Sea & Sea TTL Converter for Housings for Canon Cameras attached to Strobes, Rated Down to 200'
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Product Description

This Sea & Sea TTL Converter allows TTL exposure control when connected to Sea & Sea housings for Canon digital SLR cameras with Sea & Sea YS strobes. The converter allows quick switching underwater between TTL mode and manual mode from outside the camera. Use the TTL correction dial after checking the results of a shot in the LCD monitor to adjust the amount of strobe light for the next shot. The converter comes with two separate strobe connectors, so you can use advanced automatic TTL flash adjustment with two strobes.

  • Control: TTL mode with TTL adjustment dial from +1 to -1 in 1/3rd stops Manual
  • Battery: Included CR2 lithium; If out of power, the connected YS strobes do not fire