Wrongfully Accused
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  • A Crack up
    Lesie does it again a very funny slap stick comedy, i expecially like the part when he is driving in the malfunctioning car....more info
  • A hilarious movie that will make you laugh till you choke!
    This movie shows the best of Leslie Nielson's comedy ability, from a drama about revenge to Mission: Impossible's computer room. You'll find yourself constantly saying, "This reminds me of this one scene in Wrongfully Accused..."!...more info
  • Wrongfully Accussed is a blast!
    Some people might not like the movie, but there are lot of people who like movies the parody movies, and this one does it well....more info
  • Hillarious and extrimly very funny
    This was the very funnist and hillarious movie ever I was practicly on the floor laughing so hard I started crying...more info
  • Movie great -- this copy was damaged at the end
    The movie was very funny, but the tape was damaged at the end. We had seen it before, but we wanted a copy for home. ...more info
  • Better than expected
    This movie has gotten a bad rap. It is extremely funny and every time I watch it, it gets funnier. It is really goofy or silly or... I can't think of any other adjectives right now but, it is no Naked Gun. Some of the jokes miss their mark but most of them hit and are literally laugh out loud funny because they are so random and goofy and extreme. Most people can only imagine LN in a Naked Gun movie, and this is not one. This movie takes Naked Gun to the next level.

    I guess most will either love it or hate it but I LOVE this movie. I had never seen it when I was younger (I'm now 24) and bought it on a whim because I love the deadpan, etc... humor of LN & NG. It surprised me to say the least. I was going to try to sprout off a few scenes in the review that were really funny, but the whole movie does really well, IMO. You can tell that the budget isn't as big in some of LN's other movies and the director could do a little better - and these do take away from the movie somewhat, but the jokes are there.

    The police officer dude is ridiculously funny - any scene with him is amazing. I watch this movie often and laugh harder with each viewing. I suggest buying this now....more info
  • Wrongfully Accussed is a blast!
    Some people might not like the movie, but there are lot of people who like movies the parody movies, and this one does it well....more info
  • readme
    after spy hard was released i thought to myself "nothing will top that" but here is the answer, WA is the best thing since sliced bread!. the thing that makes it a definite 5 star is for the fact that absolutley everyone will love this movie-even the anti-spoof anti-comedy people- becouse this really is a gag a minute movie where all the jokes either outragiously stupid or hillariously funny. Wrongfully Accused sits right at the front of my DVD collection allongside spy hard, the nutty proffesser and the adam sandler collection

    p.s. e-mail me if you know me: philanstey@bigpond.com.au...more info

  • stupidly funny
    I thought it was funny how they brought all kinds of different movies together. I loved the part where the guy was swiming with the fish....more info
  • great spoof of lots of movies
    this movie is great!!It makes fun of "The fugitive""titanic" and many others. The only I wish warner had released the dvd in widescreen or "letterbox"formot!!!Other than have kick back and enjoy this with very fuuny movie from the guy that did the airplane! movies and naked gun movies!!!...more info
  • One Of Neilsons Best!
    This movie was probly not a box office success, but hilarious! My favorite part is when he was trying to give change to the toll booth when he was in that malfunctioning low rider! Much worth the money! The only thing that i dont like about this is the lack of a soundtrack release. I loved the score!...more info
  • A real pleasant surprise
    (Actually, I'd rather give it 3.5 stars, but it's closer to 4 than 3.) After "Spy Hard", I was really prepared not to like "Wrongfully Accused". It has received flak enough in the papers, and I actually thought Leslie Nielsen had been playing this kind of part for too long and that there was nothing he could do that I hadn't seen before. Boy, was I wrong. He's just been warming up. Though not as funny as the first Naked Gun film (The film against which I now measure all comedies), it's way better than "Spy Hard". I laughed real hard at some small touches like the bouncing prisoner transport bus (it's not intelligent humour, okay, but it looked - and sounded - so silly, I had to laugh in spite of myself !), and the scene where Nielsen was chased by the derailed train from hell (The scene where the train "peeped" out from its "hiding place" - you gotta see it to understand it - was almost horrific enough for a horror movie!). And Richard Crenna was simply wonderful in his Tommy Lee Jones parody. But no-one has better delivery than Nielsen. No-one but him could say lines like "You're lying like a banana ! -They come in big yellow bunches !" and the "Now all I have is a one-way ticket to Palookaville !" speech and make them sound believable. But, as with all his comedies, you probably have to like this particular genre to really appreciate it. I do, and I did....more info
  • Funny!
    Great Price!! It's also very Funny and Hillarious!! Can't stop laughing everytime I see it....more info
  • So-So not great compared to Naked Gun Movies.
    I love Leslie Nielsen Movies. But felt this compared to The Naked Trilogy felt very little to be desired. it was still funny. and I love that it spoofs that stupid fugitive movie with harrison. Also, Adam Walsh makes a Kick butt small cameo appearance. it's okay movie but don't expect much....more info