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Petmate LeBistro Portion Control Automatic Pet Feeder, Black, 10 Pounds
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Product Description

Keep 'em regular! A regular feeding schedule is important for your pet. LeBistro? 10-lb. electronic portion control system automatically dispenses pre-set portions of pet food up to 3 times a day for precise and easy feedings. The perfect solution to the daily chore of scooping and measuring food at every feeding. Perfect for monitoring your pet's food for weight loss and maintenance. Removable, dishwasher-safe bowl. Requires 3 D batteries (not included).

  • Automatic feeder can be programmed to dispense up to 3 meals per day
  • Dispenses up to 3 cups of food per serving
  • Use dry dog or cat food only
  • Assembles quickly and easily with no tools necessary
  • Requires 3 ?D? batteries (sold separately)

Customer Reviews:

  • It's okay
    We have had two of these feeders for several years now. They work as intended however there are some areas that could be improved on.
    1) The programming is so difficult I have to pull out the directions every time I want to change the time, etc.
    2) My chubby kitty has figured out how to reach up inside and hook her claw on the rubber retainer. She pulls on it and gets a few pieces of food out, eats them, and then repeats the process. So now we have to put the feeders on the counter when we are not feeding them. Interestingly my other cat will not do this even though she watches the other one.
    3) We bought 2 of these feeders to avoid any food dish "drama". The two feeders will not stay synchronized. The feeding times seem to drift over time. (This is a minor annoyance and would probably be cost prohibitive to fix.)
    That being said they have been very useful. Our cats have both lost weight and we dont worry about them not being fed when we are away from the house. If the above items dont concern you then I can highly recommend them....more info
  • Le Bistro works for me
    This product has been a godsend for me. I have two and am about to order a third. I use them to feed a feral cat colony. They have worked consistently well after I barricaded them on either side with cinder blocks and put a grate over them to deter the possum from dismantelling them. The cats are calmer having a consistent source of food and I can leave for several days at a time without worrying about them. I kept the instructions for programming but it wasn't difficult. I just wish I knew how long the batteries are expected to last. I have changed them every couple of months just to be assured they won't run out. ...more info
  • failed after 2 meals
    We got this pet feeder to feed our cat while we were out of town for 2 nights (the most we'd ever leave her by herself). When we got home we found her very hungry...because the feeder only gave her food twice! I cannot recommend this machine. It is expensive and doesn't work. We returned it and got our money back. Kitty gets lots of extra food in a dish when we leave her overnight now or she gets boarded....more info
  • Overfeeds the animals
    This product doesn't work at all. It would dispense food at all times of the day in addition to when I had programmed the food to come out. It would also put out way more food than a quarter of a cup which is what I had programmed. It in general is not an accurate nor efficient way to feed your pet....more info
  • Great Product - Here's some tips for owning one
    My vet switched to smaller feedings throughout the day because one of my cats was so overweight she wasn't grooming properly. She's a gorger, so I couldn't leave large bowls of food out any more. My other two cats are normal weight.

    I've had this for about 2 weeks now and I'm overall pleased with it. I don't have cats leaping on me at 4 am any more and they are slowly learning to associate the large plastic thing with food instead of me. I've figured out a few things you should know about owning one:

    1) I do have one cat (not the overweight one) that has figured out how to reach up in there and knock food down. I'd noticed that my smart cat has to lie down to the side of the machine and reach up to knock food down, so I put the feeder in a corner with a Costco step stool immediately next to it, so that it is surrounded on 3 sides by 2 walls and the stool. I think this will keep her from getting her paw up in there. If not, I may just modify an orange crate so that I can set the whole thing down into it with just the edge of the bowl sticking out.

    2) DO NOT PICK IT UP without sliding something under it first. It will come apart if you aren't careful. I have not found a "locking" mechanism yet; it all seems to just lie on top, but my cats are not that boistrous.

    3) I have mine set for 9 am, 4 am, and 2 pm. This is designed to give them a full belly late at night and then feed them early, all so that I can sleep.

    4) Occasionally there are some small mystery feedings between other feedings, but I don't care, because the main goal was to be able to sleep.

    5) I took off one star because of the occasional drops between feedings and the ability of the cat to get food out between feedings. These are easy fixes that the manufacturer could take care of.

