for a few days. At last the answer came back: Just disconnect the account, then reconnect. I have been buying Quicken and TurboTax products for as long as the products have been sold. This was the last time....more info
  • If not already committed to this product, take a long hard look at open source software such as GNU Cash.

    A forced/hostage upgrade from Quicken 2005. You "have" to upgrade since they've cut a deal with the financial institutions to cut off your online access with the institutions if you don't upgrade every three years. Just as found when I was hostage upgraded in 2005 from 2002, there's nothing more than a cosmetic face-lift, no meaningful fixes/improvements -- but there's even more problems.

    * Product now will not connect properly to Fidelity; no problem under 2005.

    * Took forever to figure out how to turn off a "reminder" function ... that kept reminding me to pay bills already scheduled to be paid using the auto-pay function. 2005 did the same thing and it's not been fixed.

    *You can turn off the product registration nag screen ... if you Google to find out how. Product does not have to be registered to use it.

    * Un-reconciles accounts six months back every once in a while. I've been assuming that's being caused by a few bytes of bad data that occasionally comes from the financial institutions ... that the Quicken people have not properly coded so as to filter out. This bug also surfaced in 2005. Two weeks into 2008, I've seen it again already.

    * You can't turn off the "free update/revision" nag screen unless you take the update. No such nag screen in 2005.

    * When connecting, the completion screen used to show which accounts had new transactions to match and had convenient buttons next to each to take you directly to the account. Gone in 2008. Now I have to look through every account each time to see where transactions might have been retrieved.

    * Icons everywhere attempting to peddle other unwanted Quicken products. One of the 'product improvements' in 2008.

    * Doesn't handle stock distributions correctly (since they were not actually paid for); keeps generating error messages when you enter the correct posting of no cost incurred. Same problem in 2005.

    * Tricky screens/checkboxes/prompts that try to bait you into using/enrolling for QuickenDot services when you don't have to or need to. Users that did so now post complaints they can't undo it and that the QuickenDot server is constantly down, causing problems/delays when trying to connect to other accounts using a one-step update.

    Yet another company that's grown totally complacent about product quality while wallowing in its assured-for-the-moment revenue stream. It will bite them hard in the long-run. Postings indicate similar complaining regarding the major competitor product, Microsoft Money. If history is any lesson, there's no reason to suspect that these software products will ever get better under these conditions. Some other product will have to steal their customer base before they wake up and smell the coffee.

    If you are not already committed to either of those two products, take a good long look at open source software such as GNU Cash.

    [Update April 15, 2008] Does now connect to Fidelity ... occasionally. When I opened the portfolio area today, the entire computer screen flashed with confusion and the product crashed. 2005 never once crashed. Still flashing but no subsequent crashes. Who knows what happened. Not me. Apparently not Quicken programmers either.

    [Update July 12, 2008] Connects now more or less on regular basis. Software still flashes/flickers routinely. Also slow to load, apparently trying to read every single record into RAM, regardless of age. Pop-up screen this morning stating "We've noticed you are not downloading your current Quicken Visa/MasterCard transactions, click here to ..." I don't have one. Obviously a deceptive come-on intended to trick users into the application process for a Quicken credit card. Nice. Still constantly beg-screens me to take the lastest software update.

    [Update October 18, 2008] Just downloaded this week's financial transactions and Quicken wiped out four months of reconciliation on one of my credit cards ... again. When Quicken goes under, I'm going to wear a pink tuxedo to the funeral.

    ...more info
  • Quicken Deluxe Misery
    While the product is billed as easy to use - we have spent MANY hours trying to get it to work as advertised and generate useful information. The "One-step update" has so many idiosyncrasies that the updates are not reliable and necessitates another method of record-keeping to verify balances. During an update, an error message keeps appearing that tells the user that it is a Quicken problem that will be fixed - but isn't...and when chatting with their online foreign person, the user is politely told repeatedly that it will be fixed, but they don't know when...all in all very disappointing....more info
  • More added feathers now bloated pig
    I have been using quicken since it first arrived on the market, it was a simple manage your check book program that worked well, and still does. For some reason like all software developers they feel more is better. It now has become this bloated monster with no end in site. I use less than 25 percent of what this program now offers and the rest I could care less about. I do all my banking on line and all I need this program to do is to download the information so I can reconsile it. My bank offers scheduling of payments, reminders and other feathers that I no longer need quicken for. Its great for my year end taxes but I do not port this infortmaion into any tax program, I pay people to do my taxes all they want to know is where the money went. I suggest that you buy the most basic program and not spend a penny more for all the garbage that they have stuffed into the more DELUX PROGRAM, unless you really think your your going to use it. ...more info
  • Financial Freedom!!!
    Quicken 2008 Deluxe
    Easy learning curve with tutorials and manuals for the newto Quicken set like me. I am tracking. 4 credit cards, My credit score, 2 checking accounts, a cash account as well as savings, investments and property with out having to pay someone else for accounting. It makes taxes a lot less hassel. R.T. Faulkner. Get it!...more info
  • Quicken doesn't care about customers anymore
    I too was forced to upgrade to 2008 from quicken 2005 because they were discontinuing support of bank updates, etc.

    After 13 years with the software, I have never had a problem with an upgrade until now. There are bugs in the software that have caused my accounts from 2006 to be unreconciled (they were fine before the upgrade). Quicken ignored my first two contacts with support (I have them two months to respond each time). I finally sat for 90 minutes with a "chat consultant" who did not understand how Quicken worked.

    I am not sure what I can do now, they won't support their own product and I have to find something else and hope I can get all the data transferred.

    I would not recommend investing in Quicken if you are just starting, maybe Microsoft Money cares if customers are able to bank with their solution....more info
  • on do not buy list
    there is persistent and frequent screen flicker which renders data-entry not reliable and very annoying. Do not buy until Intuit fixes the problem.
    Search on Google and you will see many complaints about this issue....more info
  • Best Money Management program ever
    Quicken is easy to set up, easy to use, and packed with lots of neat features. I am still exploring all of the things this great program does. Don't miss the budgeting part. I now know where my money is going and where I can take control. And balancing a check book has never been easier....more info
  • Make time to learn.
    Not the easisest piece of software to understand but definitely does the job. If you are unfamiliar with the product get the "Dummies" guide. ...more info
  • Don't downgrade to 2008!
    Don't downgrade to 2008!

    Do not buy Quicken unless your willing to be forced to upgrade (downgrade?) to continue receiving transaction downloads every 4 years or so!

    This is the second time I've been forced to upgrade to a later version of Quicken to continue with download feature and each time you loose functionality. But this is the worst yet and this is version 5 of this release. So glad I waited to the last minute to install this.

    And after all these years Quicken still can't properly sort a column of numbers! ( 9 is greater than 11! Not! )

    It's much slower than 2005 version!

    Can no longer backup directly to CD! Won't tell you about this before you upgrade. Intuit doesn't recognize it as a bug. No listing on their FAQ for the error "Drive is read-only." Must be a feature (right!) - or more likely a ploy to get you to use online backup.

    Heres the "fix" they sent!

    "Create a new folder on the desktop.

    1. Open quicken program
    2. Click on File
    3. Click on Backup
    4. Click on Browse
    5. Select the new folder created on the desktop
    6. It will backup the file to the new folder
    7. Right click on new folder and then send it to the CD.
    8. It will backup the file to the CD. "

    In other words - backup to hard drive and copy to CD. Yeah - I figured that out myself.

    I think they outsourced development and support and this is what you get!

    I may buy a share of Intuit just to be a thorn at next shareholder meeting and vote against the board of directors for some satisfaction!
    ...more info