    I recommend it.
    ...more info
  • I love it, Cats don't!
    I love this machine!! It was super simple to program and I am able to put my cats on a diet without them screaming at me twice a day to feed them. I have caught my fattest cat sticking his paw up the shoot and getting a couple extra morsels, but not much. It holds a lot of food which is great for me since it is very low maintenance. Overall I love this product and think it is the best investment I've every made. Just a thought though, if you have more than two cats, it might not be the best idea if your trying to use it for weight loss. Both of my fat cats needed to go on a diet!...more info
  • Works great
    We purchased the the feeder to stop our cat from thumping at the bedroom door at 4:15am for food. Well, the idea worked for a little while, but now she just thumps the door (after she eats) because she's lonely. The feeder was easy to program and dispenses the correct amount at the correct time. ...more info
  • Functional
    The Petmate Le Bistro Portion-Control Automatic Pet Feeder, servers the purpose it was intended for, not having to get up every morning between 4:30 & 5 am to feed my cat especially on the weekends. The product does keep to the feeding time that I programmed but the amount of food that it is suppose to dispense isn't accurate. For the first several weeks the amount of food dispensed was correct but now it's like 3x times the amount even after reprogramming the Feeder. But it still serves the purpose for which it was intended and I am satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • Not perfect, but ok in a pinch
    It doesn't dole out an exact amount of food, and it's not safe from hungry kitties who reach up into the hopper mechanism to get more food out....more info
  • So far so good...
    Before I purchased this product, I looked at the reviews, and there were a few bad reviews, so, I was a little bit leary of purchasing...but, so far it's working great!...more info
  • Disappointing
    Initially, I liked this product. I have what's billed as the newer version, and it seems to have corrected some of the problems described in earlier reviews. However, we ran into a few problems with it, anyway.

    The set up was very simple - it was easy to set up the feeding times, and it was nice that the portion for each feeding could be set independently, so one meal could be a different amount than the others. However, I was disappointed that the amounts were so limited - as in 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, etc. Certainly isn't meant to feed small portions. Plus my fat cat needs to have her amount of food adjusted downward as she loses weight, and that's impossible to do.

    Our cat was able to get her paw up and get additional food out whenever she wanted some. And when the canister is full, the weight of the food causes food to drop through the plastic dispensing fingers. So extra food was frequently available. Needless to say, the fat cat didn't lose any weight with this feeder.

    I think it's a fine feeder if absolute amount of feeding isn't as important. If you want food to be dispensed a couple of times a day when you're at work, this would work. But I wouldn't depend on accuracy with it.
    ...more info
  • petmate dog feeder
    works good but my dog can get off the top and hit the unit and extra food will fall out. Will be returning....more info
  • Great feeder
    Like others - I was not fond of the initial programming. But I kinda figured it out. If i didnt have the directions in front of me, it'd take much longer. I'm not fond of having to re-do it when the batteries go.

    But more importantly, the feeder does the job very well. Already my cat is eating less. It used to be 1+Cup every day when I get home from work, now its 1/4Cup 3x a day. So now I dont worry if I go out after work, or spend a night elsewhere. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Works well for the first week
    Our three cats need measured food twice a day for weight control. We purchased the autofeeder to provide a consistent schedule regardless of whether we were home or not.

    The feeder has functioned fine for 10 days now. It dispenses 1/2 cup of kibble in the morning and in the evening at the appointed times. So far, none of the kibble we've used has hung up on the feeder. We feed Annova Evo and Wellness Core in combination and both are medium-sized bites.

    The cats have adapted to the feeder after initial fussing. They are used to "Mom" feeding them and clearly need more loving.

    One issue I have noticed is the vomiting has increased. The problem with this autofeeder is that it doesn't spread the food as evenly as I can by hand. Why is this important? Spreading the food prevents your pet from picking up more than maybe one or two pieces of kibble at a time. Multiple pieces of kibble also come with air which increases the animal's chances of throwing up the food.

    Rebecca Kyle, May 2009...more info
  • Works Great
    The 10 pound model is the newer one and programming is so easy that you dont need to read any manual. I think most people who are complaining about programming are providing feedback for the 5 pound model which I agree is a pain in the S. It took me over 20 minutes to figure out the programming of the 5 pound model while at the same time consulting the manual over and over. With only $10 dollar difference between 5 and 10 pound models, I would highly recommend the 10 pound model. The 10 pound model allows to have differnt meal portions for every meal whereas with the 5 pound one, you can only set one meal portion for all meals.
    In the 10 pound model, the dish can be detached and washed which is not the case with the 5 pound one. Both of them use 3 D batteries or optional Power adapter. During my test, I noticed that the roatary plastic food dispenser would always stop at the the optimal angle whereas in the 5 pound model it would drift slightly from its optimal angle after food dispensing. One out of two 5 pound ones was defective out of box so I returned it back to Amazon. I also think the 10 pound model has been redesigned and is more reliable. At the end, I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • works great
    I have been using the product for about 2 months and so far not a problem, in fact I purchased a second one. I use them for my 2 large dogs. one who I have on a diet to lose a few extra pounds. you can set it so it can feed from 1-3 times a day and you set the times, plus the amount from about 1/2 - 3 cups each meal time....more info
  • Love this! So does our cat!
    I love that this keeps the food fresh. I use it w/ Iams dry cat food and have had absolutely no problems. Plus, it's super easy to program. Good buy!...more info